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Brace Yourself We speak to Brian H. Bergh at Braces By Bergh. He talks us through the firm and the services it provides.

APPsolutely Excellent Fuelled by excellence and founded on expertise, Creative27 is a pioneering app development and design powerhouse that has been making waves in the market.

Professional Plus Solutions Professional Plus Solutions provides consulting services to Law Firms in the areas of Accounting, Practice Management, Workflow and CRM. We provide services across the entire spectrum from system selection, through strategy, vision, project management, implementation, training, support and technical and development services. Across the board, each of our consultants have in excess of 10 years experience of working in their area of expertise. Our positioning as a full service professional service firm means that we are absolutely accountable to our clients at every level. We have a unique capability to take a client from the creation of a vision to the live implementation and running of their selected software in support of that vision. Professional Plus Solutions is a certified services partner of Thomson Reuters and Intapp Inc.

Delivering innovative solutions to Law Firms

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

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2016 Boardroom Elite Awards The Boardroom Elite 2016 celebrates management brilliance and business acumen across America. Through these awards, we look to identify and honor the most respected companies and their C-level executives, while recognizing and rewarding outstanding success, innovation and ethics across America’s business communities A business’ success is largely down to the collective effort of all of its employees, however, the role played by its leaders – especially in this on-going challenging corporate environment – is a critical factor, and our award winners prove that in times of economic turmoil, good leadership is the difference between surviving and thriving.

Contents Professional Plus Solutions - Best ERP System Implementation Consultants Page 2 Creative27 LLC - Best Digital Agency 2016 - California & Award for Innovation in App Design Page 4 Maxgen Energy Services LLC - Best Solar Service Provider - California Page 8 Bergh Orthodontics - Best Orthodontic Practice 2016 - California Page 10 Amazech Solutions - Best in Customized Web & Mobile Based Solutions - Texas Page 12 Ambient Energy - Best Energy Consulting Firm - Colorado & Recognized Leader in Solar Energy - Colorado Page 14 Emerald Data Networks Inc - Best Enterprise-Wide Technology Solutions Company - Southeastern USA Page 16 ABA Development LLC - Best Hospitality Real Estate Development Company Page 18 • 3

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016


Company: Creative27 LLC Name: Vasile B. Tiplea Email: Web Address: Address: 7559 Jayseel St. Tujunga, CA 91042 Telephone: (818) 875-4168

Fuelled by excellence and founded on expertise, Creative27 is a pioneering app development and design powerhouse that has been making waves in the market. Featuring aesthetically creative and functionally distinctive products across platforms, we have certainly carved a new benchmark in this industry. Our rich portfolio has been the proud recipient of prestigious awards including the IF Design Award, Appy Awards and the Best International Mobile App Award.

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Best Digital Agency 2016 - California & Award for Innovation in App Design • 5

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Vasile B. Tiplea

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

From cutting-edge engineering and intuitive user interfaces to visually stunning masterpieces, our products aren’t just show-stoppers but have become the new yardstick for excellence. However, the hallmark of our success extends beyond performance to the personality of our business. We stay real, grounded and fully aware that integrity, transparency and consistent hardwork are the main tenets of any triumph. Beneath it all, we have a deep and genuine desire to see our clients succeed in every realm of business and this drives us to give them our diluted attention. At Creative27, our clients know that their project will never be just another entry in our portfolio. Every project is handpicked and given critical importance by our talented and versatile crew. Through stringent quality assurance processes and streamlined project management we build a strong foundation for success. They say a leader is only as good as his team and I believe this to be true. Our success stems from a highly experienced, motivated, driven and professional team of experts who … at heart are just a great bunch of people to work with. As a team, we live, breathe and passionately implement our mission and work philosophy as it seeps through the very fiber of our business. We make a habit to employ smart people who care to go the extra mile, to find unexpected solutions and to go beyond the ordinary so we can make a significant difference to our client’s profitability. To put it simply we invest in people. From systematic employee developmental programs and aptitude-based project allocation to a growth oriented and healthy work environment, our team knows that we sincerely care about their wellbeing. At Creative27, we’ve created a home-away-from-home and a work culture that stresses on open collaboration, cooperation and continuous learning. Here, employees are empowered in every way to explore the ever-evolving field of mobile web and application development. After all, this isn’t really just a job to anyone at Creative27. It’s an opportunity to do something we truly love and enjoy. What does the future hold for us? As a group of creative minds we will continue to channel our collective strengths to bring projects to fruition. I believe 2016 and beyond will see a new wave of digital products tailored for television with the introduction of Apple’s app store on Apple TV. We’re excited about new challenges that this domain promises as it presents the opportunity for us to raise the bar and step up our game even further. With the rise of new platforms and digital products, our team will keep abreast of the latest market offerings and analyze consumer responses to equip ourselves with the tools and training to address any project, however challenging. Yes, Los Angeles is certainly a competitive market but our edge is the fact that we’re not a big faceless corporation. Though we offer top-notch services, it hasn’t diluted our core connection with clients. We’re approachable, reliable and a team that you can trust. No fuss. No frills. Today, the app market is seeing unprecedented growth and our team has several exciting product launches set for the beginning of 2016. W are privileged and honored to have received the Best Digital Agency 2016 - California and the Award for Innovation in App Design. Once again, we fully know and acknowledge that we would not have won this or any other award without our team backing us up all the way. We will continue to focus on providing unparalleled cross-platform digital services to our rapidly expanding base of global clientele. • 7

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016


Maxgen Energy Services LLC Best Solar Service Provider - California

MaxGen Energy Services provide operations and maintenance services (O&M) to solar power plants across North America. These services include electrical work, monitoring and reporting to clients and data analysis to maximize the generation of the plant.

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Company: MaxGen Energy Services Name: Joe Brotherton Email: Web Address: Address: 1690 Scenic Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Telephone: (714)955-5548

To ensure the business is successful, the key qualities are flexibility, honesty and willingness to adapt. Our environment changes with every project and we need to be able to handle those changes with very short notice.

Our corporate team is involved in industry events. This keeps us close to changes in the industry. Being in a technical environment, training and education plays a key role in keeping up with compliance items.

In terms of the strategies we have in place here, we have frequent discussions with our clients to understand what their needs are, how we can achieve them and openly discuss gaps that may exist. Ultimately, MaxGen wants to be the group that can solve all of our client’s needs. We also maintain staff that are cross-trained in many areas which allows flexibility in achieving our obligations.

We are a service-oriented company. That is all we do. Our focus is on our clients and their needs. We are flexible, easy to work with and can adapt to all of our project and client needs. We make power plant operations “personal” and our clients enjoy this type of attention.

In regards to the firm’s approach to leadership, I spend time weekly with employees. I travel to our projects and see what our staff in the field actually does. I interact with our clients personally to ensure that we are exceeding their expectations. As for the culture within the firm each member of the MaxGen team has the ability to make decisions. While the level of decisions change based on the position, everyone plays a role in making sure the overall company objectives are met. Clients can contact direct personnel whenever they need something and the staff responds knowing that they are able to complete each task in its entirety.

It is an honor to be recognized for this award. We have built our culture on relationships and value each of our clients. Without them, we would not be as successful as we are. Looking ahead to the future, we expect to triple in revenue in 2016. With the rapid growth in the amount of work, we will expand our operations center in Costa Mesa, CA in the first quarter of 2016. • 9

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016


Bergh Orthodontics Best Orthodontic Practice 2016 - California

Bergh Orthodontics provides orthodontic treatment to children, adolescents and adults in the Glendale area. Brian H. Bergh talks us through the firm and the services it provides.

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Company: Brian H. Bergh, DDS, MS, APC (Bergh Orthodontics) Name: Brian H. Bergh, DDS, MS Email: Web address: Address: 1111 N Brand Blvd, Ste 201 Glendale, CA 91202 Telephone: (818) 242-1173

At Bergh Orthodontics, we have the opportunity to change how people feel about themselves, increasing their self-esteem and self-value through the creation of beautiful and healthy smiles. The firm has provided orthodontic care for over 5000 area residents over the past 23 years, and is an Invisalign Top 1% Elite Provider and is the leader in Invisalign treatment for both adults and teenagers in the East San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley. Working within the healthcare sector, continual education is a critical aspect in our firm’s pursuit of excellence. Our success depends upon recognizing and understanding both the spoken and unspoken wishes and desires of those we serve, working to anticipate and stay ahead of mainstream orthodontic offices. Keeping up-to-date with technological advances, implementing those advances and being the leader in our area with updated technology has set us apart from other offices. As such, our office has been the leader in technology in the area, being the first office to advance to digital x-rays, digital treatment planning, digital models and impressions. Both continual education and technological advancements help us to achieve our overall mission: to change the lives of those we serve, not only through a beautiful and healthy smile, but also with the way each person is treated and respected throughout their tenure in our office. We are a local organization, yet we have global views. When we affect one individual by providing them with the opportunity for success, and they take that experience and share it with others, wherever they are, our office can make a difference throughout the world. Moving forward the organization has an exciting future ahead of it, as we are looking at continuing to refine our processes for making the client experience better and better has been well received. We grew 29% this past year and 2016 is looking better than last year. We will be working to increase the services we provide to our clients by adding additional providers, moving from a provider of a single service (orthodontic treatment) to a more comprehensive dental care facility. This will involve additional hiring and management, moving to a team-leader organizational structure allowing the leader of the company to continue to develop and refine the organization and increase our value to the community. • 11

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016


Amazech Solutions Best in Customized Web & Mobile Based Solutions - Texas

Amazech was founded in 2007 at Frisco, TX. We provide software services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We are strengthening our web and mobile technology offerings. We also specialize in building dashboards and reports for effective executive decision making. Apart from these, we offer consulting services towards staff augmentation.

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Company: Amazech Solutions LLC Name: Shanthi Rajaram Email: Web Address: Address: 9555 Lebanon Rd #202 Frisco TX 75035 Telephone: 469-200-4585

Our mission is to establish trusted partners’ relationship with our clients by providing right resources and tools. Our strategy has been to carefully select each individual hired to work for our company while at the same time work with select clients to whom we can provide services that would be in line with our mission.

Amazech was started by the founders who were part of technology for more than 15-20 years individually. Our strengths lie in providing the best and the most effective solutions to our clients. We always think about any problem as if it was ours and do whatever is the best we have to do to resolve it.

I believe in looking ahead and in raising the bar on every opportunity that comes my way, be it solutions or staffing. It is more than what the client wants; it is in the realm of providing what they need. Towards this end, we are unique in our offerings.

There are not short fixes or short term solution. Clients like us because we are committed to solving what we are hired for.

As a business leader hard work, determination and integrity are the key qualities a firm must maintain if you are going to achieve sustainable success. In terms of our approach to leadership, my approach is to run a flat organization and lead by example. Our core values are twofold. As a business, we do not take shortcuts. I started this business wanting to do things differently and with a firm belief that we work with integrity and go the extra mile in our due diligence. I also believe that we should look towards the long term instead of immediate gains. Keeping this in mind, our company does business without settling for what is merely expected.

We are very appreciative to have won this award and it can be attributed to a single-minded focus as well as a team effort. As we look ahead to the future, the next 2-3 years are going to be very significant. We had bid for an entire overhaul of membership system for one of the largest benefits organization in the region and we just got awarded that in the last quarter of 2015, so we will be starting 2016 with that. There are also 2 more projects that are in final stages of negotiation. One is an end-to-end solution with web and mobile front for a music/ballet company. We are also one of the front runners for automating some of the operations for an environmental clean-up company.

In regards to our work culture each contributor has to take bottom-line responsibility. We cultivate this by setting our expectations from the outset. We try not to deviate from this focused approach. With our industry constantly providing work that continually challenges the employee has been given great importance. I have never been one to sit back and watch new technologies come into the market. I ensure that the latest version of technology or the more recently developed product is available to the employees. This is one sure way to keep them motivated. Moreover, this helps them upgrade their skills and be always current with the Industry standards. The objective has been to ensure that no employee feels outdated with regard to technology or work-place skills. We also push ourselves to use the latest technology into any of the projects that we propose and challenge ourselves rather than compromise by using more comfortable platform to deliver that we are used to. Our core market is DFW Metroplex and also almost entirely North America. We face the same challenge that any small growing company goes through, getting a highly talented workforce to believe and stick with us, Challenging and delivering, keeping abreast with latest technology and convincing clients that though we are small and limited in resources we are capable of delivering projects on time and within budget with highest quality of deliverables in mind is arguably our biggest challenge. • 13

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016


Ambient Energy Best Energy Consulting Firm - Colorado & Recognized Leader in Solar Energy - Colorado

Ambient Energy provides innovative, cost effective strategies that improve the social and environmental impact of buildings.

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Company: Ambient Energy Address: 130 West 5th Avenue Denver, CO 80204 Phone: 303-278-1532 Email: Website:

The word “ambient” means all around you, thus “ambient energy” strives to capture the energy that is all around us. Ambient Energy envisions a world inhabited with regenerative buildings, buildings that are healing and restoring the earth. Ambient Energy is a third party consulting firm specializing in energy analysis, sustainable design, and commissioning services and delivering high performance solutions for new and existing commercial buildings. The company is renowned for cutting-edge innovation, achieving high-end results that impact our world, thanks to their excellent collaboration with project teams. With offices in Denver and San Francisco, Ambient Energy’s recent accomplishments over its 12 year history include: • • • • •

Ambient Energy collaborates with owners and project teams to deliver third party analysis without bias towards specific design solutions, technologies or systems. Ambient Energy utilizes Life Cycle Cost Analysis to support design decisions and to save first and long term costs for our clients. They consistently exceeds goals for energy and sustainability within the confines of the project budget and schedule. Ambient Energy’s focus is on existing buildings and new buildings in the aviation, higher education, transportation, science and technology, hospitality, laboratory and municipal sectors.

$1 Billion in Construction of Commissioning Projects 14 zero net/carbon neutral projects 16 LEED Platinum projects 140 LEED Certified projects 3 WELL Registered projects • 15

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016


Emerald Data Networks Inc Best Enterprise-Wide Technology Solutions Company - Southeastern USA

Emerald Data Networks is a trusted provider of full service, enterprise-wide technology solutions to businesses throughout the Southeastern United States that depend on technology to achieve business objectives. Emerald provides these organizations with voice and data solutions, technology roadmaps, project planning and management, and advisory services.

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Company: Emerald Data Networks Inc Website: Email: Address: 5064 Roswell Road Suite B-102 Atlanta, GA 30342 Phone: 678.302.3000 Fax: 678.302.3004

Established in 1989 Emerald Data Networks Inc offers full-service, enterprise-wide technology in an honest, ethical and reliable manner. Emerald’s main client base are companies that rely on technology to drive revenue, who draw on the breadth and depth of the firm’s experience which allows them to fit technology with their clients’ current systems and support their client’s goals and aspirations. The firm is staffed by a team of certified engineers, project managers and experienced business professionals who work with their customers’ internal IT staff.

When undertaking any new project the firm’s approach revolves around assessing the client’s current situation, then establishing a roadmap for implementation, before applying solutions carefully to prevent glitches, and training employees on the new system. Ultimately technology can create competitive advantage or limit a business’ growth. Emerald’s goal is to make sure their clients’ technology is helping them to serve customers better and compete more effectively.

Together, the team create a plan to make current systems work better and to determine what new implementations may be needed—whether it’s VoIP, network solutions or computer system security. This improves customers’ ability to operate more efficiently and effectively. • 17

CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016


ABA Development LLC Best Hospitality Real Estate Development Company

Established in 2005 by Scott Brown, ABA Development is a hotel and development company based in San Francisco, California.

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CorporateAmerica • The Boardroom Elite Awards 2016

Company: ABA Hospitality Address: 275 Sacramento Street, 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111 Phone: (415) 633-4390 Email:

ABA Hospitality has secured private equity for both ground up development and hotel acquisitions. In addition to building its own portfolio ABA Hospitality is considering JV opportunities across the Continental United States. The team at ABA has a diverse background in real estate and hospitality based projects including full service hotels, select service hotels, luxury condominiums and residential golf course communities throughout the U.S. With over $1 billion of completed projects, ABA adds value to its core investments through its in-house experience and industry relationships across all major hotel brands and hotel management companies.

Staff at AB leverage these relationships to identify unique acquisition opportunities and draws on its internal resources and industry expertise to complete the necessary due diligence, acquisitions, entitlements, financial planning and modeling, design, development, construction, construction management and asset management of its core investment properties. ABA has completed projects, and is in various stages of acquiring new projects, throughout the U.S, predominately in California, Florida, & Connecticut. Ultimately the firm is dedicated to designing superb quality projects which meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. • 19

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