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Sustainable Building Awards 2017

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Best Sustainable Family Homes Building Firm - Ontario

Editor’s Note

, Welcome to the Sustainable Building Awards 2017 Following on from the success of last years’ awards the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards celebrate the trailblazers of this dynamic industry. What started out as a niche sector, is now one of the key contributors to the wider construction industry. These awards are designed to recognise the highlevel of dedication and skill that has been displayed by the innovative firms and individuals of this remarkable industry.Â

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2 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017


, 04.

Stephenson Group


Troico Home Solutions & Manufacturing Inc.

Best Reinforced Concrete Design/Build

Best Home Renovation Practice - South British

Company - UK


SanDiego Homes


Nicorna Healthcare

Best Sustainable Family Homes Building Firm - Ontario

Best Healthcare Architecture Firm - UK


Onyx Solar


Slimline Glazing Systems Ltd

Best Global Photovotlaic Glass Provider 2017

Best Sustainable Glass Door Installation Company -


London 08.

Edwards Smith Construction LLC

Best Passive Home Builder 2017 – Idaho & Excellence



Award in Custom Home Builds 2017 – Idaho.

Best for Data Centre Cooling & Ventilation Solutions Russia


Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd (JKSL)

Best Specialist Weed Removal Company – UK & BUILD


Solar Dynamics Ltd

Excellence Award for Excavation and Site Surveying

Solar Dynamics: Best Solar Hot Water System Caribbean

2017 11.

Prestige Window Systems



Best Window & Doors Installation Company 2017 - UK

Best Building Services Engineering



Consultancy - Malta

Best Composite Decking Manufacturer 2017 - UK


Yonder Limited

Building Performance Experts of the Year 2017


Mindspace Business Parks Pvt. Ltd

Most Eco-Conscious Land Acquisition Specialists – India & Best Commercial Complex Development: Mindspace Airoli Project Type


Acrypol Products Ltd.

Best Water Proofing Solutions Manufacturer 2017 – UK & Best Emergency Roof Repair Product: Acrypol +


24hr Solutions

Best Building Maintenance Engineering Firm 2017 – UK & Excellence Award for Fire Safety Maintenance 2017


Hazel J L Smith Chartered Architects

Best Rural Design Firm – Dumfries & Galloway & BUILD Excellence Award for Agricultural Building Design

28.. The Bird Brick House

Best Wildlife Nesting Product Provider 2017 – UK & Excellence Award for Building Integrated

Bird & Bat Houses 2017


My Green Buildings LLC

Best Luxury Custom Home Builders - South East USA & BUILD Excellence Award for Sustainable Design South East USA


Guard Industry

Best Surface Protection Provider - UK


Xpert Energy

Best Renewable Energy Technology Design & Installation Company - UK

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 3



Best Reinforced Concrete Design/Build Company - UK Stephenson Group are Specialists in Design and Build of Reinforced Concrete Frames, Property Development and Shell & Core Construction. We invited Toby Hemsley to tell us more about the company and the services it offers. Stephenson was formed in 1962 and over the years has developed a reputation for integrity, commitment and performance meeting with Contractor’s and client’s requirements. The Stephenson Group now encompasses Reinforced Concrete Frames, Shell & Core and Development Divisions along with Specialist Contracting, Plant Hire and Sales. The company is actively involved through ‘Construct’ in the promotion of economic and fast track design and construction techniques which include the use of hybrid systems. The Company is dedicated to developing and promoting safe working practices and in actively engaging with the workforce through initiatives, newsletters and awards for Projects and individuals. Toby outlines what projects the firm undertakes within the sustainable building market and how they approach these ventures. “Stephenson are employed by Developer and Principal Contractor clients on a wide range of projects in all market sectors. We have recently been and are currently employed on projects related to the Nuclear Energy Sector. Concrete Building Structures are not generally considered to be inherently sustainable but our first principle approach is to ensure efficiency through resourceful design, procurement, manufacture and construction techniques.”

Although not seeking to be the biggest, the firm endeavours to be the best and is continuously attempting to deliver the best service to its clients. Client relationships are important to the company and they help to form part of the company’s goals and aspirations. Toby discusses the steps that the firm takes in order to achieve its overall mission of being the best in the business. “As a company, we have adopted the Russian Doll approach which has “economic activity is at the centre as the basis of wealth creation, which drives the development engine but at the same time is constrained by environmental and social conditions.” “Being a Specialist Contractor we are obliged to respond directly to our client’s specific requirements, we see this as being intrinsically linked with our goals and aspirations, which are demonstrated by our desire to continually improve our core business and the quality and value of the services which we deliver to our clients. Despite not seeking to be the biggest, we do endeavour to be the best and we continuously strive to deliver a market leading service to our clients through the application of enterprising, innovative, collaborative, value-based and non-adversarial practices.” Engaging and working alongside the client is a system that works for the company, guaranteeing

4 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

that it is able to produce the best results for both. Ensuring that the interaction with the client begins at the earliest possible opportunity, the firm are able to lend their relevant expertise to ensure maximum efficiency, being a proactive rather than reactive. This has proven to be a successful process for the client, enabling the company to follow this business model wherever possible, as Toby explains. “At Stephenson we have always been “early adopters” in respect of new techniques, building systems and market sectors. We engage with many of our clients at the earliest possible stages of design and procurement thus lending our particular expertise to that of the wider team and helping to develop and drive efficiencies from the outset of the process rather than acting to respond and alter retrospectively.”

the potential of the company’s staff, ensuring it can improve its business efficiency. With new appointments and reorganisation as part of the expansion of the business, it is an exciting time for Stephenson. “Whilst recognising that the immediate future contains uncertainties we have embarked on a renewed forward growth plan including the reorganisation of our regional businesses and appointment of new Divisional Directors to prepare the business for the challenges and expansion in the future. “Additionally, Stephenson is also targeting larger schemes and schemes clustered together in relatively close proximity as we see both of these as simple ways of maximising the potential of our staff and supply chain in addition to improving business efficiency.”

“We have always found this to provide the most effective and successful outcome for the client, the project and our business and we intend to pursue new and repeat opportunities following this business model wherever the occasion is presented.” Looking to capitalise on its current success, the firm is looking to expand its business, targeting larger schemes and renewing a growth plan. Discussing upcoming projects, Toby observes that there are plans in place to maximise

Contact: Toby Hemsley Contact Email: info@stephenson-ssc.co.uk Address: Provender Mill, Mill Bay Lane, Horsham, RH12 1SS, UK Phone: 01403 217000 Website: www.stephenson-ssc.co.uk



Best Sustainable Family Homes Building Firm - Ontario SanDiego Homes is a family-owned production/custom home builder and land development company. We profiled the firm and its co-founder, Diego Rizzardo to find out about the reasons behind the company’s success. From a Northern Italy Heritage and generation after generation of skilled carpenters and tradesmen, Diego Rizzardo learned about home building from a young age. Diego has developed a real passion for home building after graduating with diplomas in architecture, business and accounting. He also possesses post-secondary qualifications in real estate. There is a wealth of experience in home building and land development within the firm, as co-founders Diego and his wife Sandra enjoy fifty years of experience within the industry combined. A family oriented business, there are three more of the Rizzardo clan joining the business, with Amanda, Silvano and Jessica having all graduated from University. Outlining the firm’s mission statement, the company aims to: ‘demonstrate the family’s dedication and devotion to all its customers, with personalized attention for even the slightest detail. The firm aspires to exceed expectations in every home it builds; and it continues to strive for excellence in design, construction, service and innovation. A reflection of customers’ trust is the company’s greatest measure of success.’

SanDiego Homes is a registered ENERGY STAR new home builder. The Energy Star qualified homes that the firm builds come equipped with an array of ENERGY STAR features, including increased insulation on all exterior walls and attics, triple glazed windows, a 95 per cent equal or better high-efficiency furnace. These features also include sealed ductwork supply air runs as per energy star specifications, along with a heat recovery ventilator for increased indoor air quality and reduced energy consumption. As co-founders, Diego and Sandra Rizzardo have worked with some of the largest home builder firms and have become responsible land developers and home builders by living in the community that they built. Having gained their experience in Scarborough, Alliston and Innisfil, the pair have constructed over 1500 homes 1983 to 2011. Concerning its recent projects, SanDiego Homes’ Lakeside Living project in Innisfil showcases the firm’s commitment to sustainable building. The firm are completing a NetZero discovery project at Lakeside Living. Four residences at Lakeside Living will also have geothermal heating, as part of a Ground Source Heat pilot project to be completed in partnership with Enbridge Gas.

Two years ago, the firm realized the importance of sustainable building practices to the health of local communities and longterm satisfaction of its clients. The company also realized the importance sustainable building would have on the future of the business, therefore Diego and his family have fully embraced sustainable building philosophies and are now leading the charge for sustainable home construction in the area. Offering a variety of services, the future for the business looks positive as the firm is able to combine a new vision of home building and land development with its proven communication skills and excellent customer service. Alongside the experience the team possess, the company is also able to approach any project with an inspiring attitude, innovation and an exceptionally high quality standard features included in every home constructed. Differentiating the firm out from competitors within the industry, the firm believes sustainable building results in greater efficiency, delivering a better quality of home for the customer. The firm is ahead of its competitors with regard to the planning stage of future projects. SanDiego Homes believes the

average homeowner’s way of living is going to change. The team have included features such as additional truss support and solar conduit rough-in for solar panels and a 240 V electrical line in the garage for electric cars. Regarding the future, SanDiego Homes will have greater control and flexibility in producing the best possible homes at the best possible price. Although not at the top of customer’s lists right now, SanDiego Homes believe that energy efficient homes will be integral in the coming future. Sustainable building will transform from a nice area into standard procedure as customers will begin to realize the increase in quality and reduction of day-today utility costs, with substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

Contact: Diego Rizzardo Contact Email: Diego@sandiego-homes.ca Address: 1101 Quarry Drive, Innisfil, Ontario, L9S 4X2, Canada Phone: 001 705 436 5445 Website: www.sandiego-homes.ca

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Best Global Photovotlaic Glass Provider 2017 Onyx Solar designs and manufactures photovoltaic glass for construction purposes. We invited Adriano Muñoz to tell us more about the company and what makes them successful. Onyx Solar’s PV glass generates free and clean energy from the sun, providing high thermal and acoustic insulation and protection from harmful solar radiation (filtering out 99% of ultraviolet radiation and 95% of infrared radiation). The company minimises the energy demand of any property, whilst increasing its value. Furthermore, the glass can be produced using two cuttingedge technologies (amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon) and is fully customisable in terms of size, shape, colour, degree of transparency and finishing, meaning it is able to replace conventional glass in different parts of the buildings (skylights, curtain walls, canopies, and the building envelope in general). The firm have also developed the first photovoltaic walkable floor, as well as photovoltaic furniture, capable of charging electronic devices. Adriano outlines what the firm’s overall mission is and how it plans to achieve it. “At Onyx Solar, we aspire not only to meet our client’s expectations but to surpass them, always delivering the most advanced photovoltaic glass in the market. This means keeping up with market trends, clients’ needs and investing in R+D+I will always be pillars of our success. Our aim is to enable the buildings of the future to be self-sufficient from an energetic point of view, a

key factor in the struggle against climate change.” Discussing recent projects, the company undertook a challenging but exciting project, revitalising a facility into a mixeduse metroburb, with the project involving the largest photovoltaic skylight in the world. Adriano describes the challenges and requirements that the firm faced and how the team managed to overcome these unique problems. “One of our last projects has involved the largest-of-itskind photovoltaic skylight in the world. As a part of the complete revitalization of the two-million square-foot former Bell Labs facility into an iconic mixed-use metroburb located in Holmdel, New Jersey, Onyx Solar is supplying Bell Works with 5,500 sqm of amorphous Silicon photovoltaic glass. Upon completion, the PV skylight will both naturally illuminate the complex while generate free, clean electricity from the sun. It will simultaneously offset approx. 60 tons of annual CO2 emissions, drastically improving the building’s energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint. “Bell Works’ skylight will feature 24 different glass units from Onyx Solar to cover the various unique skylight schemes at the Eero Saarinen-designed architectural gem. Each will be comprised

6 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

of amorphous Silicon thin film photovoltaic (a-Si PV) active glass, laminated between two sheets of tempered safety glass, allowing for 20% Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) to reduce solar heat gain while producing energy, all while preserving Bell Work’s historical design.”

within the sector which Adriano highlights that the firm would like to get involved in, whilst also listing some of the challenges that the company faces. The company is always looking for ways to implement more sustainable buildings all around the globe.

Within Spain, there are many benefits to working in the region but also there were challenges that the company had to overcome, particularly the economic crisis in the country. Praising the staff, Adriano explains that Onyx Solar were always confident that there was talent within the region.

“Nowadays, buildings of our cities are responsible of 75% of electricity consumption and nearly half of CO2 emissions. As energy costs and sustainability concerns rise, it becomes imperative to employ new solutions that increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions without compromising architectural and structural requirements. Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass is a prime example of such solutions, and we work hard to fulfil every need architects, constructors and clients might have in a world where change occurs at a rapid pace.

“When Onyx Solar was established in Spain in 2009, the country was in the midst of the worst economic crisis the country has suffered in decades. We were able to become what we are today through a combination of hard work and international vocation. Despite the fact that the economic situation is still not ideal, we were always certain that the country does not have a shortage of talent. We like to think our staff is proof of that.” Ensuring that the firm is able to meet the needs and demands of its clients, the company works hard to provide solutions which are environmentally friendly but do not compromise architectural and structural requirements. There are many opportunities

“Other renewable energy sources such as solar farms or wind farms are not so effective at solving this problem since they cannot replace conventional materials used in construction and they do not produce energy within cities, and 15% of all the energy generated is lost in distribution. The main obstacle to overcome this problem is to convince building owners and policy makers that our society should move to photovoltaic


glass. Our cutting-edge technology is very new, so a lot of people do not even know that it exists, so we need to promote awareness about this innovative and disruptive product. This is the only way to achieve a more sustainable and better world, not only for us, but for our children.”

Contact: Adriano Muñoz Contact Email: info@onyxsolar.com Address: Calle Rio Cea, 1-46 Ávila, 05004, Spain Phone: 0034 920 210 050 Website: www.onyxsolar.com

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 7



Best Passive Home Builder 2017 – Idaho & Excellence Award in Custom Home Builds 2017 – Idaho. Edwards Smith Construction LLC is a Custom Home Build and Remodel company based in Idaho. We profiled the firm to find out more about what makes them successful. Having been in the building industry for over 60 years combined, Jim Edwards and Andy Smith formed a partnership in 2008 to create Edwards Smith Construction. At the company, staff understand the trust placed in them to make their clients’ dreams a reality. Clients come from many parts of the world and, in their travels, have found something special in the gorgeous communities of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and the surrounding area. Some build a place to vacation, while others choose to retire in the area, commemorating years of hard work with the realization of their dream home. There are many reasons why the firm stands out in the industry, notably its customer service and different approach to serving clients. It does not consider your home or commercial property a product as many others do. The company believes true custom building is a service, guiding its clients through the entire process, counselling, educating and providing good, better, best options and the pros, cons and cost of each. Using their experience and knowledge, the team help clients filter through the thousands of options available to them, creating a structure that meets their goals and, ultimately, is as unique as they are. In order for a project to be successful, the firm believes

that trust between the builder and client is paramount. This is an easier hurdle to overcome if client goals are value driven and they have built a home before. Being open and transparent in its interactions with the client, they educate the client as much as the client desires, turning what was often a negative building experience in the past into a positive one. The company embraces and takes ownership of each of its unique projects. It is excited to offer solutions that allow clients to make the best decisions for themselves. In addition to residential building and remodelling, the firm’s services also include site development, defect discovery, expert construction consulting and custom commercial projects, for those looking to bring a higher level of quality to the commercial arena. As a company, employees are always educating themselves on advanced construction techniques and evolving technologies so they can provide as many options as possible to clients. One example of this is the firm’s designation as a PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) Certified BuilderSM – the first and currently only builder in North Idaho designated as such. As well as being tremendously energy efficient, passive buildings offer a number of longterm benefits. They are extremely resilient, able to handle the extremes of nature better than

8 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

traditional construction and offer superb air quality. They are also ideal for clients who want their home to be built using products that are more sustainable and leave a lighter footprint on the earth. The company’s first passive home was completed in January 2017. As with any new undertaking, the team expected different but exciting challenges. One such challenge was ensuring the crew, subcontractors and local regulatory personnel understood

the importance of keeping air barriers intact. For many, this was their first exposure to passive house construction so the firm had to educate them. Passive construction requires completely separating the interior of a structure from the exterior environment. This means insulating below the home in addition to the sides and from above. This is not the norm for traditional construction. Wins for the consumer, a positive by-product of the sustainable building market, include better


windows for all markets. These windows save energy long term, are becoming more readily available and are priced competitively.

authenticity. Being authentic defines the firm, enabling them to stand out. They tell the truth and work hard. They do what they say they are going to do.

Furthermore, building codes are expected to get stricter as demand for energy-efficient homes increases. Providing a tighter seal against the outdoors will require the installation of ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators) in all structures, not just those built to meet passive standards – providing an energy savings of up to 90 percent.

The business remains committed to serving clients in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. The firm will continue to focus on processes and experiences that contribute to the success of building unique, one-of-a-kind projects. If the marketplace recognizes its processes are different than the status quo and the firm needs to expand because of it, then it will grow responsibly. That means ensuring the right team is in place so each project gets the time, attention and expertise it deserves.

In the firm’s experience, different market segments value sustainable materials differently. While it wholeheartedly believes in the use of more sustainable building materials and processes, success in this market is dependent on acceptance by all segments. Whatever project it undertakes, passive or otherwise, it is built on a foundation of integrity and

Assisting clients in achieving their goals is Edwards Smith Construction’s number one priority.

Contact Email: office@edwardssmith.com Address: 1112 N Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814, USA Telephone: 001 208 765 8602 Website: www.edwardssmith.com

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 9



Best Specialist Weed Removal Company – UK & BUILD Excellence Award for Excavation and Site Surveying 2017 Japanese Knotweed Solutions Ltd (JKSL) is the UK’s leading specialist in the identification, control and eradication of Japanese knotweed. We spoke to Managing Director Alexander Dayes to learn more about the specialist services the firm provides. Founded by Michael Clough, Japanese Knotweed Solutions Limited has grown rapidly since inception and now boasts a £3.5m turnover, 35 employees and a client base of over 500. Over the years, the firm’s experience and expertise has grown to such an extent that it is now a trusted contractor for clients such as the Environment Agency and British Waterways, as well as major construction and development companies across the country. As the company understands the destruction that the highly invasive Japanese knotweed can cause, the firm operate nationwide with a Rapid Response Team on standby seven days a week to deal with the most urgent client enquiries. Alexander talks us through what services the firm offers and how it works hard to ensure clients are properly supported. “Dedicated to providing solutions for our clients, our firm comprises of a devoted team of professionals who share a great deal of experience. We invest heavily in the continual training of all our employees, ensuring you always have a highly qualified team working on your project with the latest industry accreditations. “Making sure our clients feel secure and supported, we offer a 10-year insurance backed warranty. As such we are trusted by over 500 clients

including many of the UK’s largest landowners, construction companies and government agencies.” Ultimately, Japanese Knotweed Solutions is a leading authority on the problem and invests heavily in raising the awareness of Japanese knotweed within the construction industry. Staff at the company offer advice to clients and complete a full site inspection to confirm the existence of Japanese knotweed on the site. This results in a full survey and proposals being put forward as to what

10 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

methods would be best suited. The experienced team will then eradicate the issue and monitor the site afterwards to ensure there is no infestation from an external source. As a final comment, Alexander explains how the company seeks to ensure clients always feel secure and supported when working with his firm. “In order to ensure every client receives the very highest standard of service we undertake a highly professional and systematic approach to every project.”

Contact: Suzanne Hardy Contact Email: suzanne.hardy@sltd.co.uk Address: Itadori House, Melton Street, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 4BR, UK Phone: 0161 723 2000 Website: www.jksl.com



Best Window & Doors Installation Company 2017 - UK Prestige Window Systems provide the installation of Timber and Timber alternative Windows and Doors. We invited Bev Hales to tell us more about the firm to find out the secrets behind its growing success. Prestige Windows is a name synonymous with quality and caring. It matters to the firm that its clients only experience the very best that the building industry can offer. The company has raised the bar on every aspect of its Customer experience. Bev tells us why it is important that clients seek out the best possible advice in the firm’s line of work. “Prestige Windows and their sister company Timber Windows of Sheffield work within the timber window industry, and have found that there are many small joinery companies working alongside large national brands offering various levels of manufacture quality. There are distinct differences in the outcome of how people’s windows will look and perform depending on what they select. Clients need the right information to make an informed choice. All too often I am asked to visit clients who have chosen what they felt was a good product, only to find five or six years down the line, the windows are letting in water, expanding or contracting and sometimes worse than that, the windows are rotting. “In our showroom, visitors are able to see a selection of the full size, fully finished working frames to gauge the quality of manufacture for themselves and this gives clients a benchmark to compare against others in the market. Believe it or not, the large national companies do not have any showrooms in

the UK and rely on small corner samples to show customers their products. Would you choose your next car by looking only at the front bumper? We want our clients to see the multipoint locking, fully painted frames and glazing bar details, so they can imagine how the frames will look in their home.” Regarding the specific expertise that the firm can offer, Bev notes that the firm work primarily on private homes and their fitting teams offer a wealth of experience to match the best in the industry. Independent client reviews back this up and Bev feels the experience of the firm, along with the attention to detail paid by its staff is the key differentiator between Prestige Windows and its competitors. “At Prestige Windows, we work on a variety of properties from modern constructions to Grade II listed properties and everything in between. We are accredited to fit to Building Regulation Standards and the installation experience of our fitters is second to none. Marry that with our attention to detail and the fact that we genuinely enjoy the work that we do and I don’t think you’d find a better combination. The reviews we receive from our clients bears this out and we form lasting friendships with clients as they look at their installations in phases.” Discussing any future developments for the firm, Bev discusses the recent move to Ecclesall Road the company

undertook, as well as how hard staff are working to establish themselves in the region. “In 2016 we moved to our site in Ecclesall Road and we are working hard to establish ourselves in this new location. Even though we have been working in Sheffield since 2009, many clients are still learning about us so our short-term aim is to increase our profile now that we are settled in at Ecclesall. Whilst our main range is Timber we also fit Timber Alternatives and Aluminium, which allows us to offer the best solution to our clients.

Ultimately, Prestige Windows will be able to capitalise on its ongoing success. The firm keeps growing and as testament to this success, has now been awarded Best Window & Doors Installation Company 2017 – UK for two years running.

Contact: Bev Hales Prestige Windows & Timber Windows of Sheffield Address: 918 Ecclesall Road, Banner Cross, Sheffield, S11 8TR info@prestigewindows.co.uk & www.timberwindowssheffield.co.uk

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 11



Best Composite Decking Manufacturer 2017 - UK Ecodek, part of the Epwin Group of companies, manufactures an innovative board system made entirely from ethically sourced hardwood waste and recycled high density polyethylene. We profile the firm to learn more and examine the secrets behind its success. Established in 2002, Ecodek have been manufacturing composite decking and fencing since 2004. As the UK’s market leader in WPC decking materials, the firm manufactured approximately 1 million linear metres of decking in 2016, consuming 3200 tonnes of recycled wood and plastic. In addition, Ecodek have achieved “carbon negative” status for the production of its composite decking system. A life-cycle assessment programme, undertaken by the BioComposites Centre of Bangor University, considered production of the decking on a cradle to factory gate basis, accounting for all significant materials, transport, energy use and packaging inputs. Results showed that production of ecodek® actually had a net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it – hence carbon negative - a huge achievement in modern manufacturing and one that clearly illustrates the company’s environmental credentials. This important achievement, believed to be a first for a UK based polymer company, and follows years of painstaking development of its design,

manufacturing and distribution processes. The company works with a wide range of clients including house builders such as Barratt Homes, Telford Homes, Redrow PLC; leisure parks such as Butlins and Centreparks, and many schools across the UK. As suppliers to the Construction Sector, delivering a supply solution is the firm’s aim. Their USPs include bespoke lengths, a quick response to customer demand and solid technical advise. The Ecodek Technical Team have direct input with architects and specifiers, who need support and solutions to problems. Thanks to its vast range of products and client focused approach, Ecodek is the market choice for high end residential developments in London where the majority of apartments feature a balcony. ecodek® material can be found across much of the redevelopment zones in London such as Greenwich Peninsula, Elephant and Castle, Nine Elms and Fulham Wharf. Offering ecodek® in bespoke lengths to suit each project, the company can ensure that waste

12 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

is kept to a minimum on site. Any material that is redundant on site can be bought back by Ecodek to be ground up and fed straight back into new material as ecodek® is 100% recyclable. The boards are fast to install as they are supplied straight and true with no knots. The material requires only very minimum maintenance and no staining, so no risk of dripping through to balconies below, plus nothing the leach onto rendered walls, as is common with timber balconies. Recently, ecodek® was specified for the roof terrace at the luxurious redevelopment of Southbank Tower. Situated in the vibrant heart of London’s South Bank, it epitomises high-end residential and office spaces in the city. As a prime residential development it comprises 173 luxury apartments and 11 additional storeys, was developed by CIT and designed in collaboration with Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, with landscaping by Frosts Landscape Construction Ltd. As testimony to the firm’s excellent reputation, ecodek® was primarily specified on this project as the client required a low maintenance, hard wearing product that had to be tough enough to withstand the massive

point loads of a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) being regularly driven over it whilst also maintain good slip resistance properties. Due to the extreme loading from the BMU – the Ecodek Technical Team carried out load and indentation tests to ensure the decking would not mark or deform in use. This testing was carried out at the extensive in house laboratory facilities at the Ecodek site in North Wales. The successful project features a roof terrace garden at the top of the tower, designed to a very modern and high-end specification, and the materials chosen needed to be in keeping with this. ecodek® blends in beautifully with hardwood furniture, aluminium, stainless steel and glass structures. Based in North Wales on the Wrexham Industrial Estate, Ecodek is at the heart of a thriving hub of industry where things seem to be booming. There is a good variety of engineering other ancillary services on the doorstep. The firm attracts the very best talent on the market, helping it to ensure that clients receive the very highest standard of customer service.

g The local college, Coleg Cambria offer good support to the workforce with a variety of further learning opportunities. Ecodek have worked towards the Disability Confident Employer scheme, and also with Remploy and Scope and Communities First. Ultimately, Ecodek strives to be the UK’s Number 1 WPC manufacturer and to lead the way through innovative use of materials whilst maintain carbon negative product credentials. To achieve this, looking ahead the company’s focus will be on continuing to and using R&D to drive innovation.

Contact: Felicity Hodgkinson Contact Email: Felicity.Hodgkinson@ecodek.co.uk Address: Unit 13 Abenbury Way, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL13 9UZ, UK Phone: 01978 667 840 Website: www.ecodek.co.uk

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 13



Most Eco-Conscious Land Acquisition Specialists – India & Best Commercial Complex Development: Mindspace Airoli Project Type Mindspace Business Parks Pvt. Ltd is part of K Raheja Corp, one of India’s leading real estate conglomerates, a success story spanning six decades. We spoke to Shabbir Kanchwala, Sr. Vice President, K Raheja Corp to learn more about the firm and the various projects it undertakes, with a specific focus on the green initiatives. The pioneers of selfcontained townships and commercial business districts in the country, K Raheja Corp strives towards delivering aspirational spaces with distinct characteristics and attributes making each of its offerings inimitable.

K Raheja Corp has always envisioned the changes in the industry, and this has made the company consistently craft state-of-the-art spaces to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. Their business acumen has led them to diversify in a range of industries like realty, hospitality, retail and retail development.

14 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

“Within the market currently, the system faces a global ecological crisis around environment change, and as such we are at a crossroad where we need to take on the responsibility of acting both responsibly and ethically towards the environment. We have a Green Vision for all our commercial and residential projects across the country to become LEED & IGBC Green

Certified and we aim to be ahead of the curve in the green development sector. Pioneering the industries’ responsibility towards contributing to a green society, in 2007 we signed a memorandum of understanding with the CII-Green Building Council to construct green buildings, which are certified in the categories of Gold and Platinum.”


As a developer, the firm pays great attention to the interior and exterior premises of all its properties to ensure the best possible use of green. K Raheja Corp and Mindspace Business Parks have been committed to sustainability for more than a decade, and they undertake all possible steps to ensure that their contributions are green. From mechanical systems, energy and water efficient fixtures, sustainable building materials and passive solar heating to healthy indoor air quality and optimal natural light inside the rooms – each of these go a long way in creating enhanced sustainable buildings. Externally there are several options which range from green exteriors through tree plantations, vegetated roofs, community gardens, balcony gardens, terrace gardens, rain gardens and permeable pavements which store water and either evaporate it or let it seep back into the soil to benefit vegetation. Better management of storm water is also as critical, especially in the current state of the world when water is becoming a depleting resource. Shabbir is keen to showcase one of the firm’s latest sustainable projects and explains how this is making a difference

to the environment, thanks to the innovations the firm has pioneered. “One of the landmark K Raheja Corp green projects is Mindspace Building No.1 located in SEZ campus in Airoli, Navi Mumbai, India. It has been developed as a state-ofthe-art Green Building which is multi-storied and offers multiple occupancies. The project has received LEED Core and Shell GOLD rating from the Indian Green Building Council – certifying body. The configuration of the building includes parking space allotted from the stilt floor to the third floor and office space from the fourth to the eleventh floor. “A large number of parameters adhered to have resulted in the reduced electricity consumption in the HVAC system of Airoli Mindspace office Building No 1. The tangible benefit is evident in the reduction of operating energy costs experienced from day one of consumption. Intangible benefits like enhanced ventilation, better views, and ample natural light have improved the productivity of the occupants. A Green Platinum building would cost 10-15 % more than the conventional building but the payback period

is 3-4 years with a reduction in operational costs. This building promotes the environment, offers economic and social benefits, and protects the needs of future generations.” Mindspace Business Parks have a bright future ahead thanks to the increased industry focus on sustainability, as Shabbir concludes. “Currently, there is a transition setting in amongst home buyers from a traditional home to a green home. The biggest advantage they stand to gain, apart from operational savings in areas such as electricity and water, is that it enhances the indoor environmental quality and overall well-being of the buyer and their families. As such, our focus is on providing green homes and supporting our commercial clients moving forward.”

Contact Email: commercialsales@kraheja.com Address: Mindspace Opp. Airoli Railway Station, Plot no-3, MIDC Industrial Area, Thane Belapur, Opp. Airoli station Airoli, Navi Mumbai, 400 708, India Website: www.krahejacorp.com

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 15



Best Water Proofing Solutions Manufacturer 2017 – UK & Best Emergency Roof Repair Product: Acrypol + Acrypol was formed in 1986 and its Acrypol + waterproof roof coating is instantly recognised as the market leader. We invited Wayne Morgan to talk us through the firm’s achievements. Acrypol offer long term treatments to failed domestic, industrial and commercial roofs using products such as “Ultra by Acrypol.” This high quality coating can offer ten or twenty year guarantees and is VOC free and moisture tolerant. Wayne talks us through the types of clients he deals with and the range of services the firm provides. “At Acrypol our customers mostly consist of builders and roofing merchants both locally and nationally, as well as roofing contractors, surveyors and specifiers. “To support these clients, we offer a range of services from introducing the products to new customers to carrying out on-site roof surveys. Specifications and guarantees are available to clients. We endeavour to ensure the customer gets the best possible service from the initial enquiry, site visits and surveys, through to guaranteeing that the applicators are instructed on the best application methods required for the job. The firm then approves the job so it can issue the guarantee.” Wayne comments on how the firm approaches new projects,

going through health and safety procedures and discussing what the projects usually consist of within the building industry. “During application we ensure that the correct coverage is adhered to and that weather conditions are favourable. This is particularly relevant to Quartzdek, the slip resistant walkway coating. “Operating within the repair/ refurbishment market, we have to ensure that our specifications are accurate as poor roof surfaces can pose problems during application, especially when ponding water is present. However, our roof products can ensure the building stays dry for the long term.” Recently the sustainable building

16 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

market has experienced a lot of changes and as such, in his concluding comments Wayne discusses these developments and how his firm will adapt around them.

competition by looking at new and innovative products, keeping the market leading name of Acrypol at the forefront of the minds of the right people.”

“Fire legislation has recently become an issue due to recent tragic events. We are currently ensuring that our range of products are compliant with this to ensure customer piece of mind.

Contact: Wayne Morgan – Sales Director Contact Email: info@acrypolproducts.co.uk Address: 4 Asher Court, Lyncastle Way, Barleycastle Lane, Appleton, Warrington WA4 4ST, UK Phone: 01925 213655 Website: www.acrypolproducts.co.uk

“Staff and myself are continually striving to keep ahead of the



Best Building Maintenance Engineering Firm 2017 – UK & Excellence Award for Fire Safety Maintenance 2017 24hr Solutions is a Building Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering Company, which manages facilities and engineering services on a global scale. We profiled the firm to find out more about the services they provide and their recent success. Company Director Phil Turner embarked on an idea to build the ultimate engineering company that would lead the industry in service, safety and innovation. Today, 24hr Solutions is internationally recognised throughout the market as a premiere engineering company. Unlike traditional businesses which usually focus around the 9-5, Mr. Turner identified a boom in the ability to call upon specialist engineers in transport, vehicle repair and recovery; property and building maintenance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since inception, 24hr Solutions has grown from strength to strength. Specialising in Building Maintenance, specifically Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), the firm has contracts with clients ranging from Local Authorities and councils, small to medium commercial and industrial businesses as well as major blue chip international clients. In addition to the PPM and test and inspection services, the company has also developed an installation team of engineers like no other. With every element of its work, the company’s mission statement is: ‘To lead in providing

24 hour solutions through engineering and logistics, setting new standards of service, safety and stability.’ Building maintenance is at the heart of the company’s core activities, with sustainability being regarded as a key aspect of working with every client. From financial to environmental sustainability, staff look at every possible outcome and every scenario to ensure that every element is met. After investment in operations, personnel and resources, the firm is able to support clients to the high standards expected of itself. Regarding fire safety, the company has and continues to invest. The recent tragedies in London have seen the company’s fire and security division as well as its health and safety services being utilised across a variety of business and public sectors. Believing in making a difference, the firm stands for providing value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge. The team strives to achieve this by empowering its employees to continually deliver an unbeatable customer experience. To continually expand and grow,

24hr Solutions frequently creates partnerships with others and excels in combining skills, knowledge, and operational expertise from a range of industries to build exciting and successful divisions.

Contact: Phil Turner Contact Email: philt@24hrsolutions.co.uk Address: Faulkner House, Victoria St, St Albans, AL1 3SE, UK Phone: 020 8819 3117 Website: www.24hrsolutions.co.uk

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 17



Best Rural Design Firm – Dumfries & Galloway & BUILD Excellence Award for Agricultural Building Design Hazel J L Smith Chartered Architects is a small practice based in rural South West Scotland undertaking projects within the agricultural, residential, ecclesiastical and commercial sectors. We invited Hazel Smith to discuss the firm’s current and future plans, outlining what makes the firm such a success. Dedication in providing the best service for their clients, Hazel J L Smith Architects work hard to ensure every project is completed with the upmost professionalism. Hazel outlines some of the recent projects the firm has been working on. “Last year a challenging project was to reconstruct an Iron Age Roundhouse for The Whithorn Trust based on nearby archaeological remains preserved from 2500 years ago. The site was a scheduled monument and difficult restrictions resulted in the design team creating a concrete slab to build the roundhouse upon, protecting the ground underneath. Whilst respecting the site and encompassing traditional building techniques the roundhouse still had to meet modern building regulations and planning requirements. “This amazing project was carried out in a short time frame and brought in on time and within budget and met the archaeologist’s requirements, also the clients brief. Many of the materials were sourced and harvested locally and some generously donated by local landowners. Having trained the local craftsmen, the roundhouse can be maintained for the future and these skills will continue to be passed on to future generations.”

Working with the client and understanding their needs is integral for the firm, especially considering most business comes through word of mouth. Hazel emphasizes how important it is to ensure the project is completed within the timescale and budget requested. “The practice aims to give an honest, efficient service working closely with clients to ensure their dreams are realised. Many clients are newcomers to our beautiful rural area moving away from city life and realising that by selling their city dwellings and moving to an idyllic lifestyle

18 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

they can buy a sizeable property and afford to create their dream home/work place. “Rather than building new homes many people are choosing to improve their property, many garden rooms have been undertaken providing modern living space, bringing light deep into the building and connecting to the outdoor space. In a rural area your reputation is spread through word of mouth, therefore Hazel J L Smith Chartered Architects always ensures to fulfils the clients brief, budget and timescale whilst creating spaces to be enjoyed for years to come.”

Contact: Hazel Smith Contact Email: hazelsmith.architect@gmail.com Address: Corwar Outon Farm, Whithorn, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, DG8 8DJ Telephone: 01988 500 287 Website: www.hazelsmitharchitect.co.uk



Best Home Renovation Practice - South British Columbia Troico has been raising the Vancouver home renovation and interior design bar through innovative and beautiful concepts, and superior project management. We profile the firm to learn more and explore the secrets of its success.

Drawing on over 35 years’ experience in the home renovation space, Troico is committed to creating exquisite spaces and a place to call home. The firm was formed by bringing together the three pillars of the renovation and development industry – design, manufacturing and building – with the mission of offering customers the highest quality products, superior project management services and beautiful, custom millwork. Alongside home renovation, the company also provides a range of additional services

including interior design solutions and custom made cabinets and storage units. Working with a wide variety of clients, Troico services all homes in the Lower Mainland and has clients throughout metro Vancouver. Clients can view the firm’s products before they commit thanks to Trocio’s brand new showroom, located at 1308 Ketch Court in Coquitlam – one block south of United Boulevard, at Clipper Street. This innovative showroom design centre and manufacturing facility will allow clients to view the quality of the firm’s construction and design

first hand and meet the team, providing reassurance. Overall Troico Home Solutions give home renovation and commercial construction clients comfort in knowing that their project will be treated with the utmost care and precision to ensure all their deliverables are met, on time and on budget. Clients can track the progress of their project with the firm’s online project management tool to ensure satisfaction, and moving forward ensuring that clients receive the outcome they need will remain the firm’s ongoing focus.

Contact: Vanessa Richter Contact Email: vrichter@troico.ca Address: 1308 Ketch Ct, Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3K 6W1, Canada Phone: 001 604 545 0123 Website: www.troico.ca/

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 19



Best Healthcare Architecture Firm - UK Nicorna Healthcare is a CIAT registered architecture practice that specialises wholly in the design of healthcare facilities both in the UK and abroad. We invited Founder James Carrick to tell us more about the firm and its recent achievements. Nicorna Healthcare was formed in 2005 by James Carrick, a Chartered Architectural Technologist, after working many years in private architectural practices designing all types of facilities eventually specialising in healthcare. The firm’s clients are mostly NHS Trusts, with Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust the biggest UK client, incorporating ENGIE Buildings Limited who carry out lifecycle and variation projects on the PFI site. James discusses the company’s most recent venture. “Nicorna’s main project base is the provision of new facilities within existing building spaces to lessen the impact on the surrounding environment by reconfiguring and adapting existing space to create more efficient functioning facilities within an existing estate infrastructure. “One such recent example saw a need for the rapid expansion of Central Manchester’s A&E department to increase and improve the number of resuscitation beds to cater for the unprecedented rise in A&E attendances. Initially the existing resus department was to be reconfigured and expanded however this would have meant temporary accommodation and disruption to the existing department including works to existing life support systems.”

In every project and every industry, there will always be challenges and issues that companies must overcome. Observing that the firm did face some difficult encounters on this particular project, James details how the company dealt with these potentially challenging issues and overcame them. “There was also a proposal to have a modular solution however this was deemed too expensive and not sustainable due to difficulties in offloading the building at its end of use due to changes in regulations and subsequent adaptations to make the structure compliant for reuse. An area immediately adjacent to the department was identified which was an existing single storey building used for Medical Engineering R&D workshops predominately as a storage area. By reconfiguring the existing Medical Engineering department to be more efficient in their remaining space freed up the R&D space for redevelopment. “Due to the existing space only being used for storage and its age, there was no thermal insulation properties and consequential improvements included replacement and increasing the thermal properties of the roof insulation and installing composite insulated flooring. The footprint was not quite adequate to house all of the ancillary spaces and pods were required to be constructed to

20 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

extend the building along with a new link corridor linking the new space with the existing A&E department.” James is keen to point out that the materials used in the project were recyclable and locally sourced in order to reduce travel distances for deliveries, whilst also aiding and reducing energy costs. “These pods were constructed in timber frame rather than

traditional brick and block cavity wall construction which also allowed for increased thermal properties and recycling of materials at the buildings end of life. Materials, where possible, were specified where the manufacturer had a recycling policy in place and locally sourced to reduce travel distances for deliveries. “Nicorna is a big supporter of sustainable design and construction and has been


instrumental in bringing LED light fittings to all lifecycle and modernisation projects at the Trust to replace current standard fluorescent lighting. A small step but important all the same.”

savings to struggling healthcare organisations with major deficits and cost saving requirements as well as protecting the planet from pollution and greenhouse gases for future generations.”

Regarding sustainability and the challenges in healthcare, James comments on how the firm would like to see greater investment in the UK’s energy infrastructure to move more towards sustainable energy production.

Moving forward, the company feels there will be a significant shift to more innovative solutions. Nicorna must adapt to ensure facilities can make use of existing infrastructure, rather than demolishing and constructing new facilities. James notes how there has already been developments regarding more specialist equipment in operating theatre equipment.

“One of the biggest challenges in healthcare with regards to sustainability is bringing alternative energy sources to mainstream facilities due to the current small generation capacities to serve such energy hungry facilities. Nicorna would like to see greater investment in the UK’s energy infrastructure to move more towards sustainable energy production such as solar (PV), wind, heat source pumps and natural ventilation systems to increase the capacity nationally. To have a whole hospital off grid is the utopia and would make considerable

“With regards to healthcare in general in the future we feel there will be a significant shift to more innovative solutions and what is currently regarded as cutting-edge solutions such as hybrid and intraoperative operating theatres and combination radiology techniques will become the norm.

“This will require careful planning to ensure these facilities can make use of the existing infrastructure rather than demolishing and constructing new facilities by enabling flexibility within and innovative ways to reduce the energy consumption of equipment. We have seen evidence of this already with the advancement of more efficient specialist equipment especially with regards to radiology and operating theatre equipment.”

Contact: James Carrick Contact Email: jim@nicorna.co.uk Address: Hyde Park House, Cartwright Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 4EH, UK Phone: 01457 337320 Website: www.nicorna.co.uk

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 21



Best Sustainable Glass Door Installation Company - London Slimline Glazing Systems Ltd specialise in the supply and installation of custom made sliding glass doors, bi-fold doors, roof lights and walk on glass, as well as an extensive range of balustrades, juliette balconies and bespoke aluminium and glazing solutions. We profile the firm to learn more about the vast array of products and services it offers to its valued clients.

Slimline work closely with clients to bring concepts in structural glazing, aluminium design and manufacturing into reality. As a company, Slimline prides itself on its exception customer service and satisfaction, product knowledge and experience. This helps the company to ensure that it provides customers the highest quality products with service to match. For added piece of mind, Slimline have partnered with HomePro to provide an insurance backed warranty on all of our products and works as standard.

All glazing systems Slimline install incorporate unique features that set them apart from other companies. This approach enables the firm to offer a product range from the slimmest of sliding doors to the most frameless of others, one of the slimmest sliding patio doors on the market (the SL17) is an environmentally friendly door system with a centre pane U value of 1.0, to frameless single glazed internal room dividers which are used in the commercial and domestic market place. Ultimately, Slimline are at the forefront of the specialist

22 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

glass market with unique and contemporary design innovations. From glass bridges and staircases to free-standing external glass structures, Slimline glazing delivers seamless structural solutions from design through to installation. The firm’s objective is to take charge of each unique project to ensure a professional service with its in-house architect service and preferred building contractors where required - to give clients an efficient and seamless installation of their project. This client focused, quality led approach will remain its ongoing focus as the company looks

towards a bright and exciting future.

Contact: Tony Hall Contact Email: tony@slimlinealuminium.co.uk Address: 273 - 277 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7AB, UK Phone: 07860 847086 Website: www.slimlinealuminium.co.uk/



Best for Data Centre Cooling & Ventilation Solutions - Russia IXcellerate is an unparalleled Carrier and Cloud Neutral Data Centre in Moscow. We invited Dina Nurkaeva to give us an insight into the company and its recent accomplishments. IXcellerate offer pure-play co-location designed to meet the standards of financial institutions, multinational corporations, international carriers and major content providers. IXcellerate Moscow One data centre operates at Tier 3 standard with SLA 99,999%, ensuring highest security and low-latency links to and from other global markets. Dina talks to us about what the firm wants to achieve in the future and what goals the company sets its staff. “Our IXcellerate data center was founded with the aim to provide the highest quality and customer service for all colocation customers in Russia. The facility is designed and constructed to operate continuously delivering critical services to the required level of service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. This is achieved by using a combination of redundant and standby systems.” Giving an example of some of the work the company takes on, Dina describes IXcellerate’s most recent project, listing some of the challenges the firm overcame as well as pointing out that the venture was a success, well within the time limit.

With the introduction of 2015 Information Law, obliging to store personal data of Russian citizens on domestic servers, our client was looking to change its infrastructure in order to comply with new legal regulations, within a strict time limit. IXcellerate succeeded in just under a month with what can usually take up to six. With the help of two carriers offering extra resiliency, along with 24/7 on-site technical support, we ensured the highest level of service and increased redundancy for our customer.”

“One of our customers is a major European multi-line fashion retailer with significant presence on Russian market.

Another significant milestone for IXcellerate was the signature of a strategic 10-year contract to collocate more than 300 racks

with the international service provider Orange Business Services. Regarding the future of the firm, Dina explains how the company will look to expand towards the end of 2017, capitalising on its success and its already global client base. “There is currently great demand for the localization of personal data and data storage in Russia, and it is growing intensively. We receive very diverse customer requests, both from large and medium companies coming from different parts of the world. With data volumes growing exponentially, it has become

cheaper to outsource to a datacenter, than to build your own. We foresee than in the next five years the commercial datacentre capacities in Moscow will grow ten times.”

Contact: Dina Nurkaeva Contact Email: dn@ixcellerate.ru Address: 53 Davies Street, London, W1K 5JH, UK Phone: 0203 178 5784 Website: ixcellerate.com

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 23



Solar Dynamics: Best Solar Hot Water System - Caribbean Solar Dynamics Ltd is the Caribbean’s leading solar hot water provider, supplying systems since 1974. We profile the firm and explore the development which has made Barbados the 4th leading nation in the World in the penetration of solar water heaters; in which Solar Dynamics has been at the forefront. Throughout its more than 40-year history, Solar Dynamics has continuously raised the quality and performance of its solar hot water systems. It took the design of Professor Tom Lawand of Mc Gill University to a new level of reliability, and built an industry. Its founder, and former Chairman, Revd Andrew Hatch championed solar water heaters as the appropriate technology for water heating in the Caribbean. Solar Hot Water Systems are now the preferred way to heat water in the Caribbean, with good market penetration in Barbados, Saint Lucia and Grenada. In a recent survey on the satisfaction of solar water heaters in Caribbean Hotels, by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), two of Solar Dynamics’ clients were selected for inclusion in a satisfaction survey. Turtle Beach Resorts in Barbados and Bay Gardens Hotel in Saint Lucia rated their satisfaction with Solar Dynamics Hot Water Systems installed at their facilities for more than 15 years; at between 95% and 100%.Turtle Beach Resort use over 1,000,000 gallons of hot

water per year in its 167 room luxury resort. Solar Dynamics is the first company in the World to provide a guaranteed temperature on the performance of its solar hot water systems, highlighting its commitment to performance and reliability. Alongside this quality of service, the firm is also keen to highlight the savings of its innovative technology. The hotels surveyed reported a return on their investment of 40% to 50% annually on the investment in the Solar Dynamics Hot Water System. This saving is particularly vital, as Caribbean countries, except for Trinidad and Tobago, pay a higher than average cost for energy. The use of solar energy is therefore important in reducing cost in the region’s tourism industry as well as in domestic homes. It makes sense therefore to eliminate the cost of energy for hot water, while earning a handsome return on investment. Looking ahead, Solar Dynamics, whose system was the first in the Caribbean to be tested and rated by Florida Solar Energy Centre, has executed plans to address

24 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

the vulnerability of solar water heaters to storm and hurricane conditions, by strengthening solar collector’s resistance to uplift winds. The “Storm Secure” product has been launched, and so far has been well received in the marketplace, with systems installed in Barbados, and those shipped to Grenada, Guyana, and Suriname. Further shipments are planned for Antigua; St. Kitts and St Maarten. The base plate of the extruded aluminium cabinetry carries a slide in bracket which is used to anchor the system to the roof. The bracket is made of extruded Aluminium 1/16” thick. Managing Director James Husbands is pleased with the ability of his staff to upgrade existing collectors to carry the storm secure assembly, and looks forward to the region’s solar hot water

systems being safer in times of high winds, storms or hurricanes. Husbands would like to see all collectors being equipped with safety tempered glass, a feature pioneered by Solar Dynamics back in the 1980’s. With these exciting new projects, including the successful implementation of a fast response to service request programme, the future is bright for Solar Dynamics. The company reports that 53% of its last 300 customers saw a technician the same day or by the next day, with only 6 calls done on the 5th day. Solar Dynamics also provides an “Express Same Day Service” for its customers and others. Ultimately Solar Dynamics goal is to be the most reliable comfort provider and money saving partner everytime the Caribbean person and their guests turns on their shower.

Contact: James Husbands Phone: 246 425 1540 Cell: 246 266 2164 Website: www.solardynamicslimited.com www.solardynamicslimited.com/ about-us/solar-dynamics-in-the-news/



Best Building Services Engineering Consultancy - Malta b.Nel is active in building services engineering consultancy, supporting a wide range of clients. We profiled the firm to find out more about them and what makes them such a success. b.Nel Services Ltd. was set up in 1992 as a small engineering consultancy practice by Ings. Victor and Theresa Bonello, both electrical engineers. Small and large scale, residential, commercial and industrial projects are undertaken from inception through budgetary estimate stage, design, tendering and adjudication, followed by site supervision right up to final testing and commissioning.

commissioned by various Government Departments and private concerns.

As a result of an ongoing commitment to quality of service and customer satisfaction, demand for the company’s services grew quickly, necessitating a corresponding growth in human resources, to include nine qualified and warranted electrical and mechanical engineers, three draughtspersons, two administrative personnel, and three sites supervisors. Today, the company employs a total of sixteen employees.

Through industry experience and a keen interest in engineering services and online technologies, staff are able to offer a diverse range of services to its clients. The firm’s creative abilities encompass architecture and civil engineering. Regarding its electrical services, electrical engineering is part of the daily routine at the firm. It is characterized by efficient lighting designs, ranging from localized lighting for commercial buildings, open-plan lighting designs and custom lighting for any untraditional schemes.

For the past six years, the company has been operating from new, centrally located offices in Msida, Malta. Offering a variety of services, the firm offers consultancy in both electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines such as; Passenger, car and service lifts, Airconditioning and air treatments systems as well as ventilation. The company has successfully carried out a good number of prestigious projects

Marking themselves out as the best option for new and prospective clients, the positive feedback b.Nel get following successful completion of such projects encourages the entire team to look forward to the future to provide efficiently designed, cost effective and in time engineering consultancy services.

The electrical branch of engineering also includes the distribution of power in a building. Power circuits are split into separate circuits according to their use and location. Each circuit is protected by circuit breakers, which, together with all other switchgear, form the heart of any distribution system. Lightning risk assessments are carried out by the warranted

engineer to determine whether or not a lightning protection system is plausible. In such a case, the design stage is carried out in accordance to the report’s results and the system is supervised until the commissioning stage. Employees at the firm are skilled in all phases of a project, starting at the design and budget estimate stage and ending at the complete commissioning of the project. Unconventional designs are normal at the business. The company includes custom designs suited to clients’ satisfaction. Such designs include the specification of Zone 2 explosion proof equipment and the design of frequency converters to allow aircraft maintenance equipment to operate at 400Hz. Alongside its engineers, the firm also employs site supervisors and project managers. Their main task is to oversee that the construction of a site is processing as planned, keeping the client updated with any developments and ensuring the project goes as planned. Site

supervision also includes the presence of the company at the specified location and thus the possibility for the client or any of his contractors to ask any questions concerning design and implementation. Site supervision also provides an excellent means of communication between the designing engineers and the project development. Fundamentally, b.Nel can look forward to a successful future as it can rely on expert providers covering a variety of disciplines. The firm’s versatility is something which will help it in the long term as it looks to build and capitalise on its recent success.

Contact: Victor Bonello Contact Email: beenel@beenel.com Address: Flat 5, Central Court, Triq tal-Qrogg, Msida, MSD 1703, Malta Phone: 00356 99490064 Website: www.beenel.com

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 25



Building Performance Experts of the Year 2017 Yonder Limited are an experienced team of Building Physics Engineers delivering innovative design solutions to provide buildings with an inherently low energy demand. We invited Rob Gill to tell us more about the company and find out the secrets behind its success. Yonder Limited believe a building should consume no more energy than it can potentially generate using building integrated renewables technology, and aim towards this with a strong emphasis on the utilisation of Design simulation modelling (DSM). The firm’s clients are made up of Project Managers, main contractors, developers and architects who look to the firm for pioneering and inventive, cost saving solutions.

Regulation compliance services for assessment of construction on commercial CO2 emissions compliance”

Within the sustainable building market, Rob outlines the work that the firm undertakes, as well as listing the specific clients that he wants to highlight.

We recently worked on the Rushden Lakes Phase 1 Net Zero Energy Buildings, both the boat house and the visitors centre.

“As BREEAM Accredited Professionals, we are able to contribute significantly during the design process, providing support and advice, with the outcome being an increase to the final BREEAM score. For example, the work we have done with Winvic has enabled us to provide solutions and guidance resulting in an outstanding/ excellent rating being awarded to many of the clients’ projects.

These buildings are designed to operate at no energy cost to the tenants, with the focus on human comfort first. Natural daylight was maximised using full height glazing, lighting energy reduced with day LED lighting and daylight linked dimming technology, solar heat gain and glare reduced by the use of external shading. The building operates predominately as a naturally ventilated building with mechanical ventilation and then cooling used in a mixed mode system to ensure thermal comfort and indoor air quality are achieved at the lowest possible energy cost. High efficiency heat pumps systems

“The company are also accredited energy assessors providing Part Compliance/ EPC advice on new build and refurbishment projects. We offer a range of Building

Regarding the sustainable building sector, Rob highlights some of the specific opportunities that arise from working on the projects. Being able to provide predictions around new ideas, the firm can contribute to innovative solutions in terms of energy and cost saving opportunities.

26 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

provide the heating, cooling and hot water, reducing the energy by up to 75% over the year. Solar photovoltaic panels have been provided to supply the remaining building energy, with the aim being a net zero energy consumption building – i.e. no energy bills. “The infrastructure provided by the construction and built environment industry offers the foundation for all other economic activity. The UK faces a number of difficult challenges including energy security, carbon and waste reduction together with resource efficiency. “We are placing more emphasis on Fluid Dynamics to improve environments. Microclimates are influenced by the interactions of people, buildings, internal/ external airflow together with climate. Using CFD we can assist designers in achieving optimal ventilation within the building design which could take the form of more permeable buildings or creation of cross ventilation corridors.” There are many trends appearing within the sustainable building market, Rob tells us how Yonder is adapting to these trends. With clients becoming more energy aware, the firm are constantly working with them to develop the most effective solutions for their buildings.

“As time goes on, our clients are becoming more aware of energy efficiency and the benefits of passive design as opposed to just achieving a ‘green badge’ by installation of renewable energy without first considering how to reduce energy demand. We are constantly working with our clients to develop the most effective passive solutions for their buildings.” Based in Leeds, Rob discusses what benefits there are to working in the sector, as well as listing some of the challenges that the company face within the industry. With sustainable development becoming increasingly important for many companies, Rob discusses how it is sometimes hard to get the message across to clients that sustainable building does not necessarily mean higher construction costs. “In 1987 the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations defined it this way, “sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. “Clients are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and the many benefits associated. Our expertise and experience means we are ideally placed to


provide practical advice which, contrary to belief, need not necessarily result in increased costs - something which is an obvious and pressing concern. Being involved during the early stages of the design process means we are able to steer small changes to the fabric of the building which can result in significant increases in terms of sustainability.” Regarding the future of the company, Rob discusses how the firm will continue to grow and prosper. “Yonder Consulting is going through an exciting growth phase. We have recently located to new, state of the art, offices in Central Leeds. This enables us to accommodate the rapidly expanding team - also to attract and retain new staff, as well as enabling us to be closer and more accessible to our clients.”

Contact: Heather Cawthorne Contact Email: Heather@yonderconsulting.co.uk Address: Third Floor, Concordia Works, 30 Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 4BA, UK Phone: 01134 931280 Website: www.yonderconsulting.co.uk

BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017 27



Best Wildlife Nesting Product Provider 2017 – UK & Excellence Award for Building Integrated Bird & Bat Houses 2017 The Bird Brick House is an innovative product that provides permanent nesting sites and wildlife enclosures as an integral part of a building. We explore the secrets behind the success of this unique solution. Bird Brick Houses’s award winning, unique design facilitates brick matched bird and bat boxes that blend with the host wall. Additionally, the firm’s considerable industry expertise is available to assist architects, developers and planners to meet planning requirements for biodiversity. Specially adapted boxes are available for render, stone and weatherboarding to ensure that every eventuality is catered for. The exact design of every product is tailored at the production stage to attract the clients’ required target species. These bird boxes house a wide variety of UK birds, among them House Sparrows, Swifts, Starlings, Redstarts and Tits. Alongside the bird houses, the firm also offers bat houses which are designed in conjunction with specialist ecologists. The wood lined box provides exactly the right environment for most of the UK’s bat species. The entrance hole can be tailored to suit different species of bat if required. The box is self-cleaning thanks to an internal tilt board at the base;

this works by diverting droppings out of the entrance hole. The back of each box is lined with wood; in front of this sits a removable untreated sawn oak baffle board which divides the main area into two, giving extra roosting space.

28 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

Ultimately, these creative products are designed to meet the exact needs of the individual client and minimise the damage caused by birds and bats, providing them with safe housing to ensure that they do not damage property in their search for a home.

Contact: Jenny McCutchan Contact Email: jenny@birdbrickhouses.co.uk Address: The Old Parlour Wilbees Farm, Wilbees Road, Polegate, BN26 6RU, UK Phone: 01323 488732 Website: http://www.birdbrickhouses.co.uk/



Best Luxury Custom Home Builders - South East USA & BUILD Excellence Award for Sustainable Design - South East USA My Green Buildings LLC (MGB Fine Custom Homes) prides itself on crafting the highest quality custom homes along the waterfront and mainland of Sarasota, Florida. We profile the firm to find out more about the creative projects it undertakes and how it works to ensure satisfaction for every client. Drawing on a combined experience of over 200 years, MGB works hard to ensure that every clients’ home building experience a great one and that the overall outcome is always perfect. As such, the firm’s core value is to build the best home in the best way while creating the best experience for the client. The firm’s significant coastal construction experience coupled with a team of craftsman trades allow each MGBbuilt® home to achieve the the quality and detail customers expect in a fine custom home.Handcrafted to meet their specific needs, an MGB home dovetails elegance with the highest building standards and execution to create an enduring, awardwinning residence and an environment that reflects the clients’ family’s lifestyle and values. Among the firm’s latest projects is the innovative Coastal Collection at Granada Park, coastal contemporary architecture set in a luxurious urban lifestyle. The development provides luxury single family homes with the ease of maintenance free living, the security of a gate in an historic neighborhood with lush mature landscaping, paver

driveways and crosswalks, and a large community pool with cabana. Nestled in the historic Granada neighborhood, between North Siesta Key and Oyster Bay, the new Granada Park has one of the highest Walkability Scores of any new neighborhood in Sarasota. Ultimately, whether they are focusing on high-end finishes or tailoring a challenging site

to a client’s needs and desires, the dedicated and professional team at MGB always implement their business philosophy; a confluence of hard work and heart. People rely on MGB to turn their vision into an elegant and sustainable paradise, and therefore the firm is constantly committed to creating stunning homes which will stand the test of time.

Contact: Stephen Ellis Contact Email: Steve@MGBbuilt.com Address: 205 N Orange Ave, Suite #102, Sarasota, Florida, 34236, USA Phone: 001 941 366 7280 Website: www.mgbbuilt.com/

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Best Surface Protection Provider - UK For almost 30 years Guard Industry has specialised in the research, development and production of products to protect, decorate, clean, maintain and preserve all sorts of building materials. We invited Jayson Cooper to tell us more about the firm and what services it provides to its clients. Guard Industry is now present in over 60 countries through its subsidiaries and international distribution network. Most of its products are water based, Eco-friendly and biodegradable, resulting in products that are sympathetic to the materials/structure they are applied to. Jayson tells us what work the company undertakes within the sustainable building market and what works and some particular projects he chose to highlight. “Regarding our services, there are three main areas to our business; cleaning, protection and air purification and our products have been used on some very prestigious projects. Some notable projects include protecting the columns of The Vatican, applying our innovative air purification protection product on Croke Park, Europe’s 3rd largest stadium, and we have cleaned and protected numerous footpaths in Westminster including Whitehall, Regents Street and St James Market. After extensive tests on Marylebone Lane and Aldington Street, Westminster City Council have chosen ProtectGuard® HD as the best protection product and would be used on all future public realm projects in Westminster. “One of our most prestigious projects to date, our work on

Whitehall with our approved applicator was completed in March 2017. Whitehall, home of the United Kingdom Parliament is visited by millions of visitors each year. The footpaths around the area are laid in English Pennine Stone. Although laid quite recently, the amount of footfall coupled with the pollution from traffic and chewing gum deposits meant that the appearance of this iconic street was beginning to degrade; It was in dire need of rejuvenation. The area also needed to be protected from future degradation. ProtectGuard® HD not only achieves this, but also stops the ingress of the oil from chewing gum deposits, whilst still allowing the stone to breathe. Commenting on this, Guard Industry UK Director, Paul Bradley was thrilled to be part of the project, as he explains and it appears the project could not have gone better. “Guard Industry and myself are privileged to be involved in this project. A lot of planning and hard work has been put in to get phase one completed and I’m delighted with the results.” There are many trends that are affecting firms within the sustainable building market and Jayson tells us how Guard Industry are adapting to these trends. Noting the rise in the number of businesses looking

30 BUILD / Sustainable Building Awards 2017

to use sustainable, eco-friendly products. “There has been a rise in the number of businesses looking to use sustainable, eco-friendly products. We are seeing that more businesses are looking for alternatives to cleaning products with high percentages of harmful acids and there is a demand for protection products which are biodegradable and eco-friendly. “Furthermore, the recent news where the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2040, shows us that tackling pollution is now one issues at the forefront of our minds for the future. To help tackle high levels of pollution, we have produced our air purification and protection product, ProtectGuard® Dtox. ProtectGuard® Dtox is based around titanium dioxide technology that breaks down NOx and VOCs in the air that comes in to contact with the protected surface, by reacting with the sun’s UV rays.” This product is ideal for a variety of projects and particularly in large cities such as London and others, which Jayson explains. Perfect for an assortment of surfaces, Jayson highlights the versatility of ProtectGuard® as it has been used on roofs, floors and sports stadiums. “ProtectGuard® Dtox is perfect for to be used in large cities

like London, Birmingham and Manchester where there is a lot of pollution. Suitable to be used outdoors on porous floors, roofs and facades (stone, concrete, brick, rendering...), ProtectGuard® Dtox can be used on both new and renovated constructions. For each 1m² of area protected with ProtectGuard® Dtox, an average of 5.4m³ of air will be purified per day! “Croke Park was the 1st project to use ProtectGuard Dtox in the UK and Ireland. Based on the 70,000m² of area that was protected, 13,000m³ of air around the stadium is being purified every day!” Jayson signs off by explaining what he and the company feel are the major benefits to working within Birmingham, as well as the rest of the UK and Ireland. Travel and the constant availability to clients appears to be extremely beneficial for the firm. “Ultimately, even though our offices are based in Birmingham, we supply to the whole of the UK and Ireland. We also have regional sales managers and distributors nationally, so any help and advice is never far away. Being based centrally helps when our Director Paul Bradley, needs to travel to different areas around the UK, Ireland or to our head office in Paris.”


Contact: Jayson Cooper Contact Email: jayson.cooper@guardindustry.com Address: 5 St. Clements Rd, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 5AF, UK Phone: 0 7547030885 Website: www.guardindustry.com

Whitehall in Westminster, protected in March using ProtectGuard HD

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Best Renewable Energy Technology Design & Installation Company - UK Xpert Energy offers turnkey solutions for both residential and commercial properties to improve their energy efficiency, as well as providing maintenance services for renewable energy systems, with a focus on heat pumps. We talk to the firm’s Directors to find out more. Drawing on its broad experience, Xpert Energy offer a range of products including air, ground and water source heat pumps, under floor heating, MVHR (mechanical ventilation heat recovery), insulation, solar thermal, photovoltaic, thermal stores, efficient radiators, and biomass. Sarah Jones, who deals with the installation side of the business, provides more detail on the firm’s vast offering and how it aims to ensure that every client receives the solution they need. “Xpert Energy support clients with all of their energy needs, whether it’s an existing building or a new build. Thanks to our dedicated, professional team, we can provide services throughout the project, from conception to completion. “Our team include designers, 3D modelling specialists and energy consultants. We have an in-house installation team and a dedicated Service and Maintenance Department. Acting as a one-stop-shop for our

client’s, means that we are able to ensure that the quality of our work is second to none.” According to Sarah, in the UK sustainability market there is a severe lack of knowledge in the provision of integrated energy saving solutions. Xpert Energy is able to offer the spectrum of its services in-house, from SAP calculations right through to installation and commissioning of systems, so that clients receive the support that they need in all elements of the project, with tailored solutions provided at each stage. “There is a major lack of knowledge and experience on how to create integrated energy saving solutions in this country. We learn from European countries such as Sweden and Germany where we see the true scope of what can be done, but over here very little is known about these techniques, so clients are often miss out on the solution which is right for them. “With installations, when it comes to design, our focus

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is to determine the heating load for each individual room with pinpoint accuracy. Equal emphasis is given to designing heating to maximise the efficiency of (for example), heat pumps or gas boilers, which will in turn maximise running costs making this a valuable investment for our client.” Xpert Energy acts independently, not tying itself to any one manufacturer so that it can match the products most appropriate to each client’s needs. This is what sets the firm apart, according to Sarah. “We tailor our services to their individual situation, as well as employing a dedicated and fully trained team of staff who have varied qualifications in sustainability and energy efficiency. Many of these are at degree level and we are accredited by several governing bodies, including the AECB, MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), REAL Assurance Scheme, IDHEE and CHAS Health and Safety, as well as being Passive trained.

This vast amount of technical knowledge enables us to make an accurate assessment of every client’s individual requirements and then create a solution which will fulfil these needs.” The firm is currently inundated with bespoke projects thanks to the quality of its service offering. It is the continuing success of our installation side of the business that has allowed us to grow our team of installers to recently include Kirstin. Kirstin has been working alongside one of our senior team members, training in renewable energy technologies such as installation of heat pumps, MVHR, radiators, underfloor and solar and we are absolutely thrilled with her. The strength of our team grows as our more senior members pass on their knowledge and experience and new recruits bring in fresh enthusiasm. Xpert’s Service and Maintenance department has also seen a lot of growth with a number of housing associations realising they need to contract specialist heat pump engineers to manage the vast amount of heat pumps


put in recently built houses. Xpert energy have taken on a few new contracts as a result and are constantly expanding. Housing Associations are managing more and more properties with renewable technologies (such as heat pumps) that have been installed. Peter Rokvic, who manages the Service and Maintenance side of the business explains. “We have been called out to resolve issues with existing heat pumps and noticed that a lot of the heat pumps that have been set up by other firms, were done so incorrectly. The situation is exasperated by tenants having minimal - to no understanding of how they work. Just by setting the heat pump to the correct setting and giving teaching to the tenant, we have seen a significant reduction in return maintenance visits. “Housing Associations and private tenants will notice the savings they make with Planned Preventative Maintenance, as an annual service maintains efficiency and reduces running

costs. There have been quite a few who call up with issues relating to poor installations. Once these have been rectified an annual service can save the customer a small fortune in running costs and re-active repairs.� Looking to the future, Sarah and Peter have high hopes for the improvement of the UK sustainability market, and their firm aims to be at the forefront of these developments.

Email: admin@xpertenergy.co.uk Phone: 01189 303 600 Website: www.xpertenergy.co.uk

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BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2017  

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2017