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GHP is a global information sharing platform & a multi-disciplinary members community.

Established to enhance communication networks & collaboration across all themes and disciplines within 3 main categories; Human, Animal & Environmental Health. Whilst the membership is organically grown and closely audited, members have tended to fall into a number of general categories; Academia, Industry, Public Bodies & Health Systems, Governments & Policy Makers, Funding Agencies & Groups, Investors, Regulatory & Professional Bodies. Through operating a novel & proprietary member community model, rather than the traditional visitor and reader model, we are able to ascertain through a process of review, interview, research and feedback what themes or topics are of interest allowing our communications to be responsive rather than assumptive. These responses could be concerns or challenges faced, intended purchasing decisions, desired collaborations, investment intentions or many other criteria. The value proposition for partners is evident; absolute assurance that what you have to say is of interest to the individuals you’re saying it to.

GHP’s structure and approach allows us to provide support across Science, Practice & Innovation



The delivery, open access & multidisciplinary dissemination of quality science


The promotion of intellectual assets & facilities thereby facilitating multidisciplinary & cross-sector collaboration


The translation and / or commercialisation of knowledge




To support research funders & investors to make effective decisions through an understanding of their most appropriate target within their criteria

The understanding, review and adoption of innovation helping to catalyse market entry


The promotion of exemplars & examples of best practice to allow the replication of success

The promotion of innovation to those active within the decision making process allowing a comprehensive understanding of the proposition value outside traditional channels


About our Awards We believe that, when it comes to handing out recognition and awards, there are few in the world more deserving than those whose tireless work and dedication change the lives of millions of people each and every day. This is why we, in turn, dedicate ourselves to uncovering and sharing with our 260,000-strong readership, these talented, courageous and innovative people, departments and firms pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the medical world. Our awards recognise all levels and all aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, choosing to focus not just on the obvious candidates - the practitioners and scientists at the cutting edge of these rapidly evolving industries - but also on the supporting cast - from nurses, architects and product designers, to legal specialists and top-level corporate decision makers - without whom many of the life-changing innovations and developments we see on an almost daily basis would simply not be possible.


global health & pharma

Animal Health & Wellness


global health & pharma



global health & pharma

Private Healthcare

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Who’s Reading Global Health & Pharma? A readership base of more than 260,000 worldwide! When it comes to getting the inside track and need-to-know news on the newest developments and issues affecting the global healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Global Health & Pharma Magazine is the go-to resource for more than 260,000 wellness professionals and healthcare-related suppliers across the globe. Our informed and knowledge-hungry readership takes in individuals at all levels of their respective industries, from top-level CEOs and key decision makers to healthcare professionals, nurses and support service workers. Here’s how our global readership stacks up...

Healthcare Industry Readership by Country Australia Belgium Brazil Colombia Croatia Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Indonesia Iraq Italy Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Mexico

1,046 1,100 3,209 1,239 3 41 206 10,362 6,285 8 499 82 1,495 221 3,549 350 128 2,132 2,199 7,228

Netherlands New Zealand Oman Peru Philippines Poland Qatar Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Vietnam Yemen

761 624 112 37 910 4,185 489 1,132 12 1,849 13 47 259 1,005 1,240 5,900 15,709 94,796 213 134

Pharmaceutical Industry Readership by Country

Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Belgium Bosnia Brazil Bulgaria Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya

16 350 123 3 533 24 110 5 7 5,919 4 578 9 13 2 37 232 22 5 178 3,746 12 4,283 15 13 64 67 587 44 5 100 10 1,755 413 2 30 3

Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malaysia Mexico Moldova Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Zimbabwe

9 4 32 24 3 63 148 14 6 191 131 235 6 25 691 55 64 146 16 100 110 175 50 11 42 869 9 1,031 429 23 188 90 54 9 2,272 64,733 2

USA/Canada 165,448

South America 11,984

UK 17,981

Europe 43,873

Asia-Pacific 10,564

MENA 10,606

After winning our Best Behavioral Healthcare Organization 2015 - USA, the team from PyscHealth commented:

Oh, please – I’m a MINISCULE part of what PsycHealth does! That standard of excellence comes from the top – and that’s you! So put your customary modesty aside for a moment and allow yourself a well-deserved pat-on-the-back!

Mike Heintz, Clinical Care Manager

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GHP media pack 2018