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The Technology Innovator Awards 2015 Meet the Winners... Belgium The Sniffers

QMI Most Innovative Cleantech Software Provider & Best for Soil Remediation Emission Monitoring Hong Kong

Brazil Dokfile

Best Cloud Software “Doksafe” & Award for Innovation in Data Management

Bulgaira Optim-Al

Warehouse Management Software Provider of the Year & Award for Innovation in Mobile Computing System Integration

Messer Financial Software

Most Innovative Financial Services Software Provider & Best Financial Services Reporting Solution “DataCube”

Ribose Inc

Best Cloud Collaboration Platform 2015

Iceland Orkuveita Reykjavíkur

Canada Last Minute Training

Most Innovative IT Training Search Platform

Mind Alive Inc

Award for Innovation in AVE Technology & Best For Non-Pharmaceutical Mental Health Solutions

Schedule Pro

Best Global Workforce Management Solutions Firm & Best Scheduling Solutions Software “SchedulePro”

TBF Environmental Technologies

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Technology & Best Emission Reduction Technology “SX-6000” - agreed payment instalements

Award for Innovation in Renewable Technology & Best Geothermal Energy Provider 2015

India Divas Software

Best for Financial Services Regulatory Technology & Best Financial Services Risk Management Product “KYCsphere Solution”


Most Innovative Energy Software Provider & Best Fuel Management Platform “LoudCell iFMS”

Best Newcomer in Clean Technology & Best VOC Industrial Solvent “EkaSol 1” Ireland

China immomo

Caped Koala Studios Best Location-Based Mobile Social Platform Israel

France Neteven

Most Innovative Marketplace Trading Platform & Recognised Leader in E-commerce Distribution Software - France

Cheetah Medical Ltd.

Award for Innovation in Hemodynamic Monitoring Technology & Best Cardiac Output Monitor “CHEETAH NICOM®”


Award for Innovation in Scheduling Solutions & Best Interactive Calendar “Meekan Robot”

Germany censhare AG

MSF-Vathauer Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co KG

Best for Bespoke Game Design & Development & Best Educational Gaming Product “Pora Ora”

Best Global Corporate Communication Technology & Recognised Leader in Digital Asset Management Solutions Award for Innovation in Drive Technology 2015 & Best Decentralized Drive Control System “Field Drive System”


56 Corporate Vision The Technology Innovator Awards 2015

Best for Life Science Technology Solutions & Award for Innovation In Clinical Data Management

The Technology Innovator Awards 2015  
The Technology Innovator Awards 2015