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News In Brief GURU GYAN



Bangalore University Topper

BINAY TAMRAKAR Student of BCA Dep’t Marks Secured: 90.33%

Quiz Competition Mr Shubhajit Bhowmick BBM. Secured First position Ms. Tarindu BA. Secured Second position

Poetry Competition Mr. Ashutosh Kumar BA. Won First prize Mr. Shakir Ali BCA. Won Second prize

Debate Competition Ms. Sumita, BA II Sem Mr. Sahil Jafri, BBM IV Sem


AIGS organizes Bl od Donation Camp B

lood donation camp was organized by National Service Scheme(NSS) of Acharya Institutes of Graduate Studies in collaboration with Lions club and NIHMANS , at Acharya Institutes on 29th Jan 2011. Around 400 Students & Faculties actively participated in the camp. Prior to blood collection, Photo. Ligiya George BA.IV Sem b l o o d . D r. S a n g e e t h a o f medical tests were NIHMANS, told the initiative of followed to ensure that the PG Students (MCom) of AIGS Acharya institutes is appreciable donor is in healthy condition. visit Coca - Cola Company. A VISIT TO DOORDARSHAN Students enthusiastically and and also congratulated the g e n e r o u s l y w a i t e d a n d students for their voluntary KENDRA participated in the blood camp, participation; this friendly FAD Students visit city malls for general procedure was carried environment will inspire them to inspirations which includes, rest and conduct many camps in the refreshment and advised for dos institute. She also added that, it CONGRATULATIONS and don'ts after donating the was a successful program and A presentation on 'History of Psychology’ Tyagraj Sharma visits Dep’t of Journalism and Mass Comm, AIGS Mr.MS Satyanarayana Rao , Manager of Corporate office, elucidated the different concept of Banking.

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Tanzanian Cultural Exhibition Ta n z a n i a n political leaders, S t u d e n t s ethnic cuisine, Association of colonial forts and A c h a r y a architecture, ( TA S A A ) , exotic tourist conducted their destinations, ‘Cultural ethnic dress, folk Exhibition’ music and dance, celebrations on and many more. M o n d a y, 3 1 The students, in Tanzanian students performing cultural dance January 2011. their ethnic attire The function was inaugurated performed their folk dance and by Prof. Gurunath Rao Vaidya, music. Mowna Shree, a student of Principal AIGS, Mr. Brahmam, I M.Com opined that, it was Consultant, Quality Initiative indeed delighted to attend the for Acharya Institutes and Mrs. Cultural exhibition and gained the Geetha, Placement Officer, knowledge about their art and Acharya Institutions. Students culture. One of a spectator said, of AIGS gathered together for “We knew Tanzania's map only in this grand show. Around 30 our Geography class but We students hosted the program. In understood their culture and the exhibition they displayed tourism potential through this image of their national flag, exhibition”. eminent past and current AIGS

colleges are the best place to initiate such events on social responsibility as being a part of human kind. Among the donors ,Dr. Nandini Lakshmikanta ,who is the dean and head of MS Mass communication department of AIGS, opined that youngsters such as students should come forward voluntarily and participate in such social cause which will encourage the role of social responsibility amongst the future generation. A student from Srilanka, named Romeo was very glad and felt proud to participate in this noble cause and thanked AIGS for conducting such Camp. AIGS

Quiz competition 2011 A Quiz competition was organized on 20th January 2011, by the Department of English of AIGS. The theme of the quiz was “Literary Quiz” , it was conducted to develop literary interest in the student and also to provide them with an opportunity to exhibit their literary knowledge. The event happened under the supervision of Mr. Krishan Koushik, head, Department of English and it was co-ordinated by M s . F a r e e d a . V. I a n d M r. R a m a k r i s h n a , l e c t u r e r s Department of English. Mr. Shubhajit Bhowmick of II semester BBM secured the Ist prize and Ms. Tarindu of IV semester BA was positioned on second place in the competition. Dep’t of English

The News Letter is produced by Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies. Contribution and suggestion are welcome from all respective departments of AIGS. Conceptualization: Prof. Gurunath Vaidya, Principal.AIGS Page Design and Editor:Sanchita Mukherjee, Premavathi M The editorial team wants to thankMr Premnath Reddy, Mrs. Shalini Reddy and Prof. Gurunath Vaidya, Principal.AIGS for their support and encouragement.





PRESENTATION ON ‘HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY’ Acharya Psychological Association conducted a presentation on the 'History of Psychology' on 13th January 2011.The presentation was done by Ashutosh Hurnam and Bhavana Jai Makhija, II sem BA psychology. The aim of the prese ntatio n was t o look into t h e histor y of Photo: Nisha Rao, Lecturer psych ology starting from the Greek Period to the latest developments

Thyagraj Sharma visited AIGS

Mr. Sharma addressing the students Photo. Rateesh. MS IV Sem

Mr. Thygaraj Sharma,Special Correspondent,Statesman visited the Department of Mass Communication and addressed the students on the topic: Writing for Print Media . Mr. Sharma, is a senior journalist having more than 30 years of experience in journalism field. He covered legislative reporting for ten years including the debates on economic issues. His teaching was very practical oriented. He shared his experiences in parliament reporting and the rules and procedures of parliament coverage.He also urged the students to be updated with the parliamentary terminologies.The session proved to be very interactive and the students got maximum benefits out of it. Dep’t: Journalism and Mass Comm

Ashutosh and Bhavana presenting paper

taking place in the field of psychology. They discussed the brief contribution of the ancient philosophers in the field of psychology, followed by the contributions made by the renaissance period. Later they started with the Structuralists and

functionalists and also discussed the contributions made by the main approaches t o p s y c h o l o g y, i . e P s y c h o a n a l y s i s , Behaviourism, Humanistic and Cognitive approaches, as well as the evolution of cognitive behavior therapy from the cognitive approach.The seminar was attended by all the students and faculties of Psychology department.The presentation was very interesting as the presenters were interactive and kept the crowd interested in the topic. Dep’t: Psychology

Awareness on ‘Interpersonal skill’ A workshop interperson shop on the a l t o p i c , ' relationship Interpersona s , t o l Skills' was channelize conducted in student's Acharya skills to institute of interperson graduate al level , to studies on enhance 25th January Personal 2011 in the Productivit Seminar y and to Dr. Lalita training the students Hall. The make things Photo. Nikhil VP, Lecturer programme better both w a s a t t h e inaugurated by Ms. Shanti, Asst. workplace and home. The training Manager Circulation, Deccan given by Dr. Lalita was highly H e r a l d ( i n E d u c a t i o n ) , commendable and it had also Bangalore. and Dr. Lalita, encouraged the students to trainer. The main objectives of i m p l e m e n t t h i s a w a r e n e s s the workshop are to educate the strategies in their future endeavor. students about the awareness on AIGS

Poetry Competition

A poetry competition was organized by the Dept of Hindi of Acharya institute of graduate studies on 20th January 2011 in Business lab. In this programme around twenty students were participated and recited poems of great poets and some were composed by themselves. The

winner of the competition was announced at the end of the program. Ashutosh Kumar of II Sem,BA held the first position. Shakir Ali ,a student of IV- Sem, BCA secured the second prize. The students were encouraged to participate in such programs ahead. Dep’t of Hindi

MOVIE SCREENING The department of Psychology had organized a screening of movie on 20th of January 2011. The movie was on 'A Beautiful Mind', a story about John Nash's battle with Schizophrenia played by Russel Crowe. The session began with an introduction of the movie by the H.O.D, George Varied Thekkan. Some of the important scenes in the movie which indicated symptoms of Schizophrenia were explained by the HOD. And a power point presentation was also given, depicting the characteristics and symptoms of the disease. The movie was reviewed by Ms. Sanuththara from the final year, dept. of Psychology. Dep’t: Psychology

Significance : Urban Co-operative Banks The department of Commerce and Management, A I G S h a d organized a guest Mr. Satyanarayana Rao lecture on 24th January 2011. The programme was conducted in MBA Auditorium, Acharya Institutes. Mr.MS Satyanarayana Rao , Manager of Corporate office, Rajajinagar Branch was the guest of the session. He holds CAIIB (part one) and ACS (INTER) to his credit. He is associated with Sir M Visvesvarya co-operative Bank since 1980. He has worked in the realms of Retail Banking, Credit Management, and Administrative duties. Aided with graphic user Interface, Mr. Rao elucidated in detail the various Banking concepts such as SLR, CRR, Assets and Liabilities of Banks, Objectives and Social Responsibility of Cooperative Banks. He also added that how Cooperative banks differ from Commercial Banks by explaining its structure, norms, legal facets, compliance with The RBI. The program was very interactive and informative to the students. Dep’t of Commerce and Management





Cleanliness practice at Lalbagh

Visit to City Malls Departmen t of fashion and apparel technology h a d FAD students at U.B City Mall conducted a Photo. Navneel Pegu, FAD.VI Sem visit to shopping malls for final year fashion and apparel designing students on 19th Jan 2011. This visit was organized for a group of 36 students. Students were taken to places like Mantra Square Mall, Garuda mall, and The purpose of the visit was to help the students to gain knowledge about the different types of window displays and their interiors. This practical

Industrial Experience A n industrial visit was organized by the departme n t o f Fashion Students observing weaving process a n d Apparel designing in the industry, Weavers Service Center, Okalipuram on 27th January2011. About 25 students along with a faculty member visited to different sections of the industry. The visit was mainly focused on weaving section, which is the part of their syllabus. The students got the practical exposure on mechanism of loom which was demonstrated by the professionals of the industry. They got the opportunity of learning the practicalities of different weaves. They were also introduced to printing and dyeing section. The field visit proved to be beneficial to the students of Fashion Technology and it gave a clear knowledge about weaving, printing, dyeing process. Students got to know the steps involved in fabric construction. Dep’t of FAD

exposure helped them to think in terms of themes, purpose and suitable types of displays. The visit enabled the students to gain innovative i d e a s regarding the themes that they could opt for window display. They also got the knowledge about the basic criteria which are to be considered before putting up a window display. Dep’t of FAD

On 26th January day cleanliness 2011, the NSS unit a c t i v i t y. T h e celebrated the g r o u p o f Republic Day in volunteers were Acharya Institutes. divided into 4 The program teams, each led by started with the one faculty and flag hoisting by sent to four Shri B.M. Reddy. NSS volunteers cleaning Lalbagh different areas of Photo. Ligiya George BA.IV Sem Students from Lalbagh. The aim different colleges of Acharya had was to create awareness about attended the function. After the keeping the premises of Lalbagh function got over, Mr. George clean. The volunteers worked Varied T, NSS Officer along with with lot of sincerity and 5 faculties of AIGS took 45 NSS commitment to accomplish the volunteers to Lalbagh Biological goal of social responsibility. Park where they performed a one NSS

Industrial trip: Coca-Cola An industrial visit to w a t e r i s Coca-Cola Company, microbiologically Bidadi plant was safe. The Syrup is organized for the first manufactured in batch of M.Com, multilateral filters, students of AIGS, on where CO2 is 23rd December 2010. manufactured in high About 32 students of I class laboratory. The Mcom along with bottling process Faculty Coordinator involves its Mr. Benjamin Jones manufacture by Abraham were part of applying 450 Celsius the invigorating visit. on half liter tubes. M r s . S o w d h a m i n i , Mr. Benjamin presenting the souvenir to Mrs. K. Sowdhamini U s e d b o t t l e s a r e Coca cola Plant Tour Photo. Mownashree M.Com washed by machines Coordinator addressed where 185 bottles are the students and guided them Pemberton in 1886 currently washed per minute. throughout the program and offers their products in over 200 The bottles then pass through elucidated each and every stage countries and serves over 1.6 labeling, capping, packaging a s s o c i a t e d w i t h t h e million valuable customers per and warehousing. The visit was manufacturing, bottling and day'. very informative and it helped packaging. She briefed about the The students were shown the the students to get a clear history of the company by Water Treatment Process, where knowledge about the different saying, 'Coca Cola, The the Kaveri water is treated with procedure of manufacturing. Company invented by John S carbon and then passed through Dep’t of Commerce UV Treatment to assure the and Management

A VISIT TO DOORDARSHAN KENDRA A Media v i s i t conducte d for the Dr. Mahesh Joshi with students p o s t Photo. Rateesh. MS IV Sem graduate students of Mass Communication in Dooradarshan kendra, Bangalore, on 25th November 2010. The officials of Doordarshan heading various sections introduced us to various

stages of news production. Mr.Chandramouli, Deputy Director(Audience), Doordarshan, provided us a detailed information on the challenges and techniques involved in television management. Witnessing the news going 'live' probably was the most fascinating thing about our visit. We also got a chance to see the recording of an interview

program. Mr. Jaichandra, producer elaborated us on techniques of program production. We also got an opportunity to interact with Dr.Mahesh Joshi, Director, DDK, Bangalore. Interacting with cameraman, and technicians was also happened as a part of the curriculum and practicalities Dep’t: Journalism and Mass Comm





Sports Column

Window Display

Inter-Departmental Sports Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies had conducted the Inter-Departmental Sports meets. The special events of the sports are Volley Ball, Foot Ball for boys and Throw Ball for girls. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Gurunath Vaidya, Principal AIGS. The sports began with the game, Volley Ball. More than 50 students had participated in all the events. Some of the faculty members were also had participated along with the students in

Department of Fashion and Apparel Design conducted Window Display on Thursday, 20th Jan 2011. It was conducted by the B.Sc (FAD) final year students. The event was done by a group of 38 students who showcased their creativity by innovatively arranging the windows according to different themes. The themes were Biker's paradise, Holi, Diwali, Valentine's day &Christmas. Students from each group actively participated & equally performed to make their display a successful event.

ACHIEVEMENTS !Football team was the runnerups in the University Foot ball Tournament !Foot Ball team won Gardienia International Cup in Garden City College !Basket Ball Team reached semi-final in the University Basket ball Tournament !Foot ball Team placed runner-up in Nagarathnamma Tournament conducted by Acharya Institutes, Intercollegiate competition

Photo: Shashikanth Reddy, Lecturer

Dep’t of FAD

Photos:Bhagya Nadig, Lecturer


Debate Competition Dept of Hindi of Acharya institute o f graduate Judges of the competition studies had organized Hindi debate competition for the students of BBM and BCA on 27 Jan 2011 in MBA Seminar Hall. Topic of the debate was “Shikshan Sanshaon me Vidhyarthiyon dvara mobile ka pryog anuchit hai” and the competition was judged by Dr. Aditya Shukl, Scientist from ITC R&D department, Peenya Bangalore and Mr. Siddarth Sharma Secretary of Gandhi peace Foundation, Bangalore . Around 20 students participated in the program enthusiastically. The session was very interesting and informative for the students. Dr. Shukl & Mr Sharma addressed the students and encouraged them to enhance their general knowledge and learn more about social responsibility towards the society and the country. The programme was concluded by distributing prizes to the winners. Photo: Jitesh Gupta BCA IV Sem

Dep’t OF Hindi

Since we live in an age of innovation, a practical education must prepare a man for work that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined. :Peter F. Drucker


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