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International Tax Awards 2015


best for tax advice on reorganizations - germany

LW TAX Lemaitre Wittkowski GmbH Name: Claus Lemaitre, Dr. Ansas Wittkowski Email:, Website: Address: Steuerberatungsgesellschaft, OhmstraĂ&#x;e 3 D-80802 MĂźnchen - Munich, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 89 38 66 78 99 10, +49 (0) 89 38 66 78 99 0


perating nationally and internationally, LW TAX is a dynamic tax boutique firm based in the centre of Munich, Germany. We spoke to partners Claus Lemaitre and Dr. Ansas Wittkowski about how they provide one-stop shop services for foreign groups and investors starting or expanding their business in Germany.

High service, efficiency and direct lines of communication are indispensable to LW TAX’s mission. But LW TAX offers more: its advice is convincing, it gives clients direction and is followed up by constructive support during the implementation process. In addition, LW TAX also provides tax compliance and accounting services at a fair price/performance ratio. This full-tax-service approach is the logical consequence of its advisory concept, which is based on the idea that a tax project is not completed until it is successfully implemented. Our approach is that the tax project is completed when it is actually lived in practice by the client and the final tax audit of the client has been weathered. We are a company that does not distinguish itself solely through its service-oriented and proactive approach. We also stand out as a firm that actively helps its clients to make best decisions. Therefore, LW TAX does not merely provide a list of opportunities that are available under the law, but explains which option appears to be the most opportune from a tax and a commercial point of view. This means that LW TAX actively participates in decision-making processes, where appropriate, and it subsequently offers active support in implementing the decisions made. In addition, LW TAX provides current services such as accounting, preparation of tax returns and financial statements pursuant to German and International GAAP and German tax law. Furthermore the team focuses in particular on complex, often cross-border, special tax issues. These include merger and acquisition, recapitalisation, restructuring, expatriate taxation as well as numerous special topics of international tax law. Alongside publicly traded company groups and private equity investors from Germany and abroad, we also serve medium-sized businesses expatriates and wealthy individuals.

Tax awards 2015  
Tax awards 2015