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Seeking education and certification in counseling the stressed and bereaved.

Your Loved Ones Are Hurting and You Want to Help  Counseling is the key to helping others through the

stages of grief.  It’s important to find the type of counseling that best suits your personality and speaks to you.  Getting the proper certification as a counselor is important and easier than you imagined.

How to Become a Christian Counselor  Therapy with a Biblical, Christ-centered approach can

provide spiritual comfort and help others confront issues related to death and dying.  Continuing education program through AIHCP includes an online curriculum of seven courses that will help achieve certification in Christian Counseling.  Courses utilize one-to-one mentoring, independent study and

have open enrollment.  Curriculum includes classes in Pastoral Care of Families, of the Dying and Crisis Intervention Therapy.

 Certification available through AIHCP on completion of

education requirements.

Grief Counseling Certification  Qualified applicants can apply to a

program approved by the American Academy of Grief Counseling (like AIHCP) in order to pursue certification, and later fellowship in grief counseling.  Curriculum for basic certification includes classes on grief

therapies, grief assessments and theory regarding death, dying and bereavement.  Once basic certification in grief counseling is achieved, it is possible to further specialize in Child & Adolescence Grief Counseling, Christian Grief Counseling or become a certified Grief Recovery Practitioner.

How to Become a Hypnotherapist  The therapeutic use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy has

helped many come to terms with stress and grief in their lives.  Those who meet the basic qualifications should look for a clinical hypnotherapy program approved by the American College of Hypnotherapy (like AIHCP’s certification-ready program).  Continuing education in hypnotherapy includes classes in hypnosis and trance inductions, advanced hypnotherapy and a hypnotherapy practicum.  On completion of the course series, you will be qualified to receive your hypnotherapist certification.

Becoming an Anger Management Counselor  Anger can become an anchor on the people you care about,

leading to unhealthy decisions and general unhappiness.  AICHP offers online classes and certification to become an anger management specialist. Classes are open enrollment and feature independent study and one-to-one mentoring.  Anger management classes include basic concept and theory courses as well as classes dealing with specialty situations, such as anger in the workplace, domestic violence and child anger.  On completion of the course, you will be qualified to become a certified anger management specialist.

Meditation Instructor Certification  If you have found meditation to be a healing force in your own

life, you may want to learn more about becoming a certified meditation instructor. Help your loved ones use meditation to find peace and comfort despite their troubles.  For those meeting the initial qualifications, AICHP provides continuing education in meditation preparatory to receiving certification.  Studies include theory and practice courses, relaxation strategies and meditative therapy.

Other Paths to Help  There are many different avenues to follow in

expanding your counseling education to help others deal with grief. Consider:  Pastoral Thanatology Certification  Stress Management Counseling  Crisis Intervention Counseling  Spiritual Counseling  And many others. Contact AIHCP to learn more.

 Continuing education, complete with certification, can

give you the knowledge and confidence to be there for your loved ones.

For More Information, Contact Us: American Institute of Health Care Professionals 330-652-7776

Helping your loved ones deal with grief  
Helping your loved ones deal with grief | When trying to help loved ones deal with grief and the grieving process, it may help to look at how you can expand yo...