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Land Transport Awards 2017

Afghan Logistics and Tours

Best Road Transport Provider - Afghanistan & Most Innovative Vehicle Rental Service - Afghanistan

Cyient Best Rail Signalling & Electrification Provider 2017

Double Time Distribution Best New Road Haulage Company - UK

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Welcome to the Transport News 2017 Land Transport Awards The transport industry is a key contributor to the global economy ensuring the diligent work of all individuals and organisations involved keep the business world moving forward. The Land Transport Awards 2017 aim to highlight the frontrunners within the transport industry outlining the hard work and dedicated contributions of the decision makers and organisations that shape the Land Transport sector. These awards ensure that companies and individuals are celebrated for their continued success by rewarding the exceptional results and outstanding accomplishments driven by a passion for the industry.



Afghan Logistics and Tours Co Ltd Best Road Transport Provider - Afghanistan

6. Cyient Best Rail Signalling & Electrification Provider 2017 8.

Double Time Distribution Ltd

Best New Road Haulage Company - UK


Best Road Transport Provider - Afghanistan & Most Innovative Vehicle Rental Service Afghanistan Afghan Logistics and Tours is one stop shop in Afghanistan for everything including logistics, transportation, armored and soft skin Toyota vehicle rental, purchase, repair and parts enquiries, as well as being a provider of tour packages to the unique and historical places in Afghanistan. We profile this dynamic and versatile firm and the range of services it offers.

Established in 2002, Afghan Logistics prides itself being the first to start a 24-hour mini-cab services with high standards and the first non-government company to offer tourism services in Afghanistan. Today the company is one of the most trusted and successful Afghan companies. Afghan Logistics established itself as ‘one-stop shop’ in Afghanistan for all logistics, goods as well sa mini cab and transportation services. The company employs 44 personnel all of whom are committed to offering the very highest standards of service. The company provides 24/7 services to many embassies, organizations, NGOs, local and international companies operating in Afghanistan and worldwide. As such the firm is able to meet all its clients’ various needs and offer them the expertise and business strategies that none of the other local companies can offer. With regards to travel, Afghan Logistics are the only business in Afghanistan which all tour providers overseas employ us, as their contracted partner to carry out their tours around the country. Central to the firm’s approach to all of its services is its focus on sustainability and its belief in responsible business practices and in contributing to Afghanistan’s fledgling society above and beyond economic value. Afghanistan is the third poorest country in the world according to the World Bank’s ranking. As such many facilities, roads, places of accommodation and others are far below western standards. Afghan Logistics and Tours only engages trustworthy partners in all aspects of their tour operations, but despite this their facilities are not always perfect; however, the firm is committed to helping clients embrace the differences in culture and enjoy a memorable trip. Moving forward, Afghan Logistics is keen to build upon its current success and offer an even wider array of services to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients.

Land Transport Awards 2017

Best 5 Road Transport Provider - Afghanistan & Most Innovative Vehicle Rental Service - Afghanistan

Company: Afghan Logistics and Tours Co Ltd Website:


Best Rail Signalling & Electrification Provider 2017 Cyient’s combination of functional and domain expertise, alongside their industry centric solutions, uniquely positions the firm as the preferred Design-Build-Maintain partner for the world’s leading OEMs and organizations from a range of industries. Over 300 such leaders consistently choose Cyient to devise engineering and business solutions, planning for a better tomorrow. Cyient brand their solutions ‘Designing Tomorrow Together’; three distinctive words that describe their unique approach to working with customers to improve their business and the lives of their customers. Together with their clients, the firm addresses how to provide more efficient and comfortable rail journeys for passengers, designs game changing aero engines, designs and manufactures complex electronics, increases the reliability and availability of engineering assets, and designs next generation communication networks. Within the land transport market, Cyient focuses on the rail transportation business, covering rolling stock, signalling control and the service segments. With over 1300 dedicated engineers, the firm delivers scalable and smart solutions to their clients to effectively design, build and maintain assets, and to efficiently realize the projects they are involved with. Their key expertise includes full spectrum multi-disciplinary sub-system level design, application design and engineering, integration, manufacturing, and intelligent asset management. Cyient are elated and gratified to have been recognised by Transport News International in the Land Transport Awards. They believe Land Transport Awards 2017

it reflects the trust and credibility that their firm enjoys with their customers and, more importantly, the value that they create for them. Cyient attribute this success to their customer centric philosophy, and their delivery excellence and expertise, alongside the years of hard work that their associates have put in to build such an organization. The firm also believes this award serves as a tremendous source of encouragement for them to raise their current bar of excellence, thereby giving greater value to their customers and to the industry. Globally, there is an active pipeline of infrastructure spend and projects committed for the rail sector, but the spend is also laced with much needed efficiency measures. The vast and complex nature of projects in this industry demands a high availability of skilled resources, those who can deliver the project on agreed timelines and at a highly competitive cost. However, the industry faces a severe crunch in the capacity required to address this demand. The globalization of operations, the standardization of processes along with measures to bridge skill and capacity gap by the industry will be the critical success factors in the long term. The fluctuating price of oil has also had a cascading effect on business in this industry, including Cyient’s, in select geographies, for example in the Middle East and in North America. The macroeconomic factors - such as the influence of the infrastructure spend commitment in those regions - delay the award of rail projects for Cyient’s customers, thereby impacting their pipeline of opportunities. Cyient was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Hyderabad India, with 13,800 employees across 21 countries around the world. The firm maintains a very strong business presence in the rail sector in Europe, especially in the UK. With their scale and the scope of their operations and solutions in India, Cyient are also well positioned to address the requirements emanating out of the India/APAC region. UK, Europe and India will continue to be the key geographies

of interest for the rail sector from both the investment and efficiency perspective. The firm adopts a combination of inside-out and outside-in perspectives when integrating the latest technologies into their business. Cyient’s diverse exposure to a wide set of industries and disciplines along with their global footprint enables them to take advantage of best practices and emerging trends from other sectors and regions. Further, the firm’s focused approach on rail industry specific strategic initiatives helps them to spot industry specific trends and requirements, thus allowing them to tailor or integrate the latest technology into their solutions. Every industry development brings along with it an opportunity and a threat to the business. The land transport industry’s focused yet nimble strategy has a longer term perspective, that helps Cyient to plan in advance for such developments, while also helping to diversify their portfolio and foresee risks ahead of the curve. Looking to the future, continuous improvement and customer centricity will continue to be the driving forces of the organization’s success. Cyient are also actively investing in expanding their solutions portfolio, in future trends such as digitalization and mobility. The firm is confident that this will help sustain their competitive advantage and will create greater value to their clients, thus enabling them to become the preferred partner for the mobility solutions of tomorrow. Cyient are increasingly witnessing large scale investments in rail infrastructure across the globe, reflecting a growth outlook of around 4% for the next 5 years. The positive sentiment of this growth is further increased as the industry is also focused on digital convergence and globalized operations to ultimately provide safer and more efficient journeys to passengers. The firm believes that the industry is at an inflexion point of transformation, and Cyient are very excited that through their strong partnerships with

Best 7 Rail Signalling & Electrification Provider 2017

their customers, they are already an integral part of this transformation, as they are designing the future of mobility. Cyient believe that they are well poised to adapt and tap in to the future trends and developments in this industry, and this will be enabled by their continued focus on industry centric strategic investments and by their strong associations with their customers.


Best New Road Haulage Company - UK Double Time Distribution is a local haulage company based in Holywell, North Wales, serving clients across the UK. We invited Founder Andy Hughes to tell us more.

Established in 2013 as a small business, comprising of just Andy and his van, the company soon flourished thanks to Andy’s determination and dedication to providing the very highest standard of service to his clients, as he explains. “When I first started Double Time Distribution, I was still working full time in another job and I had no background in haulage at all. The business did quite well and over the course of a year, I had gone from one van to six. At that point, I decided I needed to give up my existing job and focus full time on Double Time Distribution. I immediately started studying for my International Operators CPC, a fantastic course which taught me just how much I did not know about the industry and gave me a sound base on which to start building my knowledge. “Once I gained that qualification, I looked to get some articulated vehicles. I started with two Scania 450R Toplines on a lease deal. My ambitious drive to constantly expand the business, in a responsible way, has led to the business currently running 6 artics and 13 vans. The most recent artic was one I purchased outright from Scania which is a 520 V8. I hope to soon be expanding the fleet further. Currently we do work for many different clients from large multinationals to one man bands. We deliver everything, including building materials, machinery, and containers.” Entering as a new member of an industry is always tough, and one of Andy’s key challenges was creating a good network for loads around the country. He outlines how his background served him well in this endeavour. “Throughout my time in the haulage market my business background has served me well in ensuring I cost all work up properly, making sure we are not running unprofitable contracts. North Wales is a large industrial area with many potential clients. I do not feel that I am in competition with other local hauliers, more that we are all in it together, we can all help each other out as much as possible.

Land Transport Awards 2017

“The market is large enough to support all of us, and through this approach I am able to support my industry peers. If we go around undercutting each other and underhandedly taking customers from each other when one of us is good enough to give the other a backload, then we will soon end up driving all the profit out of the work for ourselves. I would never do that to anyone and I hope that nobody would ever do that to me.” Looking ahead, Andy is seeking to grow the company and build upon its current success in order to meet the ever evolving needs of his clients. “Moving forward, I am always looking for new customers, new drivers and opportunities for the company. My ambition to grow the company will not change, so I hope to be applying for more vehicles on my operator’s licence. I am also looking to get another depot and continue my reinvestments in people and equipment to drive the business forward. “Within the wider haulage industry I foresee an increased focus on emissions, which is a great thing. Our environmental policy states that we will always try our best to limit our impact on the environment by using the newest equipment possible, analysing our operation to prevent wastage and looking to new innovations to help us improve. “Overall I am exciting for the future and look forward to taking advantage of the many opportunities that our continued growth has to offer.”

Company: Double Time Distribution Ltd. Name: Andy Hughes Email: Web Address: Address: 7 Greenfield Business Park Number 2, Bagillt Road, Greenfield, Holywell CH8 7GJ Telephone: 01352 710032 / 07860460633


Best New Road Haulage Company - UK

Land Transport News Awards 2017  
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