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Best Integrated ERP Software 2016: Expandable ERP

Best Cisco Provision Software Provider 2016 & Recognized Leaders in Unified Comms

Best Auto Repair Software Solutions Provider 2016

Best Managed Security Service Provider 2016


Welcome to the 2016 Software and Technology Awards With the corporate landscape becoming increasingly digital, many businesses are being defined by their online presence, and as such the need for quality technology support is increasingly vital. As such, the 2016 Technology & Software Awards, which are now in their second year, focus on showcasing the hard work and commitment of the many businesses, departments and individuals across this market who are not only keeping their clients at the top of their game, but also driving innovation and, potentially, changing the way we do business for the better.

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Company: Expandable Software Name: Bob Swedroe (President & CEO) Email: Web Address: Address: 900 Lafayette St, Suite 400, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Telephone: Company’s main #: 408-261-7880; CEO # 408-869-8110


Expandable Software, Inc. develops, markets and supports an integrated manufacturing software suite designed to help expanding manufacturers manage their long-term growth with a single ERP system implementation. We caught up with President and CEO Bob Swedroe to learn more about the firm and the innovative solutions it offers. Expandable Software’s distinguished record of high customer satisfaction is consistent over its 30-year history supporting companies manufacturing a variety of products including medical devices, electronics, capital equipment, and consumer goods. Supporting a wide range of clients, from start-ups to growing manufacturers with annual revenues approaching and exceeding the billion-dollar mark, the firm maintains a close partnership with clients throughout the process in order to offer exceptional client service. Before the firm’s customer support team begins an implementation they receive a detailed hand-off of customer specific knowledge including work flow processes, suggestions and customer expectations from the sales and technical sales team so that they can provide the very best support to clients with the launch of every new deployment. Bob outlines how clients’ expectations have changed since the firm first entered the market and how the firm aims to adapt around these developments in order to provide them with the best possible service. “Customer’s expectations have certainly changed a great deal through the years. They expect and demand the highest quality system and some have little or no tolerance for any software performance issues or bugs in new releases. With regards to customer support response time, the expectation is an immediate answer and multiple options for communicating with customer support. “Fortunately, our software releases are of the highest quality and we have, in my opinion, the best customer support organization in the industry. In addition, our model of direct sales and support puts us close to our customers and fosters a ‘partnership’ relationship. As a result, most of our customers are willing to work with us if any issues arise that do not meet their expectations on a particular issue.”

“From a technology perspective, seamless integrations with either niche applications or enterprise wide applications (e.g. CRM) have been on the forefront in many discussions with customers and prospects alike. Accordingly, we created and continue to expand a robust set of RESTful web service APIs to allow our customers to create integrations for themselves or contract with our professional services team to build the integration.” Within the wider market, the ERP for manufacturing sector has gone through a period of major consolidation with relatively few remaining ERP systems that can effectively address the SMB market in terms of functionality depth and breadth. While there are some new companies emerging in this space, the catch-up time required to build out a comprehensive solution is a challenge for new entrants. Therefore, as Bob emphasizes, established firms such as his with a base in the heart of Silicon Valley are well placed to remain at the forefront of innovation. “Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are obviously surrounded by many of the best and most innovative technology companies in the world. Therefore, keeping up with the trends, rumors, and insights is usually not a problem for us. We have very knowledgeable employees in various technology niches and we are well connected and have access, through our business networks, to technology thought leaders. “As an ERP system provider we are the core business application that our customers use to manage their business. As such, we


tend to avoid ‘bleeding edge’ technology trends as they tend to be unstable and the eventual technology platform winner may not be determined for years; albeit the acceleration of change and the acceptance of such change has increased. Fundamentally, our first concern is to only provide a very stable platform as any bugs or hindrance to performance as a result of latency can result in serious operational and financial consequences for our customers. As such, we tend to be on the conservative side on adapting new technology.” Looking ahead, Expandable Software is excited to see the re-emergence of manufacturing throughout the US, which obviously bodes well for an ERP system targeted at manufacturing companies, as Bob concludes. “Moving forward, our next software release is on target to be generally available in Q1 2017, and through this we will be addressing some needs being requested by our customers and the market, including mobility and an innovative module that targets a very specific vertical industry. “Ultimately, we are optimistic about our future and growth prospects. We are working with multiple business partners who we expect will help us increase brand awareness and open doors to reaching new customers. In this era of ERP consolidation, we continue to be one of the only independent ERP system providers that compete with all the major players in the SMB marketplace, and we look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities this will bring.”




Company: Akkadian Labs Phone: 1-800-818-4128 Fax: +1-347-842-1850 Email: Website:


Akkadian Labs offer software products and solutions that integrate into Cisco & Microsoft Unified Communications environments as well as other business focused enterprise applications. We invited Kris Zimmerman, EVP Global Sales, to talk us through the firm and explore the secrets behind the firm’s phenomenal success. Collaboration, an increasingly fundamental characteristic of successful businesses, is often overlooked in the corporate world, however it is vital. As such, creating software that helps people collaborate is Akkadian Labs’ focus. Akkadian Labs is built on a set of core values with customer service as the cornerstone. This focus is embodied in the firm’s ‘Technology is complex. We make it simple.’ The firm’s suite of solutions encompasses three core products, the first of which is the akkadian Console Operator, a Cisco attendant console for Unified Communications and Collaboration replacement that allows a phone operator to efficiently answer and handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls with ease. akkadian Console Operator’s user-friendly interface requires less learning and adoption time for your operators. This server-less software provides measurable ROI and reduces total cost of ownership. This innovative solution is also compatible with Windows 10 in order to support a wider range of clients. Secondly, the firm offers akkadian Global Directory, which simplifies directory management for IT while providing an intuitive directory search interface, making it easy for end users to locate and connect with contacts. This software works across a variety of devices, such as Cisco IP Phones, video endpoints, and mobile device, such as Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.The third in the range is akkadian Provisioning Manager Express, which exclusively incorporates features to limit administration by location or security designation. This provisioning tool offers significant time and cost savings as high-level resources are free to spend time on other tasks. Adding new users and devices to Cisco’s UC environment has

never been easier through the use of this software. What can normally take up to 15 minutes to do a simple move, add, or change can now be done in less than a minute by using the simple web-based interface provided by akkadian Provisioning Manager Express. Alongside this, akkadian Provisioning Manager Express standardizes the configuration process through the use of templates, and the simplified process means any resource with security permissions may provision; no experience or certification is required. Zimmerman outlines how the firm works to ensure that these solutions meet the needs of the firm’s wide variety of clients. Owing to the fact that we align our products with the purpose of UC, our portfolio of clients is as diverse as that of Cisco’s. Any company using Cisco Collaboration can find value in simplifying its management and enhancing its features. Our clients span diverse verticals, but we find that innovative companies wishing to invest in automation are the quickest to adopt our solutions. Some of the most well-known and prestigious tech companies, manufacturers, retailers and entertainment groups are using our software. We have multi-national global organizations as clients, as well as small business clients.

custom software solutions tailored to our client’s specific business objectives. Through this service the firm has helped some of the most established names in the legal, medical, financial, retail and real estate industries to get more from their unified communications investment. Working with a wide range of industry partners including Presidio, Insight, and CDW, Akkadian Labs has highlighted its dedication to excellence and commitment to providing the very highest standard of collaborative software. Having amassed such a vast wealth of experience in the collaborative software market the firm is keen to support both its clients and industry peers and share this knowledge with them, which is why it regularly holds webinars and presentations on a wide variety of subjects. Throughout the market as a whole, Zimmerman explains that the push toward mobility, the increased use of video, and the need for security are two very important trends across all aspects of technology and discusses how this affects her firm and the solutions it provides.

“Our core focus remains on making it simpler for the IT staff to onboard and off-board employees. Our software helps IT administrators to modify the company directory, as well as provision, new or departing employees. We are continuing to make advances in this area. We are also making advances in provisioning for large scale contact centers.”

“Increasingly within the corporate landscape, business units are becoming mobile workforces. This is especially true of companies that have invested in UC. These companies have the infrastructure in place for employees to be reached from anywhere, and on any device. But, having the infrastructure and having the system up and running with the same conveniences the employee would have had if he or she were operating from a desktop phone are two different things.

In addition to its three core software products, Akkadian Labs develops

“As such all three of our software solutions make provisioning and


empowering a mobile workforce easier. First, IT needs to configure mobile devices in UC servers. In addition, with new BYOD policies popping up, many employees need devices or apps like instant messaging and WebEx provisioned all at once. This could bury a busy IT team. akkadian Provisioning Manager Express simplifies and streamlines the provisioning process for the UC administrator. The software allows administrators to both onboard new devices and decommission old devices in seconds. In addition, the administrator doesn’t even need to access business critical servers to complete the task. This means lowerlevel IT employees can be assigned provisioning, freeing engineers for other projects. “Next, once devices are provisioned, the employee will notice his mobile device doesn’t have the same native corporate directory that his desktop phone had. This is why our directory software is a lifesaver. We originally developed akkadian Global Directory software for desktop IP phones because the native directory just wasn’t user friendly. It is cumbersome for the administrator to update and manage, and not streamlined for the employee trying to search-to-dial from his desk. In addition, unlike other directories,

akkadian Global Directory works across video endpoints which is increasingly becoming the endpoint of choice. “akkadian Global Directory addresses both of these issues and in 2016, we came out with a mobile app that brings this same functionality to mobile devices. Regardless of the availability for both Android and Apple devices, the apps bring a secure corporate directory to employee’s tablets and mobile phones.” Fundamentally, Akkadian Labs’ clients vary in many ways and include small, large, and global organizations. What joins this diverse group of companies is the need to provision devices and users within the Cisco UC environment. By working with Akkadian Labs these clients are able to enjoy cutting edge software which meets their needs and can be tailored to support them directly. It is this dedication to client satisfaction which sets the firm apart, and moving forward this will be the firm’s continued focus. Zimmerman concludes by discussing the firm’s upcoming developments and how it will continue adapting and developing its service offering to ensure it remains at the forefront of the latest industry developments.


“Moving forward we are keen to adapt our solutions to meet the needs of our users. For example, currently akkadian Provisioning Manager Express supports provisioning agents in Unified Communications Contact Center Express environments, but our next release will support provisioning Cisco Unified Communications Enterprise. We are also looking for ways to use our Rest API to further automate processes. An example of this is the fact that our API integrates with workflow software such as ServiceNow, Workday, and PeopleSoft. This creates a zerotouch-provisioning system all the way through from HR to the Cisco Collaboration platform. “Within the ever expanding robust reporting and analytics space, we already offer reporting in all three of our software solutions, but we are working to expand capabilities to offer robust and powerful analytics. “Ultimately, as great as our software is for the end-user, we know that support is necessary for client satisfaction. We have developed a self-service portal for client license management, support, and upgrades that is convenient and easy for our clients to use.”




Company: BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY Name: Michael Risich, Founder & CEO Email: Web Address: Address: 1105 Industrial Blvd., Southampton, PA 18966 Telephone: 610-400-1019


BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY designs automotive software solutions that solve the most common struggles facing the automotive repair and maintenance industry. Founded and CEO Michael Risich discusses the firm’s innovative solutions and how they play a part in supporting clients across this vital sector. This collaborative approach is crucial the firm’s success, as is its focus on client satisfaction and Michael is keen to emphasise how this has and enabled BOLT ON to support the success of both itself and its clients. “Overall, we are confident with our position in the market, but know it is possible for the larger players in the automotive industry as a whole; who have not entered this technical space yet, to one day recognize how valuable this space is. If that’s the case, they’ll be here in a hurry. Because of this and other reasons, our philosophy has always been to reinvest and deliver more and more to the industry we cater to.

Founded in 2009, BOLT ON has since grown to serve thousands of auto repair shops across the U.S., Canada and beyond, and has partnered with some of the largest companies on the market. BOLT ON was founded to deliver best practices through software automation for the purpose of increasing efficiency, accuracy and productivity for the businesses it serves.

with companies who have a field sales team and brand recognition. This allows us to build the same trust that these larger channel partners already have. In the long run this may cost more, however, if it had not occurred we may not have the market penetration we have today. This strategy has helped BOLT ON grow over 600% over the last threeyears.

By providing today’s auto repair facilities with cutting-edge PC and mobile technology, these businesses are experiencing considerable increases in productivity, efficiency, and professionalism. These advantages result well beyond the current standards of speed, accuracy, revenue generation, and customer retention presently available to the industry. Michael describes how this collaborative approach has impacted on his firm.

“Between 2014 and 2015 this innovative approach helped us to increase our revenue growth by 87.36%. In 2016, we celebrated a 40% increase in employee growth and acquired a new 18,000 square foot Development Center. Additionally, in 2016, we acquired multiple new business partners. TECHNET, ASA Tire, and AutoNetTV are just a few of the new affiliations we now network with to help grow our business. We often measure our success by our company growth. In the last four years, our head count went from 5 to 44, and resulted in thousands of new customers.”

“Here at BOLT ON, we made the decision to work with other companies back in 2012. Our goal is to partner


“Our success comes from our ability to help our customers’ grow their businesses. We deliver an unparalleled advantage in the form of reducing the amount of fear vehicle owners have when getting their cars serviced. This in turn means more business and profits for the shops we serve. “Another layer to our position in the market is partnering with trusted industry brands. We work with companies who sell for us using their own sales channels and brand loyalty. Being able to solve one of the hardest obstacles facing our customers ensures we stay in demand. Being able to scale the market with our partner’s reach helps ensures growth. Our success depends on both.” This focus on collaboration and communication has given Michael and his team a strong overview of his clients’ industry which he shares with us as he discusses how BOLT ON works to adapt around the challenges and changes his clients face.

“Across the automotive market currently the number of new car dealerships has diminished over the last couple of years, and there remains only one clear reason for this; the aftermarket. We are hoping to be able to put our fingerprint on what that looks like, as we continue to drive innovation in our space. “The average independent automotive repair shop owner is not a millennial. If you consider how their transactions occur, the vehicle owner brings their vehicle to them; they exchange a pair of keys typically for a piece of paper and a firm handshake with eye contact. When the vehicle owner approves services to be performed on their vehicle, again the shop orders parts that are delivered to them, with eye contact and hand shake. “Then, once the vehicle owner picks up their vehicle, they hand over a credit card to regain possession of their keys, again eye contact and possible handshake. In this industry, this is what our typical buyer knows; selling to them over the phone and internet is not something that just happens. We continue to reduce the stress and challenges in selling into this community and as time goes by the buyers understand and become more comfortable with these types of

transactions. “This is achieved through our dedication to listening every time our clients talk to us, as they provide us with so much intelligence, and this is truly priceless. We pride ourselves in never being satisfied with the status quo. Once we deliver our latest update we are already upset that it did not include some additional requests that we decided would have to wait for the next release.” Having founded the firm Michael has first-hand experience of how tough it is to grow as a business, and as such he is able to empathise with his clients and provide them with the support they need. He talks us through the process and how he has built the company up from the very beginning, learning from past mistakes to become an award winning business. “As the founder, I built a lot of the technology first hand by sitting down with shop owners and learning how to take their frustrations, turn them into software and relieve their pain. “This has become one of the keys to our success, as I was able to train my team to do this, which led to some very interesting opportunities. The ability to deliver solutions is


immediately rewarding, but teaching my team to seek and learn from our failures is invaluable. “As a company we are always working on something larger than ourselves, and that is what motivates us. I do not micro-manage and I promote that it is okay for us to try things and fail. I just ask that if we do fail, we fail fast. We certainly learn more this way.” Going ahead the future looks bright for BOLT ON, as the firm seeks to build upon its current achievements and ensure greater success, as Michael concludes. “Moving forward, we would like to penetrate 10% of market share, and truly put our fingerprint on this industry. We want to be able to look back and say we made a difference and helped change how transactions occur in the auto repair industry. We will do this by delivering on our promise to help shops be more efficient, more productive and more professional. “With regards to the longer term future, we are constantly looking to solidify even more industry partnerships, grow as a company in both size and comradery, and change as industry demands and developments occur.”




Company: London Security Solutions Name: Dennis London Email: Web Address: Address: 18430 Brookhurst St., Suite 202-Q, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Telephone: (714) 395-5113


London Security Solutions is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) specialising with traditional endpoint security solutions being managed through a non-traditional approach. Dennis London talks us through the firm and the range of solutions it offers. With most security vendors talking about zero-day detection, machine learning and other abilities to help increase the customers’ security posture, they forget about making it easier for the organizations to manage the solutions. London Security Solutions’ focus is on filling the IT skills gap most organizations have with regards towards managing their information security. “We find most organizations already own the appropriate endpoint security solutions and perhaps even have some of those products in the suite(s) deployed” Dennis explains. “In order to assist, we remote in and fill the gap by providing our services as an outsourced solution. Our team of engineers provide security coverage and service so our customers can focus on the rest of their IT projects and duties.” Clients require solutions which are flexible and meet their needs, and therefore London Security Solution’s MSSP offering allows for complete flexibility and control for the customer. “Our clients control every aspect of what we can and cannot do, where we go and cannot go, and even if we are able to connect during any noncovered hours,” Dennis outlines. “One customer even sent us an encrypted laptop which is the only way we can connect into their environment. Again – the customer maintains control over everything without having to worry or stress. If a customer wants to terminate our contract they only have to notify us per the agreement and shut off our access. It’s really that simple. Thus our tag line of ‘Simplifying Security’.”

of support, Dennis hand picks candidates or relies on referrals from known and trusted sources. There are plenty of good security engineers on the market with a wide variety of degrees and certifications, but there are also plenty of staff looking to break into the industry and then move on. As such Dennis works hard to ensure that everyone at London Security Solutions is dedicated to supporting his clients. “With a specialized team that relies on the strengths of one another, the vetting process is more than just what someone says they can do or what is on their resume,” Dennis states proudly. “It is about their reputation at work, both past or present, and since we work with and for our customers they must also be able to communicate effectively in order to properly support them (our customers).” Team work is crucial to offering a fully integrated solution which is able to constantly provide the support clients need, as Dennis highlights. “To integrate our solutions with our clients’ processes we have a team in multiple time-zones working with and providing coverage for customers. If someone gets sick or is busy with another customer we simply have

Testimony to the firm’s success in providing the very best solutions is the fact that it recently celebrated its five (5) year anniversary of maintaining 100% MSSP customer retention. In order to achieve this milestone and offer clients the very highest standards


someone else step in and provide assistance.” This worldwide team of dedicated professionals also ensures that the firm remains at the forefront of the latest industry developments. Whilst other service providers who want to own the entire environment can find themselves lacking in certain areas and deficient in their skills, abilities and knowledge, through its cohesive teamed approach London Security Solutions rarely finds itself behind on the latest developments. These strong team dynamics enable the firm to spread the information quickly while also providing some education to their customers along the way. Ultimately, London Security Solutions was founded as a professional services company and grew into a sales and services organization. After realizing customers wanted and needed more than just another reseller, or service provider, the company was transformed into an award winning MSSP. Whilst The firm is now in a strong position and is able to meet the needs of its clients this via their collaborative, client focused approach. London Security seeks to provides clients with the very best solutions which meet their ever evolving needs.




Company: Litéra Corp. Web Address:


Litéra offers a comprehensive solution suite that enables the content life cycle control businesses want, without sacrificing the mobility and productivity they need. We invited Paul Domnick, President of Litéra, to talk us through how this innovative firm is changing the content management market for the better. Established in 2001, Litéra Corp is a privately held software company that provides high-quality content management solutions to document intensive organizations, including law firms, accountancy firms, and corporate entities. Domnick discusses recent solutions the firm has developed and how this help clients to remain at the forefront of technological innovation. “Innovation is at the core of what we do here at Litéra, and this year has been no exception. In 2016 we have released four new products; LDF™ powered by Foxit® for PDF manipulation and editing, Litéra LexPro® for managing Definitions and Cross-references in legal documents, Metadact®i to control unwanted metadata on inbound emails and Litéra LiVE™ which brings “prosumer” document comparison and metadata cleaning to any device, anywhere. We have also delivered 150 customer requested enhancements and made 7 x 24 support available. “As such, many Am Law 200 law firms, and law firms worldwide, choose Litéra Corp for their content creation, management, and collaboration needs because of the unparalleled quality of our products and our well-earned reputation for client responsiveness. These are the qualities that have helped Litera maintain a 99.5% customer retention rate. We truly listen to our clients, and deliver solutions designed to meet their requests.”

for excellence. Through our focus on integrity we ensure that all the promises we make to our clients are fulfilled. We trust one another to perform our individual responsibilities well, and we always keep our word. Our founder Deepak Massand has instilled a strong binding culture across our company that still holds us together and allows us the freedom to excel.

to work across cultures and time zones with like-minded professionals on common goals.”

“In addition our diversity is demonstrated in the individuals that make up our organization. We are truly a globally diverse organization with employees spread across the US, UK, Philippines, Ukraine, Hungary, India, and Singapore. Diversity is our greatest strength because it keeps us connected to the world and allows us to reach a far broader audience. By operating as a global organization we have the ability to tap in to the best talent pools around the world. We have some fantastic people who can attract the best and we offer a fast paced environment with real challenges to keep the most talented people engaged and busy. Our strongly connected global family gives people real opportunities

“Ultimately we firmly believe in constantly innovating and creating more new ideas than we have the resources, time, or money to implement. Therefore, our future holds several exciting developments we already have in the pipeline that we are hopeful clients will like.

Staff are crucial to the success of any organization, and as such Litéra values openness, integrity, and diversity, as Domnick explains. “At Litéra, our open and inclusive culture means that we are able to collaborate more effectively because there are no obstacles to communication. Internally, we are able to speak directly with one another without fear and move forward efficiently on the foundation of mutual understanding, respect, and a value


In his concluding comments, Domnick emphasises the need to continue to innovate and adapt, as Litéra seeks to build upon its current success and create new solutions to meet the ever evolving needs of clients.

“Looking to the longer term future, it is clear that we will be doing more in cloud, more on mobile devices and more with machine learning in order to adapt to trends in the wider market. The world changes faster and faster and we must run to keep up, but thankfully we enjoy this challenge and look forward to it.”



Company: Menara Networks Co-founders: Siraj ElAhmadi and Salam ElAhmadi Email: Web Address: Address: 3400 Carlisle Street. Suite 210. Dallas, Tx 75204 Telephone: 214-303-1600 ext 221


Menara Networks uses a myriad of cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative telecommunications products and solutions that are deployed all over the world and won industry’s accolades. We explore how the firm has come to its current success and how it intends to build upon this going forward. Menara Networks, an IPG Photonics company, is a vertically integrated and recognized worldwide leader in DWDM transmission systems packaged in small pluggable form factors that bring disruptive economics to optical networking and data center/cloud interconnection. Founded by visionary brothers, Siraj (Masters in Electrical Engineering) and Dr. Salam ElAhmadi (Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering), based on the premise that advanced signal processing and high speed electronics can effectively disrupt optical networks and substantially reduce network providers cost, foot-print and power consumption. Menara products are deployed globally including by two of the top three Internet Exchange Providers in the world; thus making a substantial portion of the Internet traffic transiting over Menara’s 100 Gbps products. In 2008, Menara was selected from a pool of more than 50 new technology companies from across the globe as “Best New Technology Company”; an unequivocal recognition by the Telecom industry of the fresh and innovative products the company pioneered. The firm’s proprietary high speed ASICs and optical module technologies make for unique optical DWDM solutions that

greatly simplifies optical networks, and significantly reduces operators cost, foot-print and time-to-market. Menara’s products are protected by more than 21 granted US and International patents with several more pending. Co-Founder and President Siraj ElAhmadi believes that the high calibre of the firm’s technical team is central to ensuring that the company will continue to consistently introduce differentiated and highly innovation solutions in the market place. “The majority of Menara’s employees are engineers and scientist with advanced degrees. Innovation is not only important for our company but is the central component of our DNA. Our unique products allow us to effectively compete in a highly technical and resource-intensive sector traditionally dominated by multinational corporations.” “Our deep technical expertise is nicely complemented by a highly competent sales and operations team. We strive for a culture that is open and collegial in nature and encourages participation from everyone. Anyone can take new initiatives or challenge decisions.”


This is echoed in the comments of Dr. Salam ElAhmadi, Menara, Co-Founder, CTO and VP of Engineering. “At Menara, we have assembled a fantastic team of engineers and scientists with expertise that span many disparate fields. It is our team that makes the difference and allows us to stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate in this fast evolving field. “The firm has built a good reputation for developing cutting-edge innovative solutions where good engineering and science principles are applied to solve real-world optical networking problems. This coupled with the very relax environment – our engineers and staff determine their own working hours for example – makes it an attractive place for work.” Menara was acquired by IPG Photonics, the world leader in high power lasers and amplifiers, earlier this year, and the two co-founders are very optimistic on how IPG technical prowess, resources and leadership is being leveraged to accelerate products development and expand market share. In their words, the best is yet to come.




A-Train Marketing is a full-service agency dedicated to providing dynamic campaigns that defy convention to harness results. We profile the firm and the diverse range of services offered. A-Train Marketing, a cross-platform marketing agency based in Colorado, knows that the marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. In their view, marketing is a conversation. And as much as consumers want access to information, they also want to be heard and understood. A-Train Marketing plays confidently in this new reality. They help organizations get in tune with their listeners and take brands where they need to go with creative, yet strategic solutions that are realistically implementable and obsessively focused on results.

Central to these values is a dedication to creating unique, custom solutions that produce measurable results. With a strong focus on digital and web-based marketing, A-Train Marketing creates brand awareness, drives traffic and increases conversions for clients with budgets of varying sizes. No matter what marketing problem a client is trying to solve, A-Train works diligently to design campaigns that maximize

resources and surpass desired outcomes. Above all, A-Train Marketing attributes its success to transparent communication, honest insight, realistic goal setting, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. Ready to drive traffic, educate consumers, and inspire others to connect with your brand? Contact A-Train Marketing today!

With expertise across a wide range of channels including award winning graphic design, brand management, messaging, web design, and digital and traditional advertising, the firm supports a diverse set of industries and can easily flex to any client’s ever-evolving needs. While A-Train is motivated by creating bold ideas that inspire people and defy convention, they always strive to keep a close eye on their core values.

Company: A-Train Marketing Communications Inc Address: 125 S. Howes St., Suite 502, Fort Collins, CO 80521 Phone: 970.419.3218 Fax: 970.482.3442 Website:




BandyWorks is a software specialist that challenges the belief that data cannot be used to improve performance. Tom Bandy, CEO, provides us with an in-depth overview of the firm and the solutions it provides. BandyWorks design and build business intelligence software that focuses on goal attainment and corporate performance using simple scorecards, alerts, graphs and geographic analytics. Its flagship solution Quik Data is a subscription based software that is built specifically for Convenience Stores. Holly talks us through this dynamic software and the unique features it offers. “Through our Quik Data software we monitor and track exactly what is needed to measure performance in C-Stores. The software will communicate the results to all levels of the company in ways that are meaningful to them. Quik Data not only highlights the issues but initiates problem resolution for the issues it identifies. Because the product is built just for C-Store Retailers, we have the luxury of knowing what questions our clients want answered. We can provide direct answers to their questions in single page views. Quik Data challenges the belief that C-Store Data is too vast to be able to analyze and use because it can be so complex. Companies of any size can now use their data to drive

their business to better performance much like the larger chains drive theirs.” Quik Data is a product that is built to configure, and, as Holly emphases, decades of experience in developing software have taught her firm that nothing stays the same, and as such the product is designed to work around the latest industry developments. “In order to ensure that Quik Data remains at the forefront of industry innovation, we have built the product so it can be used from any device with an internet connection. C-Store Managers need to be able to tap into data from where ever they are at the moment. What appears great on a 17’ monitor has to look just as good as on a cell phone with a 3.5” window screen. We are very fortunate to have Developers who understand this and design around this concept.

in their Point of Sale System, and sometimes even spreadsheets. To overcome this, we had to build the product to be able to accept data from all types of systems and environments.” In conclusion, Holly is keen to focus on the firm’s continued commitment to innovation as it seeks to build upon the success of this creative software. “Looking ahead, our next area of focus will be on audits to which the industry is prone to including Federal, State and even the vendor requirements C-Stores are tasked with. We are also focusing on the other internal areas of inventory and scheduling that also influence store performance.”

“Our biggest challenge is finding the best way to gather the client’s data. Their data can reside in one of the various Back Office system,

Company: BandyWorks, LLC Name: Holly Hudspeth Email: hhudspeth Web Address: Address: 803 Lakeview Drive /Colonial Height, VA 23834 Telephone: 804 733 8844 x 111




Company: Chevin Fleet Solutions Name: Ron Katz Email: Web Address: US Headquarters: Chevin Fleet Solutions, 347 Lunenburg Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420-4541


Chevin Fleet Solutions is a global provider of enterprise fleet management software with offices across the US, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia, and the UK. We invited the firm’s Senior Vice President of Sales of the Americas, Ron Katz, to tell us more. Established in 1990, Chevin Fleet Solutions is now one of the most experienced and recognized software developers in the market. Chevin’s flagship offering is an enterprise– level, fully integrated and highly configurable fleet information management system called FleetWave. The solution is designed to meet the demands of any business looking for a way to significantly improve their fleet operation’s efficiency, reduce administrative burden, and drive down costs. Ron discusses how this unique solution offers a user-friendly experience which meets clients’ ever evolving needs. “FleetWave is designed to help boost visibility over disparate operational and performance information; it helps organizations improve maintenance oversight, increase compliance, achieve better control over stock and inventories, improve driver, fuel and accident management, and much more. “It is also one of the only truly global fleet management systems - with multilingual support that can be independently configured for each region a business may operate in, including local metrics (miles, KM etc.), currencies, and legalisations. This means that wherever a user accesses the software, or whatever part of the business they work in, they always see relevant features and information presented in a language and format they can understand. “FleetWave is far more than an out of the box solution; It is an enterpriselevel asset management system delivered in close collaboration with each client. From the initial order through business scoping, project delivery, implementation and beyond, the Chevin team concentrates on developing a long-term relationship with each client to provide the best solution to meet their unique needs.” While most other software platforms

offer some level of customization, ultimately businesses often have to adapt to software or pay huge sums of money for custom development work to change it. However, FleetWave allows users to redesign screens and invoke specific functionality themselves within the system adding buttons, fields, reports, KPIs and much more. Moving forward, the ongoing development of this innovative software will remain the firm’s priority, as Ron concludes. “Here at Chevin Fleet Solutions we are constantly developing new functionality for our system to predict or match industry trends, from emissions reporting to mobile apps for drivers, and more.”





eCube Systems has developed an Agile Infrastructure/DevOps tool to help them provide quick resolution of problems and speed up the deployment of applications in a Continuous Delivery environment. Kevin Barnes tells us more about the firm and the solutions it provides. eCube Systems supports companies to ensure that they maximize the return on their technology investment and as such, the firm’s products and services ensure that clients can leverage existing technical equity so that they can meet evolving business needs, reduce risk, and increase productivity. Kevin talks us through how the firm achieves this by explaining how it supports clients to extend the coverage of DevOps and Agile development solutions to legacy systems such as Solaris, HPUX, AIX, OpenVMS, NonStop, iSeries and IBM mainframes. “eCube uses our NXTware Evolution Server to provide a platform to integrate newer technology in with existing legacy systems. This not only aids us in supporting their legacy system by providing timely and accurate information, but it also provides a comprehensive solution from agile development tools that speed up developer tasks, to a modern middleware that aids in the scalability and failover of their enterprise applications, to a DevOps

and Application Performance Management component to deploy and manage their enterprise applications. The DevOps capability of NXTmonitor proactively predicts problems, detects and fixes them or notifies operations of serious problems before they cascade into larger system outages. This is a great aid for support departments as it helps them to know more about problems before they become critical.” “In addition, eCube Systems employs the best of both worlds technology in the NXTware platform to create an integrated and constantly evolving Enterprise solution. With NXTware we can support legacy 3GL languages and older databases, leveraging this existing technical equity where it is applicable and integrate the newer technology with our RPC and Web Services middleware. Using an extendable middleware platform, we can create a Federated Service Oriented Architecture where both legacy and new technology can

co-exist together and thrive.” Looking ahead, Kevin is excited about the developments the industry has to offer and emphasises that his firm will continue to adapt in order to offer clients the most cutting edge services possible. “With more and more companies going to the Cloud, we expect our Continuous Delivery tools like NXTware Remote, NXTera and NXTmonitor to provide even more intelligence and control to proprietary corporate software solutions.”

Company: eCube Systems, LLC Name: Kevin Barnes Email: Web Address: Address: 401 College Street, Suite 200, Montgomery, TX 77356 Telephone: 936-449-6877




ELECTRO INDUSTRIES/GAUGETECH Electro Industries/GaugeTech (EIG) specializes in power meters and smart grid solutions that excel at revenue grade energy measurement, power quality and advanced telemetry. We spoke to President Erran Kagan to learn more. Founded in 1975 by engineer and inventor Dr. Samuel Kagan, EIG has since changed the face of power monitoring forever with its first breakthrough innovation: an affordable, easy-to-use AC power meter. More than 40 years since its founding, EIG, is the leader in power monitoring and smart grid solutions, and it continues to revolutionize the industry with the highest quality, cutting edge power metering and software on the market today. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, EIG sets the industry standard for advanced power quality and reporting, revenue metering and substation data acquisition and control. EIG products can be found on site at mainly all of today’s leading manufacturers, industrial giants and utilities. Erran discusses how the firm has built up a wealth of experience since inception which has enabled it to offer a unique service to clients.

“Here at EIG we have the experience of over 40 years, and have one of the largest installed meter bases in the world. We are located in Westbury, NY, and all of our meters are assembled on-site, but we are a global supplier of power and energy meters and related software. We excel at addressing and anticipating customer needs, and our responsiveness to the challenges of energy monitoring and usage control help our customers to meet changing regulations. Our products offer advanced metering at a competitive price, which meets the needs of our clients.” Erran is keen to discuss the firm’s latest innovation, the Nexus® 1500+ meter, which offers advanced metering for critical energy metering applications, such as hospitals, data centers, and wafer fabs plants. “The latest meter in our awardwinning Nexus® family of meters is the Nexus® 1500+ meter,

which features a touchscreen programmable display which supports horizontal or vertical mounting for space saving, and supports multiple languages. The meter has six communication ports, including serial RS485, Ethernet, and IEC 61850 Protocol for substation applications. The Nexus® 1500+ meter’s IEC 61850 Protocol implementation includes GOOSE messaging and alarms triggered by GOOSE messages, providing a cross-trigger for simultaneous station-wide fault analysis.” Looking ahead, Erran is keen to emphasise the firm’s continued focus on providing the highest quality, most innovative solutions on the market. “Moving forward, we plan to continue to provide the highest quality products for our customers, adapting them to whatever needs the energy monitoring and power quality consumers need.”

Company: Electro Industries/GaugeTech Name: Erran Kagan, President Email: Web Address: Address: 1800 Shames Drive, Westbury, NY 11590 Telephone: 516-334-0870





Escher Group is the number one provider of point of service and complex digital transaction management solutions. Fionnuala Higgins, CCO, provides us with a fascinating overview of the firm and its core software offering. Escher has worked with some of the largest and most complex retail networks globally, acting as a trusted advisor to its customers, helping them build solutions to suit each of their specific needs. Fionnuala talks us through the firm’s core software, Riposte®, which together with its wider Transaction Management Platform, can be used in the postal, retail, logistics and eGovernment industries to enable enterprises to expand their offerings and provide new services. “Escher’s Riposte platform is a complete end-to-end solution with integrated front office and back office features. At Riposte’s core is a central processing engine which records transaction information and feeds information into other systems, archiving every recorded element. The software can be deployed either on premise or cloud-provided and works across all hardware devices and operating systems. “Our Riposte platform found a

particular niche in the Postal world because of the number of different types of transactions which occur in Post Offices and the number of different systems with which they must interact. In addition to the activities of mailing letters and dispatching parcels, Postal Operators have always been the preferred networks of locations for government disbursements, for the collection of levies through licensing and for the payment of Government or semi-state run services. Escher’s Riposte platform permits all these different types of transactions to be conducted with the details of every transaction being recorded and archived within our internal system, providing a perfect audit trail for control and compliance purposes.” As Posts have evolved, expanding into e-commerce, financial services and digital mail, the need for a robust processing platform capable of feeding ever-expanding numbers of other systems has become even greater

and so has the pertinence of Escher’s technology. Moving forward innovation will be at the forefront of the firm’s focus, as Fionnuala concludes. “With the decline of physical mail, we are working with our postal clients to expand into higher growth areas such as digital mail and to offer valueenhancing financial services. “Escher Group is also expanding to target the eGovernment market in the US. Escher’s solution enables Government organizations to work together and offer all licenses, permits and grants required for specific activities to be accessed from a central location on an internet enabled device. Escher’s platform offers a one-stop shop for digital application, issuance and renewal processing, including form design, workflow automation, identity management, eSignatures, eCommerce transactions and publishing.”

Company: Escher Group Name: Fionnuala Higgins Email: Web Address: Address: 111 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 Ireland US HQ: 133 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110 USA Telephone: +353 1 254 5400 (Ireland) +1 (857) 366-9500 (USA)




FUSION INFORMATICS LIMITED Fusion Informatics is the premiere business and enterprise solutions provider for mobile applications, cloud based solutions, business automation solutions, smart and wearable applications, enterprise mobility solutions and Internet of things applications. We invited Ashesh Shah to tell us more. Fusion Informatics is an ISO Certified and Best Quality Mark Award winner company based in India that has been in business for over 15 years. During that time the firm have worked with SMEs, Startups and F500 companies, gaining broad knowledge and domain expertise of various industries in IT outsourcing and application development. What diversifies the firm and really makes it stand out is its professional staff and commitment to innovation, as Ashesh emphasises. “Here at Fusion Informatics, all of our team members have several years of expertise developing customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of industrial domains. In addition, Fusion Informatics has a well-managed administrative support staff to assist in meeting clients’ needs.” Staying ahead of the competition is vital in such a dynamic and fast paced market, and therefore Ashesh outlines how Fusion Informatics aims to always

stay one step ahead of new developments. “In order to remain at the very cutting edge of new industry developments, we use industries’ best practises. Further, we use the most modern development tools and technologies available on the market today. Therefore, we remain at the forefront of innovation with the fast evolving software development capabilities and uses of latest technologies and programming tools. “Through our use of best practices for worldwide software development technology, as well as our rich pool of technical talent, more then 4000+ project delivery across all verticals, we deliver the predictable quality and extremely reliable solutions as reasonable cost.”

clients. Through its dedication to quality and focus on continuous improvement Ashesh firmly believes that this aim can and will be achieved. “Since the beginning, our core strength here at Fusion Informatics has been the ability to design simple solutions for complex problems. This is possible only because of our acquaintance with the latest knowledge. Our team is ever ready to learn the best technology and solutions using the least effort, time, and the cost, and moving forward we will continue to strive to build solutions which meet these criteria and support the ever evolving needs of our clients.”

Ultimately, Fusion Informatics would like to be premier, cutting edge technology solution provider for SMEs and enterprise

Company: Fusion Informatics Limited. Name: Mr. Ashesh Shah Email: Web Address: Address: 501, New York Plaza, Premchand Nagar Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380 054, Gujarat, India Telephone: +91-079-3012 2203




iCorps supports small and mid-size businesses to become more agile, cost-effective and competitive using enterprise-class technologies and scalable IT consulting services. We caught up with CEO and President Michael Hadley to find out more. With over two decades of experience, iCorps Technologies is an IT consulting and outsourcing firm for businesses in the Boston, New York City, Charleston, Detroit and Philadelphia areas. Michael outlines how the firm works to ensure that it offers the very highest standard of solutions at all times. “Here at iCorps we are dedicated to delivering superior services to our clients while staying ahead of the latest technology trends and understanding the impact they have on business. We are not just another IT company, iCorps is an award-winning company with a reputation of excellence. “Fundamentally, we are committed to our clients, our people, and our community. Especially in today’s fast-paced business environment, Managed Services Providers (MSP) play a crucial role in helping companies leverage technology without straining their budget or losing sight of their business. At iCorps, our team always strives

to achieve long-term success and are devoted to providing the proper implementation practices that fulfill our client’s needs. We are constantly researching the lastest technology developments and understanding how they can impact business productivity. We ensure our staff is on the leadingedge of technology training and certifications by promoting an environment of continuous learning among our consultants and internal staff.” Moving forward, expansion is the firm’s core focus as it seeks to support clients across the U.S, as Michael concludes.

implementation of cloud services and the prestigious recognition we receive from our partners such as Microsoft, we have a tremendous opportunity to open up our expertise and best-of-breed services to the rest of the nation. To get there, we are putting the right people in place, getting the organization on board and involved with the long-term plan, setting aggressive sales and marketing goals, retaining our current clients, helping them build their businesses with technology, and always staying true to our commitment to doing the right thing.”

“Looking ahead, iCorps has been expanding beyond the Northeast, United States. Our presence in Philadelphia continues to strengthen and just this year we opened up two new branches in Charleston, South Carolina and Detroit, Michigan. We have aspirations of becoming a nationally recognized premier provider. With the increasing

Company: iCorps Technologies, Inc. President & CEO: Michael Hadley Media Name: Melissa Kane Email: Web Address: Address: 529 Main Street 1M16, Boston MA 02129 Telephone: 888-642-6484





Infosim® is a leading manufacturer of automated service fulfillment and service assurance solutions for Telcos, ISPs, Managed Service Providers, and Corporations. We invited Dr. David Hock to tell us more about the firm and the services it offers in this area. Since 2003, Infosim® has been developing and providing StableNet® to Telco and Enterprise customers. The software is now the leading unified software solution for fault, performance, and configuration management. StableNet® is available in two versions: Telco, which is designed for Telecom Operators and ISPs and Enterprise for IT and Managed Service Providers, with the product acting as a single platform unified solution designed to address today’s many operational and technical challenges of managing distributed and mission-critical IT infrastructures. David outlines what sets this innovative solution apart from its competitors. “As a 3-in-1 Unified Network Management solution, our innovative software StableNet® combines fault, performance, and configuration management in a single software – integrated by design with a unified underlying data structure. Many competitive solutions offer a large set of various tools to cover performance, fault, and configuration management that has to be put together and was “integrated” as far as possible. Infosim® StableNet® is an integrated solution by design.

It has been developed from ground up on a single code base and data structure and covers all the areas of performance, fault, and configuration management in one single solution with one licensing module and one single installation.” Ultimately, Infosim® is constantly engaging in innovative activities, including among others research projects in various areas. One of the core areas it is currently exploring is the Internet of Things, as David concludes. “Fundamentally we have already been dealing with Internet of Things (IoT) environments long before this was actually called IoT, therefore we have seen a

Company: Infosim Web Address:


number of IoT innovations. Consequently, we are continuously involved in several IoT activities and projects. “Looking to the near future, IoT will look completely different than it does today. The IoT market is in constant flux. New players, with new business models, approaches, and solutions, can appear out of nowhere and overtake incumbents. But business remains the key market. Despite the current hype about wearables and connected homes, the real value and immediate market for IoT is with businesses and enterprises. As such, IoT will also be a key driver in our future development.”




LogiGear is a boutique software testing and software development company, and developer of the TestArchitect keyword-driven test automation product. Founder Hung Nguyen tells us more about this innovative solution and how it is helping to change the market for the better. Established in 1994, LogiGear has completed software testing and development projects for prominent companies across a broad range of industries and technologies. Hung discusses the firm’s evolution and how it has come to be a byword for excellence across the software testing market. “With more than two decades of serving software businesses and software testing community, we understand and are part of the evolution of software development as well as the current state of modern software development practices. Our approach to software testing are expertisebased and technology-driven. LogiGear also offers outsourced software testing and software development services, as well as QA transformation consultancy and on-site training to help achieve the most ambitious business goals.”

Looking to the future of the wider software testing market, the advent of continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous deployment has increased the need for increasing test automation coverage, which will be in the forefront of this movement. As a key part of the industry LogiGear is keen to be at the forefront of these upcoming developments, and as such in his concluding comments Hung is excited to outline the firm’s vision for the future of the market and how it will aim to adapt around the developments it foresees. “Moving forward, at LogiGear we believe that as the industry is going through the digital revolution, there will be rapid applications and adoptions around automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will see more smart devices and machines such as IoT devices, smart humancontrolled moving machines

including drones and smart self-moving machines such as self-drive cars. In addition, the continued adoption of SMAC and mesh devices, along with the introduction of AR and other new technologies, will create more demands and challenges for testing, especially automated testing. On the software development practice ends, adoption of building MVP will continue to be dominant in the start-up environments, while CI/CT/CD adoption will continue to thrive within medium to large, more establish software development house. “With our history with software testing and test automation, we are part of this revolution. We have several projects that we are working on but for the most part, they revolve around testing and test automation techniques that support modern software development practices.”

Company: LogiGear Corporation Name: Hung Nguyen Email: Web Address: Address: 4100 East 3rd Avenue Suite 150, Foster City, CA 94404 Telephone: 650-572-1400





MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial internet of things; connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. We invited Sara Brown to tell us more about the impact her firm’s innovative solutions will have on the global technology market. The Internet of Things is creating new customer experiences and unparalleled economic value, while improving quality of life for countless people around the globe. By providing products and services to connect objects to the Internet, MultiTech delivers deeper understanding to businesses, governments, organizations and individuals, which will in turn transform the way the world lives and works. Sara, who believes that MultiTech’s superior quality, service excellence and history of innovation are key to its success, outlines how the firm implements these approaches across every aspect of its work. “Here at MultiTech, our commitment to quality and service excellence means you can count on MultiTech products and people to address your needs, while our history of innovation ensures you can stay ahead of the latest technology with a partner who will be there for the life of your solution.”

As part of the firm’s commitment to innovation they have a Managing Executive dedicated to supporting research and development, David Smith. Sara outlines the latest changes David has implemented and how these have helped the firm to develop around the ever evolving market in which it operates. “Among the changes David has implemented, together with our engineering department, is Agile development, which enables us to take a more iterative approach to new product development by breaking projects down, for example, from one 10 feature project into ten one feature project. Through this process we can innovate, test, adapt and release features more quickly in response to market needs. Another nice aspect of Agile is that it allows us to stop and refocus attention, and come back to a development effort without losing time.

“Another change over the past couple of years has been a concerted effort to take the customer responsiveness that is baked into our DNA and apply that to new product development. Frequently, over the years, we have done product customizations in response to customer needs. What we are working toward now is baking the effort from these custom projects into generally available feature sets.” Overall Sara concludes by emphasising that from the earliest analog systems, to the cellular heart of today’s industrial Internet of things to the latest low-power wireless technology, MultiTech has consistently connected businesses in ways previously unimaginable for more than 40 years, and the firm has no intention of slowing down.

Company: MultiTech Name: Sara Brown Email: Web Address: Address: 2205 Woodale Dr., Mounds View, MN 55112 Telephone: 800-328-9717





Company: LabRoots, Inc. Name: Greg Cruikshank Email: Web Address: Address: 18340 Yorba Linda Blvd. Suite 107 PMB 427 Yorba Linda, CA 92886


LabRoots is the leading scientific social networking website and producer of educational virtual events and webinars. We invited CEO and Founder Greg Cruikshank to talk us through this unique site and the solutions it offers users. Established in 2008, LabRoots promotes digital innovation in scientific collaboration and learning. As well as allowing users to collaborate, start discussion groups and share research findings and videos, LabRoots works with industry leaders in the life sciences and medical technologies to bring the best content from experts and provides it free to users via online webinars and virtual events.

ways to platform.




The platform enables scientists, researchers and medical experts from around the world to build relationships with new-found peers, increase their influence within the scientific community, share their expertise and learn from one another. Greg, who believes that innovation is key to the firm’s success, and therefore it is constantly seeking new and innovative

“In addition, to better serve our clients we recently added custom virtual events to our list of services. This allows scientific companies and organizations to reach their target audience through our virtual event platform, offering a turnkey solution complete with tech, production and marketing support.”

“Here at LabRoots we are continually evolving and adding new features to the platform; users recently saw completely revamped site, with an improved user experience. These regular updates ensure that we are moving with our users and are able to meet their ever changing needs.


Looking ahead, the recent developments to the site will provide users with enhanced features which Greg is excited to debut. “Recently we upgraded the entire LabRoots site, and as a result of this our users will soon have an enhanced experience from their mobile devices with the launch of the new mobile site. They will also see new features added to the site, as well as an increase in educational webinars and virtual events. We are looking forward to showcasing these great developments and seeing what our users need from us next. As a firm we are constantly listening to our users and clients to garner feedback and find ways to improve and offer more, and this will remain our continued focus moving forward.”




Company: Primero Systems Inc. Name: Steve Press, president Email: Web Address: Address: 11440 West Bernardo Court, Suite 300 / San Diego, CA 92127 Telephone: (866) 426-0779


Drawing on more than two decades of experience, Primero delivers software to help businesses achieve their goals. We showcase Primero’s flagship solution Webtreepro and examine how the company aims to provide the most up-to-the-minute solution to meet the needs of its clients. Companies that manage multiple locations under one umbrella face unique challenges – from maintaining brand consistency across websites to managing vast amounts of content. In fact, the ability to control the brand experience across multiple sites while allowing for local personalization is a consistent need found in multi-site companies such as franchises and associations – yet surprisingly there are few options available to meet these needs. San Diego-based Primero Systems is on a mission to provide these companies with the tools they need to make multi-site marketing management simple and effective.

manage web content, maintaining the corporate brand universally while still being relevant locally. Companies can instantly serve up dynamic content – based on predetermined criteria – to one site or thousands at the push of a button. With Webtreepro, content is pulled from an external source, enabling the company to tap into these content sources and

Founded in 1994, Primero has established an impeccable software development track record; from developing content management software to designing mission-critical, enterprise-grade custom software that helps businesses improve efficiency, accuracy and contribute to the bottom line. The company’s flagship product, Webtreepro, is a powerful web content management solution for marketers seeking to maximize brand presence throughout a network of websites. Webtreepro fills the gap in what has been an underserved market segment. While most CMS platforms support many contributors all feeding one site (‘many-to-one’) publishing, Webtreepro takes a different approach. Using Webtreepro, a single user can publish to many sites simultaneously (‘oneto-many’). This is especially important for multi-site companies that need to funnel content to multiple websites to maximize their overall web footprint, local search visibility and local relevance. In addition, Webtreepro is distinguished by its ability to deliver relevant, localized content based upon a nearly unlimited set of criteria. It enables companies to seamlessly create and


serve targeted, dynamic information to the appropriate people. Through Webtreepro’s series of roles and permissions, information can be filtered and fed to the person(s) responsible for managing the external content. Then, every time a web page is displayed, it’s populated with content that is relevant to its intended audience.

The power of localized dynamic content cannot be underestimated for multisite companies. While the concept of localized dynamic content is certainly not new, Webtreepro allows these multi-site companies to automate the distribution of their marketing programs by creating a localized landing page per location. Imagine a landing page that is rendered uniquely for individual locations – including information such as address, hours of operation, phone number, directions, employee bios, graphics, pictures, store logo, etc. Rather than competing with existing promotion management and CRM solutions, localized dynamic content can complement marketing software by providing relevant consumer-tostore engagement and enhanced user tracking – all the while eliminating costly web page development. Dynamically served information is not only beneficial in external-facing websites – it can also be useful in the intranet portal world. Based on criteria the company sets, Webtreepro’s roles and permissions allow information to be seen by only certain employees that need access to that information. From travel franchises to insurance agencies with multiple offices, and everything in between, dynamically served content is a must.

Beyond dynamically served content, Webtreepro provides companies with a number of other tools to achieve success. From capturing data to content editing and workflow capabilities to creating enterprisegrade roles and permissions to extensive dashboard and reporting features, Webtreepro has something for everyone. And because it’s 100% cloud-based – unlike installed, onpremise CMS solutions – Webtreepro requires no hardware investment or software maintenance that tie up staff and capital resources. Companies can therefore harness the power of the cloud to reduce costs, stay agile, grow revenues, and more.

to be fully customized and configurable. Additionally, Primero hires top-tier personnel who are put through a vigorous screening process, where candidates go through several interviews and a test project in which their work is assessed for quality. Once hired, Primero provides their employees with continuous education and training. This investment in training proves beneficial to its customers in the long run. Customer service has also played an integral role in Primero’s strong reputation – with consistently high ratings given to Primero’s support teams by its client base.

One of the biggest trends in website usage and development is mobile. With a responsive design that enables visitors to find and navigate websites on a mobile device with ease, Webtreepro is optimized to provide a seamless mobile experience for the end user – with the same look and feel they’re accustomed to seeing on a computer.

Looking to the future, in order to stay ahead of the rapidly-changing world of software development, Primero continues to invest significant resources in developing and applying proven methodologies and technologies both for internal use and for the benefit of its customers. Primero believes there are additional areas of opportunity to make a technological difference, including the incorporation of emerging technologies – such as big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality – into their base product.

Beyond the software itself, Primero offers a full suite of professional services – including design, project management, implementation and training – that allows Webtreepro




Smaato is the leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind its success. As smartphones increasingly become not only the world’s most important communication tool, but also its primary media device, advertisers and content developers alike look to mobile to build their businesses and maximize revenue. Smaato differentiates itself in three areas that drive the success of its advertiser, agency, DSP and mobile publisher clients around the world: deep mobile expertise, unparalleled service and leadingedge technology.


Unlike many of its competitors, Smaato focuses exclusively on mobile with technology built from the ground up for a mobile-first world. Mobile runs at a much different speed than online technology, and mobile retrofitted online-first solutions are just too slow for a mobile-first world.

In order to capitalize on this success, Smaato has just announced a partnership with

It is this wealth of industry experience which has made Smaato the leading global realtime mobile advertising platform, connecting 10,000+ advertisers, including 91 of the Top 100 Ad Age brands, with over 90,000 app developers and mobile web publishers. Smaato manages up to 10 billion mobile ad impressions daily and reaches over one billion unique mobile users monthly.

As such, with 11 years of mobile-only experience, no one knows mobile better than Smaato’s mobile experts, and no technology is faster or more optimally created for maximizing revenue on mobile like Smaato’s Publisher Platform (SPX) and now also Smaato’s Demand Platform (SDX). No wonder advertisers and app developers alike have made Smaato the world’s largest independent mobile advertising

Company: Smaato Inc Website:


Spearhead Integrated Marketing Communications Group, which puts the firm in a strong position for more accelerated growth; both globally and in the world’s second largest advertising market China now with a domestic Chinese partner. Additionally, Smaato continues to forge exciting new partnerships, having recently been named one of Google’s key selected mobile exchange partners. All of these developments will help the firm to continue to offer the very best solutions to clients around the world, whilst simultaneously remaining at the forefront of industry innovation.



Spectrum Partners, LLC is a full service Enterprise Information Technology Management and Consulting Firm providing a wide range of technology solutions. We invited CEO and President Angela Jenkins-Lester to tell us more about the firm and how it aims for excellence in every aspect of its work. Spectrum Partners serves as a trusted advisor for all Enterprise Information Technology needs and with the capability to assess, design, deploy, operate, and maintain data, voice, video, and converged technologies seamlessly within wired and wireless infrastructures. Operating in such a competitive market means the firm has to differentiate itself from its competitors, as Angela emphasises.

BA. Angela brings over 20 years of collective experience in lead roles of strategic technology assessment, analysis, conceptual design, implementation, systems integration, operations and maintenance (O&M), and overall project and program management. She also has extensive financial analysis including budgeting, forecasting and planning while adhering to

cost, schedule, and performance and extensive experience in federal government, financial and technology industries. Looking ahead, Spectrum Partners will be keen to build upon its current success and is growing its team in order to continue to offer clients the very best support and solutions possible moving forward.

“Here at Spectrum Partners, our key differentiator is ensuring product and system interoperability with a focus on Certification and Accreditation (C&A). Our strategic relationships with the industry’s best of breed providers position us to objectively recommend services that best match the needs of our customers.” Under Angela’s leadership the firm has flourished in recent years and has become a Prime Contractor on DISA DITCO BOA

Company: Spectrum Partners LLC Address: 12 Christopher Way, Eatontown, NJ 07724 Website:




UltraShipTMS offers award winning software-as-a-service solutions to leading shippers in food production, packaging, manufacturing, retail and other industries. We invited Anthony Vitiello to tell us more. UltraShipTMS, includes five, fully mature modules for endto-end logistics management. The solution provides rate/route planning via the LoadFusion Optimizer module, full TMS functionality via the UltraShipTMS CORE module, cost effective Yard Management via UltraYMS module, integrated private and dedicated fleet management functions via the UltraFleet module and full financial processing through the Ultra FreightPay module. The platform is equipped to manage both in- and out-bound shipping across all modes of transport. Built and supported by an acclaimed team of transportation industry veterans and software developers, UltraShipTMS is an emerging leader in the supply chain management industry. UltraShip’s Anthony Vitiello explains the firm’s commitment to delivering results beyond the expectations of the typical TMS solution and how this ethic differentiates UltraShipTMS from competitors.

“The motivating force behind UltraShipTMS is a desire to deliver logistics IT solutions that succeed beyond shippers’ expectations of the ordinary TMS platform. The word “Ultra” is a Latin word which translates directly to “beyond”, says Vitiello.

of most operations and should pull its weight when it comes to driving competitive advantage. UltraShipTMS is built with the broader organization’s goals in mind and drives results far beyond the confines of the transportation department.”

“This is no simple platitude,” Vitiello continued. “Ultra’s commitment to delivering benefits ‘Beyond TMS’ can be found in the way every facet, feature and function of the UltraShipTMS platform is designed - from conception to release. Ultra’s solutions are not designed to simply automate and manage the tasks associated with transportation logistics. Rather, they’re built in collaboration with key customer stakeholders in Transportation, IT, Finance, Purchasing and even the Executive Suite, to deliver positive benefits for each functional area of the customer organization touching transportation - upstream and downstream. Transportation is a mission-critical component

In concluding his commentary, Anthony was keen to emphasize the firm’s future focus would remain firmly on growth and product development. He said, “Looking to the future, UltraShipTMS continues to focus on new customer acquisition and remaining a genuine disruptor in the field of logistics IT solutions. An exciting user interface update is planned for the near future, building upon the solution’s already robust and award winning UI design. We look forward to delivering this innovative new solution both to our valued clients and new customers alike.”

Company: UltraShipTMS Name: Anthony Vitiello Email: Web Address: Address: 17-17 Route 208 North, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 Telephone: 201.458.1079




ITSTAFF® ITStaff® Technical Resources is an information technology services company, dedicated to providing high-quality and cost-effective staffing solutions. We invited Mark Norris to tell us more about the firm and the services they provide to their customers. ITStaff provides staffing services for projects in software development, Data Analytics/Predictive Data, Cloud Service niches, such as Salesforce and projects requiring highly-specialized consultants bringing ideas and best practices and who are able to lead vast teams of technical resources while communicating progress articulately in the board room. Industries they serve include healthcare, technology, retail, insurance and finance among others. Mark discussed how ITStaff strives to exceed customer expectations. “For us, it’s all about the client. That means taking an active role by being helpful, reliable and demonstrating a genuine interest in the success of their projects. The IT managers we work with have difficult and demanding jobs. The last thing they want or need is more stress. Once they work with us, and see our processes and how we operate, they begin

to understand that we’re not the typical staffing company. They appreciate our work ethic and our commitment to excellence”. “We believe in sharing risk with our clients, just as you would expect in any true and valued business relationship. We do this by providing an industry leading two-month guarantee for each and every contract professional we provide. The guarantee affords the manager sufficient time to evaluate the consultant’s fit on the project and into the team dynamics. If for any reason the manager is not elated with their decision, the situation is mitigated. The good news is that we’ve never had a client exercise the guarantee, something for which we’re extremely proud. That’s a testament to the experience of our sales and recruiting team and the meticulous processes and controls we’ve put in place.”

grow organically to uphold the company’s reputation for providing quality services. “We’re managing quality control and the attention to details that have served us well and allowed us to be recognized positively by our clients and professional staff alike. Our primary goal is retention of client relationships we already have by continuing to deliver on the staffing promise while steadily adding new customers that want to make a change from the status quo.”

Looking to the future, Mark makes it clear that the firm is keen to

Company: ITStaff® Technical Resources Name: Mark Norris Email: Web Address: Address: United States of America Telephone: (877) 676-7681




Financial Recovery Technologies (FRT) is a leading technology-based services firm that helps institutional investors identify eligibility, file claims and collect funds made available in securities class action, global and antitrust settlements. Rob Adler tells us more about the firm and the recent developments which have helped it achieve its current success. Offering the most comprehensive range of claim filing and monitoring services available, FRT provides best-in-class eligibility analysis, disbursement auditing and client reporting, and delivers the highest level of accuracy, accountability and transparency available. The world of class actions has evolved dramatically over the last five years requiring investors to evaluate their existing governance controls and protocols. FRT’s comprehensive suite meets its customers’ needs with deep domain expertise, client-centric products, actionable intelligence, powered by the most robust, reliable and resilient technology. The firm is constantly investing in order to provide the very highest standard of cutting edge solutions, as Rob explains. “Over the last three years, FRT has invested in building our technology

and team. FRT deploys the most advanced technology and focused, dedicated staff in order to provide the most relevant services to our clients. We have, in recent years, invested more than $5 million in our technology and infrastructure and made substantial investment in our people, all while adding new clients and maintaining more than 99.5% of our client base.

“Moving forward, FRT plans to continue our internal growth, while expanding on our service offerings to clients to be sure we address the growing needs of our customers and the marketplace.”

“Fundamentally, as the industry has evolved, so has FRT. We have experienced over 50% growth for the past three years and are the leaders in class action recovery with over 70 employees and 550+ clients.” Looking ahead, this focus on innovation and pioneering approach will remain the firm’s key strategy as it seeks to continue to provide clients with the services they need.

Company: Financial Recovery Technologies Email: Web Address: Address: 200 River’s Edge Drive, Suite 300, Medford, MA 02155 Telephone: 339-674-1021




Company: Agilysys, Inc Name: Jim Walker, SVP of Global Revenue Email: Web Address: Address: 1000 Windward Concourse, Alpharetta, Ga. 30005 Telephone: +1 877-369-6208


Agilysys is a leading hospitality technology provider of next-generation point-of-sale, property management, inventory and procurement, workforce management, analytics, document management and mobile and wireless solutions. We invited Jim Walker to tell us more. Agilysys’ award-winning solutions and services allow property managers to better connect, interact and transact with all their guests by streamlining operations, improving efficiency, increasing recruitment and wallet share, and enhancing the overall guest experience. Jim explains in detail how the firm achieves this through its creative solution offering. “As guest populations grow and expand, so too their expectations for service. Guests have come to expect greater convenience, expedient service, and highly tailored experiences. Here at Agilysys we enable our customers to meet these expectations through an innovative and guest-centric software technology that not only boosts efficiency and lowers overall costs, but also personalizes guest service to create greater loyalty. “We’re finding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) not only adds a layer of security to our customers’ operations, but also frees up valuable IT resources to focus on the guest instead. Now, operators are able to refocus their talents on delighting more guests.

levels of the hospitality industry, and understand how critical technology is to driving successful operations, as Jim emphasises. “Hospitality businesses are global, 24/7 operations with complex technology demands. The Agilysys team is comprised of individuals with extensive, real-world experience, having served at global hotel and resort brands, casinos, inns and restaurants, and who understand the complexities of the industry. The entire team is deeply committed to our customers and to delivering software technology, support and services to help meet - or exceed - the expectations of the modern guest. “Overall, Agilysys puts the power to make an impact directly into the hands of the people who work here. The company’s focus on empowerment, continual improvement, professional development, advancement opportunities, education and mentoring makes it an attractive place to work and as such we are able to recruit the very best talent in

“InfoGenesis® Flex is our awardwinning, mobile point-of-sale (POS) technology on a handheld device. Our customers are able to increase guest spending with mobile tablets that facilitate order placement and payment across the entire property. Servers cover greater areas in less time, without ever losing touch with guests. Designed to keep revenue flowing in the most demanding environments, InfoGenesis Flex performs uninterrupted, even when connectivity is interrupted.” Agilysys has an award-winning support and services record. With a reputation of delivering technical competencies and best practices in order to get the most out of any technology investment, the firm’s team of support and service professionals have served in various


the industry to support our clients.” Going forward, Jim foresees even greater success as the firm continues to develop its award winning solutions and offer services which meet the evolving needs of its hospitality clientele. “Looking ahead, Agilysys will continue to innovate and help customers build an integrated view of the business that helps them to to improve guest recruitment through promotions that target the most valuable demographic for their property; increase wallet share through contextually relevant offers for a specific guest during their visit; and strengthen connections with guests with awareness of their preferences across the various guest personas. “Combined with our unique strategy of flexible deployment options, such as SaaS, premise-based or a hybrid, the company is dedicated to helping our customers realize more solution ROI and lower their overall technology costs.”




Company: Fairfax Imaging Inc Phone: (877) 627-8325 Fax: 813.881.1600 Email: Website:


Fairfax Imaging is a leader in turnkey image-based products and solutions for the data capture, forms processing, document imaging, and tax remittance processing industries. We profile this dedicated and innovative firm and the creative solutions it provides. Fairfax Imaging, Inc. was established in 1994 to provide products, services, and solutions to the document management, data and forms processing, and data entry industries, in the commercial and government sectors. Since inception the firm has built a solid base of system installations in the Commercial, Federal, and State marketplaces, as such it has gained a solid reputation as a premier solutions provider. By utilizing its solutions, customers are able to perform their data capture tasks more efficiently and more productively. Among these solutions is Fairfax Imaging’s award winning Quick Modules software, which optimizes document processing workflows by electronically identifying, capturing, validating, and updating critical information clients receive whether electronic or paper form, including checks for Check 21 processing. The system processes virtually any document within a common workflow improving productivity and achieving a high return on investment.

some of the largest corporations in the world, have entrusted their automated and human-assisted data capture needs to systems built and installed by Fairfax Imaging. By doing so, these corporations have seen a tremendous improvement in the efficiency and productivity of their workforce. They were also able to reap immediate and tangible returns on investments. Ultimately, some of the most missioncritical applications in the world have been successfully entrusted to Fairfax Imaging. In order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, the company has always embraced a customer-centric management

In order to offer a wide range of products designed to meet client needs, the firm builds core products based on technological breakthroughs in the imaging, character recognition, and document workflow fields. When designing these products, Fairfax Imaging takes the utmost care to ensure that they are easily and seamlessly integrated within larger end-user systems. Such seamless integration can be performed by Fairfax Imaging, the end-user client, or a third party system integrator, as needed to meet the objectives and requirements of the end-user client. In addition, from the very start Fairfax Imaging’s has remained firmly focused on its primary niche area of expertise. This focus and commitment to quality have led Fairfax Imaging to become a leader in the area of document imaging and automated data capture. A number of Fortune 100 corporations, including


approach. In this approach, it commits, to its partners and clients that for each project, that the firm will always supply a dedicated seasoned Program Manager, and a number of project engineers, who always stand ready to serve the client, and whose sole mission is to provide functional systems, integrated on-site and within the customer’s environment. Moreover, Fairfax Imaging has provided business reengineering services to many government agencies and Fortune 100 companies throughout the US, and moving forward it will continue to support these clients as it seeks to build its knowledge base and grow as a company.




Company: FreeCast, Inc. Name: William Mobley Email: Web Address: / Address: 5850 TG Lee Blvd., Suite 350 Orlando, Florida Telephone: (407) 374-1603


FreeCast is a provider of aggregated online video services. We invited William Mobley to tell us more about the firm’s award winning flagship service, SelectTV. Launched in 2016, SelectTV is a must-have product for cord-cutting consumers, and even a great companion to traditional pay TV subscriptions. The firm also offer a white label version of this innovative service which will allow other companies to capitalize on the same trends in the television and entertainment industries that FreeCast was created to address. William is eager to discuss these innovations and how the upcoming updates will impact on clients. “This is a very exciting time for our company, as we’re on the cusp of some big upgrades for our service. Very soon, we will be able to offer unified payments and password management as a part of SelectTV. If you are a cord-cutter, chances are you have got at least a couple of subscription video services.

“What we recognized very early was that just about everything you see on TV was already on the internet somewhere. So rather than license a bunch of content, we created a far more complete and more efficient service by simply directing consumers to where the content they want watch already exists. One search with our service brings together content from hundreds of apps and sources that otherwise do not talk to each other.” With regards to the future, FreeCast have a number of invigorating developments in the pipeline which William is keen to outline in his concluding comments. “This year, FreeCast is going to be

“With SelectTV, you will be able to enter your password once on our site, which will streamline the login process for all of those services in the future; you won’t have to sign in to ten different apps or sites ever again. Unified billing is also a big convenience improvement. We’ll be able to give consumers a single monthly bill with all of their subscription fees and pay-per-view purchases, making our service easier and more familiar. It will look more like a monthly cable bill, but much more straightforward and certainly much lower.” In order to set itself apart from the competition FreeCast has worked hard to provide an efficient and effective solution which meets its clients’ needs, as William explains. “Efficiency is at the core of everything our service does. Most of the new entries to the online video space have been content libraries. That is great, but each new service that comes online presents one more option for consumers to choose from, one more account to log in to, one more place they have to search for content, one more monthly bill.


launching exciting hardware for SelectTV. This includes our Onebox, the one box that does everything you need, replacing the stack of boxes and jungle of cords that most people have beneath their televisions. “In addition, we also be introducing the SelectTV stick and TabTV later this year, both of which will allow our customers to enjoy a complete TV experience on their terms: either in a single device they can hold in their hands, or on the devices they already own with a simple HDMI Plugin. These developments offer many exciting opportunities, both for ourselves and our customers, and we are excited to take advantage of these over the coming months.”




Vigilus LLC is a development and consulting organization which acts as a IBM Business Partner for clients around the world. We invited Joe Singer to provide us with a fascinating overview of the firm and the solutions it offers. Since its establishment in 2003 Vigilus has been supporting clients around the world across all business sizes and industries, with a focus on the financial services and manufacturing markets. Joe talks us through the firm’s service offering in more detail, outlining how it aims to provide clients with the solutions they need. “Here at Vigilus, our core competency is in developing, deploying and supporting CRM applications for the web, mobile and social enterprise user community. We also develop and support Custom IBM Notes, XPages and Mobile applications for the enterprise. Our flagship offering, VMobile integrates seamlessly with IBM Notes and Microsoft Outlook email and Calendars. VMobile can be deployed in-house or can be hosted. Additionally, Vigilus offers VISIT INTEL, a website tracking analytical tool.” What truly makes the firm the ideal partner for its clients, according

to Joe, is the dedication and expertise of its workforce. “Collectively the people that make up Vigilus have decades of experience in CRM and Website analytic software. The desire to provide relevant software solutions that actually get used on a day to day business is what continues to drive our motivation to be the best.” Recently Vigilus launched a new version of VMobile CRM with the majority of the focus on the Web/ Mobile side. Organizations are finding that the VMobile web/ mobile user interface solves their day to day CRM needs, alleviating the need for an IBM Notes client version.

These new developments are exciting and look set to provide the firm with many great opportunities for the future, as Joe concludes. “Overall, Vigilus is very excited to have a true Mobile/web CRM offering . VMobile will work with any mobile device and integrates with any email and calendar platform. In the future, we will continue to expand the functionality within VMobile. Also we have plans to integrate Visit Intel with VMobile.”

In Addition to the new version of VMobile, there is another major new development. Visit Intel is a website visitor tracking tool which proactively emails automated reports to the right people within the clients’ organization to give them “company visit” information.

Company: Vigilus LLC Name: Joe Singer Email: Web Address: Address: 19 Brentwood Drive, Jackson NJ 08527 Telephone: 203-312-9675





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