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Global SME Awards 2017

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Global SME Awards

Best Early Childhood Education Franchise - USA & Child Education CEO of the Year 2017 - West USA


Welcome to the Global SME Awards 2017. SME’s represent a large percentage of all global businesses. Without small and medium sized enterprises, the economic market would suffer without innovation and competition within many sectors. Our Global SME Awards 2017 were created to give recognition to companies and individuals who have been devoted to working hard over the previous 12 months. The awards cover a range of business sectors and celebrate all kinds variations of achievements in customer care, product innovation and performance.

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NPP Mikrotalkmed: Best Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer 2017 Russia


Craig Consultants & Marketing: Best Executive Coaching Consultancy 2017 - Middle East

12. Net2Africa: Best Niche IT Solutions Provider 2017 - South Africa 14. Legends Accounting Services: Best Accountancy SME 2017 - UAE & Recognised Leaders in Cloud Accounting - UAE 16. Vital Corporate Solutions: Best Business Start Up Solutions Company - UAE & Most Influential Woman in Wealth Management Planning 2017 17. DPommys Garments (India) Pvt Ltd.: Best Woman’s Clothing SME 2017 - India & Best Ladies Garment 2017: Pommys 51-Saree 18. The Learning Experience Holding Corp: Best Early Childhood Education Franchise - USA & Child Education CEO of the Year 2017 - West USA



Best Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer 2017 - Russia NPP Mikrotalkmed is an innovative pharmaceutical products manufacturer based in Russia. We spoke to Fedor Fedorov to find out more about the firm and the products it creates.

Founded in 1993, NPP Mikrotalkmed was created as a research laboratory for talc production technology as part of the AllRussian Scientific Research Institute of Non-metallic Building Materials JSC “Soyuznerud”. Fedor outlines how the firm works to offer the very highest standards of products to its varied clients. “Here at NPP Mikrotalkmed we aim to make and produce the very best products for our clients.

To this end, we are constantly in search of new suppliers of raw materials, develop new machines and processes and introduce them in our production. Our customers operate in a wide variety of markets including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint and varnish, aerospace and other industries that need clean and high-quality mineral powders. Our micro-enterprise produces talc, kaolin and calcium carbonate for these markets.” Overall, NPP Mikrotalkmed has an invigorating future ahead of

it as the firm seeks to continue offering the same exceptional quality products and service, as Fedor is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, we are always looking for the highest quality raw materials, so that our products are also of high quality. For us, everyone, even the smallest consumer is important and we always work to provide them with the same exceptional quality service as the larger corporations we serve, and this will remain our ongoing focus as we look towards an exciting and bright future.”


Contact: Fedor Fedorov Contact Email: microtalc@inbox.ru; Website: www.microtalcmed.ru Address: 445045, 8 Article 2 Office 110 110,. Yaroslavskaya str., Togliatti, p/b2399, Samara region, Russia Phone/Fax: +7 -8482-24-03-58; Phone: + 7 – 8482-31-92-44


Best Executive Coaching Consultancy 2017 – Middle East Craig Consultants are leaders in cutting edge Organisational Development work within the Middle East. We profile the company to find out more about the services that they provide and what makes them successful. Craig Consultants are the pioneers behind bringing Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching work and the worldrenowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Its experience and offering is amongst the strongest in the entire area. The company’s niche is working with the DNA of individuals, teams and organisations to enable them to become high-performance teams to enhance communication, skill development and company culture. The vision of the company is to be the international leader in transformative and sustainable DNA Culture Change. Its mission is to develop individual, team and organisational capability through the use of powerful, pioneering and cutting-edge skills, tools and techniques. The team at Craig Consultants believe in relationships built on trust and work hard together to ensure they honour every commitment. When discussing potential relationships and projects, staff stay true to their word and are clear on all outcomes that are discussed from the outset. Seeking permission to be honest and frank with clients, employees connect with the client by matching their energy throughout the whole process.

Every meeting leads to a deeper analysis of the project, with a human and personal touch being employed by the firm in order to create the best working relationship possible for the project. With its success built on its values, all staff aspire to work towards the same mission. The team believe in integrity and building a safe haven for sustainable transformations, through transparency, honesty, listening, understanding and importantly, confidentiality. Craig Consultants respect the uniqueness of the individual and the commonality of the bigger

picture. Relationships between clients and staff are authentic, with the firm committed to sharing the responsibility for evolutionary change. Fundamentally, working with the company is fun, demonstrated by the engaging business which are experientially driven and sometimes challenge the status quo. Ultimately, Craig Consultants are a creative business, providing an energetic but candid service, while interacting with the client as a true partner, building good relationships. Importantly, staff produce outstanding results, which is something the firm can look forward to capitalising on.

Contact: Kevin Craig Contact Email: kevin@craigconsultants.com Address: Suite 212, 11th Floor, AI Salam Tower, PO Box 3282, Diplomatic Area Manama, Bahrain Phone: 00973 17532451 Website: www.craigconsultants.com



Best Niche IT Solutions Provider 2017 - South Africa Founded 7 years ago, Net2Africa is passionate about innovative processes and solutions. We invited co-founders Johan Oosthuysen and Linda Fouche to tell us more about the firm. Net2Africa has honed its products and services over the years to be well regarded in Southern Africa for its Cloud, mobile and Data-As-A-Service solutions across several industries. In addition, the company’s relentless focus on lowering the costs associated with automated business processing, has been key to their innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions. The name Net2Africa has become synonymous with successful systems integrations. Their solutions simplify the user experience and range from web-based solutions to bespoke products, all of which ensure transactional data integrity and comply with data management and data regulatory requirements in their clients’ markets. Initially, founders Johan and Linda had a vision for their business that they are constantly striving towards to this very day, as Johan explains. “Having both come from a technology background, we set out to create affordable technology solutions that make the lives of our clients better and help them achieve success. This has formed the framework for our product development and has

helped to differentiate us in the market, as our focus is 100 per cent on our clients’ needs.” All of Net2Africa’s product offerings are developed as multitenant Cloud-based solutions, which contributes significantly to bringing down the cost for their clients. Their core products FuneralDirect, ClaimsDirect and MemberSpace Direct are all administration solutions delivered as Cloud offerings that take administration and servicing to the point of customer contact. The solutions provide for multiple access roles and the design of the data management system

enables segregation of duties. With various integration and options available, the systems are flexible and easy to use. In addition, Net2Africa’s QR Forms solution is an innovative e-forms platform, which replaces existing complex paper-based forms. It was designed to streamline data collection, enhance data management and improve data quality, while enabling offsite data capturing. The benefit of QR Forms is that it helps companies to increase their productivity and eliminate recapturing of data, as Linda discusses.


“Net2Africa is extremely pleased to receive this recognition from World Business Review. For us it is validation of a focused plan to deliver exceptional client service and achieve a range of efficiencies for our clients. Regular conversations with our clients confirms that they are experiencing Net2Africa as a values-driven organisation, which in turn is motivating us to transform our business from that of being perceived as only a technology service provider to one where we are a trusted business advisor to our clients.”

The Net2Africa team in Pretoria, South Africa. Co-founders Johan Oosthuysen (front row left) and Linda Fouche (front row right) are driven to create affordable technology solutions that will help their clients succeed.

With the pace of technological change driven by the digital revolution, Net2Africa’s clients need a service provider that not only understands innovative technological challenges and solutions, but also understands business issues. Linda highlights how, in this regard, Net2Africa is geared to respond to clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. “In our experience, clients can categorise technology solutions as an expense and non-core to their business, or they see us as partners who are helping them to realise efficiencies in many parts of their business, and helping them achieve their own strategic objectives. It’s a win-win solution for us all.” With their focus on pushing the envelope to develop innovative solutions, Net2Africa feels that as an SME, they have the advantage of agility, focus and lower operating costs, all of which benefit their clients, according to Johan.

“When it comes to innovation we look at the entire spectrum of our clients’ needs and push ourselves to think differently. New solutions could range from optimisation to cost efficiencies or simplification of complex processes - whatever the pain points are for our clients. We are particularly interested in taking a holistic approach to our clients’ challenges as it helps us pin point the exact genesis of the problem and offer a fresh perspective.” One of the ways in which Net2Africa is helping their clients address their integration challenges in an affordable way is the application of Mesh App and Service Architecture, also known as MASA. “The company is competing in a market against large and established companies, some of which have international roots. However, we do not view our size as an SME as a disadvantage. In fact, as a small and closeknit team, who all share our

company’s values, we are quick to respond to our clients with a highly personal touch. Our clients have consistently indicated that they greatly appreciate this and consider it one of our strongest attributes,” says Linda. Net2Africa’s current footprint extends across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, but the company has plans to extend beyond Southern Africa. “We believe that our service offering is very relevant to our current market, where we are helping clients realise cost efficiencies in an economic recession in South Africa. For our business, the reality is that there are opportunities to expand into other higher growth markets across Africa and we are actively evaluating prospects that can help us achieve this expansion,” explains Johan.

Looking ahead, Net2Africa will continue to serve its clients with diligence and commitment, as Johan concludes. “Our clients expect that we’re there for them, and always thinking about their business success. We won’t let them down.”

Contact: Johan Oosthuysen Contact Email: johan@net2africa.com Company: Net2Africa Address: 318 Michelle Crescent, Waterkloof Ridge, 0181, South Africa Phone: 0027 82 562 7532 Website: www.net2africa.com



Best Accountancy SME 2017 – UAE & Recognised Leaders in Cloud Accounting UAE Outsourced accounting firm, Legends Accounting Services, was recently recognized as Best Accountancy SME 2017 -UAE and Recognised Leaders in Cloud Accounting for their services, cost savings and efficiencies it has achieved for clients. Managing Partner Arshi Kaura shares how the 20-strong team of accountants is empowering SMEs in the UAE to achieve their goals sooner, by embracing innovative technologies that harness the opportunity in the unconventional. As an SME owner today, it is challenging enough to keep on top of your business’ daily financial necessities - like payroll and expenses without having to worry about meeting requirements for new initiatives like VAT. It was with an understanding for these challenges and an awareness of the impact that a proper financial management has on a business’ bottom line, that Arshi Kaura and Vikas Takhtani established Legends Accounting Services. Since its inception, UAE-based Legends Accounting Services never wanted to be known solely for its accounting services, instead, the vision was to develop a reputation as an outstanding company to work with. Now, with a team of 20 professionals, all with rich experience across the industry, Legends is being known as the accounting team that works hand in hand with their clients, empowering them to achieve goals sooner. By embracing new technologies with the potential to make their clients’ lives easier, Legends has been able to rapidly expand the reach of its Dubai office outside

of its primary market in the UAE. The company has now grown an impressive customer base worldwide, with a particular focus on US, Australia and Malaysia, where it is currently building new offices. The company’s clientele is diverse and ranges from MNCs, to Government entities, theme parks, water parks and award-winning production houses. One of its American clients was recently named the fastest growing men’s retail brand in the country, acting as a very real testament to the outsourced accounting potential for empowering market-leading results. All accounting functions, including bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll processing, Tax and CFO can be undertaken offsite by highly qualified professionals for far less than the cost of hiring a significantly less experienced team full time. Being leaders in providing outsourced accounting services within the region is something the firm is very proud of, whilst they also are able to empower clients with cloud based accounting software. Arshi outlines the firm’s overall mission and how the company has taken


“At Legends, we always promote new ideas and innovation in every aspect of our business. We always look at new ways of doing the things, always challenging ourselves and questioning everything. We believe that there is always room for improvement and every process can be made more efficient. We do not accept status-quo. This is one of the things that has kept us ahead of our competition. “We embraced cloud accounting six years ago, we knew the landscape of accounting was changing and that we’d have to adapt to succeed. Today’s entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t confined to offices. They’re always on the move and need information at their finger tips so, the old ways of doing accounting and providing information after the event doesn’t really cut it for entrepreneurs and businesses. At Legends, all the software we use is cloud based including data storage and we’re proud to say that today most of our clients have readily embraced and benefit from cloud technologies.”

a strategic approach to what was previously an unconventional road for accounting. “At Legends, we aim to enter the markets where outsourcing does not exist or is in infancy,” Arshi says. “We’ve never been afraid to be the first to try something or to look at new options. We believe that if you want to provide meaningful accounting services to a client, you must reduce their workload and have the capacity within your own team to be the first point of contact for them whenever they have a finance related issue. You must be on the cutting edge to discover innovations that will create new efficiencies. If you keep doing things the same way, you’ll never be able to innovate and find new ways to save your clients time and money.” “The team at Legends Accounting are proud of our achievements especially in the last 2 years, which include 100 % year on year growth. We also set up a KPO in India last year, whilst in June this year, we have started the

process to set up a new office in Malaysia’’. “Our next target is to open offices in the U.S.A and Australia, with the goal of becoming known around the world for our quality of service. We want to be the best service provider and at the same time the best company to work for. It’s important that everyone who comes in contact with our brand is empowered – both clients and staff, and members of the global community too. That’s why over the next ten years, one of our CSR initiatives is to educate five hundred girls from foundation level, right through to higher education, as a way of empowering those who may be at a disadvantage.” Arshi also details how the company integrates innovation into every aspect of its work. Understanding the industry with all its new developments is something that the firm has embraced, with the firm working hard to make sure its employees have the freedom they need to succeed.

Being an SME itself, Legends faces and overcomes many similar challenges to its clients, which as Arshi points out, has its benefits in terms of being relatable and able to offer advice from experience. The day to day benefits of maintaining a boutique size team, are the formation of strong bonds between team members and an ability for staff to cover for one another, in the event someone is sick or away. This is integral to providing the customer service the company promises, and helps the business run smoothly Arshi says. “Most of the businesses start off as an SME and they play a major role in development of economies. SMEs are actually the engine of economies growth, they provide employment and contribute towards GDP of the countries. There are major advantages of being an SME, Legends being in the same space, we have the ability to react quickly to the changing market place, decision making is much faster. If there are any opportunities that are identified in the market place they are actioned without waiting for BOD approval. Also, employee job descriptions are flexible and sometimes cuts through various departments. This allows our

employees to gain knowledge of multiple areas and increase their worth to the business.” “In SMEs, teams are small and there is better camaraderie among the employees. We understand that every employee is key to the business success. Customers also get personal attention this way and one of our key competitive advantages is that Legends have constant interaction with our customers through one on one meetings, phone conversations and email. We understand our clients because we have these consistent, regular interactions, where they’re dealing with the same staff all the time and not being shuffled from one person to another, which we know is key to making them feel valued and knowing how important as they are to us.” Being an SME, the firm must differentiate itself from its competitors in order to attract the best business and clients. However, Arshi notes that staff at the company are more focused on their clients rather than competitors, competing with themselves to improve every day, “The purpose of opening the office was to provide meaningful service to the SME market. We saw a huge gap in the market for quality accounting support and we started to bridge that gap. We don’t see anybody as competition. We believe in educating and empowering our clients and providing them with the tools to take strategic business decisions and achieve their business goals. Arshi also discusses the firm’s internal culture and describes how the company ensures all of its staff are able to provide the best service possible. A stringent hiring structure, Arshi explains, ensures that new employees have a good work ethic and are prepared to help staff and clients alike. “Within the company, there is a can-do attitude and we really believe in teamwork. Every month every employee must demonstrate as part of their KPI how they have helped other staff members and colleagues. Our hiring criteria is quite stringent and we look for the candidates with right attitude because you can teach technical skills but not attitude.”


“If there are any issues with clients, we have internal staff meetings to go over the matters that our clients are facing and what we can do to resolve these problems. We focus a lot on trainings, each week we conduct a training on various aspects of our business, this ranges from technical trainings like VAT, IFRS to soft skills trainings to ensure that our staff is well equipped to tackle any challenges. We also do many team events for building and maintaining a high team spirit.” Moving forward the firm is looking to grow its employees, having already started work on a new base in Malaysia. Arshi explains that Legends Accounting want to

have offices also in the US and Australia, with plans already in progress for this to happen.

them, with new staff constantly being recruited to cater to the growing needs of clients.

“We want to grow to 200 employees company in next 3 years and for that we are in the process of having offices in Malaysia, US and Australia. We want to be known for our quality of service across the world.”

“With awareness coming with regards to outsourcing benefits we have larger clients coming to us who wants to have one finance person in house and outsource the whole accounting work to us. This way they get the best service, from highly qualified professionals, and can focus their resources on growing the core business areas. Since we are hiring and growing by the day, we’ve got the capacity to cater to new SMEs on the rise and larger established clients. VAT will be applicable in UAE from January 2018 and as we already have VAT experience in other

The wider corporate landscape is always changing, with new developments almost every day. This means the company must adapt to these developments in order to establish itself within the industry. Despite this, Arshi is confident that Legends Accounting is well-equipped to meet the standards required of


countries, so we’re well equipped to handle needs large and small in this area. We’re looking forward to it.”

Address: Office number 2703, Regal Tower building, Business Bay Area, P.O Box: 282071, Dubai, UAE. Phone number : 0097142400664 Mobile number:00971505223602 Contact email: arshi@legendsaccounting.com Website: www.legendsaccounting.com

, Best Business Start Up Solutions Company – UAE & Most Influential Woman in Wealth Management Planning 2017 Best Business Start Up Solutions Company – UAE & Most Influential Woman in Wealth Management Planning 2017 Vital Corporate Solutions are a consulting firm which offers female entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs that platform to succeed. We invited Amanda Perry to explain to use what makes them an attractive proposition to clients. Working with the client, Vital Corporate Solutions offer planning, licensing, structuring and mentorship to its clients to maximise their success. The company’s success is the client’s success and the firm will be taking its service offering to a whole new level before the end of the year which is very exciting according to Amanda. She also detailed the company’s mission and describes what benefits there are to being a small and medium enterprise (SME). “The firm’s mission is to inspire and develop women in business to be the best they can be and achieve the success they desire. “Vital Corporate Solutions are now a team of 12 people and so we can relate to the clients that we work with. We are able to retain a personal service but also ensuring quality which of course can still be done in larger organisations, but I feel it is something for smaller SME’s to achieve more easily.” Differentiating the firm from its competitors is important within the consulting industry. Amanda tells us why Vital Corporate Solutions are the best possible

for their clients, pointing out that the firm’s defined target market is its unique selling point and the way it tailors its solutions to suit the client specifically. “Our defined target market is or USP and allows us to stand out from our competitors - this is something that I am very proud of and our clients love that we tailor our solutions specific to their gender and business style.” Amanda discusses the challenges within the firm’s industry currently, noting the sheer volume of consulting services currently in Dubai. The process of licensing a company in the UAE can be complicated whilst also taking up a lot of time, leading business owners to turn to Vital Corporate Solutions to help them ease their schedule. “There are many firms in Dubai offering consulting services on licensing and structuring because the there is such a need. Licensing a company in the UAE can be complicated if you do not understand the landscape, it is also a time consuming matter and many business owners prefer to work to their strengths and outsource their weakness and this is where we come in so that we can give our clients back

their time so that they can focus on developing their business instead of caught up in the setup.” As there is such a need for consulting services within Dubai, the firm must employ techniques to stay ahead of emerging developments. Staff are always looking to learn new information and maintain a strong relationship with clients and partners, ensuring they all benefit from the company’s knowledge and innovation, as Amanda outlines below. “We never stop seeking new information and keeping strong relationships with our Partners to ensure our clients benefit from our knowledge and innovation. So much is built on relationships and we share this with all of our clients.” Guaranteeing it provides the best possible customer service, the company ensures that all staff maintain the same ethos of putting the client first. Amanda explains that employees all follow the same motto every day and are passionate about the work that they do. “Our Company’s tag line is “Turn Your Passions Into Profits” and

we live by the same motto every day in our office. We love what we do, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed and that energy manifests and is contagious.” Vital Corporate Solutions is undertaking some exciting projects later in the year, something which Amanda is clearly very excited about. Regarding the wider corporate landscape, Amanda also details what changes the company predicts will happen and how they plan to adapt to these developments. “Looking ahead, we have huge plans for later this year and I can say it is very exciting, it’s innovative and unique.”

Contact: Amanda Perry Contact Email: Amanda.perry@vitaluae.com Address: Office 1401, 14th Floor, Jumeirah Bay X2 Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, 936117, UAE Phone: 971 4 432 3539 Website: www.vitaluae.com



Best Woman’s Clothing SME 2017 – India & Best Ladies Garment 2017: Pommys 51-Saree Pommys Garments (India) Pvt. Ltd. was started in the year 1998 and is possibly one of the lowest cost Manufactures and Traders of ready-made garments in the world. We profiled the firm, along with its promoters, Mr. A. Inico Inbaraj and Raja Kumarasamy to find out more about their and the company’s success and achievements. Pommys Garments have been in the industry for the last 19 years and have earned the good will of its customers in the market. With its main products including ladies nighties, ladies night suits and ladies cotton tops, the firm attracts plenty of customers, enticed by the brand name of Pommys within the domestic market. Located in Dhalavaipurum, its headquarters are 10km away from the nearest railway station, Rajapalayam and 100km away from the nearest port, Tuticorin. Amongst all this, the nearest airport is 90km away in Madurai. Clients are attracted by the company’s immense experience and understanding of industry requirements and this has enabled the firm to be able to cater to huge demand from customers. A noticeable gap in the male clothing industry was spotted by Pommys and the firm filled this gap with a men’s clothing line to go alongside its women ranges. Run by two dynamic personalities, Managing Directors

Mr. A. Inico Inbaraj, B.E and Mr. K. Raja, B.A.B.L., the firm looks to promote itself particularly within the domestic market but also further afield. Its promoters have been in the garment industry for more than 19 years. Therefore, the company realises the importance of changes in the current trends and have always emerged with styles and patterns that are in accordance with the latest trends and scenarios. Focusing on all aspects of clothing, the company does have a menswear range to add to its assortment of clothes. Providing an online shopping option, both men and women can order off the internet and receive their clothes via post. The firm also provides a customer care service which is available from 10am to 9pm and staff are able to deal with all customer’s needs, providing great customer service. The company’s website is easy to use and easily accessible. When browsing through clothes, potential customers can sort and filter the clothes in any they want, making it easier for customers who know what they want to go straight to their product. The company’s online store also provides free

shipping for customers within India. Ultimately, Pommys Garments are looking to expand their business both within the domestic market and potentially abroad. With two self-motivated personalities at the helm, the company looks to have a bright future ahead, building on its recent success and solid foundations. Staff are constantly working hard to make sure everything is running smoothly with customers in the stores, as customer service is very important to the firm.

Contact: Raja Kumarasamy Contact Email: rajapommys@yahoo.co.in Address: 5/13 B, Pommys Nagar, Seithur Road, Dhalavaipurum – 626 188, India Phone: 91 0 4563 244 615 Website: www.pommys.in




Best Early Childhood Education Franchise – USA & Child Education CEO of the Year 2017 - USA The Learning Experience is the nation’s fastest growing Academy of Early Education franchise, educating and enhancing the lives of more than 20,000 children aged six weeks to six years old each year. We profiled the firm to find out more about their success and the services they provide. Today, the Academy of Early Education is in the enviable position of having 300 locations opened or under development with plans to more than double that in the next five years. With The Learning Experience’s (TLE) global operations headquartered in Boca Raton and regional leaders located nationwide to service its growing footprint, franchisees are afforded a successful and proven system in which to operate. The organisation’s curriculum prepares children academically and socially via innovative scholastic and enrichment programs which result in 9 out of 10 children entering Kindergarten already being able to read. Recently, the team launched a 24-hour digital enhancement from a national Most recently, we launched a first-of-its-kind 24-hour digital enhancement called BubblesU, from a national preschool. BubblesU features apps. e-books, videos and numerous social, emotional and cognitive learning virtual initiatives. Regarding staff at TLE, the

team believe in investing in its people. Employees and franchisees benefit from training programmes and a world-class video production facility. The business also hosts monthly online classes available to all of its employees and franchisees in order to educate in brand development and new program roll outs. Each year the company hosts a franchise convention, in which further initiatives and best practices are discussed.

learning experience academic program guarantees that children will graduate from TLE with exceptional core academic skills that will serve them well as they embark on the path to a bright future. In the knowledge that each child develops at their own pace, the curriculum si designed to provide experiences for children that promote academic competency along with a mastery of developmental tasks, no matter what learning stage they are in.

At the top of the business, the leadership team consists of Chairman & CEO Richard Weissman, Chief Operating Officer Andrew Alfano and Chief Financial Officer, Sandy Levine. This team overlooks a skilled workforce and the organisation possesses savvy financial backing from a number investors, leading to TLE becoming the leading Academy of Early Education.

Concentrating on the play aspect of the organisation’s principles, children are able to develop fitness and healthy lifestyle skills. The children are taught to engage in a variety of controlled and safe activities that encourage them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle at an early age. Children are provided with healthy food choices daily whilst the institution’s teachers foster an awareness of proper nutrition.

TLE was built on three key educational and care principles: cognitive, physical and social, which has evolved at TLE into “learn, play, and grow.”

The organisation embraces important practical and realworld matters that most other early learning institutions often ignore. In order for children to grow, they must develop their life and comfort skills. TLE’s proprietary Philanthropy program

Focusing on core academic skills, the institutions proprietary


lays the foundations for children to become respectful and wellmannered people by teaching them the value of selflessness, sharing and giving. From the moment a child is confirmed to the moment of their arrival, people anticipate and plan for everything their child will go through. However, the first six stages of a child’s educational development are crucial, as they can determine the future for the child. Staff at TLE have designed a curriculum around the six early stages of development and built a foundation for kids to learn, play and grow in the state-of-the-art facilities under the care of its nurturing teachers and staff. Designed specifically for elementary school age students, TLE provides children with ageappropriate activities in a safe and secure environment which allows children to be children. The organisation prides itself on its quality before and after-school programs. During the summer months, the institution and its staff provide hands-on learning activities throughout the summer. The children complete science

experiments and learn sign language, as well as create exquisite art projects whilst still having plenty of time for sun and fun in one of its state-ofthe-art outdoor playgrounds. To provide further entertainment, the centers are visited by special guest performers throughout the summer weeks. Ultimately, The Learning Experience lives up to its reputation as the nation’s fastest growing Academy of Early Education franchise, providing education and entertainment for children. The children who attend the summer workshops and the institution are in the best possible place to learn and develop their skills.

Contact: Donna Fava Contact Email: DFava@tlecorp.com Address: 4855 Technology Way, Suite 700, 33431, USA Phone: 561-886-6400 Website: www. thelearningexperience.com



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