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The Right Career Transitioning Move Chuck McConnell, past SCC President, details the issues facing the career placement and recruitment industry and the steps his organization takes to ensure a successful search process for individual and corporate clients, and vital process quality assurances led by the firm’s founder and CEO, Fred Coon. For the past 20 years, Stewart, Cooper and Coon (SC&C) based in Phoenix, Arizona and SCC-Virginia in Williamsburg, VA, have provided recruiting and placement services to those in search of new executive talent and new career opportunities. Fred Coon, in Arizona HQs along with Chuck McConnell, past President of SC&C now based in Virginia, have together developed highly successful programs that support both employed and unemployed individuals who choose to accelerate their management careers and those organizations looking for talented candidates for senior level employment consideration. The process and SC&C’s strong category presence were created by Fred Coon, and his initiatives have built the comprehensive array of programs and services shown

on the web site. The web presence of SCC in Virginia, as an affiliated organization, builds upon the corporate site and national support staff that Fred leads. Chuck’s role within the firm includes work on SC&C’s Executive Placement Programs, where their private and public sector clients conduct their job search. Going it alone in career search will take significantly longer, can be more stressful and, Chuck believes, is less professional than being advocated by the firm’s staff and process. Chuck goes into more detail outlining his own, as well as Fred’s, view on the important aspects of the firm’s work. “The difference between Engaged Recruiting and Executive Placement is that SC&C Recruiting is compensated by the hiring organization. In SC&C Executive Placement, the candidate, who is our client,

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pays an engagement fee for the firm’s professional programs and services. Military and government candidate outreach also is an important SC&C initiative that provides a focus and framework for reentry into private sector career pursuits.” “Turning to our Executive Placement area, it has been proven that SC&C’s involvement provides a long-term positive impact on our clients’ career paths. We take pride in our exceptional record of placement success. Senior six-figure executives, understanding the risks of “solo searching” in today’s market, contact us to obtain an in-depth, no-obligation consultation on their resume preparation, search strategies and processes they have been using. We demonstrate how working with our firm will assist them to locate and win a new position that will advance their career. Following refinement of the client resume and web portfolio, we structure simulated interview virtually and in videotaped experiences, in both our Phoenix and Williamsburg offices, to build strong responses to the tough hiring questioning used today. Challenging behavioral and panel interview constructs build client confidence in how to win over the competition. In those sessions, we look for and correct presentation issues we call ‘YIPs’, or as golfers experience, a temporary synapse misfire that can lead to failure on any course. Similar “Yips” do occur in search and we emphasize corrective measures to overcome

those issues. We use multiple channels and our established network to market our clients and assure their candidacies resonate with targeted employers. Our professional staff stays with our clients to assess offers, assist in compensation negotiation, on-boarding into the new job and then as a continuing resource through the end of our contract and beyond in our alum program if desired.” Expertise in client training “Working with our Executive Placement clients”, Chuck continues, “I look for candidates who are motivated to do the work involved in search preparation. A good education, a record of previous success in their careers, a unique “brand equity” and professional and behavioral competencies are important measures of future success…but only if presented well” Having previously been a military officer, marketing lecturer at Boston’s Emerson College, a senior executive at top ten global advertising agencies (including EVP, Darcy MacManus, Masius with UK Mars Incorporated global support responsibilities), top tier B2C marketing companies and president of a global apparel organization, Chuck was recruited into Watson Group, marketing communications consultancy in NYC as Senior Consulting Partner. With senior experience in a diversity of marketing organizations and well-grounded with his DePauw and Exeter (UK) Universities economics degree plus

North America News April 2017  
North America News April 2017