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Women in Transport Awards 2017

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Welcome to the Transport News Women in Transport Awards 2017 The transport industry consists of numerous sectors, ranging from Logistics to Consultancy. However, in an industry that is commonly perceived to be male dominated, it can be difficult for women to gain recognition for their work.

We acknowledge the achievements made by women in this competitive and rapidly developing industry, whose work deserves to be applauded. As such, the Women in Transport Awards 2017 have been established in order to recognise women who serve at the heart of the transport division, as well as showcase those whose efforts give rise to the success of transport companies across the world.



Easy Avenues Ltd Easy Avenues Limited  - Best Travel Management Services Team 2017 - UK


Perform Air International Inc Most Influential Aviation Overhaul Company President & Most Client-Focused Aircraft Component Repair Company - Arizona


North Star Emergency Services, Inc. Best Emergency Ambulance Transport Service & Most Influential Woman in Finance & Accounting - California


AirBridgeCargo Airlines LLC Best Cargo Airline 2017 & Award for Excellence in Customer Service - Germany


Glasgow Prestwick Airport Ltd. Most Influential Woman in Aviation HR & Most Dynamic Airport 2017 - UK & Most Dynamic Airport 2017 - UK


Angels Of Flight Canada Inc Most Influential Woman in Air Ambulance Services 2017


Easy Avenues - Best Travel Management Services Team 2017 - UK Easy Avenues is an innovative travel management services provider, based in Essex. We invited Founder, Michelle Roughan, to tell us more. Michelle Roughan founded Easy Avenues in November 2009 to provide bespoke corporate travel and event services. Here, she outlines how she has drawn on her personal experience to create a business that offers the services her clients need. “Having spent over 20 years in the city in the travel and events industry, I wanted to create an environment for both staff and clients that was fun and creative, with a focus on delivery. Arranging business travel can be very stressful for both the company booking and the traveller. Our motto is “There’s always a way” and we focus on delivering stress-free travel for every client. “Our clients range from large corporates and charities through to SMEs covering all industries. 90% of the Easy Avenues team are women, all of whom have a passion for travel and are dedicated to delivering quality client service. Having a team of empowered women has enabled our business to grow year on year. Our strengths in multitasking and client management are always at the forefront.” As with any service-based industry, the staff are crucial to the success of a travel management business. Michelle works hard to support her team and create a collaborative and inclusive internal culture, as she is eager to emphasise: “When recruiting, we like to share with our potential employees our focus on delivering accountable, sustainable cost savings and processing efficiencies, backed-up by outstanding service. We offer women a range of contracts, from employed to self-employed, and cater for mums who want to return to work part time. Working as a team is key to both the success of our business and to every traveller using our service. We have specialists in flights, trains, car hire, hotels - every type of travel imaginable. Women in Transport Awards 2017

“Drawing on my time in the city, where I worked in a male dominated environment, I wanted to offer a service to the corporate world that was both personable and professional. Having spent so much time amongst men, I understand key trigger points in terms of frustration, stress and workload, and used this to enhance our business offering. Dealing with highly stressed and emotional travellers is part of our normal working day, along with sometimes having to refuse travel requests if they do not meet the client’s travel policy criteria.”

corporates awarding females key positions and contracts. Feedback has been that women take full control of a project and take the time to understand the issues and the ideal outcome. We can then deliver a return on investment - in many cases, ahead of a deadline. In the last six months, we have won some major clients as a result of being open, honest and completely transparent. We have been up against some serious players in our market, led by strong characters – but our focus on the detail and task at hand has led to us securing the clients.

Overall, Michelle is exceptionally proud of the success her firm has enjoyed over recent years and plans to build on this as she looks towards a bright and exciting future.

“Ultimately, the future for the travel industry looks very exciting. With continuous development and launches of new apps, it’s never been easier to track passengers from start to finish on their journey. Concerns are pricing, particularly air and rail. Increasing fares are now part of the everyday challenges. Air fares in particular tend to increase in price throughout the working day. At Easy Avenues, we will continue to enhance our automated systems and electronic portals whilst still being visible and transparent to our clients.”

“Looking ahead, the plan is to continue to grow the business over the next five years and shape it ready for a sale in which we will all share. To do this, our focus will be on our client base and the profitability of each travel transaction. With margins totally disappearing, our model will change further, and we will continue to educate travellers on when to travel to get the best value for money from their journeys. For women in transport, it’s very exciting times. For us, pitching for new business against all-male teams has previously been a real challenge. However, we have seen a definite shift over the past 12 months, with more and more

Company: Easy Avenues Ltd Contact: Michelle Roughan Email: Michelle@easyavenues.co.uk Phone: 020 305 82310/ 07939 502518 Address: The Courtyard, Wyldingtree Farm, Wealdbridge Road, Epping, Essex, CM16 6AS


Most Influential Aviation Overhaul Company President & Most Client-Focused Aircraft Component Repair Company - Arizona Perform Air International Inc is FAA repair station specializing the overhaul, repair and sales of commercial and military aircraft components. We profile the firm and explore how President Cindy McGown has driven the firm to the success it enjoys today. Founded in 1987, Perform Air International Inc. is a FAA / EASA / RBHA Repair Station, specializing in Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electro-Mechnical, Mechanical, and Water and Waste Component Overhaul and Repair. The firm is rated for Accessory Class One and Two Components, with limited Airframe, and Instrument ratings. Providing service to both the commercial and military aviation industries, Perform Air’s mission is to lead the aviation industry in quality standards, customer satisfaction and technical innovation in the component overhaul and repair services we provide. As such, the firm strive to maintain a reputation of excellence and achieve goals through the dedication of its professional staff. This reputation for excellence stems from the expert leadership of the firm’s senior management, including Cindy, who draws on almost 25 years’ experience in the aviation industry to ensure the success of Perform Air.

Moving forward, the firm will continue to strive for success as it seeks to build upon its current achievements and support even more clients.

Company: Perform Air International Inc Contact: Cindy McGown Contact Email: cmcgown@performair.com Address: 463 S. Hamilton Court, Gilbert, Arizona, 85233, USA Phone: 001 (480) 610-3500 www.transportnews-intl.com


Best Emergency Ambulance Transport Service & Most Influential Woman in Finance & Accounting - California North Star Emergency Services (NORCAL Ambulance) is the premier leader for medical transportation in Northern California, servicing 17 counties, CFO and Founder Makenzie Kelly talks us through how she has worked hard to drive the firm to the success it enjoys today. Founded in 2005, NORCAL Ambulance provides a total solution for all medical transportation needs. Whether it be critical or routine, the firm can tailor their services to suit the clients’ specific request. Makenzie discusses the firm’s role in more detail and explains how she draws on her past experiences to ensure excellence. “NORCAL Ambulance is a premier provider of emergency and non-emergency medical transportation servicing all of Northern California. Our specialty is brining creative medical transport solutions to Hospitals and the Community with highly trained staff. Approximately 30% of our field staff is female. As an industry leader, we believe hiring women brings a certain level of empathy and compassion to the pre-hospital role, and those attributes drive our competitive advantage. “Prior to founding NORCAL I worked as a Paramedic on an ambulance while I was completing my degree in Business. Starting a company was the perfect final exam. However, it was no easy task. I had a five month old and a three year old at home, so it was a juggling act to run a 24/7 start-up and manage Women in Transport Awards 2017

a family. No one can be prepared for the sleepless nights at home, and the sleepless nights running transports at work. The only reason I made it through was having a very supportive spouse, family and trusted help. I became expert at building my home team as well as building my work team. I realized I couldn’t be super-mom, super-wife, and super-boss, but I could build super teams to help me accomplish all of my goals.” Overall, NORCAL Ambulance is committed to supporting its clients and providing the very highest standards of service, which will be its ongoing focus, as Makenzie concludes. “Looking ahead, over the coming years we project a continued capture of market share and growth for NORCAL. We have reached a

tipping point in our region where customers are seeking us out, instead of our team beating down doors. We are succeeding because women know the value of nurturing and care. We will continue to hold strong to those values today and into the future as our legacy.”

Contact: Makenzie Kelly Contact Email: mkelly@norcalambulance.com Address: 6761 Sierra Court, Suite G, Dublin, CA, 94568, USA Phone: 925.452.8300 Website: norcalambulance.com


Best Cargo Airline 2017 & Award for Excellence in Customer Service Germany AirBridgeCargo (ABC) is the leading all-cargo carrier in Russia and operates among the top ten international cargo airlines worldwide. We invited Alexandra Bieser to tell us more. Volga-Dnepr Group is an international group of companies that includes three cargo airlines: Volga-Dnepr Airlines, AirBridgeCargo Airlines and Atran Airlines. It is ranked among the world’s top 10 international airline cargo companies and has a unique fleet consisting of 17 Boeing 747F (including 10 of the latest 747-8Fs), 3 Boeing-737F, 12 An-124-100, and 5 Il-76TD-90VD freighters. ABC was launched in 2004 as the Group’s international scheduled cargo airline. Today, ABC is one of the leading and fastest-growing global cargo airlines, connecting customers in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific over its global hub in Moscow. ABC’s network currently serves 38 online stations in total; 14 in Europe, 5 in Russia and the CIS, 13 in Asia and 6 in the USA. Alexandra, who has worked with the firm for many years, discusses her role in its success. “Personally, I started my career in 1989 as a Cargo Agent at Frankfurt Airport and worked for a number of well-known airlines as well as two forwarding companies, a ground handling agency and a general sales agency. Over this time, I have worked in various roles such as Supervisor, Export Coordinator, and Billing and Accounting to name just a few of them, always in the cargo industry. “Having relocated to New Zealand and the UK and working abroad in the air cargo industry, I returned to Germany in spring 2008 and joined ABC in June 2008 as a Customer Service Team Leader. Several weeks later I was promoted to Customer Service Manager

Germany. In summer 2009, I was promoted again to Customer Service Manager EMEA, which was probably my most challenging position because by then we had created a very dynamic and fast-growing corporate environment. In April 2014 I was appointed to a newly-created role as CS Manager Compliance and GSA EMEA.” Overall, transparency, future-oriented thinking, business partnerships based on trust and a hard-working mentality. This is what makes ABC unique in an industry that is dominated

by technology and performance, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and invigorating future.

Company: AirBridgeCargo Airlines LLC Contact: Alexandra Bieser Contact Email: Alexandra.Bieser@airbridgecargo.com Address: CargoCity South, Building 534 - 6th Floor, 60549 Frankfurt / Main, Germany Web Address : www.airbridgecargo.com www.transportnews-intl.com


Most Influential Woman in Aviation HR - UK & Most Dynamic Airport 2017 & Most Dynamic Airport 2017 - UK Glasgow Prestwick Airport is a government owned commercial airport located on the West Coast of Scotland. Human Resources Director Sonia Rafferty talks us through her role in the airport’s success. Glasgow Prestwick Airport provides a diverse range of aviation services including passengers, cargo, training, executive and military. Sonia, who is both HR Director and a member of the Executive Team, discusses her role in ensuring that the airport provides these services to the highest possible standard. “Personally, I have been employed at the airport for 17 years having joined the airport as the HR Coordinator. Through continued personal development and commitment, I progressed through the organisation to become the Group HR Manager under our previous ownership – overseeing HR for two UK airports. Shortly after the sale of the airport to the Scottish Government, I was promoted to HR Director. I am the most senior female employed by Glasgow Prestwick Airport. I am proud to be able to inspire other women across the organisation to work hard and progress internally. This is something that I am very supportive of and we make every effort to ensure that our policies and procedures are family friendly. “In my role I am responsible for HR, Safety and Health, Environmental Management, Freedom of Information and Data Control. I am supported with the delivery of this by a team of seven. The airport employs in excess of 350 employees – approximately 29% of our workforce are female. We are unique in that we facilitate the majority of airport services in-house – including passenger handling, cleaning, security, fire services and air traffic Women in Transport Awards 2017

control. This provides me and my team with many unique challenges and opportunities.” Looking ahead, Sonia is energised by recent developments at the airport, and believes that it will continue to build upon its current success and support its staff to offer the very highest standard of service. “Overall, it is an exciting time to be part of the team at Glasgow Prestwick Airport. We have had a challenging few years and as such we have been working hard to turn things around and this has started – passenger numbers are on the up and revenue in a number of areas is increasing. Our employees have been

fundamental to this and our people are a huge priority in our plans for the future. We are committed to developing all of our employees and this will be a major contributing factor in delivering a profitable and sustainable future for generations to come.” Company: Glasgow Prestwick Airport Ltd. Contact: Sonia Rafferty Contact Email: srafferty@glasgowprestwick.com Address: Aviation House, Prestwick, Scotland, KA9 2PL, UK Phone: 01292 511153 Website: www.glasgowprestwick.com


Most Influential Woman in Air Ambulance Services 2017 Drawing on over 29 years’ experience, Angels of Flight Canada Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned business that serves travellers around the globe who experience a medical emergency including injury or illness, supporting the needs of healthcare providers, hospitals, a variety of government agencies, insurers, businesses, and families. Gail Courneyea talks us through the firm and the services it offers. As a healthcare based company, Angels of Flight Canada focuses on the detailed co-ordination of our medical transport, including air ambulance, commercial airlines, and ground ambulance services. Working predominantly with women, the firm seeks to support their staff and ensure that they offer the very highest standard of service to clients. Gail discusses her personal journey and how she works to ensure that her staff provide the service she expects. “‘Not Prepared’. Two words to describe leaving the comfort and stability as an employee in a female-dominated environment, critical care unit of a hospital, to enter the male- dominated field of aviation and ground transport environment. Recognizing the lack of aeromedical and aviation safety trained flight Registered Nurses in the air ambulance field, my journey began by enhancing knowledge of an environment that had to become familiar and safe for not only future nurses but for the ill and injured persons we would be moving both domestically and internationally. This early approach, that focuses on knowledge, our specialized training programs, standards and integrity along with the careful selection of employees for our medical teams and support staff, continues to be the bases of our success after twenty-nine years. “With seventy six percent of our staff being female, there still exists many barriers and

obstacles to functioning in the flight medical industry especially on a global level. But, my belief is woman naturally have an extraordinary common sense, a sharp intuitive sense and a great focus on people that are extremely valuable in business and help set us apart as leaders.” Ultimately, the firm seeks to support clients around the world with all their healthcare travel needs, as Gail concludes. “Currently, our Global clients range from hospitals, corporations, health care agencies, governments, individuals, airlines, cruise and cargo companies to families who want to access appropriate medical treatment, relocate or repatriate a loved one. Our global

healthcare navigators and RN case managers problem-solve transportation issues for our clients, coordinate the movement of ill and injured persons globally, arrange air ambulance and airline travel for our flight nurses, while and maintaining “duty of care” strategies for our valued employees travelling the globe.”

Company: Angels Of Flight Canada Inc Contact: Gail Courneyea Contact Email: gail@angelsofflightcanada.com Address: 10-799 O’Brien Drive, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6X7, Canada Phone: 001 705-743-5433 Website: www.angelsofflightcanada.com www.transportnews-intl.com

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Transport News Women in Transport Awards 2017  

Transport News Women in Transport Awards 2017