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CorporateAmerica • The Software & Technology Awards 2015

Company: Findability Sciences Name: Anand Mahurkar Email: anand@findabilitysciences.com Web Address: findabilitysciences.com Address: 303, Wyman St. Ste 300 Waltham, MA 02451 Telephone: +1 978 973 5545

Founded in 2010 in the Boston area, Findability Sciences has earned industry awards and recognition, including being nominated for New England Innovation Award and the IBM Insight 2014 App throw-down, and winning the 2015 SugarCRM Award. Findability platform® Findability platform® is a proven architecture and framework, which integrates internal structured and unstructured data (from previously siloed databases and document repositories), along with data from social media and data found online, to help leadership see a complete picture of their business, products, customers and employees. Awards for industry In an interview with the firm’s Anand Mahurkar, he tells us “We are excited to have won the Software Technology Award. Findability Platform® getting recognized as Best Data Integration Platform means a lot to us. This was all possible because of our global innovative team and our customers, who constantly pushed us to the next level to bring out the best from our solution” when asked how it feels to have won this award. He thinks awards like this are important to the industry he works in. He adds: “Recognitions like these help customers to isolate the solutions which are matured and successful. Also, it’s important for our teams to know that the work they are doing on a day-today basis to solve serious business challenges are noticed”.

Choosing staff and clients When it comes to the firm’s approach to people, they look for “people who think out of box, not afraid to try new things and appreciate disruptions with use of technology innovations” when choosing both staff and clients, Mahurkar explains. “We always look for Visionary & bold thinking play a crucial role.” The future “Findability Sciences is uniquely positioned to serve because of its robust product offerings combined with domain expertise. With our domain experts, we are able to understand customer’s business issues proactively and approach them with a very actionable data solution,” Mahurkar explains. This is what makes his company unique and separates them from their competitors. Looking to 2016 and beyond, Mahurkar says: “The future for big data and cognitive computing companies is great. Findability Sciences is poised to grow across various industry segments as awareness of benefits and success stories of big data are widely known. Our plan for 2016 and beyond is to try to bring more predictability to customer businesses through insights from data which they might not have imagined they can analyse!”

The software and technology market “The software technology market is gravitating towards the solutions which provide Systems of Engagement and Systems of Insights” Mahurkar reveals. “In the world of handheld devices and demand for simplicity of interaction with the system, Data is the King! The solutions which use Data effectively and provide insights, patterns and predictability are going to win. Those which provide means to engage the customers are going to succeed.” At present, Findability Sciences has multiple projects in a number of industries and in different parts of the world. “One is for a large health care group, the other is for an international bank and another for a university. This shows how our Findability Platform is customisable for diverse industries and can handle varied Big Data,” Mahurkar continues. Keeping up with emerging developments When working in an industry that is constantly evolving, Findability Sciences has “created an ecosystem of domain experts and focused subsidiaries to remain at the forefront of each of verticals changing demands”. Elaborating on the point of staying at the forefront of any emerging developments, Mahurkar says, “we acquire knowledge and expertise from various entities in the ecosystem. Additionally, we have partnered with companies like IBM, who are constantly innovating and bringing new technologies for partners like us to integrate in our solution.” www.corporateamerica-news.com • 23

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The Software & Technology Awards 2015  

The Software & Technology Awards 2015