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VIRTUAL UMBRELLA Best Virtual Reality Marketing & PR Specialists - UK

Virtual Umbrella is a Marketing and PR agency that works specifically within the virtual reality industry. We invited Bertie Millis to tell us more.

Virtual Umbrella works with developers, manufacturers, production companies and even brands to help create and promote great VR experience and games. Pervious high profile clients include Nokia, Psytec Games and Breaking Fourth. Bertie outlines the firm’s mission and provides a more indepth analysis of the firm’s service offering. “Our mission is to be the leading marketing agency in the VR sector, to ensure brands and content creators make great virtual reality content that will amazing their users. “To achieve this we provide a variety of services from consulting about VR, teaching customers about the latest VR innovations and technology to standard marketing and PR, helping our clients get their content featured in the news and running events. We treat every client as our most valued client, whether they’re big or small. We value our client’s satisfaction and happiness with our service above all else.”

Company: Virtual Umbrella Name: Bertie Millis Email: bertie@ virtualumbrella.marketing Web: www.virtualumbrella.marketing Address: Incubation at Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London, SW10 0EW Phone: +447403082518


Currently the VR sector is being driven by continuous innovation. Every week there will be a new headset out, a new big company vying to be a key player or a new piece of software that entirely changes how we work with VR. As such, growth is crucial for every firm working within this space, and Bertie was proud to announce that Virtual Umbrella has a number of projects coming up which will cement its position at the forefront of this dynamic industry. “Looking forward, we are super excited for the future as we are entering our first stage of growth. We are now actively seeking staff and new projects to work on. “Specifically, we are very excited to share we are working on a virtual reality festival called VRUK. This will be a two-

day festival celebrating all things virtual reality. The event will be taking place in London and will feature keynote speakers from all over the world. Be sure to follow our company for the formal announcement later in the year.”

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