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Best Quantitative Long/ Short Absolute Return Fund: Runestone Capital Fund Runestone Capital was founded by Rune Madsen and Rasmus Andersen who wished to freely express their investments views, without the restrictions of a large organization. After building a successful active wealth management franchise over the past 15 years, they wanted to create an independent firm to express their own investment methodology. Due to their strong conviction in their own proprietary models, they funded the firm with their entire net worth; Rune and Rasmus firmly believe Runestone Capital is the biggest opportunity in their investment careers thus far. unestone Capital exclusively trade US equity index volatility related products, and their current investor base is a mixture of institutional and private capital, as well as internal funds. Rune and Rasmus believe that the key to their success has been through the development and refinement of their models over a number of years. Throughout this period, these have been implemented, as well as further improved, which has been instrumental in the success of Runestone Capital so far.


“We implement quantitative driven models and are constantly researching the existing framework, as well as analysing ways to improve our performance. Our focus is on short term strategies that are adaptable to a wide range of scenarios, and as such, we are optimally placed to perform well over the cycle. We are convinced that by employing a systematic approach we are removing the ego and emotions from the process, which should improve the risk/return characteristic of our business over time. “Our investment approach operates freely without pre-set biases for our investments. The models all operate in real-time and we rebalance our portfolio daily. This systematic discipline, combined with occasional discretionary risk reductions, has enabled us to produce positive returns in a wide array of market conditions. We believe the combination of our investment approach and the fact that we operate in a less crowded strategy space places us in an attractive position that has allowed us to generate attractive returns for our clients.” On aggregate, Runestone Capital has noted that hedge fund performance has been sub-par in recent years, which is unfortunate for the entire industry. Rune and Rasmus acknowledge that this has made capital raising more challenging for most funds, including themselves. However, this has not meant a loss for Runestone Capital,

who instead are looking to expand their team and continue growing their business. “We look to add full-time staff in parallel with the growth of the fund, and we are hoping to see improvements in hedge fund performance in the coming years. We are expecting the research, implementation and portfolio management areas of our business to remain our primary focus, but we are looking to add capacity in our marketing and operations departments as we grow. Particularly focusing on marketing, we will be interested in candidates that have excellent communication and networking skills, who will be able to attract clients that share our vision. “Technologically speaking, our development in this area is mainly focused on research and strategy implementation. Our clients receive monthly performance updates as well as weekly intra-month performance estimates, but our door is always open for meetings and conversations with clients, should they require us.” 28 investorReview November 2016

Runestone Capital is open to both institutional and private investments, and Rune and Rasmus are looking for clients who believe in their proprietary, systematic approach, and believe that their strategy is a good supplement to their portfolios, as they look to the future. “Our main focus going forward is the continuation of our planned strategy as we grow assets. We are receiving increasing levels of interest, particularly from the US, and as such we expect to launch a US focused share class in the near future.” Company: Runestone Capital Names: Rune Madsen & Rasmus Andersen Email: Web Address: Address: 239 Kensington High Street, London W8 6SN, UK Telephone: + 44 207 316 3084

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Investor Review November 2016  

Investor Review November 2016