Wealth & Finance January 2016

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Investing in classic cars is becoming increasingly popular as wary investors seek diversification away from financial products. We invited SĂŠrgio Rodrigues from SSR Classic, to give us insight into this growing market.

SSR Classic was born from an old passion for Classic Cars and Supercars within our family. Our main objective is to search worldwide for rare Classic Cars, to restore and sell them to Classic Cars enthusiasts/ collectors, as well as investors. The classic car market has boomed over the last years after the financial crisis but now it begins to stabilize. The market have raised more than 400 %, in the last years, but this number does not reflect all the classic cars, and can be attributed to a limited number of exclusive models. One additional reason for this amazing statistic is the passion that most of the collectors have for the classic cars. For me this is the main reason to keep this market moving. Most of the buyers are extremely busy people but for classic cars they always find time. This market growth has led to increased opportunities for overseas investors which will continue into the future, as we believe that the classic car market will remain strong. In the last years we have also noticed a new category, supercars, as investors look towards more expensive models. These high performance cars, limited editions with very few miles are being viewed as a good investment. What separates us from our competitors is our car selection, in terms of both classic models and supercars. We try to see what is available in the market, sometimes travelling to other continents to look for rare or unique cars to restore. Our professionals and the partnerships we have developed so far allow us to have restorations of great quality, for example the 1958 Mercedes Benz 190 SL that we have presented in Amelia Island last year. Moving forward SSR Classic wants to continue to be present in special fairs, such as the Retromobile in Paris, and we are also planning to be in USA this year. Alongside this we are also planning to exhibit in some classic cars fairs and to have, in the near future, a classic car team not only for racing but mainly to let some clients, partners, investors, to try a new atmosphere, a new sport, a new adrenaline. We believe that the classic car racing is something unique and we are eager to expand into this market. Company: SSR Classic Name: SĂŠrgio Rodrigues Web Address: www.ssrclassic.com Address: Vale de Cambra Telephone: +351 256100136