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Welcome to the 2017 Social Care Awards The 2017 Social Care Awards have been designed to give recognition to the individuals, teams and companies responsible for showing the highest level of care, compassion and courage in one of the most important, yet challenging, industries. GHP is looking to reward outstanding service and innovation within the field of social care in order to celebrate the industry’s finest and bravest. It seeks to recognise those who selflessly and generously donate their time and effort to look after others, without ever asking for recognition or commendation. We need your votes in order to reward these generous individuals and show them how much their diligence and enthusiasm is appreciated.

Contents 04 A vital and dynamic organisation committed to improving health and healthcare.

EHMA 06 Best Global Healthcare Company & Most Innovative Medical Technologies Provider 2017

Fresenius Kabi

08 Award for Excellence in Palliative Care Research Ecuador

Hospital de Los Valles

10 Best Homecare Services Provider - South of England

MiHomecare Plymouth

11 Carer Charity of the Year - UK

Carers’ Trust

12 Best Vulnerable Persons Support Organisation NSW

Family Services Illawarra Ltd.

13 Best Residential Care Home - Northamptonshire

Grangefield Care Home

14 Best Medical Practice Operator 2017 - Australia

IPN Medical Centres

15 Best Exercise & Nutritional Therapy Service South East England


17 Best Disability & Mental Illness Support NPO & GHP Excellence Award for Carer Support Sydney


18 Best Charitable Older People Initiative - South East England

Skills and Care Greenwich

19 Best Out-Of-Home Child Care Provider & Most Innovative Small International Therapeutic Organisation - NSW

20 Best Autism Treatment & Prevention CentreCaribbean

New Horizons Support Services

Tomorrow’s Voices

21 GHP Award for ASD & Learning Difficulties Inclusion in Sport - UK


22 Best Disability Residential Home Provider – Wiltshire & Swindon

White Horse Care Trust

23 Best Respite Care Service - South Coast UK

Shared Lives South West

24 Best Support Needs Holiday Support Provider Northwest England

16 Best Local Care Service Development Initiative Channel Islands

Stretch-A-Family Inc

Your Direction Ltd.

26 Best Nurture Initiative for Gifted & Talented Youth - Buckinghamshire

Potential Plus UK

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Excellence in European Healthcare

The European Health Management Association (EHMA) is a non-profit membership organisation open to all those committed to improving health and healthcare. We profile this vital and dynamic organisation and explore the crucial work it undertakes. Active since 1982, EHMA’s focus is on health management capacity and capabilities and on supporting the successful implementation of health policy and practice, so as to make a real difference to the lives of Europe’s 500 million citizens. What truly sets it apart is that EHMA is the only membership organization in Europe to bring together health managers, health professionals, policy makers, researchers and educators. The organisation provides an environment where evidence, challenge and experience are valued and complex debates on current topics take place. With a secretariat located in the heart of Europe, EHMA maximizes its impact by placing its membership of over 130 members in 38 countries at the heart of all that it does. In order to make a real difference, EHMA is principally focussed on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ of healthcare. This focus on implementation has behind it the twin aims of improving the take up and successful implementation of health improvement programmes and spreading this learning back into the realms of health policy, education and training. As part of this approach, the organisation engages in cutting edge research with some of the top research associations in Europe, with a focus on engagement and dissemination. In addition, it works to support healthcare delivery to ensure it is as good as the best in Europe, through networking, events and projects. Three interrelated approaches make up the firm’s overall strategy. First EHMA use critical dissemination platforms such as its Annual Conference to showcase current change programmes. This is subsequently expanded out into work streams that take a subject focus to problem solve particular policy implementation challenges and creative vehicles for knowledge exchange, without forgetting the

role EHMA plays in providing policy makers with important evaluative feedback from its Members. The organisation then uses its uses its effective networking skills and competencies as a platform to facilitate the dissemination of health policy and practice, again using the most up to date technologies. The third element of EHMA’s competency framework is the development of engagement tools and techniques that range from focus groups and surveys and conferences and working groups. Through its education, management and training work EHMA is providing a unique forum for Europe’s leading academic institutions to review, initiate and develop the highest quality health management programmes. However, what really makes a difference is the organisations work amending policy in the region. As part of this EHMA writes reports, provides expert commentary and maintaining a dialogue between policy makers and front line delivery agencies, which improves understanding and take up and facilitates policy refinement and change. The organisation also offers an innovative yearly event, the EHMA Annual Conference, an international knowledge sharing event. It is a meeting place where, according to EHMA’s vision statement evidence, challenge and experience are valued and the “unthinkable” can be discussed. Participants coming from all around Europe and beyond will have the opportunity to bring and share their knowledge - derived from academic work and practical experience - and explore fundamental managerial and policy issues. This informative and coveted event brings together policy makers, health managers, health professionals, educators and heads of research programmes. The conference is characterised by international speakers and high quality

4 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017

presentations together with an informal and relaxed atmosphere. So as to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the conference, each year EHMA works hard to ensure an informal atmosphere that facilitates networking. As part of the conference, the EHMA hosts The Karolinska Medical Management Centre/ EHMA Research Award; an annual award for the best contribution associated with a doctoral thesis related to health management. Selected by the EHMA Scientific Advisor Committee, the best abstracts will have the opportunity to compete for a 1000 € prize during a dedicated PhD Students’ session at the EHMA’s Annual Conferences. The criteria for the award is that applicants should be young researchers in the final phase of PhD studies or who have recently completed a PhD. Only the PhD students may present the abstract; thesis supervisors are not allowed to present the papers on behalf of their students. Abstracts do not have to be linked to the conference theme but must be associated with a doctoral thesis in the field of health policy and management. Last year’s winner was Lieke Oldenhof, from Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands for his thesis; The Multiple Middle: Managing in Healthcare.

Fundamentally, EHMA’s mission is to translate EU policy to the organisational level and influence the agenda from the bottom up. To achieve this, the organisation collaborates with leading research institutions to accelerate the uptake of research findings into practice. In addition, its management improvement portfolio supports health care innovation and education to enable the delivery of high quality healthcare across Europe. Alongside its central service offering, the organisation also offers a youth department designed to support young people in making a difference to healthcare across Europe. A recent initiative, the Young EHMA group provides a unique environment where researchers, policy analysts and health managers are able to network within their own self-managed space. In addition to running events at the Annual Conference Young EHMA will be developing opportunities for exchange visits and peer to peer training opportunities. Overall, EHMA draws on this collaborative approach and strong network, as well as more than three decades of experience in building and supporting communities of interest within the field of health management and policy to enhance its work. This now manifests itself the use of the most up to date forms of social media

and the highest quality networking events. The organisation brings together a unique mix of healthcare professionals, operational managers, researchers, policy analysts and educators. Joined by a common purpose to improve the transfer of policy into practice, the space EHMA is able to provide is valued by stakeholders for its ability to bring new thinking to challenges both new and old. In order to continue to provide its vital support and services, EHMA is always open to organisations or individuals who would like to join them in delivering their exciting change agenda, and as such the organisation’s ongoing focus will be on growing its network and continuing to change the way Europe delivers its healthcare services.

Contact Details Company: European Health Management Association (EHMA) Address: Rue Belliard 15-17, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium Phone: +32 (0)2 502 6525 Email: Website:


Best Global Healthcare Company 2017 & Most Innovative Medical Technologies Provider 2017

Fresenius Kabi is a global healthcare company that specializes in lifesaving medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition. We spoke to Kate Kelly to learn more. Fresenius Kabi is the leader in infusion therapy and clinical nutrition in Europe, focusing on the therapy and care of critically and chronically ill patients in both the hospital and home environment. The company develops, manufactures and markets products that offer efficient clinical outcomes combined with a commitment to quality and patient safety. Calea UK Ltd is part of Fresenius Kabi and provides high tech homecare services for IV Nutrition, IV Antibiotics, Immunoglobulin therapy, Rheumatology treatment and blood disorders. Kate outlines the firm’s core aims and how it works to achieve these by offering the very highest standard of care. ​ ith our corporate philosophy of “caring for W life”, Fresenius Kabi is committed​to putting essential medicines and technologies in the hands of people who help patients and finding the best answers to the challenges they face. We want to be the healthcare company of choice for customers and patients. This means that we continuously strive to develop our specialist skills in the fields of nutrition, infusion therapy and homecare. In doing so we provide innovative solutions to meet the highest standards of patient care. “As part of this, all Fresenius Kabi and Calea nurses are trained to a high standard and receive regular clinical practice, assessment and development. They are carefully selected for their people skills, professional and clinical expertise and their ability to work as part of a wider team. All patients have individual complex needs and these are assessed on discharge from hospital. We place strong emphasis on clinical governance, safeguarding and treating our patients with respect. We have a specialist team of Clinical trainers and a Clinical Governance and Clinical Excellence manager to ensure these needs are met.” Within the healthcare industry currently there is an increased need for patient involvement

in service development, and as such Kate is eager to emphasise Fresenius Kabi’s dedication to communicating and collaborating with its service users in order to make sure they receive the healthcare solutions they need. “In order to address the need for greater patient involvement in service creation, we work closely with a group of patients and regularly ask for their input. We are also setting up a patient group on Facebook. This will provide a closed area for our patients to communicate with each other and share their experiences of our services with us. The overall aim is to elevate the patient voice and enhance their experience by engaging with them and encouraging peer to peer support.” “Overall, we continuously strive to improve our services and we do this by ensuring that we follow best clinical practice and through engaging with customers and patients. There is a regular process of customer and patient feedback through customer questionnaires and patient satisfaction surveys. The results are utilised to improve the service we provide. We engage with patient support groups and run our own patient days to ensure our patients have access to other people with knowledge and experience of their condition.” Operating on a national basis, the firm has nurses in all areas of the country, enabling them to provide care to patients in their homes. The main challenge is recruiting nurses in more remote areas, as the company has exceptionally high standards when it comes to recruitment, as Kate discusses. “At Fresenius Kabi our values are embedded into the interview and appraisal process. Each new member we recruit is assessed on their experience and knowledge but also their commitment to our ethos. We provide our nurses with training and support to develop the skills required to do their job. We provide our

6 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017

nurses with a one-week residential induction, individualised training plan with support from our clinical excellence team, ongoing structured competency based training and assessment and support with attendance at professional conferences.” As a global healthcare company providing vital services to those most in need of support and care, Fresenius Kabi work hard to ensure that they are constantly evolving and adapting, and this will remain its overall focus looking ahead, as Kate concludes. “The social care market is ever changing and we welcome the challenge. We aim to be

flexible to meet the changing landscape and our leadership team work hard to monitor the market and work in partnership with healthcare professionals to enhance our service. “As part of this our Digital homecare and social media projects are key developments to our service offering which will benefit patients. The digital homecare solution, supported by our new social media strategy, will enhance both the customer and patient experience. The system will also develop our ability to support customers on a national basis. Alongside this, our Facebook group will be dedicated to improving the lives of our patients and will be launched in 2017. Each of these developments plays a

keep part in ensuring the ongoing support of our patients and clients, and we are excited to showcase these latest innovations and develop more over the months and years to come.”

Contact Details Company: Fresenius Kabi and Calea Name: Kate Kelly Email: Web Address: www. Address: Cestrian Court, Eastgate Way, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1N Telephone: +44 (0)1928 533500


Award for Excellence in Palliative Care Research - Ecuador

Hospital De Los Valles (HDLV) is a multi-specialty hospital catering to the cities of Cumbaya and Quito, in the Pichincha province of Ecuador. The hospital is built on four hectares of land, of which 7600 meters make up its infrastructure, then surrounded by ample green spaces. The hospital prides itself on working with top professionals in all specialties and subspecialties, utilising cutting-edge technology in all areas. Being a teaching hospital HDLV has continuing education programs in health, specializing in numerous areas such as pediatrics, internal medicine and obstetrics, and also maintains a valuable strategic partnership with Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), the top medical university in Ecuador. This relationship allows the hospital to develop the next generation of well qualified teams of doctors and nurses, as well as paramedics. The mission of HDLV is to provide Community Health Services through an integral and efficient clinical practice; providing a committed and friendly model of care. Their value statements, which guide their mission, is to treat everyone in their diverse community, including patients, their families and colleagues, with dignity and to deliver the best and highest quality service through a dedicated effort of the team. All teams within the hospital provide top quality care to patients and their families through sensitivity and empathy. At HDLV, the needs of the patient come first. To strengthen the user experience, HDLV use multiple approaches to allow them to gain instant feedback regarding patient care, which includes; touchscreen tablets on every floor allowing instant feedback for patients and doctors, a suggestions box for any comments or complaints, 24/7 direct telephone access to Customer Service representatives and feedback surveys presented at cashiers to gain insights on service. The hospital has a variety of specialties ranging from a general ward to OBGYN and Pediatrics. Until 2013, HDLV had a 17-bed mixed ICU that catered to both pediatric and adult patients. Based on a local study completed in

collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (USA) about the quality of care and financial costs of maintaining a mixed ICU at HDLV, 2013 saw the decision made to establish the first Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of its kind in Ecuador.

HDLV’s PICU employs an innovative, family-centered model of care that takes a holistic approach to the palliation of patients’ pain. The creation of this 6-bed unit increased Ecuador’s national Pediatric Critical Care Capacity by 20% and also simultaneously created Ecuador’s only evidence-based Integrated Model of Care that incorporates palliative and family-centered care principles. HDLV’s PICU’s unique Critical and Palliative Care Team invites patients and their families to work closely with highly trained doctors and nurses in order to create the best treatment plans possible for each individual. The team seeks to treat the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural pain that patients and their families may experience

8 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017

during periods of critical illness and injury in order to provide the best quality of life possible to all patients, regardless of their prognoses or diagnoses. To achieve this goal, HDLV’s unit employs a shared decision-making model that respects families as experts about their child and involves them in meetings with multidisciplinary teams of specialists, such as doctors, psychologists, spiritual leaders, and social workers. The Integrated Model of Care has dramatically improved patient symptom assessment and management, family-physician communication, and patients’ satisfaction with their treatment experiences. In accordance with the hospital’s commitment to high-quality, holistic patient care, they continue to research new and better ways to further improve patients’ wellbeing. Hospital de Los Valles has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, including a Humanized Birth Center, Cardiology Center and a Gastroenterology Center, whose infrastructure is being equipped with advanced technology and the best doctors trained in conditions of the digestive system. They treat and prevent disorders of the pancreas, liver, stomach, small intestine and colon. Humanized Birth Center The Ob/Gyn and Women’s Health Institute is designed to meet the unique and changing medical needs of women during and after pregnancy. The Labor and Delivery rooms allow mothers to give birth and recover in a comfortable, home-like setting, next to loved ones in the most secure environment, offering state of the art facilities. The center provides 24/7 professional care with an in house Ob/Gyn Doctor.

HDLV are currently working on

the launch of a Humanized Birth Center, which creates a friendly environment for families and their newborns. This center will make an immense difference in the reception of the new-born, as the baby never separates from the mother. In the area of pediatrics, the concept of Family Centered Care is implemented at all times, where the child is constantly surrounded by their parents or guardians to provide emotional support. Cardiology Center HDLV’s renovated Cardiology Institute offers the latest innovations in cardiac care and clinical therapies to patients of all ages. The hospital sees patients with very common heart problems, such as angina, artery problems, valvular heart disease, and heart failure and provide them with state-of-the-art tests and procedures to help make an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Non-invasive cardiac investigations are carried out for both inpatients and outpatients, which includes echocardiography, electrocardiogram, 24-hour blood pressure monitor, 24-hour ambulatory monitor, and autonomic function test. The staff provide both adult and children’s heart services, which have a growing national and international reputation.

Company: Hospital de Los Valles. Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Web Address:


Best Homecare Services Provider - South of England

MiHomecare started life as Enara; a company that had been providing quality home care services since 1996. In October 2012, Mitie acquired Enara and renamed the business MiHomecare, which now works to provide care for people of all ages by offering a wide range of services. MiHomecare’s services include help at home, companionship, domestic support, meal preparation, medication support, personal care, respite services, reablement, supported living, live-in care, complex care and end-oflife care. By tailoring the care they provide to each individual who utilises their services, the firm helps people to live a happier and more independent life, in the comfort of their own home. This allow the customer to stay in a familiar environment, surrounded by their belongings and their loved ones, which makes an enormous difference to their quality of life. Everything MiHomecare do is underpinned by their simple mission; ‘to provide care that you would choose for a loved one’. This forms the basis of the firm’s culture and clearly demonstrates to both employees and the outside world what MiHomecare is all about and how they intend to function. This mission also allows the company to ask the question of whether this is the standard of care that they would be happy for their loved ones to receive, and if the answer to this question is no, they quickly recognise that things need to be done differently. The mission provides MiHomecare with a clear focus for the continuous improvement of their services. Delivering a high-quality service for every customer, every day, involves having the right people, the right processes and the right systems in place; MiHomecare anchor their mission statement into reality by monitoring the service they provide and measuring it against rigorous quality standards. One of the key ways the company assesses how well they are performing is feedback from their customers. Annual customer surveys are carried out, and MiHomecare make sure they act on the responses they receive from this. They also actively involve their customers in their business decisions; this input helps MiHomecare

improve their services and has often given them valuable new ideas and suggestions. After all, the company believes there is no one better to develop their business than those they care for.

MiHomecare understand the vital importance of having a skilled, honest, respectful and compassionate workforce, as they know that they have been placed in a position of trust by their customer. Customers and their families rely on the work completed by the company, so they work hard to repay the trust placed in them by delivering the highest standards of care possible. The core values of the company are instilled throughout the organisation, and they are proud to employ people who are passionate about the work they do. MiHomecare has a strong focus on training, and this starts with an accredited and nationally-recognised induction course for all their care workers. Regular refresher training courses ensure that skills are kept up to date, and the care team are always fully supported by a team of supervisors and managers.

10 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017


Carer Charity of the Year - UK

Carers Trust is a UK wide charity which works to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems. Chief Strategy Officer Luen Thompson reaches out to those in need of support. Do you care for someone; a family member, friend or neighbour? Then Carers Trust is here to support you. Did you know that 3 in 5 of us will become a carer at some point in our lives?

As they are trusted to care for some of the most vulnerable members of society, MiHomecare has a responsibility to safeguard the health, wellbeing and human rights of their customers, ensuring that they can live free from harm, abuse or neglect, or the fear of it. All staff are trained to recognise the signs of possible abuse, and work in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure that their customers are supported to live the life they choose. MiHomecare understands that choosing a care provider is an incredibly important decision for everyone involved; both the person needing care and their loved ones. They know that their customers need a company that they can rely on, and people who are compassionate, honest and trustworthy. Quality is part of everything that MiHomecare does; from the values they instil into their organisation, through to the training they provide. MiHomecare review and monitor standards throughout their organisation continuously, and they are always striving to improve the service they provide to their customers.

Company: Mihomecare Plymouth Web Address: Telephone: 0333 220 9050

A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support. Today, there are around 7 million carers in the UK, providing unpaid care to a family member, neighbour or friend in need. That’s around 10% of the population. Anyone can become a carer at anytime. Caring for someone takes place all around us every day and is not age, gender, social class or culturally specific, but is often hidden from view as carers put the needs of the people they care for first and foremost.

Carers Trust is the largest UK wide charity providing support and breaks to carers. Carers Trust works to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems. With a Network of Partners across the UK, Carers Trust aim to ensure that quality assured information, advice and practical support such as advice on benefits, breaks and much needed emotional support are available to all carers across the UK. To find your local service go to https:// enter your town or postcode and see what help is available. Caring for someone can be physically and emotionally exhausting so knowing what’s available to you is important. Make your yourself count and take a look today.

The UKs unpaid carers already save the economy in excess of £132bn every year, but with cuts in services, carers may be expected to do even more, often at great personal cost. Carers are on duty 24/7, 365 days a year and often find that they are physically and mentally exhausted by the challenges they face, that they are disadvantaged financially and that their own health and wellbeing can suffer. If you are reading this feature, it may be because you are caring for someone and perhaps don’t yet recognise your own needs. Carers Trust can help.

ghp Social Care Awards 2017 | 11

© Carers Trust

All photos posed by models.

Company: Carers Trust Email: Website: Phone: 0300 772 9600


Best Vulnerable Persons Support Organisation - NSW

Family Services Illawarra Limited (FSIL) are a young vibrant service that supports children, young people and their families to keep their children and young people safe and well, strong and connected. We profile the firm and explore the vital work it undertakes in this crucial sector.

Using team based Multi-Disciplined Services On-Demand (MDSOD), FSIL centrally triages urgency and risk to deliver solutions to abuse, neglect, separation from families, significant others and severe adversity. As a registered charity, public benevolent institution and deductible gift recipient, FSIL works alongside children at risk of serious harm and vulnerable families subjected to the impacts of physical, sexual and mental abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic and family violence. In response FSIL provides recovery from trauma, safety, permanency pathways and outcomes for well-being, health and education. By offering continuity of care with reduced referral pathways, FSIL aims to keep children, young people and families Safe, Well, Strong and Connected. Additionally, by providing a Trauma Informed Practice, this leading charity is able to create evidence based outcomes that are culturally responsive in achieving positive, safe and healing relationships. In order to ensure that staff operate to the best of their abilities and are supported throughout their time with the company, FSIL actively promote self-care throughout its workforce with Rostered Days Off (RDOs), time off in lieu, regular supervision de-briefing, coaching, mentoring, training learning and development plans. As part of this self-care regime weekly mindfulness sessions occur for staff every Wednesday morning, which is complemented with a staff chill out room and therapeutic massage chair for use during work hours. Ultimately, FSIL’s goal is to grow its love, care, skills and support to reach more of the unmet needs that continue to expand in our

Communities, with an ever higher complexity of contextual disorders.

To achieve this FSIL is actively engaged in merger and acquisition due diligence of mental health and community services that seek to expand their reach too, while continuously improving quality of care. Alongside this, FSIL as a Host Agency is willing to offer open Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to attract complementary NGO service providers who can work alongside it in creating life solutions for communities in need, through close trusted partnerships of integrity. These exciting expansion plans will remain at the forefront of an ongoing focus as it looks to collaborate and expand in order to better support those who rely on its vital service offering. With a FSIL Client Satisfaction (CSAT) level of greater than 95%, open and confidential expressions of interest from NGOs looking to expand high-quality human support services are always welcome.

Company: Family Services Illawarra Limited, t/ as Family Services Australia Name: Gary Jackson, CEO & Co. Secretary Email: Web Address: Address: Suites 3-8, Level 1, 151 Tongarra Road, Albion Park, New South Wales, Australia 2527 Telephone: +61 2 4256 7333

12 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017


Best Residential Care Home - Northamptonshire

Grangefield Care Home is a beautiful Edwardian home that sits proudly opposite open rolling countryside in the historic village of Earls Barton. It was converted into a care home for the elderly in 1989 and purchased by the current owner, Mr Nikul Odedra, in 2005.

Grangefield can house up to 20 residents, and boasts a reputation across Northamptonshire for being a remarkable care provider. The home has resisted the urge to provide dementia care, focusing instead on offering stimulating care to elderly people who require help due to their physical frailty.

“We also host regular one-on-one resident meetings, group meetings and relative forums. This allows us to remain in continual touch with what our clients want,” explained owner Nikul Odedra. “This, coupled with our beautiful premises, delicious cuisine and a ‘yes we can’ attitude, allows us to stay on top of our game.”

Residents at the home are treated to complimentary hairdressing, chiropody and massage therapy, as well as themed events such as fancy dress, music, dance and sumptuous tea parties. The home organises regular outings to places like stately homes and theatres. Weekly activities include fitness, arts and crafts and games. The home even has its very own pub, which like everything else, is free of charge.

In 2008, Grangefield Care Home started to offer care at home to elderly people living in their own homes. This new service, named Grangefield Homecare, wanted to be different from other larger agencies. Since establishment, it has remained small and local – an approach which has allowed clients to receive timely care from the same group of carers, something which bigger agencies struggle to provide. A recent restructuring and operational overhaul is enabling a more focused service to be provided, allowing Grangefield Homecare to take Grangefield Care Home’s good reputation to a new, wider audience.

The home’s efforts have been deservedly recognised. In January 2017, Grangefield won the prestigious Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s 2017 Social Care Award for Best Residential Care Home in Northamptonshire. The home believes this is independent vindication of their approach to care. In 2012, Grangefield won an award for Best Customer Service as part of the Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards. This award was open to organisations from different sectors, and by beating so many different companies to secure the accolade, Grangefield proved that kind, wonderful, care homes do exist. A number of factors contribute to making Grangefield different. First and foremost, its staff – a loyal and long serving team of people to whom residents ‘are like family’. The owner, manager, senior staff team, alongside the domestic and catering teams all play a pivotal role in maintaining the high standards across the home.

Company: Grangefield Care Home Web Address:

ghp Social Care Awards 2017 | 13


Best Medical Practice Operator 2017 - Australia

IPN Medical Centres (IPN) remains true to its history, a premium, experienced operator of general practices, focused on delivering highquality patient care. IPN is the trusted business partner of more than 1,800 independent General Practitioners who practise with complete clinical sovereignty from within IPN Medical Centres. The group provides a professional service for its Doctors and the patients, driven by a respect for quality medicine. The core mission of the group is to ensure that IPN is ‘Supporting Better Medicine’ in everything they do. IPN employs over 3,000 healthcare professionals as nurses, practice managers, customer service and corporate staff.

IPN take great care when engaging with their Doctors and staff, offering formal induction programs and clinical support, as well as numerous employee training opportunities. The group fosters a culture of learning and caring where honesty, communication and creativity are encouraged, recognised and rewarded. IPN aims to provide an environment in which welltrained employees are valued and respected for delivering quality service and excellent care. IPN is a subsidiary of Sonic Clinical Services (SCS) - the primary care division of Sonic Healthcare. SCS brings together a range of businesses that provide national healthcare services and solutions including GP clinics and after hours GP services, occupational and remote health services, community and

home nursing services, health assessment technologies and hospital avoidance programs. The SCS network includes other premium trusted brands such as Sonic HealthPlus; DoctorDoctor, Australian Skin Cancer Clinics, Lifescreen and SmartHealth. SCS also offers primary care research programs, clinical trials and chronic disease management services. Approximately 70% of Australians live within 10 kilometres of an SCS healthcare facility. IPN is committed to being at the forefront of new developments in technology that can improve the delivery of quality patient care. IPN is investing in a range of innovative platforms focused on enhancing their service offering to both patients and doctors. Examples include IPN’s online booking ‘GP4Me’ app, appointment reminders, chronic disease management technology solutions, patient record access and after hours care solutions all are delivering significant improvements in quality patient care. Leveraging digital technologies to enhance communication with patients and doctors will become increasing important as we embrace the challenges facing healthcare in Australia. With IPN Medical Centres, you are in the best of health.

Company: IPN Medical Centres Name: Philip Chandrapal Email: philip.chandrapal@ Web Address: au/ or Address: Level 32, 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Telephone: 02 8288 8982 Mobile: 0427 464 534

14 | ghp Social Care Awards 2017

Best Exercise & Nutritional Therapy Service - South East England

N.ableD is a social enterprise organisation which exists to empower those living with disabling health conditions or injuries to take back the control of their own health and well-being through combined exercise and nutritional therapy. We invited Founder and Director Nadine Denneth to talk us through the vital work the firm undertakes. N.ableD support clients of all ages who are often socially-isolated due to the impacts of ill health and feeling disconnected from their local community. Nadine outlines how the firm works to support people and ensure that they receive the services and solutions they need to improve their health and well-being.

“Here at N.ableD, our aim is to bridge the gap between the client and their community by regularly visiting them in their own home and by coaching them with exercise and nutritional therapy. In addition, we also try to connect our clients with other valuable services in their local community, which they may not otherwise know about or feel confident enough to attend by themselves. “The steps we take to ensure we actually help our clients make real progress in changing their lifestyle, include encouraging them to keep a diary of their day-to-day activity, as well noting the quantity and quality of food and drink being consumed; monitoring physiological changes, such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels; and doing mental well-being selfassessments. This is all done with our clients’ expressed permission to help us better evaluate the effectiveness of our service in improving their physical health and mental well-being.” One key achievement which highlights the

firm’s success in this endeavour is the fact that it was the first micro-provider organisation to be awarded with East London Solutions (ELS) Quality Assurance by a local authority within its first year of service. This achievement is testament to the high standards of work that the firm operate within, and moving forward the firm will be looking to continue this legacy of excellence and support a wider range of clients through collaboration, as Nadine concludes. “Currently we are in the process of filming a documentary about our award-winning service as a way to showcase our work to other organisations who may wish to collaborate with us, as we strongly believe in partnership working being the key to making a long-lasting positive impact on the community that we are all helping to serve together.”

Company: N.ableD Name: Nadine Denneth Email: Web Address: Address: 4 Stirling House, Sunderland Quay, Culpeper Close, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4HN Telephone: 0300 030 1033

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Best Local Care Service Development Initiative - Channel Islands

New Horizons is a Social Enterprise established in 2013, and which is based on the Island of Jersey, part of the Channel Islands. The organisation works with a wide range of people with a varying needs and disabilities, and are Approved providers of Children’s and Adult’s Respite and Homecare Services on the Island. Anthony Evans told us more about the vital work of this organisation. New Horizons also provide supported holidays, both to and from the Island. Anthony notes that the staff team have extensive experience working with both adults and children with complex needs, including communication difficulties, physical disabilities and Autistic spectrum conditions. “We provide life skills development support and offer people the opportunity to engage with their community, and live the life they choose. Our mission is to provide individualised support services for people with physical, developmental or social impairments, as well as individuals suffering from various health issues, thus enabling them to live independent and productive lives.

“Looking to the future, we aim to become an established local provider of social care services and to promote the Island of Jersey as a unique tourist destination through our supported holiday service, and we are looking to work in partnership with other service providers to help make the personalisation of service a practical local reality. The culture at New Horizons is very positive and very much about development; in 2017, we are planning to introduce a performance based incentive where staff will be offered either a cash bonus or shares within the company.”

“Our key aim is to ensure that people have a real choice of services, which offer unique solutions to each individual’s requirements. We want to enable people to participate in their communities, and provide each individual accessing our services the opportunity to have their own unique experience in life and to provide tailor-made services that people can buy into to improve their quality of life. “We have great relationships with the people we engage with and provide services built around each person’s own needs and circumstances. We hold regular reviews with our Service Users in order to ensure we are providing the right support and services to them and that they are happy, as well as making sure we support our staff through extensive training. We are currently deploying a care monitoring system that automates much of our reconciliation process, meaning that staff working in the community can access the information they need instantaneously.

Company: New Horizons Support Services Name: Anthony Evans Email: Web Address: www. Address: Suite 13 Bourne House, Francis Street, St. Helier, JE2 4QE Telephone: 01534 888826 or 07797922235

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Best Disability & Mental Illness Support NPO - Sydney & GHP Excellence Award for Carer Support - Sydney

Northside Community Forum is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, with 30 years’ experience in supporting 90,000 people with disabilities, mental illnesses, older people and their carers. The organisation’s unique approach assists people to choose their support needs through a range of direct and brokered services that best suit the individual’s goals, budget and lifestyle requirements. We spoke to Danielle Ballantine, Chief Executive Officer, who told us more. Northside coordinates and partners with a range of specialist and high quality services which give people greater choice, and enhances their independence and wellbeing. The organisation believe that all citizens should have services which are easy to access, where they are given a range of options and given peace of mind. Danielle explains that as a not-for-profit business, Northside are a customer first organisation, and everything they do revolves around the customer and the community, not shareholders. “Our vision is for every person to live their best life, and we believe we can achieve this by connecting people with affordable and accessible services and care in the local community, thus enhancing independence and wellbeing, supporting people to live the life they choose, via the support of a vibrant and integrated service system. “Northside is currently able to offer services including respite for carers and their dependents, domestic assistance for older people and those with disabilities, social events and activities for the vulnerable, transport, home modifications, dementia education, educational support for young carers, care coordination and support for service access and education and support for the community care industry. In order to be able to offer these services to the highest standards, we have just launched a new online integrated IT system. “Our sector has traditionally not been highly focused on technology, as most of our resources are invested in people who are caring for people. Our system will allow our clients to access their own client portal, which integrates online through mobile apps or SMS. This means that our

business will transform into a 24-hour multiple customer touchpoint business. Our clients will have the choice not only of a range of services, but will also be able to decide when and how they want to interact with us, prior, during, and post service. “The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Consumer Directed Care in Aged Care have each resulted in increased marketization of the sector and therefore, greater competition and opportunity for partnership. In light of this, going forward we are focused on positioning to grow our reach, continuing to demonstrate our ongoing value and expanding our service offering.”

Company: Northside Community Forum Name: Danielle Ballantine Email: Web Address: Address: Suite 101, Level 1, 10 Help Street, CHATSWOOD NSW 2067 Telephone: 1300 134 332

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Best Charitable Older People Initiative - South East England

Skills & Care Greenwich (SCG) is a registered charity, predominantly working with the youth and older people within marginalised communities in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Since its inception in July 2013, SCG has successfully delivered a range of projects that have helped over 2000 service users. SCG is also a winner of Civic Award 2016. We spoke to Sonia Thapa who was keen to tell us more. The overall mission of Skills & Care Greenwich is to improve the health and well-being of people in Greenwich by delivering the high quality services in the community. Sonia notes that the organisation’s older people services are mainly focused on tackling isolation, and that they achieve this by supporting older people with their unique, relationship-led approach to care.

“We focus on empowering older people and assisting them with their independence. We reach out to the people who are isolated and lonely and bring them to a common place where they meet other people, socialise and have fun. Our bespoke, person-centred companionship services are delivered by highly-trained and profile-matched volunteers. For example, as many of our service users are Gurkha veterans, war widows and their families, many have absolutely no knowledge of the English language and western culture. We have trained Nepali speaking volunteers, who are not only able to converse in the Nepali language, but also able to contribute in the social, mental and physical well-being of the service users as they use a socio-

cultural holistic approach in care. “Our projects also concentrate on community cohesion and integration. Recently, we delivered a project called ‘Together We Grow’, which was a big success. We identified 40 Gurkha war widows who were isolated due to language and cultural differences. The community gardening project brought these older women together, and helped them to create a social support network among the group, as well as with the other plot holders. The story was picked up by the BBC, and shown in BBC News as an exceptional project initiative. “We are also able to provide services in advocacy and support, befriending, training and capacity building and food redistribution. We have a unique ethos and culture at Skills & Care Greenwich, which is due in large part to our staff and volunteers, who bring their best self to work each day, and go above and beyond to support their co-workers. “Looking to the future, we are planning to expand our food redistribution project to reach lonely and isolated people who cannot come out of their houses, and who may struggle to afford things like fresh vegetables. We are currently supported by Marks & Spencer Charlton, and a newly opened store in Woolwich.” Contact Details Company: Skills & Care Greenwich Name: Sonia Thapa Email: Web Address: Address: Unit 7, The Gateway, 2A Rathmore Road, London SE7 7QW Telephone: 07878782258

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Best Out-Of-Home Child Care Provider – NSW & Most Innovative Small International Therapeutic Organisation - NSW

Stretch-A-Family (SAF) provides a range of therapeutic Out of Home Care services for children and young people in New South Wales. We caught up with Acting CEO Tracey Rowe to find out more. Since its inception in 1977, SAF has been delivering out-of-home care to vulnerable children and young people in Sydney, Australia. As an accredited not-for-profit organisation SAF provides restoration, foster care, residential care and after-care services all based on a therapeutic framework. Tracey outlines SAF’s services in greater detail, explaining how it works to support vulnerable children, young people and their families during what is often a traumatic and tough time. “Children and young people who have been removed from their families due to child protection issues are referred to our service by the Department of Family and Community Services. They may stay in SAF’s care for a shortperiod of time and be restored back to family or for a longer time until their 18th birthday.

“SAF has recently applied for tenders which, if successful, will mean even more services being able to be delivered to vulnerable children, young people and families in Sydney Australia. These include new family preservation and restoration models and Aftercare support services. “SAF are also in the process of implementing a bespoke direct care software which will aid Casework and the measurement of outcomes, allowing us to operate more effectively and efficiently. These developments herald many invigorating opportunities for SAF and we are looking forward to taking advantage of these in the months and years ahead in providing quality care to children and young people in need.”

“In order to ensure that this transition, and their time with us, is as therapeutic and beneficial as possible, SAF’s purpose is to create a safe and supportive environment that inspires children and young people to be proud of the life they lead. The focus is on achieving best outcomes for children and young people through therapeutic practice. SAF has been delivering quality care for many years and has developed to a point where we can efficiently measure and evidence the positive outcomes for children and young people.”

Looking to the future, there are a number of exciting developments for SAF which looks set to enhance the way it operates and enable it to support a wide range of service users.

Company: Stretch-A-Family Name: Tracey Rowe Email: Web Address: Address: 7/198-204 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia Telephone: +61 02 9569 6933

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Best Autism Treatment & Prevention Centre- Caribbean

Tomorrow’s Voices is an early intervention centre that provides Applied Behaviour Analytic (ABA) services to children, adolescents and young adults with Autism or other developmental disabilities. Thea Furbert, CoFounder and Board Chair of the centre, was eager to tell us more about the valuable work they undertake.

Tomorrow’s Voices provides direct one to one therapy to clients between the ages of 2 and 21, utilising the research-based principles of behaviour analysis. With a focus on the Verbal Behaviour method of teaching language, the centre’s therapists work with clients across a range of skills, such as language acquisition, early and intermediate academics, social skills, play, self-help, daily-living and motor skills. Thea explains that the overall mission of Tomorrow’s Voices is to be able to provide the individualised therapy that each client requires, thus improving their quality of life in a truly significant way for the client and their families. “We aim to provide them with the skills they need to live the most fulfilled, independent, and inclusive life they possibly can. Due to the fact that we are currently the only establishment in Bermuda that offers ABA therapy, we are inundated with the need that continues to present itself on the island. We currently subsidize 70% of the costs for therapy, which means that the families are only responsible for paying 30% of the overall cost of the therapy. In order to cover these costs, our centre raises funds through grants and donations. “In addition to the services we provide at the centre, we have presented multiple applications to The Bermuda Health Council in an attempt to get ABA therapy included as a part of their insurance coverage. We will keep working towards this goal so that more families are able to afford this essential therapy for their children. It is also our goal to educate the community about Autism and ABA, and in order to achieve this we offer many training opportunities throughout the year to parents, teachers, and allied health

professionals. “Our focus is to provide services that have been empirically supported as the most effective intervention for individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. We are an early intervention centre, so where possible we like to work with clients from about 2 years old, as research has shown that optimum benefits are observed when ABA is utilised between 2 and 5 years old. Our centre is overseen by two Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs), who both have approximately ten years working in the field of ABA. We also have a number of staff members who boast a range of different qualifications and backgrounds, making us a very diverse team. Our combined experiences with a variety of children, in a range of different ABA environments, allows us to implement high quality therapy and helps us to overcome any challenges that we are experiencing with the clients or the targets they are working on.”

As an organisation providing such a vital service, Thea expresses how focused the team at Tomorrow’s Voices are on their continued professional development, and how hard they work to ensure they gel well as a team. “Due to the nature of the work that we do, it is critical that we are able to rely on each other for support when it is needed. At the most senior level of our staffing team, we try to demonstrate how to be a team player and act supportively,

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so as to encourage the staff to adopt similar practices. Additionally, we make this a focal point of team meetings to ensure that we are all thinking about how to support our team as a whole. We have professional development days plotted throughout the year, and we always plan training around how to strengthen our team, which we have found incredibly useful. “In terms of professional development and ensuring a high quality performance from each member of staff, we offer an internal development package which is designed to train those team members who come in at an entry level position, to reach the next level up. This is useful because it gives the staff a clear progression path and provides plenty of opportunities for review. Additionally, we offer supervision so that people can train to become Board Certified Behaviour Analysts themselves.” Looking to the future, Tomorrow’s Voices will continue the training of junior staff, particularly the Bermudian staff, to become board certified. Thea notes that the centre hopes to increase the number of board certified behaviour analysts on the island in order to meet the increasingly growing need for the services they provide. “We continue to strive to raise the funds required to keep our doors open to the clients and families that rely on our services. It is our goal to continue to expand our services so that we can increase the number of clients we can serve, and so that we reduce the number of clients on our waiting list. It is a pipe dream as well to potentially open up an entire school, rather than just a clinicbased environment, which would be based on the principles of behaviour analysis, so that typical children, as well as those with Autism and other disabilities, can benefit from this approach in their learning and development.”

Company: Tomorrow’s Voices - Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre Name: Thea Furbert (Co-Founder & Board Chair) Email: Web Address: Address: Bay View, #4 Happy Valley Road, Pembroke, HM19, Bermuda Telephone: +441 297 4342

GHP Award for ASD & Learning Difficulties Inclusion in Sport - UK

Snowbility was established in October 2011, in order to make a difference to those with additional needs, such as autism and dyspraxia, through snow sports. They also provide experiences for those with all forms of rehabilitation challenges. Since establishment, Snowbility has seen dramatic results with young people on the autistic spectrum, through their work with the National Autistic Society. The positive results have not only been seen in the skiing ability of those utilising the service, but also in their social and motor skills, such as communication, confidence, interaction and fitness.

ski, he has learned some invaluable life lessons too. His independence, confidence and self-awareness have all been boosted by skiing. The effect this has had on his personality is just amazing, and his family truly does not believe that Harry would be the happy, outgoing and confident child he is if he had not found an activity he truly enjoys.

One such success story is Harry, who was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (HFA) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), at age three. Harry’s family explain that prior to his induction at Snowbility, it was a real struggle to get Harry to participate in any activities outside of the house. Owing to this, Harry found himself unable to make or maintain friendships, and his life became increasingly isolated.

Snowbility’s coaches are fully qualified and experienced in both the indoor and alpine environments, as well as being trained to fulfil Snowbility’s ethos of ‘achieving potential through sport’ and are flexible in adapting their coaching methods to an individual’s abilities and goals. This is why they have achieved such phenomenal success with people like Harry. Within the Snowbility family, there is a discrimination free-zone, respecting the individuality of each person’s specific needs and their natural abilities.

This is where Snowbility stepped in and drastically changed Harry’s life. His family found an advertisement for the firm, and decided to follow up on the opportunity, as they were intrigued by the services that were offered. Snowbility have an understanding that each autistic child is different and has different needs; there are no mutterings about bad behaviour and no criticisms about parenting, just understanding. They also have an appreciation that autistic children can respond positively to skiing, when given the right support. From the moment Harry hit the slopes, he adored it. He has now been skiing for several years and the benefits both he and his family have enjoyed are enormous. Harry is unable to access many sports, so the fact that he has learned to ski is incredible. Other results are less easily quantified; Harry has not only learned to

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Company: Snowbility Name: Richard Fetherston Email Address: Web Address: Address: The Snow Centre, St Albans Hill, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP39NH Telephone: 07713888199


Best Disability Residential Home Provider – Wiltshire & Swindon

The White Horse Care Trust is a Wiltshire based provider of Residential, Nursing, Supported Living, Respite and Outreach services to adults who have wide range of learning and other disabilities. We spoke to Marty Slade, Chief Executive, who told us more about the essential services provided. The White Horse Care Trust currently have two specialist nursing homes, 12 residential and 2 supported living homes across Swindon and Wiltshire. Many of the Trust’s 80 plus service users have profound and complex needs, requiring specialist nursing support. Alongside this, the Trust supports many others to live in rented accommodation within the community, engaging in work and other activities, thereby establishing themselves as active and valuable members of the community.

well-established and trusted service provider of LD services, we are well placed to diversify into other areas of care. We remain at our core however, a passionate and experienced provider of residential services, for which there will always be a need, particularly for the most vulnerable adults who have little, or no mental capacity, as well as those physical disabilities. We pride ourselves in all that we do, and with the individual service user at the very centre of all of our considerations, we hope to be able to continue to grow our services in this most rewarding of jobs.”

Marty explains that the team at White Horse Care Trust is dedicated to providing the highest levels of individual support and care in order to improve and enrich the lives of those with learning and other disabilities, in line with its overall mission. “We have 26 years of experience in delivering bespoke care and support to individuals across the broad spectrum of learning disabilities, with each member of our staff receiving a comprehensive induction training package, and required to attend regular in-house training sessions to both maintain and extend their skills and knowledge thereafter. Our staff teams work very closely with other healthcare professionals, local authorities and families to ensure that the best possible care and support is provided to each individual. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual, we provide a range of activities from swimming, sensory room sessions, music, games, and frequent trips out of the home. In addition, their physical health needs are provided for through physiotherapy and the management of medications, coupled with close attention to their personal care and nutrition. “We continue to work closely with our local authorities and offer a proactive and solution based approach to emerging care needs. As a

Company: The White Horse Care Trust Name: Marty Slade Web Address: Address: Washbourne House, 77a High Street, Wroughton, Wiltshire, SN4 9PN Telephone: 01793 846000

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Best Respite Care Service - South Coast UK

Shared Lives South West is an independent regional charity which runs Shared Lives and closely related services throughout Devon and Cornwall. We invited CEO Jane Bell to talk us through the vital range of services her organisation offers. Shared Lives South West is a very unique type of social care, offering vulnerable adults a place to stay with in-built care and support. Unlike in traditional care settings, people who use our service have a ‘home from home’ experience, living or staying with one of our carers as part of their family. Jane discusses how the organisation seeks to provide the very highest standards of support to its users at all times. “Here at Shared Lives South West, we are committed to growing our proven model of social care and by people moving on from our service to independent living we know we have done our job well. Our carers are skilled, trained and committed individuals who have chosen to share their homes and their lives with others. We currently help around 500 vulnerable adults throughout Devon and Cornwall by providing long-term support, short breaks and day services.” Among its service offering, Shared Lives South West supports people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and people with dementia and illnesses relating to age. This support has now been extended to help vulnerable parents and their children, an approach which has been pioneered by the charity. Jane comments on how the firm works to achieve its overall mission: to deliver high quality Shared Lives and other related support services that focus on the sharing of home and family life and being an active member of the local community. “Ultimately, we believe Shared Lives South West is a hidden gem in the South West and want to spread the word further. We want to get to 2020 and I want to be able to talk to someone I have never met and say ‘Have you heard of Shared Lives?’ and get a ‘yes’ as a reply. “In addition, we want people who use our services to live their lives to the full and with the right support they can achieve their goals and dreams. “Some of these goals are being achieved already as many of the people who have used our service

have gone on to live independently or reached huge milestones such as learning to read and swim. This proves our model is a real success and we have done what we set out to achieve.” Operating in such a vital field Shared Lives South West means that staff have to be working to the very best of their abilities at all times. Jane outlines the firm’s supportive internal culture and how this helps the organisation and its staff to constantly provide the very best of support to its users. “Morale and enthusiasm in both of our offices is high as we all believe in the work the charity does. The team have regular one to one meetings with their line managers to discuss how they feel in their current job, chat about any queries they may have and how they can excel further. We make sure all our carers go through a complete training package and are continually given the support they need from their designated Shared Lives Coordinator. If additional training courses come to light, which can help my colleagues excel we encourage them to enrol, as the charity will in turn benefit.” Looking ahead, Jane is optimistic that the firm will continue to build upon its current success and offer users an even greater array of services to meet their ever evolving needs. “Fundamentally, a quality service plus a programme of growth needs robust organisational foundations and we have that, having been established for more than ten years. As such, we need to keep innovating and reshaping what we do and our work on vulnerable adults and their children is a good example of innovation and has created an exciting but demanding new opportunity.”

Company: Shared Lives South West Name: Jane Bell, CEO Email: Web Address: Address: Suite 3, Greenhill Way, Zealley House, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3SB Telephone: 01626 360170

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Best Support Needs Holiday Support Provider - Northwest England

Your Direction specialise in providing incredible supported holidays for adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs throughout the UK. The company’s supported holidays offer a fantastic experience that the service user will never forget, in a fully supported and safe environment. Your Direction supports and encourages those who utilise their services in all aspects of their holiday, catering to their personal requirements and enabling them to live an enjoyable and fulfilled life. The company achieve this by working with the individual and all concerned parties and listening to all their needs, following this up by developing a personal package that will enable the client to achieve their personal goals in life. Regular reviews of the goals and needs of the service user ensure that personal changes or requirements are met and acted upon in a timely fashion. Fantastic UK holidays are on offer, to locations such as Blackpool, the Cotswold’s, Torquay, Lake District, Butlins, Western- Super- Mare, Llandudno, Scotland, Wales, UK Seaside, Centre Parcs, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, Great Yarmouth, York and London. To complement these, the company are able to offer themed UK holidays, catering to fans of Elvis, Beatles, St Patrick’s Party, Abba, Westlife, Take That, Cliff Richard, Rod Stewart, Swinging 60’s, Rock n Roll, Beatrix Potter & Lakes, Steam Trains & Planes, Turkey & Tinsel, Christmas Wonderland and, for chocolate fans, Cadbury World Tour. Your Direction are also proud to be able to cater for the soap and TV fan, as they are able to offer packages relating to All Star Wrestling, Drayton Manor, Dr Who, Emmerdale, Heartbeat, Last of the Summer Wine, Star Trek and Longleat Safari Park Tours. The company do not limit themselves to providing holidays in the UK however; they also have a number of fantastic European holidays which include Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Corfu, Lourdes, Malta, Ibiza, Disney Land Paris, Italy, Lake Garda, Greece, Albania, Canaries Islands, Majorca, Lapland and a European Cruise.

Individuals, groups and those in supported living accommodation can design their own holidays, personalised to their own time scale, travelling on a date they nominate. Your Direction can also support those who have identified a holiday they wish to go on but who cannot find the appropriate support staff to assist, as Your Direction have experienced support staff that can accompany those in need on their perfect holiday. The company are very happy to attend staff meetings or service user’s forums, if this assists in the provision of supported holidays.

Your Direction Ltd was established due to the founders’ personal experience of looking after relatives and friends with disabilities, and their belief that everybody with a disability or learning disability has the right to achieve their goals, live a full quality life and direct their personal requirements themselves. Seeing family members and friends being pressed into other people’s agendas, timetables and off the shelf care plans forced the founders’ hands, and they decided that they wanted to enable family members and friends to take ownership of their needs, respecting their wishes, their personal desires and how

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they wanted to live their lives. After the founders reached this decision, they never looked back. The founding family has vast experience in supporting independent living and personal care, with the team including a fully qualified and practicing RGN nurse, support workers and care assistants; one member alone has over 28 years’ experience in the care environment. In addition, the family have supported countless social and community events and activities as volunteers, as well as assisting in supported holidays for disabled people across Europe, organising events and schemes to assist the development of individuals and groups of young people, adults with disabilities and learning disabilities and the elderly. The team at Your Direction are not only experienced in the care industry however; their professional knowledge stretches into the leisure and education field, where they have over 26 years’ experience, with over 20 years accounted for in a managerial position. The team have managed Leisure Centres, Community Centres, and Educational establishments for dual use projects, and are proficient in all aspects of human resource management, including supporting performance review and developments, appraisals, training needs analysis, continued professional development for employees and colleagues, conduct and capability issues, disciplinary and grievances. Your Direction have developed protocols and policies for working practices, designed a normal operating procedure and an emergency action plan which covers all health and safety requirements and risk assessments, alongside the production of national documents which include ‘Pregnant Employees working in a Leisure

Environment’ under the Sex Discrimination Act, a living document. Your Direction also have significant financial management experience, indicating a high level of understanding of financial rules and regulations. Managing capital and revenue budgets with the responsibility for several cost centres with substantial budgets including, budget setting, monitoring and adherence to financial regulations. The team have also had vast experience in developing adult education provision, teacher training and community development. All of these add up to a service that is of real benefit to its users, and which enables them to lead the life they choose.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of Your Direction’s holidays, please call 0151 203 5758 and a member of their experienced staff will be very happy to assist.

Company: Your Direction Ltd Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0151 203 5758 or 07865443692

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Best Nurture Initiative for Gifted & Talented Youth - Buckinghamshire

Potential Plus UK is an independent charity that works with the whole family to support children with high learning potential. We invited Denise Yates, the charity’s Chief Executive, to tell us more about the organisation and the vital services it provides. Established in 1967, Potential Plus UK supports high ability children (also referred to as children with high learning potential or as ‘gifted and talented’ within a school setting), their families and the professionals who support them. Many people assume that children with high learning potential will sail through school, getting the best grades and going on to the best universities to get the best jobs. Whilst this can be the case, often, without proper care and support, many of these children can develop behavioural and emotional problems. Denise outlines the importance of Potential Plus UK’s services and how the organisation aims to ensure that everyone it works with receives the help and support they need. “Research by Professor Joan Freeman suggests that without the right support, only 3% of high learning potential children may grow up to realise their full potential. This is the space in which Potential Plus UK works; supporting the social, emotional and learning needs of these children and working hard to ensure there are no barriers to them achieving their potential. We support parents and carers, and also the professionals who support them, to help them to better understand these children, increase their confidence in working with the high ability child, and to help solve any issues they face along the way. “Our holistic approach has led to the development of a range of services including an Assessment Service which provides a detailed action plan for how parents and professionals should support these high learning potential children; a telephone support service to provide information, advice and guidance; and advice sheets for children and young people, parents/ carers and professionals. The charity also offers webchat services; children’s online magazines for different age groups; workshops for children,

young people, and parents and carers; professional development courses for teachers; and weekend events for families.” These services are particularly vital as having a child with high learning potential can be a lonely experience. Being a child with high learning potential can also be difficult. The social, emotional and learning care Potential Plus UK provides can really change the lives of these children. However, despite this need, the charity is one of only a few supporting high ability children, as Denise explains. “There are very few specialists who work with high learning potential children in the UK, particularly those children who face barriers to maximising their potential, such as those that have additional special educational needs. In our work on the Helpline, we saw that many children were being misdiagnosed, their abilities were going unrecognised and, even if they were recognised, often parents and professionals did not know what to do to support them. Our Assessment Service in particular makes a real difference to the lives of children and their families. The assessment reports and our ongoing work with families are being used in lots of ways, not least with Social Services and in education through the provision of EHCPs (Education Health and Care Plans). We would like to do more of this work as we have a real role to play in this area. Demand is building and we need to respond positively to this very real need.

“Our work has sought to change attitudes. We have recognised that parents and professionals need help with identifying what is going on with a child or young person. Many of these children have very

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‘spikey’ profiles; there are some things they find incredibly easy and there are some things they are asked to do, which present significant challenges to them. Our focus is on ‘demystifying’ giftedness and providing practical action plans for supporting the child with high learning potential so that they thrive along with ongoing support for the whole family as the child grows older.” This year marks the 50th anniversary of the charity, and as such it will be seeking to continue to offer the very best services to its users and adapting its service offering to meet their ever changing needs, as Denise concludes. “At Potential Plus UK we are constantly developing our work; last year we introduced handwriting assessments, early years’ assessments and in depth sensory profiles, all linked to high learning potential. With sufficient resources we hope that we can continuously improve the work we do for the people we support.”

Company: Potential Plus UK Name: Denise Yates Web Address: Address: Suite 1.4 Challenge House, Sherwood Drive, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK3 6DP Telephone: 01908 646 433

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