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Vania Franceschelli Best Financial Adviser 2016 - Italy

Vania Franceschelli is a tied agent working with Allianz Bank, a leading Italian banking and financial services specialist. Page 4


to the 2016 International Finance Awards

Acquisition International’s pioneering Finance Awards program- now in its third year- showcases the achievement, innovation and dedication of the international finance industry. Through this unique programme we aim to turn the spotlight on those working across the financial industry- from wealth managers to fundraisers and support service providers and everyone in between- who have worked tirelessly to support their clients in one of the most important areas of their lives. As with all of our awards programmes, the 2016 International Finance Awards are distributed purely on merit. Once voting closes we will pass the nominations on to our dedicated awards team, who will scrutinise every vote to ensure that each of our winners can rest assured that their accolade was truly deserved. In order to ensure this programme is a true representation of the very best that the finance industry has to offer, we need your votes. Use the form below to nominate a firm, individual or department that you believe deserves recognition

contents 4. Allianz Bank - Best Financial Adviser 2016 - Italy 6. Barclays Bank PLC – Corporate Development Team of the Year 7. International Turnkey Systems - Best Integrated IT Solutions Provider - Middle East & Most Innovative Financial Transactions Solution: ETHIX-MOBILE 8. Martin Place Securities - Best Emerging Mining & Energy Securities Advisory - Australia 9. Accounting Direct Plus Limited - Most Innovative Accountancy Firm – London & Best Accounting Software Provider - London 9. Age Partnership - Best Retirement Income Specialists 2016 – UK & Recognised Leader in Financial Customer Service - UK 10. Allied Wallet LTD - Leading Financial Services Company of the Year – USA & Most Innovative Payment Gateway 2016 10. Banco Bmg S.A. - Best Commercial & Financial Services Bank - Brazil 11. Blueray Capital - Best Technology Focused Angel Investment Firm 2016 11. Camden Associates Realty - Best Real Estate Corporate Finance House - UK 12. Capnua Corporate Finance - Best Corporate Finance Advisory Firm - Ireland 12. ClearlySo - Best Impact Investment Bank 2016 – UK & Award for Excellence in Early-Stage Investment - UK 13. Connect Mortgages - Best for Residential Mortgages 2016 - Essex 13. Deutsche Bank AG - Best Commercial Banking Specialist 2016 - Asia Pacific & Award for Excellence in Risk Management - Singapore 14. Hannes Pardeller - Bank of the Year – Italy & Recognised Leader in Startup Advisory Services - Italy 15. GÜRLICH & Co - Best Real Estate Investment Law Firm - Czech Republic 15. InHub LLC - Most Innovative Institutional Investment Platform - USA 16. Maverick Trading - Best Proprietary Trading Firm - USA 16. McCracken Advisory Partners - Most Trusted M&A Investment Banking Firm - USA 17. Mortgage Advice Bureau - Best National Mortgage Broker 2016 17. Newscape Capital Group Ltd - Best Specialist Investment Manager - UK 18. NovitasFTCL - Best FinTech Focused Corporate Finance Firm - UK 18. Orbian Management Limited - Best Supply Chain/Trade Finance Solutions 2016 & Award for Excellence in Working Capital Management Solutions - UK 19. Protiviti - Best Business Consulting Firm 2016 - UK 19. Together - Best for Auction Financing 2016 - UK 20. UATP - Best Corporate Travel Payment Solutions Platform UATP 20. Zia Masood Kiani & Co - Best Chartered Accountancy Firm - Pakistan

International Finance Awards 2016 / 3

Company: Allianz Bank Name: Vania Franceschelli Email: Address: Via Circondaria Nord nr.25 41013 Castelfranco Emilia - Modena - Italy Telephone: + 39 3356303613

Best Financial Adviser 2016 - Italy Vania Franceschelli is a tied agent working with Allianz Bank, a leading Italian banking and financial services specialist. We spoke with Vania to learn more about her and the services she provides.

Vania Franceschelli works as a freelance consultant as part of Allianz Bank, supporting their clients worldwide with investment products and support. In her opening comments Vania discusses her clients, service offering and overall approach. “As part of my work I support my clients in obtaining bespoke products which are tailored to their individual needs. My work is varied and I deal with investments, portfolio construction, planning resources for families and companies, planning hereditary questions, pension planning, protection of capital, financing and mortgages, financial education for students and families, consultancy of portfolio of third party banks. My typical clients are industrialists, professional people (doctors, lawyers, architects etc.), foundations and families.” “When a new customer wants to entrust their money to my office, I begin by first of all asking the customers questions about the depth of his knowledge in economic matters and what he/she expects from my profession. It is a very important factor in my profession to fill out meticulously the MiFID questionnaire. This form contains all the information about the new customer’s needs and also what the customer has already realized, so that I understand from the start what the client requires and how best to handle their money.

“Communication is also vital to my approach, and I aim to call each client regularly and meet with them all around once a month so that they are fully appraised of the status of their investment and feel supported.” Working alongside Allianz Bank, Vania has adopted their mission and client focus, as she is eager to emphasise. “My mission is the same as that of Allianz Bank: “to grow and our customers grow”. A good financial advisor should annually grow assets under management by at least 10%, correctly administering the assets of customers already acquired and acquired new customers. The markets nowadays are pervaded by uncertainty, so I think my profession is now even more important and must provide clients with advice and support which meets their needs. “The customer to me is the centre of my activity and I have to nurture them and help them to grow. For me the determination, responsibility, ambition, passion and even a little irony are the keys to my profession. I also often attend refresher courses on various European regulations (Mifid II, IMD II, Priips etc.) in order to offer the very highest standard of advice possible, as I believe that the constant update on my profession is very important to ensure my customers get the best service and consultancy.” The finance industry in Europe is undergoing a major transformation. The introduction in 2018 of the Mifid II will profoundly affect it, as Italian customers are a clientele accustomed to saving, but clients have little financial education. Working in such a developing market, it is vital that firms such as Vania’s differentiate themselves. What sets Vania, she states, is her collaboration with Allianz Bank. “Overall I believe that what sets my work apart in a highly competitive market is careful planning and collaborating with a leading company which utilizes highly competent, highly experienced, consultants with a deep knowledge of their products, markets and their customers.” In the future Vania is eager to see more women move into finance and is looking forward to the opportunities the ever evolving industry will bring. “The finance industry is constantly developing and I look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities this will bring me going forward. I would like to see more women enter this industry and will be working hard to support them wherever I can. “Overall in order to see my business grow I believe that the role of the consultant must take on a more social value for the community today and for future generations.”

4 / International Finance Awards 2016


Allianz Bank

International Finance Awards 2016 / 5

Contact Details Company: Barclays Bank PLC Website:

Corporate Development Team of the Year

BCDPI is the in-house Corporate Development and Principal Investments team for Barclays Bank PLC. We invited its Group Head, Francesco Ceccato, to talk us through the work his department undertakes. The principal purpose of BCDPI is to be an in-house adviser to Barclays, originating and executing M&A transactions and investments to a best-in-class standard. Its strong process discipline and collective expertise constitute a source of competitive advantage for Barclays. Francesco describes the work the department does within the M&A space. “Our department’s main purpose is to facilitate M&A transaction origination and execution for the Barclays Group, with Principal Investment activities being embedded into the team currently.

Since the start of 2015, we have completed 34 M&A transactions and anticipate completing further transactions in H2 2016.” This vital work helps Barclays to achieve its overall aim to become a bank that will help to redefine the future of banking – a Transatlantic Consumer, Corporate and Investment Bank. Announced in March 2016, the Bank’s new strategy entails three major initiatives, two of which BCDPI is at the heart of. The Barclays Non-Core strategy will see the Bank accelerate disposals and run-downs in order to facilitate resource liberation. The second of the three strategies is Barclays Africa, which involves the sell-down to a de-consolidating position in order to adjust the Bank’s risk/reward profile on these assets. Finally, there is Structural Reform, whereby the bank creates legal entities to future-proof Group structural reform needs to comply with post-crisis legislative requirements. Collectively these strategies chart the future of the Bank’s operation as a transatlantic bank, and with BCDPI at the heart of the first two of these, it is clear that the team is central to delivering the new shape of the Group. Currently BCDPI comprises a highly qualified and experienced team of 30 colleagues with 281 years of cumulative Corporate Finance experience, striving to be the distant number one team in corporate development and principal investments in the banking industry. As his concluding comment, Francesco talks us through how the firm will continue to build upon his team going forward as it seeks to expand its service offering and better support the bank. “The Corporate Development Team will expand to include Principal Investment colleagues so that we can offer a broader, consolidated range of services to Barclays, and build upon recent success. As we close the remaining deals for the second half of this year, we are also looking beyond at opportunities to enhance Barclays through new capabilities acquired.”

6 / International Finance Awards 2016


Company: International Turnkey Systems Address: ITS Tower, Mubrak Al Kabeer Street, Kuwait City Phone: (00965) 22409100 Fax: (00965) 22402797 Website:

Best Integrated IT Solutions Provider - Middle East & Most Innovative Financial Transactions Solution: ETHIX-MOBILE International Turnkey Systems (ITS), a leading integrated information technology solutions and software services provider, offers world class quality IT solutions and services that enable companies of all sizes to keep up to date with the ever evolving and increasingly competitive business environment. We invited Fahad Al Rashdan, the firm’s Chief Strategy Officer, to tell us more.

ITS provides total solutions and systems intermigration to clients around the world, with a focus on supporting the financial market, with clients including banks and major investment firms. A complete range of retail and corporate banking solutions is provided, and in recent years the firm has begun to focus specifically on supporting the Islamic banking sector, as Fahad outlines. “At ITS we support clients from across the banking and financial services market. In recent years we have begun to specialise in Islamic banking, as this is an emerging sector which has not been explored fully by our competitors, and there is a lot of space for expansion and the introduction of new products.” The firm’s flagship range is its ETHIX financial solutions, which are designed to support financial institutions to reach operational excellence, accommodate growth and achieve cost leadership in financial services. ETHIX provides multi-channelled corporate and retail products and services in Islamic finance and investment including core banking, trade finance, branch automation, online banking, dashboards and reports in addition to other products and services. Saving clients’ money and allowing them to integrate new technology into their operations is critical as the financial market is highly competitive and ever evolving, as Fahad emphasises.

“Our clients work in a changeable and competitive market, and as such ITS is committed to supporting their growth and ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the latest innovations and developments. We help them integrate new technologies such as the Cloud, social media capabilities and mobile solutions. “In addition, we also support clients in remaining compliant with the latest regulations by partnering with industry leaders across the risk and compliance sectors, including cyber security, compliance and regulatory. This collaborative approach ensures that our solutions are always at the forefront of developments across the financial market, and as such so are our clients.” This helps the firm to achieve its overall mission: to be a profitable cutting-edge IT and business solutions provider with the highest standards of quality, agile delivery and highest level of satisfaction to our shareholders, customers, and employees. With this in mind, as he looks towards the future Fahad believes that the need to innovate will only grow, as clients demand greater connectivity and access to banking on new devices such as mobiles and through social networks. “As demand changes from our clients’ customers, who seek to access their banking through new technology, we have to work hard to keep up with these ever changing needs and provide our clients with innovative solutions. This is our focus going forward, as we put all our energy into creating new and exciting solutions which will meet our clients’ needs and help prepare them for the digital age. “The Internet of Things and Beacon technology are just two innovations which we are supporting clients with, offering them integration support which will ensure that they are able to utilise this technology to the best of their abilities. We are also keen to enrich our current offering, adding new features to allow clients to adapt to the changing financial environment. Overall, we look forward to the opportunities the future will provide for us and believe that we have a bright and prosperous time ahead.”

International Finance Awards 2016 / 7

Best Emerging Mining & Energy Securities Advisory - Australia

Company: Martin Place Securities Name: Barry Dawes Email: Web Address: Address: Level 6 9 Barrack Street Telephone: +61 2 9222 9111

Martin Place Securities (MPS) is a boutique investment house established in 2000 to focus on Australian and Global investment opportunities in resources and energy. We caught up with Barry Dawes to learn more about the firm and its service offering.

Martin Place Securities’ primary operations are in capital raising (in mostly equities) with a record of over A$1,000m in over 30 IPOs, rights issues and hundreds of smaller private placements. The business is strongly research focussed with emphasis on recognising early opportunities accompanied by expert due diligence. Serving two types of clients, the firm’s corporate clients are mostly those with smaller developments but with longer term strategic or regional potential to make them bigger industry players. Funding clients are institutional or experienced investors and have individual segregated longer term portfolios that emphasise liquidity and patience to achieve above average returns. What unites all the firm’s clients, as Barry explains, is that they all receive the same high quality service from an experienced firm which is on a mission to offer the highest quality of service. “Here at MPS, our mission is to be the premier provider of capital raising and investment advice in the sector and already have a strong 16-year history providing this. The resources sector has experienced unprecedented volatility in the past eight years so experienced advice is critical to meeting all clients’ requirements. “The track record of choice of corporate client and delivering outstanding returns for investor clients provides a strong platform and the use of thorough, innovative and insightful research that engages social media ad broadcast media has given global exposure.” The company prides itself with being the advisor of choice for many in the resources sector. All staff recognise this and like to provide the best for all clients and assist staff in achieving admirable outcomes, which Barry believes is key to the firm’s strong success in recent years. “MPS has had a stellar June 2016 FY through two major landmark deals (the largest ASX-listed China asset IPO and the underwriting the largest rights issue of the year for an ASX-listed Australian asset run by Chinese investors). The firm has also managed over a dozen significant capital raisings in important Australian resources stocks. “This strong success can be attributed to our commitment to providing exceptional innovative and experienced advice to all clients through personal contact, social media, presentations and timely research.” “In addition, outsourcing of basic procedural needs frees officers to providing accurate and timely advice on needs and wants.” Currently, the Australian capital markets are suffering from a severe loss of leadership and has structural impediments that prevent correct flow of investable capital. An overly pessimistic sentiment level combined with bureaucratic interference has reduced access to capital at a time of massive surpluses of capital and generational low interest rates. Redeploying bank deposits that exceed national GDP and restructuring overly large pension fund levels is a major challenge that requires national leadership and reduced bureaucratic interference. China is the major economic influence but a lack of familiarity and understanding severely limits development of the opportunities. The current misreading of China underlies much of the current malaise. Looking to the future of the wider funds industry, a major cyclical low has been reached and the outlook is for a recovery that will last several years and provide excellent business opportunities and outstanding returns for investors. Barry believes that the firm is well placed to take advantage of the opportunities this will bring. “In the funds industry, the redeployment of funds from bonds and cash will provide a massive long term opportunity to participate in the redirection that will include significantly higher investment levels. “MPS has planned for this recovery and has a full pipeline of opportunities and is ready for a plethora of crossrelated opportunities that are likely to emerge.”

8 / International Finance Awards 2016

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Company: Accounting Direct Plus Limited Name: Enver Kannur Email: Web Address: / Address: 293 Green Lanes, London, N13 4XS and 34-35 D’Arblay Street, London, W1F 8EY. Telephone: 0208 886 9222

Most Innovative Accountancy Firm – London & Best Accounting Software Provider - London Accounting Direct Plus tailored its services to each individual client whilst ensuring its high standards of professionalism, efficiency and expertise never change. Enver talks us through why he believes that client focused service is vital to the firm’s success. “In order for a company to become successful it has to put clients first; to understand their situation and provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs. This is because when a company can establish a one-to-one relationship with their clients and offer timely, individual advice on how to improve their business or personal finances and prove successful in doing so, they automatically start setting a mark for themselves. “As such here at Accounting Direct Plus our experienced team provides a wide range of accounting and business advisory services to companies and individuals across the UK. In addition to traditional bookkeeping and account work, we offer assistance in other areas such as business development, accounting Software solution, tax planning, and retirement strategies and much more.” This client centred approach is in direct correlation with the firm’s overall mission, which Enver is keen to highlight.

Accounting Direct Plus Ltd is a recognised and fully regulated ACCA practice. We invited Enver Kannur to provide us with an overview of the company and its service offering.

Company: Age Partnership Email: Web Address: Address: Age Partnership, 2200 Century Way, Leeds, LS15 8ZB

Age Partnership are awardwinning financial retirement specialists dedicated to providing quality client service. We invited Tim Loy to tell us more about the firm and how its client focus is crucial to its ongoing success.

“Our mission is to be in the top 100 accounting firms in the UK, and to achieve this, we are continuously implementing new systems and ways of improving efficiency and the quality of our work so that we can gain more clients.” Enver concludes by depicting the firm’s plans for the future, which are focused on growth and expansion. “In the near future we aim to have an online solution that is simple and easy to use, making us not just your accountant but a business adviser. It can be accessed via the internet, and so clients will always have it on the move. We have also recently improved our marketing strategies, which in turn has resulted in a linear growth in the quality of our client base which we aim to build upon going forward. By focusing on their needs and moving with the growing trend for mobile accounting we are confident that we can build on our current success.”

Best Retirement Income Specialists 2016 – UK & Recognised Leader in Financial Customer Service - UK Established over 10 years ago and based in West Yorkshire, Age Partnership has grown since inception to encompass over 250 employees and a tailored a range of financial solutions specifically for the over 55s. Tim describes the firm’s service offering in greater detail, outlining how it is tailored to suit the firm’s market. “At Age Partnership, we believe that people who are at or approaching retirement deserve to get the best out of life. As such, over the years we have helped hundreds of thousands of people to understand equity release and their pension income options with our free guides and free, easy-to-use online calculators. “It is our aim to build great relationships with our customers by focussing on two simple objectives: the best value and best service. We help our customers rather than sell to them, offering over-the-phone advice and a face to-face service, for customers who prefer to meet us in person and will provide our customers with a free, no-obligation personalised recommendation.” Within the wider industry there are many new developments. As today’s population live longer, the newly elected Pensions Minister will have an important role in ensuring that access to retirement income is transparent and straightforward. With more and more options being introduced for older borrowers, it will also be key that these choices are made clear and the correct advice is giving to each individual. As such Tim depicts Age Partnership’s exciting plans which will help support the next generation of retirees and beyond. “Moving forward, our vision is a roadmap that guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth and being the UK’s number one choice for over 50’s finance. We have recently launched a mortgage desk in order to help meet more customers’ needs and I am sure that this function will become an important part of our business going forward. We are also looking to launch an exciting range of new services across the remainder of 2016 and into 2017. “Additionally, Age Partnership is cementing a position as a leading job creator at its Yorkshire base. The launch of new products and growing sales volumes will see headcount grow from 250 to 350 in the next 12 months. We’re proud to be able to offer excellent career development opportunities as we continue to change the lives of both our customers and our colleagues.”

International Finance Awards 2016 / 9

Company: Allied Wallet LTD Website:

Leading Financial Services Company of the Year – USA & Most Innovative Payment Gateway 2016 Allied Wallet offers a wide range of ecommerce services, with a focus on technological excellence and security. Andy describes the firm’s current projects, which revolve around evolving its current platform to encompass new services which will meet the needs of the firm’s technologically dependant clients. “Currently here at Allied Wallet we are adding new functions to our next generation online payments platform, including a revolutionary new capability that could potentially make credit and debit cards obsolete as early as Q1 of next year. “This innovative technology will enable shoppers to save their credit card details to our online platform, then simply use a password to verify any purchase they make. This safe and efficient payment method will be easier for both shoppers and online sellers, and we anticipate it will be immensely popular.” Allied Wallet’s revolutionary API platform is unique because the firm offers free IP integration and support services, which is unheard of in the rest of the market, as Andy explains.

Allied Wallet is an international ecommerce firm and payment specialist. We caught up with Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja, to find out more about the latest developments and the firm’s future plans, which are firmly rooted in improving security not just for the firm’s clients but for online payment users around the world.

Company: Banco Bmg S.A. Website:

“Many of my competitors charge their merchants for support and integration, for example by billing them for their calls to support helplines. However, here at Allied Wallet we believe that client support is of the utmost importance, and as such we never charge our merchants for advice or IP integration. It is this high quality of service which has enabled our firm to retain the majority of our clients over the years, and has helped to make Allied Wallet a bastion of excellence in our industry.” As his concluding comment Andy describes how he has noticed an increased focus on security, and how his firm is aiming to become a byword for safety. “The ecommerce market is currently booming, and the market as a whole has seen an 11-12% increase in uptake around the world, as countries where security was previously an issue are now embracing online payment methods thanks to Allied Wallet. “In order to support this ever expanding market we are always integrating new local payment methods and shopping carts to our platform, so that merchants can trade easily with firms that do not use major payment solutions such as Mastercard or Visa. In addition, we are also incorporating new security measures, such as fingerprint technology, which could potentially change the way people make payments for the better.”

Best Commercial & Financial Services Bank Brazil With over 85 years of tradition, Banco BMG is now one of the oldest and most important financial institutions in Brazil. In recent years, it has been devoted to new businesses and the expansion of its product portfolio. BMG’s key focus is the Payroll Credit Card (BMG Card), in addition, it also offers the salary account deductible loan (BMG em Conta), both offered to social security retirees and pensioners and for public servers, as well as the BMG Enterprises and BMG Seguros, which provides financing, structured financial services and surety bond for medium and large companies. With the diversification of the portfolio, BMG strengthens its policy of offering financial solutions designed to facilitate the realization of dreams, while contributing to the economic and social growth in Brazil. BMG, aiming to diversify its funding, also offers investment options through BMG Invest, which is the Banco BMG investment platform. In it are gathered the best options of fixed income, ideal for all types of needs, geared towards individuals and companies looking to invest in BMG. Throughout its long and esteemed history, BMG has developed an entrepreneurial and pioneering culture. It was one of the first financial institutions to offer payroll loans to public employees, retirees, and pensioners of the Brazilian Social Security System (INSS), and has launched several new products. Their investment in new technology and in developing its own platforms and systems, that have since become benchmarks in the market, and their ability to seek funding structures that are suitable to its assets profile are well noted.

Banco Bmg S.A. (BMG) is a Brazil based bank offering a wide range of services. We profile the bank and showcase the wide range of services it offers. 10 / International Finance Awards 2016

Reinforcing the strong entrepreneurial culture at BMG is their most recent development of January 2016. The BMG Group (non-financial), innovated and launched a new distribution channel, called ‘help! loja de crédito’, which is a network of credit franchises around Brazil. Focused on the retail segments of Social Security (INSS) retirees, pensioners and public employees, the franchise is designed to be a multi-services solution for Brazilians. Due to the franchise model, the channel allows for greater scalability and a closer relationship with the client. In addition, it offers greater security when formalizing credit, and helps to mitigate potential default risks. Looking to the future, BMG will continue to grow its service offering as it seeks to support an even greater range of clients.


Company: Blueray Capital Name: Adrian Reeve Email: Web Address: Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU Telephone: 0845 273 3846 Email:

Best Technology Focused Angel Investment Firm 2016 Blueray Capital invests alongside other Angel groups, high net worth individuals and institutions. Typical investment rounds are between £100k and £500k, although larger rounds in excess of £1m have been completed. Adrian commented on their approach: “Blueray Capital was founded in 2009 and has invested extensively since then. The partners have considerable experience in growing successful businesses and welcome approaches from entrepreneurs, management teams and other investor groups. We are especially interested in revenue generating businesses, in our preferred sectors, that have real potential to scale.” Currently the finance sector is an exciting space with many interesting technologies and disruptive companies emerging. As such firms such as Blueray Capital need to differentiate themselves, which they achieve through their mission, as Adrian explains. “Our mission is to gain significant returns for our investors but also to work with dynamic entrepreneurs and management teams to create valuable businesses. Over the past year we are proud to say that we have achieved this, having had some exciting exits, which have given us confidence that our existing portfolio will deliver good returns in the future.” In his concluding comments Adrian talks us through the firm’s plans for the future and its aim to build upon its current success.

Blueray Capital is an Angel investment firm focused on opportunities arising in FinTech, Media, Mobile, Lifestyle and Technology products. We invited Adrian Reeve to tell us more.

Company: Camden Associates Realty Name: Jean-Claude Gonneau Email: Web Address:27 Hill street London W1J 5LP Telephone:020 7290 9218

“Moving forward we would like to develop the size of our portfolio and our ability to deploy more capital. We’re able to add considerable value to management teams and would like to devote more time to our investee businesses.” Adrian concluded that Blueray Capital is delighted to be the recipient of this prestigious award and is looking forward to enjoying greater success going forward.

Best Real Estate Corporate Finance House - UK

Camden Associates is a corporate finance house with a particular specialty in international financing. Three years ago, acting on client feedback, the firm created Camden Realty, a dedicated division specialising in real estate. Jean-Claude discusses the firm’s mission and how it aims to achieve this.

Camden Associates is a specialised investment boutique with a focus on emerging markets including biotech, tech, growth and changing companies. We spoke to Jean-Claude Gonneau to find out more.

“Here at Camden Associates our real focus is really the changing economy which causes a brutal change to valuation across economic sectors. Yahoo refused a $45 billion offer only a few years ago to accept a $5 billion offer a few weeks ago. These challenges are what we have to deal with on a daily basis, and are central to our approach. “Our specialty is really to deal with rapidly changing real estate landscape for specialised types of properties always prestigious and often listed buildings.” According to Jean-Claude, the firm’s success is dependent on its dedication to clients and its innovative thinking. “What sets our firm apart is old fashioned dedication to a client’s problem and a belief that creativity is at the heart of every solution, thinking outside the box. This being said we also have a unique knowledge and expertise when it comes to old properties hit by a changing local economy which is very useful and differentiates us from our competitors.” As his final comment Jean-Claude is keen to emphasise the firm’s exciting plans for the future as it seeks to build upon its current success. “At Camden Associates we have many great projects coming up and are looking forward to a prosperous future. We only hope for more great projects to keep us busy in the months and years to come.”

International Finance Awards 2016 / 11

Company: Capnua Corporate Finance Address: 51 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Phone: +353 1 605 0002 Fax: +353 1 676 9907 Email: Website:

Best Corporate Finance Advisory Firm - Ireland Established in 2010, Capnua is a specialist corporate finance boutique focussing on M&A as well as debt and equity financing advisory services. Eamonn discusses the firm’s clients, as well as talking us through how it aims to serve them in accordance with its overall mission. “Here at Capnua we are focussed on medium to large sized Irish businesses looking to expand or acquire in Ireland and internationally and on advising the shareholders of Irish businesses on the sale of their business. “Our strong focus allows us to build up strong experience in this market, which helps us to achieve our overall mission: to be a leading corporate finance advisory firm focussed on advising leading Irish businesses and their shareholders in relation to M&A and fundraising. We also aspire to be a leading advisor to private equity firms looking to acquire or invest in Ireland due to our un-paralleled level of market knowledge and contacts in the country.”

Capnua Corporate Finance is one of Ireland’s leading specialist corporate finance advisory firms. We spoke to Eamonn Hayes, Managing Director to learn more.

Being based in Ireland and focusing on supporting businesses in the region offers the firm strong insight into the market, which Eamonn is eager to share with us. “The finance industry in Ireland is current performing very well but there are un-certainties arising as a result of Brexit. This will present both opportunities and threats for Ireland, where businesses which are reliant on the UK as a sales market will be impacted negatively in the short term. “However, there are businesses which will benefit from the opportunities which Brexit will present in relation to certain industries which will relocate specific activities from UK to Ireland, and also businesses which export into other EU markets where they may benefit from the perceived certainty of businesses acquiring from a Eurozone business rather than a business in the UK. We remain excited about the Irish economy and the opportunities that will arise both domestically and internationally for Irish companies.” Ultimately, what sets the firm apart is this strong regional focus, as well as the firm’s collaborative nature, as Eamonn explains. “Overall, by focusing on the sectors which are particularly relevant to the Irish mid-market, we remain at the forefront of developments in the sectors we work in. We generally have long term relationships with our clients and accordingly we have an on-going and evolving knowledge of their businesses and the sectors they operate in. This longer term approach is a key part of our value proposition to our clients.”

Company: ClearlySo Name: John Lloyd, Chief Marketing Officer Email: Web Address: Address: 35 Paul St, London EC2A 4UQ Telephone: +44 20 7490 9520

Best Impact Investment Bank 2016 – UK & Award for Excellence in Early-Stage Investment - UK Originally founded in 2008, ClearlySo has helped more than 100 clients raise more than £100 million in impact investment from its extensive network of high-net-worth individual and institutional investors. We are headquartered in London, which provides us with the ideal base for our operations. It is with great pride that we can call ourselves Europe’s leading impact investment bank; we have helped more high impact start-ups and impact investment funds raise more capital than anyone else. Our vision is of a world where the financial system is a powerful force for good and where businesses consider the impact of all their investment decisions. Our mission is to bring impact in as the third dimension into investing, where all investors consider risk, return and impact, thus creating an environment for entrepreneurs and businesses that make a difference to thrive. We are able to serve both entrepreneurial and early growth start-ups alongside more established and mature businesses. For early stage businesses, our extensive network of high-net-worth individuals provide investments that range from £250,000 to £1.5 million. For more established businesses and impact funds, we have an extensive network of institutional investors who provide investments that range from £1.5 million to £20+ million.

ClearlySo is Europe’s leading impact investment bank, working exclusively with businesses and funds delivering positive social, ethical and/or environmental impact, along with financial return. It supports capital raising activity through financial advisory work. We spoke to John Lloyd, Chief Marketing Officer, who told us more about the firm. 12 / International Finance Awards 2016

The company is an intermediary in the truest sense of the word; we connect and bring together diverse parties to create new models and ways of doing business. Our team of experts are committed to client service and to our vision of using the financial system as a force for good. Our Impact Services team advises PE and VC funds, regarding the overall social, ethical and environmental impact of their investee portfolios. We consider ourselves sector agnostic, but have considerable experience and expertise in Health, Education, Technology, Energy and Environment, Food and Agriculture and Transport. We embody the model that we advocate, as we firmly believe that businesses can be both high-return and highimpact. Our team are a group of diverse professionals, from corporate finance, entrepreneurship, law and social impact backgrounds. We are committed to building a financial system that accounts for social and environmental impact and supports businesses and funds to do good while they are doing well.

Company: Connect Mortgages Name: Liz Syms Email: Web Address: Address: 39 Station Lane, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 6JL Telephone: 01708 676133

Best for Residential Mortgages 2016 - Essex Established in 1998, Connect Mortgages is on a mission to be known as first and best port of call when clients need a mortgage. Liz outlines the firm’s service offering and how it aims to provide clients with the highest possible quality of service. “Here at Connect Mortgages we offer solutions for all aspects of mortgages, from buying a first home, to property renovations, to financing buy to let and HMO properties, to commercial and development finance. We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of mortgage options to help clients secure the very best finance available to suit their needs and circumstance.” What really sets the firm apart, according to Liz, is its exemplary staff, who always aim to support clients throughout the process and have the experience and knowledge to get them the mortgage they need. “Our team of mortgage professionals aim to provide clients with unparalleled mortgage knowledge and a smooth efficient customer journey that helps them buy their dream home or realise their investment ambitions. “By hiring the right staff with knowledge, experience and a strong customer focus, we want our business to grow in the right way that maintains our high customer values. Meaning our clients will not only continue to use us but want to recommend our services to their family and friends.”

Connect Mortgages are an award winning mortgage company who specialise in all areas of property finance, within the UK and around the world. We invited CEO Liz Syms to talk us through the firm and provide us with a glimpse into the secrets behind its success.

Company: Deutsche Bank AG Website: index.htm

As her final comment Liz expresses her pride at the firm’s success over the past twelve months, which has led to some exciting developments as the company aims to build upon this through further growth. “This past year has been highly successful across all divisions of the company, with YTD revenues up by over 40%. Through a talented team, strong customer focus and willingness to do better, we hope that our strong business values, personal service and ability to deliver for our clients is the secret behind our growing success. “Looking ahead, we are now in the process of expanding the company and have purchased the office above our existing premises. This is the first phase of our ambitious growth plans that will help facilitate a strong recruitment

Best Commercial Banking Specialist 2016 - Asia Pacific & Award for Excellence in Risk Management - Singapore Deutsche Bank is pleased to be recognised for its work supporting corporates in Asia Pacific, as well as in risk management. Our Global Transaction Banking (GTB) business empowers corporate clients and financial institutions worldwide to grow sustainably and achieve their commercial objectives through a wide offering range of cash management, trade finance and securities services.

Deutsche Bank is Germany’s leading bank, with a strong position in Europe and a significant presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

GTB comprises cash management, trade finance and securities services. We process and clear domestic and cross-border payments, facilitate transactions for global trade and finance international trade, acting as trustee, agent and custodian for our clients. We have a stated goal to expand our GTB business in APAC – a market we would like to support in its extraordinary growth story. Our on-the-ground footprint gives us strong visibility and local market knowledge of our clients’ financial landscapes, which uniquely positions us to identify risks as well as opportunities for their bottom line growth. By working closely with the rest of the Bank, GTB takes a strategic approach to offer truly integrated and effective solutions that help our clients optimise every opportunity. Last year, Deutsche Bank published a strategic plan, known as “Strategy 2020” that outlined our vision for building a better bank. Strategy 2020 has four main objectives: to make Deutsche Bank simpler and more efficient; to reduce risk; to strengthen our capital position; and to be better run, with more disciplined execution. To execute on these objectives, GTB is focusing on the markets, products, and clients where we are best positioned to succeed, leading to greater client satisfaction and lower costs. The current regulatory agenda remains a challenge for all players, so in order to stay ahead of emerging developments Deutsche Bank’s Market Advocacy team engages in industry-wide discussions, advising clients on regulatory developments and representing their interests as influential drivers of major industry initiatives around regulation and standardisation. Indeed, client-centricity is one of Deutsche Bank’s core values, and GTB is committed to excellence and providing our clients with best-in-class service through high quality services and channels, market-leading solutions and innovative use of technology. Our clients have access to our global network of local customer service teams, and we regularly review our service model based on client feedback and industry best-practices. Ultimately we are deeply honoured and proud to be awarded this prestigious dual distinction, and it is testament to our collective hard work, focus on offering innovative solutions and commitment to client service. We look forward to building upon our success in the coming months and years.

International Finance Awards 2016 / 13

Company: Hannes Pardeller Name: Hannes Pardeller Email: Web Address: Address: Via dei Bottai 32 – 39100 Bolzano (I) Telephone: +39 0471 971210

Bank of the Year – Italy & Recognised Leader in Startup Advisory Services - Italy

Hannes Pardeller is a Financial Advisor operating in the SouthTyrolean Region of Italy. We invited him to talk us through the fascinating work he undertakes. Hannes Pardeller operates a small team of 3 people: a personal assistant, a specialist who is focused on Back Office, Data Analysis and Operations and himself. He explains the team’s objectives and how they work to achieve them. “My team and I focus our work on private clients with a target of investible assets of over 250K Euros, providing our clients with a unique advisory philosophy covering all major wealth related life events.” “In order to ensure clients receive the very highest standard of service I spent a lot of time, effort and money on organisational matters. We now have a very well trained team, perfect technological support and well defined routines. This allows me to completely focus on every single client and their needs with a very active approach and introduces continuity in the consultancy process.” Looking ahead, Hannes believes that the industry will change and is keen to develop alongside it. “In the years to come professional advisory will strongly differentiate itself from non or semi-professional advisory and clients will start to sense that difference. To allow families to protect their assets over time and generations it will be more important than ever to consider non-financial wealth related issues, so this is where I am putting my focus. Happy and satisfied clients will lead to happy new ones and every ethical, professional and open-minded professional in this field will prosper for while mediocre actors will leave the market.”

14 / International Finance Awards 2016

OE160026 Company: GÜRLICH & Co Address: Politickych veznu 19, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic Phone: +420 222 101 591 Fax: +420 222 101 590 Email: Website:

Best Real Estate Investment Law Firm - Czech Republic Established in 2002, GÜRLICH & Co operates in a wide range of practice areas including business transactions; civil law; intellectual property; corporate law and business law; public procurement; labour law; real estate; and litigation. All members of the firm are experienced lawyers possessing outstanding professional expertise in various branches of law and are able to support clients with any query. Currently, the firm consists of many lawyers who are supported by a qualified office staff. Besides, on a case to case basis, the firm also collaborate with many other external specialists and free-lance lawyers in order to support clients. The firm is fully capable of offering legal services to both individuals and legal entities in almost all fields of civil and commercial law, all over the territory of the Czech Republic, with the ability to provide legal services both Czech and English. In the event of cross-border transactions and litigation, the practice hires its cooperating international law offices as well as external foreign lawyers. Still, this Law Firm remains a purely Czech legal office free of any financial or other influence exerted by foreign and/or local nationals. This allows the firm to provide its services in compliance with law, professionally and independently. Ultimately, it is its vast service offering and dedication to client service that sets GÜRLICH & Co apart from its competitors and marks it out as a great option for any client requiring legal support.

GÜRLICH & Co is a legal firm based in the Czech Republic offering a wide range of services. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind its success.

Company: InHub LLC Phone: 773 688 8801 Email: Website:

Most Innovative Institutional Investment Platform - USA

InHub LLC helps the Institutional Investment Community bring the once cumbersome, Request for Proposal (RFP) process, online through an innovate and elegant eRFP tool. RFPs, Request for Information (RFIs) and Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) can be created, issued and collected online by Institutional Allocators for: Investment Consultants, Asset Managers, Recordkeepers, Actuaries, Auditors and more. We profile this innovative and dynamic business and explore the secrets behind its success.

Established in 2013, InHub has always been focused on its core mission: to use innovation to give people back their most valuable asset: time. Ariana Amplo, former institutional investment consultant started InHub after being surprised and frustrated by the archaic nature of the RFPs (email, word documents, and snail mail) she witnessed through her work at CitiBank and Morgan Stanley. Ultimately recognizing the institutional investment community deserved better for such an important practice. As such the firm serves as a solution for retirement plans, foundations & endowments, healthcare organizations, insurance plans, and the investment consultants who serve them. By working with InHub’s technology these in-demand professionals can more easily evaluate qualified candidates in a customized (and documented) process, and not be overburdened with the administration of it. InHub’s vision is to help fiduciaries hire, prudently & efficiently, at the speed of business. To achieve these ambitious aims the firm has created a simple but unique online request for proposal platform, eRFP, which was launched in 2014 to modernize the traditional process rather than replace it. eRFP offers a centralized, and flexible tool no matter the size of an organisation, number of candidates or type of search. Upgrading the process allows users to get to the important aspect of their work - evaluating proposals and making better and quicker hiring decisions. InHub also offers additional assistance to institutional investors evaluating investment consultants, including sample questions, virtual tips, and matching potential candidates from a proprietary network. The firm operates not as a database, but rather as the next step in many cases. Often organisations use public information and third party databases to narrow down the universe to a smaller list of qualified candidates. From there typically either a custom RFP is issued, or a general DDQ to support a proprietary data library. This is where InHub’s digital eRFP tool comes in. Users of eRFP can also issue ‘invite-only’ or ‘open-invitation’ searches and should expect to see several new features in early 2017. Ultimately, combining industry leading support with pioneering technology, InHub has created a solution which is poised to change the way institutional allocators allocate and operate for the better. And it appears they are well on their way, having issued RFPs for over $60,000,000,000 in institutional assets in the last 24 months.

International Finance Awards 2016 / 15

Company: Maverick Trading Email: Web Address: apply.php and

Maverick Trading is a world-class private equity proprietary trading firm, focusing on equity options and Forex currencies trading. We invited Robb Reinhold, the firm’s Principal, to tell us more about the firm and the work it undertakes.

Best Proprietary Trading Firm - USA Maverick Trading is completely committed to providing its community of traders with all of the support, technology, training and service that they need to become the best traders possible, as Robb believes that this is the key to the firm’s success. “The cornerstone of the success of our firm is the in the networking and sharing of information among all our traders. We meet as a group several times each week to discuss the markets and potential trade setups. Instead of traders trying to navigate the market individually, our traders are able to leverage the experience and skills of the firm’s management and other traders, producing a dynamic and synergistic effect.” The firm have enjoyed tremendous success over the past year, which Robb believes is due to the its focus on consistency above everything else, which has led to the firm almost doubling its expectations in terms of profitability over the past twelve months. “Over the past year Maverick Trading has been highly successful in both its FX and options divisions. “In our FX division, we always want our traders to focus on profiting 200-250 pips per month. When they can consistently do this, then the size of the position is the only factor, and that is easy to ratchet up. “With regards to our options division, the persistently bullish market made the plucking of profits easier than usual. We focus on spread trading tactics and are careful to hedge our trades and our overall portfolios properly.” Looking ahead, Robb talks us through the firm’s plans for the future, which include growth and expansion for the business. “Moving forward, we have a number of exciting developments coming up which will provide us with some great opportunities. We are currently looking into writing a follow-up book to the highly successful ‘Maverick Trading: Professional Techniques to Create Generational Wealth.’ The second book will explore our FX tactics. We have also discussed opening an e-mini futures division, but those discussions are still on the table. “Additionally, the number of new traders we bring on is directly correlated with the profitability of the traders, so we are planning to see some fantastic growth in the size of both divisions of our firm over the next

Company: McCracken Advisory Partners Name: Keith McCracken Email: Web Address: Address: 5200 Willson Road, Minneapolis, MN 55436. USA Offices: New York, Minneapolis and Sao Paulo Telephone: +1 952-922-8140

Most Trusted M&A Investment Banking Firm - USA McCracken Advisory Partners believe that precision is at the heart of every successful merger and acquisition, and, as Keith outlines, it is this that drives the firm’s approach to every transaction. “Here at McCracken, our clients are not looking for approximately the right deal. They are seeking precisely the right deal with precisely the right company. “While other advisors often rush to simplify, we embrace complication. We dig deeper, build stronger relationships, ask tougher questions and relentlessly pursue complete answers to optimize the value of every aspect of the transaction. “Overall, buying or selling a company is about more than money. Price is only the beginning. Cultural fit is crucial. Optimizing the earn-out is critical. At McCracken we operate by this principal and customize our time-tested approach and proven process to help each client grow or sell their business to achieve extraordinary results.” Within the market, Keith believes there is strong growth in deals despite the recent issues such as Brexit uncertainty. “Overall, we can report that M&A activity (deal counts) in the sectors we follow remain buoyant, pretty much reflecting the robust year ago comparisons. Multiples, however, are up over 2015 by ½ to a full point exhibiting not only the continued availability of low interest rates but also a diverse and plentiful buyer landscape. For the better managed agencies with the most sought after attributes its very much a sellers’ market.”

McCracken Advisory Partners is an international M&A consulting firm with both a buy-side and sellside practice serving clients in the advertising, digital, marketing services, PR and media agency space as well is the marketing technologies sector. We invited Keith McCracken to tell us more. 16 / International Finance Awards 2016

Moving forward, Keith describes the firm’s growth plans as it strives to support a wider range of clients whilst retaining its strong focus on excellence. “We want to continue to grow in the future, whilst at the same time retaining our ability to serve every client with our most experienced people being heavily involved from start to finish. We are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our work or the hugely important outcomes our clients deserve and trust McCracken to deliver, and this commitment will be the focus of our future growth strategy.”

OE160017 Company: Mortgage Advice Bureau Name: Peter Brodnicki Address: Capital House, Pride Place, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8QR Phone: 07774675880/ 013322000 Email: Website:

Best National Mortgage Broker 2016 MAB is the UK’s leading intermediary consumer brand* and has over 850 advisers offering expert mortgage advice on a local, regional and national level to UK consumers, both face to face and over the phone. Specialising in new build, estate agency, client servicing, and protection, as well as operating mortgage shops and telephone advice centres. Here Peter talks us through how far the firm has come in recent years and what its aspirations are going forward. “Two years ago we achieved our mission for to become a listed company. Our aim now is to make MAB a household name in the very fragmented intermediary market, and to build a customer experience through technology, to deliver a fast, convenient and easy process in terms of mortgage advice and application. We have our own 25 strong IT team, that delivers the sort of technology led solutions that consumers expect in today’s world. “This is particularly vital as the customer experience is effectively our business plan. We review every element of what we do, say, and how we act. We video mystery shop our advisers and invest heavily in a compliance structure that supports the consistency in terms of advice standards and customer outcomes. Our sales process is adhered to by all our advisers, and we monitor customer feedback very carefully asking them all to rate the key elements of our service.” As a national firm, the biggest challenge to MAB’s sector currently is a lack of investment in technology and therefore the customer experience, which is something the firm is keen to safeguard, which is a focus that sets it apart from competitors. In his final comments Peter is keen to focus on the firm’s commitment to building upon its current success, whilst continuing to offer a superior client experience. “Last year was MAB’s seventh year of 30% plus profit growth, resulting in a £10.4million pre-tax profit. We manage our costs well; we have never compromised on our proposition and quality standards, and have the bar raised very high in terms of quality with the advisers and firms we work with. We tend to lead rather than follow, and by doing so increase our market share year on year regardless of market conditions.

Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB) is the UK’s leading intermediary consumer brand. We invited Peter Brodnicki, the firm’s Chief Executive, to tell us more.

Company: Newscape Capital Group Ltd Name: Charlie Morris Address: 86 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6JD Email: Web Address:

“As such we are keen to build upon this success in the future, and believe that a world changing fast in terms of technology will benefit MAB, providing us with additional opportunities to grow market share. As a mortgage broker we need to become more like data managers, engaging with potential customers as early as possible. We are investing significantly in digital and telephone advice to complement the already strong high street and face to face distribution that we have.” *Based on Opinium Research, Summer 2016.

Best Specialist Investment Manager - UK Newscape Capital Group support firms looking to outsource the management of investment solutions or those seeking a partner who can construct and manage an investment fund for their clients. Charlie outlines the firm’s client focus and how this is encompassed in every aspect of Newscape’s work. “Here at Newscape we are committed to providing a leading investment management service to our clients that embraces quality, value and opportunity. “In order to achieve this we have a range of multi-asset, risk-targeted investment portfolios that serve wealth managers and financial advisers. When combined with sound financial advice, they produce robust outcomes for their customer”. “Our investment process uses quantitative models to provide the framework for our portfolios and funds. The investment committee, which has a breadth of industry experience, provides a tactical overlay that helps to cushion the portfolios from excessive downside risk and take advantage of compelling investment opportunities as they arise.”

Newscape Capital Group is an independent investment management and advisory firm, dealing with financial advisors and wealth managers. We caught up with Charlie Morris to learn more about the firm and explore how it came to achieve its current success.

Staying ahead of the market is particularly vital for the firm, and as such Charlie is eager to highlight the techniques the firm employs in order to remain at the forefront of the latest industry developments. “At Newscape, we have a motivated team that strives to improve all aspects of the business and a culture that allows us to be nimble and react to change. In particular, we keep up to date with technological advances and developments in other industries or overseas – particularly the USA. We also design and build new products that will keep us at the forefront of industry developments.” As his final comment Charlie talks us through the firm’s latest exciting venture, as it moves into fund management. “Newscape also manages a range of its own funds, offering a range of products which blend fund manager skill with a strong sense of risk management acquired from the lessons learnt in portfolio management. Not only are we excited about managing portfolios of funds for our financial advisor and wealth management customers, but also these funds in their own right. Working in a firm that has such a breadth of capability and knowledge is invigorating and gives us an edge over our competitors and, moving forward, we are excited to taking advantage of the opportunities this advantage provides us with.”

International Finance Awards 2016 / 17

Company: NovitasFTCL Email: Web Address: Address: 68 King William Street, London EC4N 7DZ

Best FinTech Focused Corporate Finance Firm - UK NovitasFTCL has offices in London, Amsterdam and Luxembourg, with the majority of the firm’s work being crossborder. This poses various challenges which the firm works diligently to overcome, as John explains. “Here at NovitasFTCL we work with a wide range of counterparties from multiple jurisdictions on specific transactions, as well as continually engaging with trade buyers and Private Equity firms from the US, Europe and Asia to ensure we are aware of their interests within the various subsections of the Fintech industry.

NovitasFTCL is a corporate finance boutique focusing exclusively on providing services to Fintech companies in Europe. We caught up with John Gilligan to learn more about how the firm operates and the services it provides.

“Another key technique we employ to ensure we stay ahead of the latest industry developments is publishing regular reports into the financial performance of privately owned Fintech companies in Europe. This unique research, which is available for download from our website, provides businesses with a set of benchmarks regarding growth rates and profitability.” The Fintech sector in Europe is very active at present, with many new entrants seeking to raise capital to fund their growth, and many large trade buyers seeking to expand their footprints in Europe. As such NovitasFTCL has been at the forefront of this development, working with clients on a variety of transactions including the sale of a Dublin-based insurance analytics business to a Nasdaq-listed trade buyer and the sale of a Nordic broker dealer to a US buyer. Ultimately, in order to remain successful and support these clients with their transactions, the firm has to be dedicated to supporting its clients, as John outlines. “Our mission is to ensure an optimum outcome for clients whether they are seeking to raise capital or dispose of their business. This means ensuring that we reach out to the most relevant counterparties and ensuring both parties to the deal fully consider all aspects of the transaction.”

Company: Orbian Management Limited Name: Sabrina Piquemal Email: Web Address: Address: NBSH 35 New Broad Street EC2M 1NH London UK Telephone: +44 (0)20 7065 7013

Best Supply Chain/Trade Finance Solutions 2016 & Award for Excellence in Working Capital Management Solutions - UK Established in 1999 by two major companies, a global software company and a leading global bank, Orbian became private in 2003. With its heritage as a technology provider, Orbian has transformed over the past years into a fully financial service provider. Today Orbian provides its services to global organizations around the world and has setup successfully SCF Programs for leading organizations and creates value for its Customers and its Suppliers. Orbian currently finances over 5,000 suppliers located in 60 countries and working across different industries including aerospace; automotive; chemicals; food and ingredients; healthcare; industrial engineering; infrastructure and logistics; manufacturing; oil and renewable energy; packaging and containers; rail systems; services and many more. Supply Chain Finance as a solution is still growing in the US and slowly expanding in Europe and Asia. Corporates are becoming more sophisticated in their understanding and requirements as to how SCF benefits can be delivered, whether it is working capital benefits, security of the supply chain, dynamic discounting or a combination of requirements.

Orbian is the world’s leader in the development and management of major, successful Supply Chain Finance programs. We caught up with Tom Dunn, Chairman at Orbian, to learn more about the firm’s history and how this has helped shape it the success it is today.

The increase in SCF platform providers is strong evidence of the growth and adoption of this solution by corporates on a global basis. Tom provides an overview of the services the firm offers within this space and how it works to give its clients the highest possible level of service. “Orbian enables Corporate Buyers to extend their payment terms, which unlocks working capital, while supporting their Suppliers by receiving cash fast, which reduces their carrying costs for the remaining terms substantially. “We provide a multi-bank funding model, thanks to partnerships with a large number of international and local banks; which allows Orbian to offer its customers an unlimited funding capacity at the most competitive pricing. “In addition, Orbian is also the only company in the world who provides a solution that combines the technology with the funding capacity.” Looking ahead, Tom outlines the firm’s plans for the future and how it will build upon its current success. “Over the next 12 months, Orbian plans to maintain its expansion and growth with the constant objective of maintaining all aspects of excellence of our solutions and services.”

18 / International Finance Awards 2016

OE160022 Mark Peters Managing Director The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG +44 20 7389 0413 Company: Protiviti Website:

Best Business Consulting Firm 2016 - UK With offices in over 20 counties in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and almost 5000 consultants, Protiviti provides focused consultancy services to clients across a range of markets including financial services, energy, consumer & industrial products, healthcare and telecoms, among others. Mark talks us through the firm’s service offering in greater detail and shares some more information about the client base his company supports. “Here at Protiviti, we team with Management and Board of Directors to identify, manage and remediate risk in order to help them solve critical business problems, better achieve their strategic objectives and face the future with confidence.” “Our high quality service and strong technical expertise in regulatory change, business transformation, technology and compliance risk has led us to work with some major clients, including over 60% of the Fortune 1000, 40% of the FTSE100, although we also work with clients in midsize and private sector businesses.” Within the industry currently, Mark is seeing an increase in demand for risk and business consultancy services, as well as increased competition for his firm. This growth is reflective of the change and uncertainty in global markets the corporate world faces, which is creating a dynamic environment as macro-economic, geopolitical, industry and competitor issues such as, the implication of Brexit, have an impact on companies around the world. What sets Protiviti apart, according to Mark, is the firm’s client focus and tailored collaborative approach.

Protiviti is a global risk and business consultancy supporting clients in a wide range of industries. We spoke to Managing Director Mark Peters to learn more.

“Currently the consultancy market is buoyant, but also evolving, as clients seek draw a distinction between firms offering implementation services and high value advisory support. “Despite facing strong competition, Protiviti is unique in this market as we are able to offer both, utilising our experienced and dedicated staff and our strong collaborative approach to partner with clients and help them achieve their goals. “Having an international base and working together with our colleagues around the world means that we can provide a truly global service, incorporating cross border consultancy and offering solutions that help clients to adapt to an increasingly global corporate marketplace.” Looking ahead, Mark described the firm’s plans for further expansion in order to continue providing clients with the high quality services which the firm prides itself on. “Since its inception 14 years ago, Protiviti has had strong year on year growth, which we intend to build upon further going forward, with a plan to double the firm’s size in the next two to three years seeking to expand into new regions in order to offer our innovative, collaborative approach to a greater client base, as well as enhancing our ability to support our current clients. “Ultimately, we are truly honoured to be recognised with awards such as this, as they help to spread the word about our excellent services and allow us to showcase the work we do. We look forward to an even brighter future and are excited about the opportunities to come.”

Company: Together Name: Scott Hendry Email: Web Address: Address: Lake View, Lakeside, Cheadle SK8 3GW Telephone: 07778 150 845

Best for Auction Financing 2016 - UK As a specialist auction finance provider, Together has strong relationships with auction houses across the UK, with its representatives attending over 300 auctions every year. The business is known for its common sense approach to lending, reviewing each case on an individual basis and looking at a wide range of properties, including those that a mainstream finance provider may not typically consider. Together has seen strong growth in its auction finance division over the last few years and in the 12 months to 30 June 2016, lent £79 million for auction properties – a 32% increase on the previous year. Scott Hendry, Director at Together commented: “Together prides itself on speed, service and flexibility which is essential in the auction sector where buyers usually only have 28 days or less to complete a purchase. Thanks to our understanding of the auction market and our extensive experience in delivering funding to auction buyers, we’re able to deliver funds within tight timescales to meet the stringent auction house deadlines. “We’re pleased to receive this award which highlights our status as one of the leading providers of auction finance. We have great relationships with the auction houses, whereby they trust us to assist their buyers, and we’re currently expanding our auction team to meet the growing demand within this market. “Once seen as the preserve of property professionals, auctions have become much more accessible and popular as the public become more aware of how they work and the bargains that can be found, but the buying process is quite different to the traditional property purchase, which is why it’s important to work with a specialist in auction finance.”

Together was established in 1974 and, having traded successfully for 42 years, is now firmly established in the specialist lending sector, offering auction finance, short-term finance, residential, buyto-let and commercial mortgages, and secured loans.

Together also works with a wide range of professional introducers, including accountants, solicitors, banks and independent financial advisers, to provide funding for businesses, entrepreneurs, property investors and landlords, and has enjoyed robust demand across all of its products in recent years as the alternative finance sector has grown. The company increased new lending by nearly 40% in the 12 months to 30 June 2016, topping £1 billion for the first time in its 42 year history and grew its loan book by over 26% in the same period, with it currently standing in excess of £1.8 billion. To achieve this, Together has invested heavily in its infrastructure and its people, with staff headcount having increased by 22% in the past year, to more than 460 employees at its head office in South Manchester.

International Finance Awards 2016 / 19


Company: UATP Name: Wendy Ward Email: Web Address: UATP.COM Address: 1425 K Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005 Telephone: 202-774-5017

UATP is the airline owned global payment solution accepted by thousands of merchants for air, rail, and travel agency payments. We profile the firm and explore the innovative platform it provides.

Best Corporate Travel Payment Solutions Platform UATP UATP provides a true low-cost alternative to the expensive cost of accepting credit card payments while building and maintaining customers’ loyalty to the airlines. UATP has sales in excess of USD 13 billion worldwide, which produces hundreds of millions of dollars in both savings and revenue for its owners. UATP lowers the cost of payment acceptance, typically 100 basis points less than other card brands. The firm offers easy-to-use data tools, DataStreamSM and DataMineSM, which provide comprehensive account details to Issuers and Corporate Subscribers for accurate travel management. DataStream is UATP’s innovative, Webbased billing system. It effortlessly organizes information on a single, centralized system. With the ability to support multiple currencies and languages, DataStream allows airline Issuers to provide incomparable customer service to clients worldwide. DataMine is UATP’s cutting edge transaction portal that provides comprehensive insight into Issuer and Corporate Subscriber accounts. Subscribers can access up to thirteen months of Level III data, and then effortlessly generate reports customized to their specific need. DataMine gives users realtime access to credit limits, balances, and available funds for all UATP account types. UATP’s data tools and solutions help make UATP the preferred form of payment for corporate travel throughout the world. To add value to the Network, UATP partners with innovative processing platforms that diversify UATP’s payment acceptance and channels for airfare payment, both for consumers and corporate clients. UATP’s alternative forms of payment (AFP) partnerships include Alipay, Bitnet, GiroSolution, Givex, Latitude, PayPal, SafetyPay, SVS and Wirecard. These partnerships allow Merchants in the Network to accept AFPs that reach their consumers around the world. UATP has also partnered with Limonetik, AstroPay, and Planet Payment, three technology partners that give Merchants access to a portfolio of 150+ AFPs. To enhance options for corporate clients, UATP has partnered with WEX, a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, to provide the WEX Virtual Credit Card Solution (VCC) to the entire UATP Network. This relationship will allow UATP corporate account holders to pay for hotel and rental cars through the WEX VCC solution. Going forward, UATP will continue to enhance the Network to benefit further our airline Members. UATP’s ongoing mission is to assist Members with their payment solutions, and to maximize the efficiency of UATP’s Network through new products and partnerships.

Company: Zia Masood Kiani & Co (Chartered Accountants) Address: Suite #21, Block B, Abu Dhabi Tower F 11 Markaz Islamabad. Phone: 92512111906 Email: Website:

Best Chartered Accountancy Firm - Pakistan ZMK offers a wide range of services aimed to provide quality assurance and consulting services primarily to Not for Profit organisations, public sector entities and Small and Medium Size Entities (SMEs). Affiliated and registered with number of governing bodies, including GMN International, Public Company Accountancy Oversight Board (USA), Office of Inspector General USAID, ZMK has become a byword for excellence. Zia provides an overview of the services the firm provides to these clients. “ZMK provides wide range of services across many sectors of industry as well as caters the needs of individual clients. The service portfolio includes statutory audits, internal audits, pre-award assessments, performance audits, fund management, Human resource management, payroll processing, book keeping, tax planning, secretarial and capacity building services. ZMK clients such as charitable organizations working in health, education, infrastructure development, microfinance and capacity building services, while SMEs are engaged in construction, logistics, financial services, travel agents, pharmaceuticals products, Mass Media and communications. “The firm provides robust fund management, human resource and payroll outsourcing services to donors like UN agencies/INGOs. Our sector specialist management consulting team provides consulting to Govt in the area of public procurement and capacity building.” Working on such vital projects, having dedicated and professional staff is of vital importance to the firm, and Zia is keen to highlight the firm’s focus on ensuring that they are always able to provide the very highest level of service.

Zia Masood Kiani & Co (ZMK) is a Chartered Accountancy firm specialising in working with SME and not for profit organizations. We caught up with Chief Executive Zia Ullah to learn more about the work the firm undertakes in this area.

20 / International Finance Awards 2016

“Comprising of group of dedicated young talented professionals, the firm is also assisted by a strong team of committed staff members, a high proportion of whom have professional qualifications from the UK, USA and Pakistan. Given our commitment to training and teamwork, we are confident that the number of professionally qualified staff within our firm will continue to rise. “In order to ensure that clients receive the highest possible quality of service, we appoint a dedicated account liaison for each project, as well as a team committed to working exclusively on that task.” Moving forward, the firm is keen to continue to build upon its current success by building upon its already impressive skill base, as Zia explains. “In the future we are fully focused on providing an even wider range of services, whilst still retaining the quality which we pride ourselves on.”


We believe sound tax advice is more important than ever. It requires not only professional expertise but above all insight into our clients’ wishes and goals. Our personalized commitment adds real value to our tax advice, which is reflected in the C&B More motto: ´Connect to add value´. We are specialized in advising the Shipping Industry with (re)financing and structuring challenges. We provide tax planning services to optimize financing structures or to provide new opportunities.

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International Finance Awards 2016  
International Finance Awards 2016