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Sea Transport Awards 2017

Best Global Marine Insurance Services Provider 2017 The American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc., (the American Club), is the only Mutual Protection and Indemnity Club domiciled in the United States. We explore the history of this extraordinary Club and how it has come to achieve the success it enjoys today.

Welcome to the Transport News 2017 Sea Transport Awards Every year a vast variety of maritime services aim to provide an impeccable standard of service both on dry land and on the high seas. From design, construction and the shipyards, all the way to cargo ships, and cruise ships, though not forgetting all those who work behind the scenes to ensure things go plain sailing. The success of this ever-growing trade is down to both the companies and the individuals who work tirelessly to make this industry what it is today.

Therefore, the 2017 Sea Transport Awards pay homage to those whose extraordinary work has created a storm within the industry, with their outstanding accomplishments providing such a vital service in the transportation of goods and much more. It is an opportunity for companies and individuals to showcase their role within the maritime industry, and ensures that they receive the recognition that they so righty deserve.



The American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc.: Best Global Marine Insurance Services Provider 2017


Capital Ship Management Corp.: Best Vessel Operator - Europe


DSM Corridor Group : Cargo Handling Innovator of the Year 2017 - Africa


Groupe EYSSAUTIER: Best Marine Transport Insurance Broker - Europe & International Commodities Trader of the Year 2017


Mentor Marine Consultants: Best Hull Damage Surveying Company - Greece


PAO Novoship: Shipping Company of the Year 2017 - Russia & Best Technical Operator of Conventional Oil Tankers - Russia


Port of Cork: Best Maritime Transport Control Agency - Ireland


Proalf Worldwide Srl: Best Global Freight Forwarding Company - Romania


Radio Holland South Africa (Pty) Ltd: Maritime Technology Innovator of the Year 2017 - South Africa


Hella Marine: Best Specialist Marine Lighting Manufacturer 2017


Witherby Publishing Group: Best Marine Training Material Publishing Company


Best Global Marine Insurance Services Provider 2017 The American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc., (the American Club), is the only mutual protection and indemnity club domiciled in the United States. We explore the history of this extraordinary club and how it has come to achieve the success it enjoys today. Founded in New York in 1917, The American Club provides protection and indemnity (P&I) marine insurance which covers clientele such as ship owners and charterers (who are referred to as “members”) against third-party liabilities encountered in their commercial operations. Typical types of exposures would be responsibility for damaged cargo, pollution, the death, injury, or illness of passengers or crew, and liability for damaged docks and other installations. For much of its history, the Club insured only US–based ship owners and operated only in the United States. Celebrating its centennial this year, war was raging in Europe when the Club began. At that time, P&I insurance was available primarily from clubs in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. In consequence of UK government trade-related sanctions which had been imposed on certain US ship owners in 1916, the American Club was established to provide a reliable source of coverage in the United States. The Club was the brainchild of W. H. LaBoyteaux, President of Johnson & Higgins, the leading US marine insurance broker in the United States at that time. The Club was an immediate success, enjoying the support of many of the foremost US steamship companies. Founding members included Grace Line, Texas Company (predecessor of Texaco), United Fruit Company and other leading American-flag companies. In 1918 the federal Shipping Board becomes a member and enters the entire US government-owned merchant fleet and by 1922 entered tonnage reached 9.4 million tons Sea Transport Awards 2017

making the Club one of the largest P&I Clubs in the world at that time. During the decades that followed through to WWII, the tonnage fluctuated settling at a significant 7.1 million tons in 1945. In 1952 the SS United States is launched and entered in the Club, the largest, fastest and most luxurious American-flag ocean liner ever built and remained in the Club until she was laid up in 1969. Although the Club only admitted its first foreign-flagged member in 1980, it had ambitions of further international growth over the years which followed. These ambitions gained momentum in 1995 when the Club implemented a major strategy for growth and diversification. Entitled “Vision 2000”, it called for new leadership, the expansion of the Club’s membership internationally, the establishment of overseas offices, the development of new insurance lines and many other initiatives designed to place the Club at the forefront of its industry peers. Through this global vision implemented by new leadership of its Managers, NY based Ship Owners Claims Bureau, Inc., and with the steadfast support of the Club’s Board of Directors, the American Club embarked on its great journey of growth and diversification on an international scale. Since then, the American Club has undergone a remarkable transformation. Its achievements over the period include: a five-fold increase in tonnage; four-fold premium growth; eight-fold growth in total funds; and a ten-fold increase in free reserves; a broad and expanding international membership, about 50% of its revenue now coming from EMEA, 30% from the Americas, and 20% from Asia. Twenty years ago, less than 10% of its income came from non-US sources. Today, the American Club has extensive international service capabilities. In addition to its New York headquarters, it now has dedicated offices in Houston, London, Athens, Hong Kong, and Shanghai with exceptional staff specializing in all sectors of the marine industry which support its ship owner’s clientele in managing P&I risks. The American Club is a full member of the International Group of P&I Clubs. This alliance of leading insurers provides outstanding security and technical resources to the maritime community. It also supports the industry’s broader

interests as one of shipping’s most influential voices. The International Group P&I Clubs is a collective of thirteen mutual associations which together provide protection and indemnity insurance for some 90% of the world’s merchant fleet. Because of reinsurance agreements, members of the Group can provide cover for P&I liabilities reaching billions of dollars. This financial security of the Group thereby provides peace of mind to all stakeholders involved in sea transport. When a ship is entered with a Group Club, it sends a message of security to other typical stakeholders such as shippers and cargo owners as well as major global stakeholders responsible for coastal lines such as government authorities, that the ship has the financial strength to deal with any type of casualty that might arise which would impose legal liability on the ship. One of the key aspects of service from an IG Club is the ability to secure claims to third parties by way of a simple Club letter of guarantee which provides security to the claimant who can then the ship to sail without delay. This scenario saves cost and time for all stakeholders of international trade. The American Club’s flagship service is Protection and Indemnity, i.e. third-party liability, coverage for ship owners, but it is not simply a typical insurance company which pays out on covered claims. The service that is provided is unique in that the Club offers guidance on all areas related to the commercial operation of ships to avoid and prevent claims and not only after a claim has arisen. This is done through its robust Loss Prevention Department which evaluates market trends, regulatory developments as well as the Club’s own database of claims to hone in on issues of special concern that would assist members (insureds) for efficient and safe operations.

”With offices in New York, London, Piraeus, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Houston, the Club is truly accessible wherever its services are required.”

Best 5 Global Marine Insurance Services Provider 2017

6 The American Club takes pride in its energetic promotion of maritime safety and loss prevention. Its publications and training materials, together with other focused initiatives, are second to none in the industry. The American Club has extensive capabilities in the survey, technical and loss prevention domains. They form a key component of the Managers’ day-to-day activity on behalf of the Club. The technical department, in addition to arranging and reviewing the results of condition surveys on entered vessels, also engages with Members on problem areas affecting operations. These may include matters concerning cargo, machinery, fuel issues etc. The department is available to assist Members with the numerous technical and logistical challenges which they face in the day-to-day running of their fleets. The American Club also prides itself on the range and diversity of its loss prevention capabilities. The Club provides a broad spectrum of educational and training tools. They include hard copy brochures, posters, DVDs and various e-learning materials. These encompass a wide range of subjects, concerning themselves with best practices and guidance, as well as education and training. The Club also conducts a pre-employment medical examination (PEME) program to encourage the health of seafarers joining Members’ vessels, and the avoidance of illness and injury on board. Furthermore, once a claim arises, the specialized professionals constituting the claims team are available around the clock to provide minute by minute guidance and assistance to best defend third party demands by way of dismissal in entirety or maximizing the ability to mitigate exposure. The claims experts of the American Club Claims Department take every single step with the member until the claim comes to a satisfactory conclusion. The claim is dealt with and the approach is effected as if the claim belongs to the Club itself. Offices in six cities across the globe also facilitate face to face management enhancing the excellence and overall value of the claims service. Reflecting the depth of its overall expertise, SCB’s claims executives include maritime lawyers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Greece, Latin America and Turkey; former seamen who sailed as senior officers aboard bulkers, tankers, passenger ships and other vessels engaged in worldwide trade; average adjusters; senior surveyors; and individuals with P&I correspondent backgrounds. In this era of globalization, being able to speak the language of the membership is another strength of the Club. In addition to English, many of the club’s staff have mother tongue fluency in many languages, including Greek, Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), French, Hindi, Bulgarian, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Korean. In short, the claims team is a highly skilled, dedicated and motivated group. Large claim or small, the Club relies on its maritime, commercial, and legal experience Sea Transport Awards 2017

and expertise to provide each Member with pragmatic and cost-effective solutions from the first notice of a claim until its conclusion. SCB’s overriding goal is to minimize its Members’ losses and proactively seek a reasonable result, all the while working with and respecting Members’ wishes. To achieve this goal, SCB utilizes not only the resources available within the company, but also its worldwide network of correspondents – many of whom are exclusively listed by SCB – as well as any outside lawyers and consultants retained to assist in the handling of more complex matters. In addition to P&I, the American Club also offers Freight, Demurrage, and Defense (FD&D) and Charterers’ Insurance. FD&D covers the cost of legal representation and related expenses involved in the prosecution and defense of contractual claims against owners, while the Club’s charterers’ specialization specifically insures those liabilities which are intrinsic to the chartering (hiring) of ships. In addition to these basic areas, the American Club has also expanded its line of other insurance products in recent years. It has pioneered fixed premium P&I coverage in the form of its Eagle Ocean Marine facility. As a specialist brand of the American Club, Eagle Ocean Marine provides attentive, competitively-priced Protection and Indemnity and Defense insurance to the operators of smaller vessels who prefer a fixed premium approach to their P&I needs. Backed by the American Club in conjunction with underwriters at Lloyd’s, Eagle Ocean Marine offers a gold standard International Group club service underpinned by the excellent security of reinsurance at Lloyd’s. The breadth and depth of Eagle Ocean Marine cover is second-to-none. The facility provides a full suite of Protection & Indemnity and Defense insurances as well as many ancillary covers. Cover of up to $500 million is available, while lower limits are also routinely provided. The limit available for Freight, Demurrage and Defense risks is $2 million any one dispute. Treasuring the traditions of the American Club, Eagle Ocean Marine offers a gold standard service, viewing the exposures of its insureds as commercial challenges demanding effective business solutions. Eagle Ocean Marine stands prepared, at any time of the day or night, and in any location, to assist its insureds in whatever adversity they may find themselves. The loss prevention, risk control and claims management capabilities are drawn from the exceptional skill sets of the American Club, an International Group mutual, and the deep resources of knowledge and experience at its command. Recently, the club further diversified into the hull insurance market, which covers ship owners for own damages to the ship insured, by way of establishing a subsidiary insurance company, the American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company in Cyprus in 2016. AHHIC Ltd. is a Solvency II compliant hull insurer based in Cyprus and Greece and managed through partnership with Hellenic Hull Management, marine hull insurance experts

with over 20 years of experience in the sector. In a transaction negotiated during 2015, and accomplished as to its final details early in 2016, the American Club has made a significant investment in the establishment of this new company in Cyprus, American Hellenic Hull Insurance Company, Ltd., to develop a presence in the hull and machinery market, an area highly germane to the Club’s activity in the P&I sector.

“The American Club’s standard of service is that of pure excellence in all that it does.” Being a global marine insurance provider there is no particular focus of the American Club‘s business, but it is very strongly represented in all the major areas in which maritime trade is conducted. It is strong in the Americas (as would be expected) but has entries from Europe, notable Eastern Mediterranean – particularly Greece – and Asia. Through the business and presence across all these regions, the American Club’s people see the struggle of marine transport up close. The American Club’s members share their problems with representatives of the Clubs, struggling through one of the longest running global recessions in history while at the same time compelled to comply with ever increasing regulatory requirements and attempting also ensure crew are highly qualified and well trained. While regulation is necessary and indeed welcomed by everyone in the industry, inconsistency across the globe in a sector which by its very nature never remains within one jurisdiction is a serious problem. Differing and conflicting legislation around the world creates significant challenges for compliance. The US, EU and China may not always be on the same page with respect to maritime regulation and this adds to the difficulty of compliance for a ship owner. Therefore, the American Club’s experts are also members of all major maritime non-governmental organizations and independently and constantly review current developments to provide up to date guidance and best practices related to a wide array of regulatory and legal compliance in various jurisdictions. As explained, it is not a typical insurer which simply pays covered claims at the end of the day or rejects coldly at every opportunity, but rather, takes every step with its member insured from day one ensuring every effort is made to mitigate the claim until its conclusion. To do this, the culture within the management must necessarily be one of inclusion and not exclusion. The motto is one of giving the benefit of the doubt and assisting the member to ensure the matter remains within the rules before making a mistake that may take the matter out of the ambit of the rules for coverage. Claims management actively instills this ethos into the claims department

Best 7 Global Marine Insurance Services Provider 2017

and weekly meetings of claims managers across all offices by way of video conferencing supports implementation of the claims approach. Claims and loss prevention staff also conduct workshops of topics of interest chosen by the membership and the member’s experiences and concerns are shared with the Club so that research and expert advice along with recommended practices and methods of approach can be given. The Club’s claims team experts also pinpoint trending problems being faced by the membership and meetings are conducted internally for a common and effective claims handling approach for the benefit not only of individual members, but the membership at large. Offices in six cities enhance the club’s ability to provide regional expertise and ultimately exceptional personalized service, a cornerstone of the American Club’s global strategy and mission. The overall policy on claims management is by geographical location of the incident because the best place to manage an incident is where the ship is. Thus, it is where the ship has encountered its problem that will dictate the lead office on handling regardless of where the owner is based. This allows for the office with the special know how on the jurisdiction where the conflict exists to provide the most competent and effective service which will more likely resolve to the owner’s benefit. It is therefore very critical to ensure the right people are hired for each region. The American Club though its expansion has followed its member base to provide service in all major hipping hubs. This is not only about providing claims service to locally based members but also investing in the local shipping market through its expert talent pool. The American Club has seen that when you show your commitment through investing resources directly in the community, emphasizing first rate personalized service, this ensures member satisfaction which in turn raises the profile and reputation, ultimately attracting further growth. However, effective handling and efficient com-

munication is also greatly enhanced through having offices in all major shipping hubs for member contact regardless of where the claim takes place. When the owner is based in one of the Club’s shipping hub offices this also ensures around the clock assistance and higher quality personalized service. For example, when a ship may be stuck in China and the owner based in the US, the time difference can work in the member’s favor as the NY or Houston office can work in tandem with the Shanghai office for hands on local know how expert defense at the point of conflict during China’s day while face to face meetings can take place with the owners before China opens again in the morning. This maximizes all efforts towards quick resolution and is especially significant when considering that the insured object is a vessel that conducts world-wide trade and can face a problem any moment anywhere on Earth. All the American Club’s services and proactivity in connection with all its products is driven not only by the benefits it brings to the American Club, but it is also by a desire to support society’s common interest in the safety of life at sea and the preservation of the marine environment. All of the services mentioned above are directly relevant to sea transport and the provision of P&I coverage in particular is vital to the conduct of international maritime trade. No ship can safely go to sea without P&I coverage. In addition, the guarantees which clubs are able to provide with regard to liability exposures, for example in the form of certificates of financial responsibility under international conventions for oil pollution etc., are key to protecting victims of maritime accidents throughout the world. As the American Club continues its journey of growth looking beyond its 100th birthday this year it takes pride in receiving prestigious accolades such as the Sea Transport Award for Insurance Services. However, what the American Club truly prides itself on are its people. In a world where insurance capacity is high and covers available easily, it is the

service that differentiates the caliber of cover and product and that can only be done by a company’s people. It is thus the people that make all the difference and it is the people within the Club that have earned the recognitions bestowed upon the Club now. Overall, the years of effort supporting this strategy raised the business profile of the American Club on a global level leading to international expansion and growth in terms of premium and tonnage as well as expanded services and greater financial strength. Having been awarded the Lloyd’s List North American General Services Award in May 2016 and now The Sea Transport Best Global Insurance Services Provider 2017 is simply thrilling for the Club as it celebrates its 100th birthday this year but more importantly it verifies that the strides that have been made by the American Club in its recent history are recognized as achieving excellence in its sector by the maritime industry internationally.

Company: The American P&I Club/ SCB, Inc. Contact: Joseph E.M. Hughes Chairman & CEO, SCB, Inc. Managers of the American Club ( Telephone: +1.212.847.4504 Vincent J. Solarino President & COO, SCB, Inc. Managers of the American Club ( Telephone: +1.212.847.4506 Dorothea Ioannou Global Business Development Director SCB, Inc., Managers of the American Club ( Telephone: +30.210.429.4990


Best Vessel Operator - Europe Evangelos Marinakis-led Capital Ship Management Corp. (‘Capital’) is a distinguished oceangoing vessel operator, offering comprehensive services in every aspect of ship management, currently operating a fleet of 57 vessels including 41 tankers, 6 modern Capesize bulk carriers and 10 Neo Panamax container carriers. We profile the firm and explore the vast array of services it offers. Capital Ship Management has extensive experience in managing various vessel types and sizes including tanker vessels, dry bulk vessels, as well as OBOs and container vessels ranging from 1,700 to 9,500 TEU. Leveraging this vast industry experience, the firm offers comprehensive services in every aspect of ship management including safety and technical management; claims and insurance, bunkering, vetting preparation and attendance, risk assessment, newbuilding design and supervision; IT services; accounting, financial management and other administrative functions; as well as in-house human resources management, such as crewing and personnel training with state-of-the-art technology. Capital is one of a handful of shipping companies qualified to enter into longterm charters with all oil majors. Its numerous accreditations and accolades include the: “Green Environmental Achievement Award” 2014 by the Port of Long Beach in Southern California; QualShip 21 awards in 2014 & 2015, repeated Amver Awards and the Amver ‘Special Rescue Award’ 2014 by the U.S. Coast Guard; “Tanker Company of the Year 2009” Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Award; repeated BP Shipping Top Performing Vessel distinctions. The excellent performance of Capital Ship Management has Sea Transport Awards 2017

been recognized by customers worldwide. It is one of a few ship management companies to have successfully completed the comprehensive office assess¬ment process of numerous major oil compa¬nies and has also established long standing relationships with major traders, liners and operators. Evangelos Marinakis was awarded in 2016 the first ever “Xenakoudis Excellence in Shipping Award” by the International Registries, Inc./ The Marshall Islands Registry. In 2014 and 2010 he was awarded the “Newsmaker of the Year” award at the annual Lloyd’s List “Greek Shipping Awards”. Central to the firm’s success is its focus on being an industry leader in technical research and environmental stewardship and to partic¬ipate in discussions with relevant authorities, in order to develop measures to minimise in¬dustry impact on the environment. The firm’s vessels have been designed and equipped to the highest specification and are compliant with current regulatory requirements. The firm’s strategic objective is to preserve our industry-leading position on climate change by combining energy efficiency improvements in current operations with investments in research and technology to reduce the carbon footprint of new vessels. As such the com¬pany hold a leading position in the industry debate on regulatory frameworks for carbon emissions. In 2009, our firm developed a plan that commits the business to reduce GHG emissions by 30% on a 2009 baseline over an 11-year period until 2020.

As part of this drive towards sustainability, Capital Ship Management has sought to further improve its energy efficiency through active voyage management: weather routing and speed optimization, and using long-range weather forecasting to plot course and speed. Since 2010, the firm has implemented the concept of ‘Virtual Arrival’, which is led by OCIMF and Intertanko. The concept involves using an accredited independent third party to verify the savings resulting from slowing down ships, then splits the benefits between the ship owner and the cargo owner. The benefits include both bunker and emissions savings. Additionally, a number of Energy Efficiency Measures such as voyage planning, propeller polishing and hull cleaning, monitoring of M/E and D/G performance, are only some of the main axes for Energy Efficiency. In May 2014, Capital was the first company worldwide to receive independent verification and certification by Lloyds Register of Shipping in accordance with the “IMO Strategic Concept of a Sustainable Shipping Industry» ensuring effective measurement of progress and client awareness of key performance indicators as well as supporting LNG as fuel in a joint development project. Company: Capital Ship Management Corp. Web Address: Address: Capital Building, 3, Iasonos Street, 18537 Piraeus, Greece Telephone: +30 210 4584900


Cargo Handling Innovator of the Year 2017 - Africa DSM Corridor Group, DCG is a cargo handling and logistics company handling about 1,4 m mt of cargoes annually through port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We caught up with Erik Kok to learn more. Founded in October 2009, AGOTS draws on Established in 2011, DCG opened the only commercial dry bulk terminal, located opposite the main gate of Dar port, which functions as an extension of the port as an intermediate bulk storage before subsequent bagging. The terminal is fully air conditioned to counter the high humidity in Dar es Salaam and has a storage capacity of 25,000 mtn, and has improved the bulk discharge rate for fertilizers from 1,000 mtn to 5,000 mtn per wwd, which have had significant impact to efficiency. In addition, DCG has a metal terminal, where export metals are handled safe and secure according to international standards. DCG is ISO 9001 certified, as only cargo handling company in whole Tanzania, and customer satisfaction is ensured by continuous PDCAcycle implementation. Supporting a vast array of clients, from big international firms like Rosier, Transamonia, ETG Group, Yara Tz, Premium Agro to small local traders, the firm needs to be ahead of emerging developments, as Erik explains. “In order to remain at the forefront of emerging industry developments, DCG have close contact with all stakeholders from all levels, from grass root to business groups who are trying to influence policy makers. Regionally we also participate maritime and port association conferences such as PMAESA events. I am proud to say we are a trend setter. We have allocated resources on business development to facilitate being in front of the development, create ideas and implement practical and economical solutions.” Operating in a dangerous and highly regulat-

ed sector means that DCG has to work hard to ensure that it remains fully compliant at all times, as Erik is keen to highlight. “As marine transport can be a dangerous business we work according to IMDG. In addition, we put a lot of effort on first aid training. All of our staff, from cleaning ladies all the way up to me as CEO, go on two day internationally recognised emergency responder training, with annual refresher course. This is quite unique within the industry, since the course offers skills not only at work, but also in everyday life. Safety does not apply on marine transport only.” Moving forward, the firm has an exciting new venture coming up which will provide it with many great opportunities to further succeed, as Erik proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, DCG, together with our partner AIIM, have started a new company: African Ports and Corridors Holdings, which is going to venture new projects in Sub Saharan Africa. This is a really great undertaking and we are looking forward to the opportunities this will bring for us.”

Company: DSM Corridor Group Name: Erik Kok Web Address:P.O.Box 50163 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa Telephone:255-658-632827


Best Marine Transport Insurance Broker - Europe & International Commodities Trader of the Year 2017 Groupe Eyssautier is a specialist insurance broker dedicated to supporting the marine industry. We invited Mathieu Berrurier to tell us more about the firm and the services it offers. Established in 1935 Groupe Eyssautier is an independent insurance broker which is dedicated exclusively to Marine and Transport insurance. Central to the firm’s service offering is its team of 55 professionals specialized in marine and transport insurance. Mathieu outlines how vital this dedicated and professional workforce is to the firm’s success. “Groupe Eyssautier is made up of specialists from the marine insurance industry but not only from this area of expertise. This allows us to give a pragmatic and in-depth analysis of the risks our clients are exposed to in their marine operation. We then advise on possible risk mitigation measures and provide our clients with the best that the insurance markets can give them. This solution focused and service orientated approach has allowed us to establish strong long-term relationships with our clients. “As a company we are formed of a diverse international team, of varying ages and backgrounds but we always manage to work together to produce the best result. Our most senior employees share their passion and extended experience accumulated over more than 40 years and the younger generation brings modernity and audacity to the table, which results in a perfect combination of energy and willingness to grow.” Since the early 2000s, the insurance industry has been under the scrutiny of the financial regulators, following the same fate as the banking sector – and this on both side of the Channel. In addition, due to the very particular aspects of international transportation, we have a legal and compliance department of lawyers who are able to advise internally Sea Transport Awards 2017

and work closely with our clients and partners to ensure that action is taken in good time to satisfy the evolving regulatory requirements. As such, both the industry and the firms operating in it face many challenges and changes, and Groupe Eyssautier is determined to remain at the forefront of these through constant development, as Mathieu explains. “Our business and industry are facing some major changes in the future due to economic and technological evolutions and we are always working on analyzing future potential needs for our current and future clients. For example, we started working on insurance for maritime drones a couple of years ago allowing us to offer viable solutions to our clients’ needs today. “In order to adapt around these developments, two years ago we reinforced our presence in the brown water sector, i.e river, canal, etc transportation. After the extraordinary floods experienced last winter across central Europe and the spread of horrific terrorist attacks in our own country, we identified that the river operators were inadequately or not at all protected against the direct and indirect consequences of those types of events. After a few months of research and analysis, we designed the first insurance product able to cover effectively the risk of loss of income arising from those events within a holistic business interruption cover. Another key development

is the partnership we have developed with a firm offering an application based solution ensuring a continuous preparation and efficient management of crisis. This helps us to reinforce and to optimize the link between our clients and the insurers in time of crisis.” In conclusion, Mathieu is proud of the group’s success so far and believes that it will only improve as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future. “Overall, 85 years of operating in the small world of marine insurance has helped us to forge a solid reputation with all major insurance markets worldwide, including the Lloyd’s of London. In 2005, we became the second non British broker to be accredited at Lloyd’s, giving us a direct access to this first class insurance market. In 2016 we produced EUR 60 million in premiums on all lines of marine-related business and moving forward we are keen to build upon this success.

Company: Groupe Eyssautier Contact: Mathieu Berrurier Contact Email: Address: 37/39, rue de la Bienfaisance, Paris, France-75008, France Phone: 0033 1 44 82 10 69


Best Hull Damage Surveying Company - Greece Mentor Marine Consultants was founded in 1992 by John C. Cratiras and Nicholas E. Mariakis in response to the increasing demand by the marine sector for quality technical services. We recently spoke to Manos Mariakis to tell us more about Mentor Marine Consultants. Over the years, Mentor Marine Consultants have grown into a highly specialised and experienced technical firm that provides a wide range of consultancy and survey services to the marine sector whilst maintaining a strict adherence to our core values of honesty, clarity and discretion, as Manos further explains. “As a marine surveying firm, we provide a wide range of technical and claims consultancy services to the marine sector. Our clients cover the spectrum of those involved in the marine and insurance market and include Ship-owners and Managers, Charterers, P&I Clubs (both fixed and mutual), H&M Underwriters, Cargo Insurers and Financing Institutions. We also accept instructions from solicitors to provide expert testimony as technical consultants.” Based in Greece, they serve both the local and international market covering the most vital elements of marine activities with services tailor-made to meet their clients’ expectations. Manos explains the state of the marine transport market within the region and the major outside influence factors. “Greece in general and the shipping sector are facing difficult times recently with very low market rates and hard challenges that may lie ahead. Within these types of situations, it is important to remain focused and continue to provide quality services at fair prices. In regards to major outside influence factors, the main aspects; technology, globalisation, the growth of the world economy and foreign

investments. “There are benefits to being based in Piraeus and Greece in general has historically been a major hub of shipping with many ship-owning and ship-managing firms based here. As a result, the service sector built around them is strong.” As the marine transport market continues to develop, Manos informs us about how the firm will adapt accordingly. “Adaptability and change according to the needs of the transport market is a very important issue for all the service providers within the marine industry. Another aspect is having a close interaction with clients, being honest but also having the ability to hedge in advance and foresee the major changes and challenges ahead are key factors in order to achieve smooth transitions.” Staying ahead of the game, Manos explains how the firm integrates the latest technology into its work, whilst keeping up with industry developments such as regulatory changes. “Ensuring that the latest technology our employees use operates at peak efficiency, regular new software updates, continuous renewal of outdated equipment and efficient IT services are key.”

Reflecting on the accomplishments Mentor Marine Consultants have achieved over the years, Manos is looking forward to seeing how the firm will continue to grow. “The success our company has had is attributed to our hard work, commitment, professionalism and strict adherence to our core values of honesty, clarity and discretion. Mentor Marine Consultants is a small firm, and we believe in supporting the long lasting employment of our key employees who share the same core values and company culture. Looking ahead, we hope to continue maintaining high quality survey and claims consultancy services, but also evolving according to our client needs and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships.”

Company: Mentor Marine Consultants Name: Manos Mariakis Email: Web Address: Address: 4-6 Efplias Street, Piraeus 18537 - Greece Telephone: +30 210 4186002


Shipping Company of the Year 2017 & Best Technical Operator of Conventional Oil Tankers - Russia PAO Novoship, part of the SCF (Sovcomflot) Group, is a St. Petersburg based shipping firm offering a wide variety of services to clients across the oil and gas markets. We profile the firm to find out more about the services it provides. Founded in 1964 as the tanker branch of the Black Sea Shipping Company, PAO Novoship (then known as NSC) was separated from the parent company on 20 January 1967, and became the independent enterprise with the aim of effective management of bulk-oil fleet and ports on the Russian coast of the Black Sea. On 10 November, 1992, it was registered as a Joint Stock Company. At that time the fleet consisted of 101 vessels totaling 4.70 million deadweight tons and 14.3 years old on average. More than a half of those vessels was built in 1960-1970s and thus was non-competitive in the world market. Despite this, in 1993, Novoship seized an opportunity of developing an independent Fleet Renewal Program. In 1993-2000, NSC had invested about 854 million dollars in purchase and construction of 34 modern vessels aggregating 1.37 million deadweight tons. These vessels became the basis for one of the youngest tanker fleets in the industry: nowadays Novoship owns and operates 51 modern vessels representing 4.5 million deadweight tons. The Company employs nearly 4,000 seafarers and shore-based personnel. In December 2007, Novoship became part of SCF (Sovcomflot) Group, and now leverages the support of this vast firm, which is Russia’s largest shipping company, and one of the global leaders in the maritime transportation of hydrocarbons, as well as the servicing and support of offshore exploration and oil and gas production. The company’s fleet, both owned and charSea Transport Awards 2017

tered, specialises in hydrocarbon transportation from regions with challenging icy conditions and includes 146 vessels with a combined deadweight of 13,036,147 tonnes with the average age of 8 years. A third of these vessels have a high ice class. Sovcomflot operates vessels in the segments that are in highest demand by the leading Russian and international oil & gas companies. The company services large-scale energy projects in Russia and abroad, including Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2, Prirazlomnoye, Novoportovskoye, Varandey, Tangguh. Sovcomflot’s unique engineering solutions and unrivalled range of the very latest technologies, chiefly for undertaking shipments in extreme climatic conditions, allow it to satisfy the most complex requirements of its clients, and provide them with reliable and effective transportation services.

Ultimately, PAO Novoship draws on the support of parent Sovcomflot to deliver the very highest standard of service and support to its clients, and moving forward this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus.

Company: PAO Novoship Contact: Elena Gorbachenko Contact Email: Address: 3a Moyka River Embankment St. Petersburg, 191186 Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia Phone: 007 (495) 660-40-00


Best Maritime Transport Control Agency - Ireland The Port of Cork is the key seaport in the south of Ireland, with roots dating back to 1814. We profile this historic port and explore how it has developed over the years to become the success it is today. The Port of Cork is one of only two Irish ports which service the requirements of all six shipping modes i.e. lift-on lift-off, roll-on roll-off, liquid bulk, dry bulk, break bulk and cruise. Open year round, the port also has the infrastructure to support bulks, pilotage, channel dredging and land and property rental from its four distinct locations in Cork’s natural deep water harbour. The port has made impressive strides in recent decades. Since 2000, the Port of Cork has invested €72 million in improving Port infrastructure and facilities. Due to its favourable location on the south coast of Ireland and its modern deep water facilities, the Port of Cork is ideally positioned for additional European trading as well as for yet unexploited direct deep sea shipping services. A well-developed road infrastructure eases the flow of traffic from and to the port, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness for everyone using the port. With a dedicated team of 113 full time employees and twelve pilots, the port is able to work towards its mission: to promote and develop Cork as a World Class Port by being an enterprising, innovative and flexible organisation delivering quality infrastructure and services in the development of trade and economic growth in a global market. In addition, many hundreds of workers are employed by various service providers, e.g. shipping agents, stevedores, hauliers, warehouse operators and crane hire companies

while some thousands of workers are employed in the many industries located around the harbour. All of these staff work hard to ensure that the port remains at the forefront of the latest shipping developments and is able to operate to the very highest standard. What truly sets the port apart is the fact that, alongside offering a wide range of industrial and shipping services, it is also able to cater for the pleasure boating market. Cork’s superb natural harbour is a great place to enjoy all types of marine leisure pursuits. With lots of sailing and rowing clubs dotted throughout the harbour, excellent fishing and picturesque harbour-side paths for walking, running or cycling, there is something for everyone to enjoy in and around Cork harbour. The oldest sailing club in the world, founded in 1720, is the Royal Cork Yacht Club, proof positive that the people of Cork, and its visitors, have been enjoying this vast natural leisure resource for centuries. Throughout the year there are lots of Marine Leisure events to participate in, sailing, rowing and swimming. The port itself is the only port in Ireland with a dedicated cruise berth in Cobh. The Port

can also handle cruise liners in Ringaskiddy Deepwater Quay and the City Quays. One of the most abiding memories of cruising in Northern Europe is entering picturesque Cork harbour. The deep water of the Port of Cork is the natural entry point to many of Ireland’s principal visitor attractions and arriving by cruise liner is a truly sublime experience. Fundamentally, the Port of Cork’s growing reputation for quality service, including prompt and efficient vessel turnaround, ensures its position as a vital link in the global supply chain. Moving forward the port’s focus will remain on maintaining and building this reputation for excellence in service an ensuring that everyone who uses the Port of Cork has an enjoyable and efficient experience.

Company: Port of Cork Contact: Sara Mackeown Contact Email: Address: Port of Cork Company, Custom House Street, Cork, T12 CY88, Ireland Phone: +353 (0) 21 4625 375 Website:


Maritime Technology Innovator of the Year 2017 South Africa Radio Holland is the renowned global NavCom, Connectivity, On Board ICT and Service and Maintenance brand, connecting customers to an unrivalled network of offices and support locations along major global shipping routes. Regional Director of Services for South Africa Bron Sykstus discusses how the firm strives for excellence in this vital market. Established in 1963, Radio Holland South Africa has since grown to encompass dedicated service depots in Namibia, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola and Congo which connect customers to a vast network of offices and support locations along some of the most important shipping routes in the world. Bron outlines the firm’s dedication to innovation and creating unique solutions to meet the needs of its clients. “Here at Radio Holland South Africa, our focus is delivering innovative technologies and unique technical service expertise that helps our customers run smarter, more profitable businesses. We serve the defence; shipyards; shipping; scientific and research; offshore oil and gas; mining; commercial fishing; and the leisure marine markets as well as the land based satellite communications sector. “The cornerstone of our operation is truly global, 24/7 support for the complete lifecycle of our clients’ equipment. We have factory certified service engineers, surveyors approved by most international classification societies, fully equipped workshops and comprehensive spare parts facilities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, as well as over 80 global service locations. We are constantly evolving and expanding our technologies, service network and support staff to exceed the industry’s needs.” Sea Transport Awards 2017

Radio Holland is a global company operating in all major ports. Within Africa, the firm’s offices have been strategically located at key, growing maritime and shipping hubs. Remaining at the forefront of the latest industry developments is vital to the firm’s survival, and as such Bron is eager to emphasise Radio Holland South Africa’s dedication to staying ahead of emerging developments around the world and across the market. “In our field, it is of utmost importance to remain updated with regards to developments - particularly amendments to IMO/SOLAS regulations - as these changes affect our clients’ operations. Our sales and service teams, as well as our customers are educated and well informed to ensure that the most cost-effective solutions are offered and that our clients do not experience any downtime as a result. “In addition, we work hard to remain compliant with all relevant regulation and legislation, and as such employ and adhere to extensive Quality Health and Safety procedures; and to ensure that our standards are maintained, our staff – particularly service engineers who are working in the field - are well informed and attend regular safety courses. We are accredited to full ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO18001 for Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental standards, as well as most major class societies, namely DNV, BV, ABS, GL, LR, Rina, NKK and the Chinese Registry.”

cations solutions. We have also established remote monitoring capabilities, which will allow us to stay updated on our client’s vessels from global monitoring rooms on a 24/7 basis to prevent failures and proactively manage maintenance. “Alongside growing this side of our business, Radio Holland South Africa is currently expanding and developing future support locations in Africa. We are also exploring new markets with additional product portfolios in terms of Orbcomm asset/vehicle tracking, as well as mission-critical communications solutions in partnership with Motorola Solutions. Additionally, 2017 will include key developments within our Dynamic Positioning Failure Modes Effects Analysis (DP FMEA) survey and service solutions. All of these developments will help us to ensure that we remain at the forefront of industry innovation and are able to provide our clients with the support and services they need. With over 100 years of serving the maritime industry globally and 50 years in Africa, we are confident that, together with our clients and staff, Radio Holland South Africa will continue strengthen our position within the industry.”

Looking ahead, Bron outlines the areas for growth that the firm has identified and how it intends to support these sectors by expanding its service offering. “Within the maritime and shipping industry we have identified some major future developments in terms of smart shipping and ports. Information Communication Technologies (ICT) are playing an increasingly important role in the maritime industry, as well as ships remote monitoring. In order to support this development, over the past year we have expanded our solutions portfolio in a proactive bid to accommodate these developments. We have introduced innovative asset tracking, as well as turnkey satellite and radio communi-

Company: Radio Holland South Africa (Pty) Ltd Name: Bron Sykstus Email: Web Address: Address: 16 Paarden Eiland Road, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, South Africa, 7405 Telephone: +27 21 508 4700


Best Global Freight Forwarding Company - Romania PROALF Worldwide SRL is an independent and reliable freight forwarding company, with a service minded and flexible approach that is backed up by a dedicated customer service team. The company works in partnership with a global network of professional agents, covering numerous destinations worldwide, enabling the smooth transit and security of a customers’ cargo. PROALF Worldwide SRL specializes in all modes of cargo transportation, freight forwarding services, logistics and consultancy, with a focus on containerized sea freight FCL/ LCL and air freight for import and export, offering all services related to this as well. The company understand that in the challenging and ever changing world that we live in, time is the most precious commodity to their customers. PROALF currently has the capacity to deliver tailor-made transportation and logistical services: • road freight both domestic and international (FTL/LTL/Groupage/Parcel); • sea freight (FCL/LCL) door-to door, doorto port or port-to-port; • air freight Standard and Express, door-todoor/airport, airport-to-door/airport; • inter-modal freight • warehousing in all locations of the country via sub-contractors • other logistics related services or consultancy. The company can handle a variety of containerized ocean freight shipments, including FCL (Full Container Loads) or LCL (Less than Container Loads). Full container loads

or less-than-container loads to and from Constanta Port, from and to any worldwide destination is the basis of PROALF’s business. The business of Full Container Loads usually associates one Shipper to one Consignee, and mostly brings lower costs than the equivalent size and weight of a bulk cargo. LCL or Less-than-Container Load shipment is a shipment solution designed for customers who usually do not have enough cargo to fill a whole container, and it is one of the most cost friendly ways of completing international container shipping. PROALF Worldwide SRL is able to offer a number of sea freight services alongside their FCL and LCL container shipment orders, including assistance in the completion of freight related documentation; door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-door and port-to-port delivery for import and export merchandise; the inland pre carriage of containers to and from Constanta port by truck or railway; container stripping/ stuffing at Constanta, cargo transhipment

from/to container to/from trucks, and inland pre/on-carriage of goods by trucks (22 tons / 13.6m) to port/final destination. The company are highly active in the Romanian market, with a global destination coverage, and PROALF look to continue offering these services long into the future.

Company: Proalf Worldwide Srl Email: Web Address: Head Office Address: 16, Lucian Blaga Street, C Bldg., Ground Floor, Ap. 13, PC 310023 Arad, Romania Telephone: +40 257 201025 Fax: +40 257 282010 Bucharest Branch Address: 158, Calea Mosilor Street, Right wing, 2nd Floor, PC 020883 Bucharest, Romania Telephone: +40 21 2520752 Fax: +40 21 6421300


Best Specialist Marine Lighting Manufacturer 2017 Hella marine designs and manufactured quality led lighting solutions for the leisure, commercial and cruise ship markets. We invited Marketing Manager Duncan Stirling to tell us more.

Hella marine offer an extensive range of LED navigation lamps, work lamps, interior and exterior downlights and utility lighting as well as accessories like fans and switches. OEM’s, distributors, operators and service technicians benefit from working with a full lighting supplier which draws on innovative ideas, as Duncan explains. “As a lighting designer and manufacturer, at Hella marine we strive to produce the most efficient and reliable lighting solutions. Though innovative design and the use of UV, chemical and impact-resistant materials we have proven to be the most durable and reliable lighting on the market. Hella marine products are designed using the latest materials that will not corrode, degrade or discolour even when exposed to high UV and salt water environments. This means over time the housings will not weaken, become brittle or crack, so lamps remain completely sealed, protecting internal electronics. “Our firm has also introduced an innovative thermal polymer that eliminated the need for heavy metal heat sinks and reduced the potential for corrosion, commonly associated with metal housings in marine environments. Hella marine also implements a ‘testing to destruction’ philosophy that highlights where possible failures can result so we can design the lamps and adjust manufacturing processes Sea Transport Awards 2017

to eliminate these. Combining proven reliability with exceptional service, Hella marine offers complete peace of mind.” Moving forward, remaining at the forefront of industry innovation will remain the firm’s ongoing focus, as Duncan concludes. “Looking to the future, Hella marine recognises the potential for ultra-efficient and extremely durable lighting solutions in the demanding marine environment. Our extensive range of LED navigation lamps, floodlights and interior or exterior lighting is already ideal for the marine transport vessels and we plan to extend the range with higher output, commercially focused lighting work lamps and AC lighting solutions.”

Company: Hella marine Name: Duncan Stirling (Marketing Manager), Adam Ramsden (Director – Global Sales), Web Address: Address: 81 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand. and Unit 6, Appletree Industrial Estate, Chipping Warden OX17 1LL, United Kingdom Telephone: (NZ) +64 9 577 0000, (UK) +44 1295 225600


Best Marine Training Material Publishing Company Witherbys is a specialist publisher of marine training, reference and regulatory materials, providing the finest books and publications to the shipping industry. We profile the firm and explore the range of materials it provides.

The roots of Witherby Publishing Group can be traced to 1740 in London, around the time that ‘Lloyd’s List’, one of the world’s oldest running journals, was first published at Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House. Witherbys’ early business included the preparation of contracts between merchants and owners of ships and the insurance clauses associated with them. 276 years later, the company still supplies insurance clauses to the commercial marine market. Witherby Publishing Group, which was formed from a JV between Witherbys and Seamanship International, is based in Livingston, Scotland and run by partners Iain Macneil and Kat Heathcote. Iain is an exmariner who set up Seamanship International to design and develop training and reference materials for the shipping industry. Kat, who has a background in the energy business including with BP and Wood MacKenzie, joined the company in 2004. This vast industry experience has helped drive the firm to its current success, and the company now has customers in over 180 different countries and has won a variety

of awards including a Seatrade Award, the Lloyd’s List Training award, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade. Witherbys publish for the industry bodies OCIMF, SIGTTO, IACS, INTERTANKO, UK Chamber of Shipping and ITOPF. The firm has been recognised as a Great Place to Work in the small business category for both Scotland and the UK, is a Living Wage Employer and has signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge. Witherby Publishing Group celebrated its 275th birthday in 2015, and moving forward the firm remains committed to providing the very highest standards of materials to its vast clientele.

Company: Witherby Publishing Group Web Address: Address: 4 Dunlop Square, Livingston, Edinburgh UK EH54 8SB Telephone: 01506 463 227

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