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Enabling Growth and Removing Barriers in Investment Management Hannes Helenius of FA Solutions talks to Wealth & Finance about the firm, the opportunities ahead and how integral the entire team is to its overriding success.


A Solutions offers best-in-class, cloud-based software solutions for investment management.

and integrated automated electronic trading seamlessly into portfolio management with our partner Infront.”

Helenius is partner and chairman of the Board at FA Solutions, responsible for business growth, internationalisation and partnerships. “On a day-to-day basis, I strive to be as close as possible in helping our personnel and customers to achieve their goals,” he explains.

FA Solutions was recently awarded the title of One to Watch in Software Solutions, as voted by readers of Wealth & Finance magazine. Helenius tells us how it feels to have been selected for this title in his jurisdiction, and how the firm’s strong team of staff members have helped make it the success it is today.

Helenius tells us more about the firm and the services it provides to clients.

“This award is not only a great reward but also a reminder for the entire team at FA Solutions of the great work we have done – and will do in the future. The award highlights our company values trust, co-operation and development. Furthermore, just week ago, we agreed internally at FA Solutions that we want to be the revolutionaries in the field.

“We want to lower the entry barrier for new businesses and enable growth for our clients by offering flexible solutions as a service and with a high level of automation. Currently we have customers in Europe, Middle East and Asia, including companies like asset managers, fund managers, financial advisors, family offices, institutional investors, and foundations, to mention a few. We are here to simplify the complex world of investment management.

“Our staff are everything. Without our bright and professional personnel, FA Solutions would not exist. Everyone in the company has their own role and place, and they truly give their own contribution into the final outcome. It is especially important that each member of our team has a meaningful job and that they really feel that they are appreciated, listened, and that they can make a difference. That, I believe, is also a motivator for people to stay with us and to collaborate in building the company together.”

“We are not just an IT partner for our customers, but we are a business partner that really cares. We help our customers to seize opportunities and tackle challenges. As the newest software version is always included in the monthly fee, it easy for our customers to adapt to the latest needs of the industry, such as tightening regulation, changing practices, increasing digitalisation, and automating laborious processes.”

Helenius tells us that the biggest challenges currently in the wider industry digitalisation and tightening regulation. “They actually go hand in hand,” he comments. “By higher degree of digitalisation, it becomes also easier to handle and automate cumbersome regulation-related processes. We are of course strongly involved in solving these challenges with our customers, and making these big changes also easier and manageable for our customers.”

The growth of FA Solutions shows that it is certainly heading in the right direction. During the past three years, the firm has achieved circa 50% yearly growth in turnover as well as 30% yearly growth in personnel. It has expanded from a small Nordic company into a truly international and multicultural growth company.

So how will this affect business for FA Solutions? Helenius has strong beliefs that they can tackle these issues head on and come out on top.

“We have also found our place in reshaping the financial industry,” continues Helenius, speaking of the company’s recent successes. “During the past 12 months, we launched a new ledger-free network for financial services firms called Roboblock, introduced the first B-to-B app store in the financial industry, developed the first single-platform solution for Asset Liability Management with our partner Finance Active,

“We like to see the tightening regulatory environment as an opportunity, but it can also be a challenge as it is impossible to know all the details and practices beforehand. However, it is our job to figure out how to solve these challenges with our clients.


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Wealth & Finance February 2017  

Wealth & Finance February 2017