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What is LUX? Distributed group-wide to our circulation of 238,000, LUX is a premium lifestyle publication with a truly global reach. Targeted firmly at those who appreciate the finer things in life - and have the money to pay for them - LUX features everything from luxury travel and hotels, motoring and technology to jewellery, beauty products, food and fashion. The global LUX readership, spanning over 170 countries, comprises 20% high net worth individuals and 80% professionals earning over ÂŁ100k per year, giving combined yearly earnings of ÂŁ42m. LUX provides high end and exclusive firms the perfect media platform to get their products and services seen by a discerning, highly targeted, and, most importantly, big spending audience that other publications simply cannot reach.

Comprised of 9 distinct sections, LUX caters to all the finer things in life:


This section delves into luxury places from all over the world that we think might just tempt you to take a little time away.


For those days when you just need some time out. Our Retreats page is jam-packed with recommendations and reviews of luxury destinations.


For all your health and beauty products. Including new launches, luxury cosmetics and honest reviews.


Feeling hungry? Our Taste recommendations will entice you to visit luxurious bars and restaurants. It will also introduce you to new food and beverage releases to savour at home.


Love to unwind with your favourite drink? This section previews premium and luxurious beverages that are certain to hit the spot.


Take a spin through our drive section for the latest models and motor news.


One for the geeky-at-heart, our tech page looks at the latest in technology and gadgets.


Got an eye for a masterpiece? Our arts section takes you through some of the most inspiring and beautiful monuments, paintings and places to visit.


Looking for something that sparkles? Our jewels section provides inside track on what’s new in the world of high-end finery.

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LUX Awards

LUX awards 2018 Tourism

For those living the lavish lifestyle, travelling to exotic and luxurious locations is a necessity. With moreand more companies offering the little extras to make their luxury services more comprehensive, the competition to be the best has surged. Luxury travel has started to outpace the rest of the travel industry, due to a hierarchy of luxury travel needs, ranging from 5-star quality and service standards to exclusive VIP privacy and security. The 2018 Tourism Awards has been designed to reward those succeeding within one of the world’s most extravagant industries. Our awards showcase the best of the best for those who provide a unique, enjoyable, and luxury home away from home. Those firms that truly go above and beyond for their clients are who we award. As with all our awards, the 2018 Tourism Awards are purely based upon merit. To ensure this, our in-house research team go in-depth, to find the industry firms and leaders most deserving of our acknowledgements for their outstanding performances within the sector. Winners of this award can rest assured that they truly deserve the award bestowed upon them.

LUX awards 2018

Restaurant & Bar

Now in its second year, the LUX Restaurant & Bar Awards have been established to reward companies and individuals who strive to provide an outstanding level of service within the restaurant and bar industry. Choosing which restaurant or a bar to dine at, can be at times quite overwhelming with the vast variety of choice. With options spanning from fast food to fine dining, tea house to juices bars. There are many diverse and exciting places to choose from, all offering a highlevel quality of service to add to the experience, the restaurant and drink industry is one that always goes the extra mile As such, the 2018 Restaurant and Bar awards raises a glass to those whose innovative thinking, tireless efforts and dedication to the industry has led to the creation of some unique dining places. Our awards showcase the very best of the best this industry has to offer, rewarding those who strive towards providing a unique experience.

LUX awards 2018 Designer

The design industry is at the forefront of innovation and ultimately the growth of the global economies. Without the imagination and the creative flare of those not set to keep things the “same”, innovation and advancements wouldn’t be made. To recognise this, we are excited to introduce the Designer Awards 2018 proudly hosted by LUX lifestyle Magazine. These awards are not concerned with the size of the business, rather with the drive and dedication to their work and their clients. The award winners can rest assure that they truly deserve the award, these are based on merit and merit alone. Our in-house research team analyse the past 12 months of each nominee’s performance and commitment as well as their methods, this is to ensure each award goes to the most deserving. All nominees and winners can gain exposure by showcasing their success within the industry. We work to make sure everyone can gain maximum exposure and benefit from their win.

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LUX media pack 2018  
LUX media pack 2018