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The global healthcare industry has never been more challenging, with issues around funding causing health providers around the world to have to find innovative solutions for increasingly less money.

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Additionally, the issue of anti-microbial resistance is causing clinical issues and despite the vast amount of research being invested in the issue healthcare providers are having to increase their vigilance to content with this global problem.

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Technology is another area in the healthcare sector which is developing rapidly, with firms having to adapt around new methods of treating, diagnosing and communicating medical information. Despite all of these various challenges, the healthcare industry has continued to provide vital, lifesaving services to everyone around the world. From product development experts to physiotherapists, researchers to surgeons, and, of course, the millions of behind the scenes support service personnel, marketing specialists and corporate decision makers, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries at all levels are littered with amazing stories and even more amazing people whose work is judged, not by the amount of money made or products sold, but by the lives changed for the better and, in many cases, saved. Singling out and recognising the millions of deserving people and firms in these industries is not an easy thing to do, however, through the 2015 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards we are honoured to be able to champion the fantastic work of even a tiny percentage of the medical and wellness sectors worldwide.

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Award for Innovation in Functional Respiratory Imaging FLUIDDA Clinical Trials Company of the Year – Sweden Ladulaas Clinical Trials Best Behavioural Healthcare Organization 2015 – USA PsycHealth, Ltd. Best for Unique Hand Crafted Eyewear 2015 Airborn Eyewear Best Family-Owned Nursing Home 2015 - Buckinghamshire Salveo Care Ltd – Austenwood Nursing Home Award for Excellence in Implant & Restorative Dentistry Bath Spa Dentistry Best for Specialist Care Market Research Solutions – UK BGM Data Award for Innovation in Nutraceutical Products & Best for Complementary Health Care Solutions - Australia Cell-Logic Best Full Service Clinical Research Firm - UK ClinTec International Ltd Best Young Physiotherapists 2015 - Bradford & Best for Sports Performance Solutions - Bradford C-Physio Healthcare Consultancy of the Year UK & Best Qualitative Research Solution “Lifelines™” Customer Faithful Ltd Allergy Clinic of the Year 2015 - Devon & Recognised Leader in Intolerances & Digestive Disorders - UK The Devon Allergy Clinic Recognised Leader in Flow Chemistry 2015 & Skin & Laser Clinic of the Year - UK & Best Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment “eMatrix” Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic Speech & Language Therapist of the Year – Yorkshire Glossa Best Patient Care Board - USA Healthcare Inspirations Best for Private Dental Care in the West Midlands Hillbrook Dental Health Centre Innovative Healthcare Technology Provider- Canada iMD Health Most Innovative Eye Care Company of the Year – UK & Best for Preservative Free Eye Care Products “Lumecare” Medicom Healthcare Award for Excellence in Adult Social Care - UK Olympus Care Services Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction - UK Optimal Physio Most Trusted Health Information Site 2015 - UK Patient Best Private Ambulance Company 2015 - England & Award for Excellence in Organ Transportation – England Private Ambulance Service Ltd Best Stairlift & Mobility Aids Supplier 2015 – UK Raise Lift Services Ltd Sustained Excellence in Healthcare Market Research - UK Red Leaf Research Sustained Excellence in Quality Care Homes – UK Rushcliffe Care Group Award for Excellence in Drug Development - Europe & Best for Clinic Trials 2015 – Europe SanaClis s.r.o. Recognised Leader in Flow Chemistry 2015 Syrris Leading Online Social Healthcare Community of the Year – UK talkhealth Partnership ltd Best for Prosthetic Care 2015 - UK & Most Advanced Prosthetic Limb “The Bebionic Hand” The London Prosthetic Centre

“We believe that compassion and consideration are of utmost importance. We recognize that as we help each person, we help our families, our friends, and ourselves.” Dr. Madeleine Y. Gomez, Psychealth Ltd

Global Health & Pharma, 39A Birmingham Road, Blakedown, Worcestershire, DY10 3JW Tel: +44 (0) 1234 567 890 | Email: | Web:

Award for Innovation in Functional Respiratory Imaging

FLUIDDA is the world leader in the field of Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) research and development. Jan De Backer talks us through the firm’s innovative and extraordinary work. FLUIDDA has developed novel diagnostics for lung diseases such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Lung Fibrosis. The technology, called Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI), provides and unparalleled insight into how the lungs work. We can have a detailed look at blood vessels and airways. We can even determine where inhaled drug particles end up in the lungs of individual patients. This allows us to work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help them to develop better drugs, faster and cheaper. At the same time we can also assist individual doctors in selecting the most appropriate treatment for individual patients, thereby avoiding the very costly trial and error approach. Personally, I believe we are on the verge of a revolution in healthcare. We see important stakeholders such as governments, patient advocacy groups and the next generation of doctors, they all converge around using new technology, new biomarkers, and new diagnostics to improve the efficiency of the system. A lot of improvements can be made in healthcare by simply implementing the technology that is already available today (eg. data centralisation, big data, home monitoring). In the last 12 months it has become clear that the healthcare system needs to change to remain sustainable in times of austerity and an ageing population. This (r)evolution will create ample opportunity for high tech companies like FLUIDDA to introduce new methods to make things better and to improve the lives of patients worldwide. Contact Details Company: FLUIDDA Name: Jan De Backer Email: Web Address: Address: Groeningenlei 132, 2550 Kontich, Belgium Telephone: +32 3 450 87 20

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Clinical Trials Company of the Year – Sweden

Ladulaas Clinical Trials perform clinical trials on behalf of the researching pharmaceutical industry. We speak to Katarina Berndtsson Blom who talks us through the firm’s vital work.

Ladulaas Clinical Trials are a clinical trial firm, sometimes working with a CRO company as a go between. Our firm is dedicated to our clients. Every client, small or big, is important to us and we strive to make them feel this. We believe in long lasting relations. We have low staff turnover and thus high continuity. Working in a fast paced industry such as ours means we have to be fast adapters, and we believe that nothing is impossible. But it is important, of course, for us to choose the right trials which makes a big difference to ensuring that we stay at the top of our game. Recent trends in our industry which we have had to adapt to include an explosion in electronic systems used to capture patient data. Electronic logpads, sitepads and other electronic devices connected with portals with usernames and passwords that we have to change every third month. Working with this new technology has been very time consuming for our firm but we feel we have succeeded. Since we work exclusively with clinical trials, we have no other activities competing for our attention, and are therefore able to focus on safety, which is a key component of our work. Looking to the future, we have many challenges but I’m sure that we can hold our position at the top because there’s no doubt among our clients and study participants of where our primary focus is – Clinical Trials. Company: Ladulaas Clinical Trials (Ladulaas AB) Name: Katarina Berndtsson Blom Email: Web Address: Address: Skaraborgsvagen 35E, SE506 30 Boras, Sweden Telephone: +46 33 13 13 31

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Best Behavioural Healthcare Organization 2015 – USA

PsycHealth, Ltd. PsycHealth, Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary team of behavioral health professionals dedicated to excellence in service delivery and program development. PsycHealth, Ltd. is a Chicago-based, accredited managed behavioral healthcare organization that was founded in 1989 under the direction of Dr. Madeleine Y. Gomez, a licensed clinical psychologist. PsycHealth, Ltd. provides full-service administrative and managed care coordination for mental health and substance use. Working under a variety of arrangements tailored around what makes sense for payors, PsycHealth, Ltd. has a long history of service excellence with Medicaid, Medicare and commercial lives. From its humble beginnings in the basement of Dr. Gomez’ home, PsycHealth, Ltd. has grown organically and incrementally. Throughout these decades, Dr. Gomez has neither lost her humility nor her passion for behavioral healthcare. PsycHealth, Ltd. has continued to progress as a nimble, cost-effective and responsive organization. Over the years, it has adapted to changes while providing the best in care coordination, claims adjudication, quality programming and an expert provider network. The provider network is comprised of all levels of behavioral health care from inpatient psychiatry to outpatient as well as a multi-disciplinary team of independent and salaried mental health professionals, providing managed mental health and substance use services, community seminars and preventive health education. The provider network includes minority and multi-lingual clinicians as well as clinical sub-specialties, such as child psychiatry, family therapy, substance abuse, stress, severe mental illness, violence and abuse, and employee issues. PsycHealth, Ltd. is dedicated to the service provision and management for those individuals seeking mental health treatment regardless of the individual s culture/ ethnicity, language spoken, sex, religion, disability, special or complex care needs, or sexual orientation. PsycHealth, Ltd. supports the human rights of each individual and actively promotes mental health via healthy lifestyle choices. In addition the firm also works for non-violence, non-violent methods of discipline in child rearing, and alternatives to violent interactions, advocating for the upholding of the rights of the child and the rights of the older adult. PsycHealth, Ltd. is positioned against abuse of all types including child abuse, abuse of the elderly, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and abuses of power. Seeking to provide services that while being fair and ethical are both treatment and cost-effective for consumers, taxpayers and third party payers, PsycHealth, Ltd. has always provided pro bono services to those in need. PsycHealth, Ltd. gives back to its own team resulting in a unique and supportive work culture. It also believes that supporting the community is integral and does so through donations and other in-kind supports.

PsycHealth, Ltd. has distributed tens of thousands of free Rights of the Child posters, brochures, pamphlets and relaxation recorded ma- terials over the years to members and others just for the asking. In this way, its messages of non-violence and wellness continue to spread internationally via PsycHealth’s publications and humanitarian work PsycHealth, Ltd. has garnered national recognition for its service excellence in the field evidenced by win- ning six URAC Best Practice awards for its specialized clinical programs. Additionally, PsycHealth, Ltd. has won two Case In Point Platinum Awards on a national level for its program focusing on preventing psychiatric anniversary readmissions as well as its proprietary Behavioral Health Virtual Wards model of care coordination and risk assessment. The Provider Newsletter written by Dr. Gomez for over twelve years has also been an award winner. Based on its long history working on the front lines of managed behavioral healthcare, PsycHealth, Ltd. has developed many unique programs and supports based around the needs of the memberships. These programs include: 1) Behavioral Health Virtual Wards 2) Multipronged Discharge Program 3) Transitional Care Visits 4) Home Intervention Program 5) Perinatal Depression Program 6) Holistic Health and Wellness Program 7) Community Outreach, Resources and Engagement 8) Positive Parenting and Non-violent Communications Support 9) 24 hour On-Call, Crisis Intervention 10) Specialized Member Outreach processes 11) Bridges to Health 12) Clinical Care Coordination 13) Screening and Intake 14) PsycHealth, Ltd. Website PsycHealth, Ltd. is positioned for continued growth thanks to its caring staff, dedicated leadership, years of experience, commitment to continuous quality improvement and positive impact on the field. The firm can regularly be found presenting at confer- ences while providing ongoing contributions to the literature through publications as well as through brochures, booklets and other innovative ways to reach the lives of the members in support of health and wellness. PsycHealth, Ltd. s staff is culturally di- verse and multi-lingual, including Spanish-speaking. The company takes great pride in the fact that all of its care coordination team are Certified Professional Patient Advocates.

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Ultimately, PsycHealth, Ltd. makes it clear that they will never cease its work to promote human rights, reduce violence and support access to healthcare as core values in all interactions, which are central to the firm’s business ethics. We believe that compassion and consideration are of utmost importance. We recognize that as we help each person, we help our families, our friends, and ourselves. We also believe that we are only as good as our expert team and Dr. Gomez gives special thanks to: Ernest Zambrano, MBA, CFO Rose Kinney, RN, Director of Quality Dr. Mark J. Johns, Director of Clinical Operations Clinical Directors, Bruce Gomez, MSW, LCSW and Dr. Wanda Parker Ferid Sefer, Director of IT Israel Cintron, Corporate Support Manager Provider Relations Team, Cathryn Shemroske, Director, Jacki Berns and Ben Bancoro Communications and Customer Team, Sandra Valle and Nataly Chavez IT and Portal Coordinator, Ida SeferRoche Clinical Care Department Manager, Mike Heintz Clinical Administrative Support Team, Eva Rodriguez, Liaison, Aracely Rodriguez and Javier Leiva Discharge Coordinator, Alma Maldonado Claims Supervisor, Bernita Ruggs Claims Team, Ruby Parnell, Myly Luong Adrienne Bolton, Cindy Zambrano Screening and Intake Supervisor, Reena Lopez, Assistant Supervisor. Danielle Crescenti

Screening and Intake Team, Shabana Sheik, Mayra Patino, Lindsay King, Thomas Lyons, Aracely Rodriguez, Przemyslaw Pajfer Outreach and Engagement Director, Melanie Glubisz Outreach and Engagement Team, Tamara Faulkner, Joanna Marquina Community Outreach and Resource Specialist, Sean Brady Clinical Care Team, Dr. Nora Mariduena, Jacob Aimers, Lesley Mora, Kim German, Hannah Huebner, Monique Simmons, Fonda Darby Quality Team, Claudia Teich, RN, Nicole Teran Holistic Health and Wellness, Dr. Hall, Pat LaCocque Newsletter and Special Projects, Michelle Contreras Peer Support, Bianca O’Callaghan Special Projects Assistant, Eric Sanchez Gomez Accreditation Consultants, Cleopatra Smyrniotes, PSN Team, Anne Llewellyn, RN Environmental, Carlos Lara, Maria Lara Transportation, Mohammad Khan Marketing Consultants, William E. Baker and Judy Brown Spiritual Support, Sister Mary Ellen and Aunt Ginette Schwartz Ethics and Historical Inspiration, my parents, Madeleine and Evaristo Gomez, M.D. Transitional Care Visit and Home Intervention Team Leads, Josephine Parilli, Renee Cobb-Dishman, Fidel Martinez, Mike Heard, Jesi Lenz, Helene Jacques Medical Directors, Dr. Martin Paisner, Dr. Jeff Teich, Dr. Semone West, Dr. Mitch Glaser CPA Extraordinaire – Mike Halpin Legal Counsel Excellence – Barbara A. Weiner To my husband – for loving me just the way I am and to my kids and grandkids, always! And, Special Thanks to the Health and Pharma Team for this special recognition!!!!

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Best for Unique Hand Crafted Eyewear 2015

Airborn Eyewear creates innovative and unique sunglasses from used, historic airplane material. Glasses are known to be made out of different materials. Widely used are the organic plastic cotton-acetate, various nickel-copper alloys, stainless steel, titanium materials, the most common metals, as well as traditional natural materials such as buffalo horn and wood. All these materials have been tested for decades, are almost everywhere available - and new. The idea of the AIRBORN eyewear collection is based on a material, which already has its own story: In its first life the material was part of an aircraft for many years, has flown for a long time and often more than hundreds or thousands, even millions of miles and sometimes has been in all parts of the world. The aluminium plates which the designs are created from are carefully selected, their origin and history are documented in the appropriate certificates (printed on really old paper) that are attached to every piece. The owner of such glasses for example, should know that the little treasure that he wears on his nose, in his first life was the left flap or a piece of the fairing of a Douglas DC3, flown for American Airlines between 1949 and 1968 an estimated distance of 20 million miles. The firm came about as there is a growing desire recently for real and true values, for products that have a real, believable narrative memory and history. A good example is the rebirth of the mechanical watch: A digital clock, that is so perfect that it is wrong by only a few seconds per year, and still only costs a few dollars and is made a hundred thousand times, but is just only a dull disposable product. On the other side the watch, which is composed of many gears, screws, bearings and pointers, designed and built by experts carefully by hand: it has a ticking heart, you have to maintain it and treat it with care. In the field of photography it is happening just like this: After almost every mobile phone today has a camera with witch any time anything and everything (and especially the banal) can be photographed, traditional manufacturers, such as Leica, are currently relive a revival: with mechanical and digital cameras in classic design, for a sum of money where one could buy a decent used car, consumers are demanding back to the real values of photography: they don’t take any more photos – they take pictures again.

In the eyewear business a growing number of small eyewear designer labels today serve such clients who do not seek for a name, but for ideas. Prices play a minor role; most customers come for unique, distinctive - and sometimes also to be asked for their glasses and say something special about them to. These “independent labels” have become the highlight of every trade show and the creative engine of progress in the eyewear industry. The procurement of this raw material is not without problems, because aircraft material is not lying around everywhere, it is part of closed material cycles. But the very rarity makes it to a piece of the specialty. Part of the material procurement is currently underway on companies that recycle the aircraft, other sources are online auction houses, museum shops and airplane graveyards in the U.S., Europe and the former Soviet Union. It would be easy to copy the Designs of a few established, successful and easy to sell frame-models – but also pointless: the material and the story to be told rather require a unique design language. That includes elements of classic retro glasses, the second forms, which are also present in the aircraft, the third one (large-) dimensionality, which makes the material really come into their own: AIRBORN glasses do not have the job to be as invisible as possible. The currently available designs are based on the look of bright polished plane bodies and on the look and haptics of old silver cutlery. Company: AIRBORN eyewear Email: Web Address:

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Best Family-Owned Nursing Home 2015 - Buckinghamshire

Austenwood Nursing Home has an established reputation for providing the highest levels of nursing care to their residents in a safe and secure environment. Peter Evans talks us through the home and highlights their dedication to care.

Austenwood is a Situated in the heart of Gerrards Cross in a beautiful Edwardian house in a lovely tree lined road with landscaped sensory garden and a stunning courtyard. Sympathetically modernised and refurbished the home has been subject of an extensive renovation programme over recent years,

culminating in a beautiful home with excellent facilities for residents and visitors. The 35 bed home provides nursing care for clients 60 years and above plus respite, specialist palliative and physically disabled nursing care for clients from 18 years and over. We set the very highest standards of nursing and social care within our home, which is maintained by selecting the best staff who complement their training and experience with understanding and patience. This ensures residents’ needs are met with sympathy and concern for their individuality and self-esteem. In reality our residents are paying guests, and it is our belief and philosophy that our residents receive the very best care and comfort without having to ask. In order to stay ahead of industry developments we place heavy emphasis on clinical and social care and employ the best staff with a strong blend of knowledge, skill and experience. Consistency and stability are key to continuity and with our Matron in post for over a decade and some staff here for over 20 years, they are complemented wonderfully by newer members of staff, some whom bring great life experience and others, such as our Deputy Matron, who brings a wealth of experience from a senior position within the NHS. Safety for our residents is also central to our service. We operate an ‘open’ culture within the home and a zero tolerance of abuse. Our regularly reviewed written policies and procedures on keeping residents safe ensure that they are free from abuse; staff always use safe working practice and we maintain a comfortable but safe living environment, compliant with all health, safety and best practice protocols. Company: Salveo Care Ltd – Austenwood Nursing Home Name: Peter Evans Email: Web Address: Address: Austenwood Nursing Home, 29 North Park, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire SL9 8JA Telephone: 01753 890134

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Award for Excellence in Implant & Restorative Dentistry

Bath Spa Dentistry are a private dental practice based in the centre of Bath. It is the firm’s dedication to quality care that is the foundation for their success according to Dermot McNulty, who talks us through the firm’s high standards of treatment. At Bath Spa Dentistry we pride ourselves in being a leader in private dental care in Bath for dental implants, general dentistry, preventive care or other treatment including orthodontics and facial aesthetics. The practice is renowned as being one of the centres for advanced implant and restorative dentistry in the UK and accepting referrals from dentists across the region for implant and other cosmetic and restorative procedures.

In order to keep abreast with the regular changes in our industry the team regularly attend internal and external training courses and invest in the latest dental technologies so that we are ahead of our competition. We aim to be leaders in our field.

The practice is owned and run by Dermot McNulty who has a reputation as one of the most experienced and respected Implant Dentists in the UK. He has over 25 years of experience of implant dentistry and his practice, Bath Spa Dentistry is a referral centre for Dentists from all over the UK and regularly runs training courses for other dentists in implant dentistry. Dermot told us“Our overall aim is to deliver the highest standards in treatment and patient experience and regularly benchmark ourselves against industry standards and our own internal procedures.

Company: Bath Spa Dentistry Name: Dermot McNulty BDS DipImpDent RCS(Eng) Email: Web Address: Address: 19a James Street West, Bath, BA1 2BT, England Telephone: +44 (0) 1225 464346

Moving forward we plan to continue to grow and attract new patients to the practice and bring in more dentists with areas of specialist concern”.

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Best for Specialist Care Market Research Solutions – UK

BGM Data provides insights into Specialist’s prescribing across Europe through focused physician panels by providing robust monthly data. The firm tells us what they believe is the secret behind their success. The BGM Data team are delighted to be awarded ‘Best for Specialist Care Market Research Solutions – UK’. We believe it’s because BGM Data are unique in measuring and tracking prescription dynamics and where a brand competes through the patient flow? When you need to know your brand and competitors market share evolution, at each line of therapy, how do you gain the insights to be able to accurately assess your success in achieving key business objectives or where corrective action is needed? Several of BGM Data’s clients have monthly reporting systems in place and they provide the insight to answer these questions. Outputs enable Key Performance Indicator data to be easily recognised and evaluated; giving management confidence they are in safe hands.

The BGM Data team are proactive in informing clients of important changes as soon as these are identified. The methodology is sensitive enough to identify small as well as large changes in ongoing trends; recently a new product was noticed to be creeping into the market place and taking market share from a client’s brand quite rapidly, whilst on another occasion a marked geographical split was emerging. BGM Data uses MedicMine®, a bespoke, fully adaptable database, which allows their clients to track products over time in any way that suits them best. They cite experience, value, speed and quality deliverables as the main reasons to work with them; Company: BGM Data Web Address: Telephone: +44 (0) 2380 271585

BGM Data’s experienced team help in identifying the most valuable data to collect. They design and tailor each syndicated secondary care specialist prescription tracker for each disease area. The data set is generated from prescribing decisions taken for real patients, from patient record cards, fully supplemented by the treatment histories and patient demographics. BGM Data deliver a number of top quality services; whether it is simple charting or communication of complex data, e.g. stages of therapy with products’ market shares identified at each stage and by segment or a prediction of what physicians perceive may happen in the coming months. Fast turnaround monthly reports are adapted to match the styles and outputs required by the client, and reports are flexible enough so that clients can adapt where needed for their own presentations (all data is accessible for each report produced). The team also prides itself in answering client queries as quickly as possible. These can range from a quick call to confirm a hypothesis to requesting a deep dive review of market place dynamics.

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Award for Innovation in Nutraceutical Products & Best for Complementary Health Care Solutions - Australia

Cell-Logic is dedicated to upholding the principle that the ideal foundation for health care occurs when science supports nature. Christine Houghton talks us through the firm’s work in this area and the strategies that have bought them the success of winning this prestigious award. Cell-Logic has developed EnduraCell®, a 100% enzyme-active whole broccoli sprout powder which yields bioactive, sulforaphane on ingestion. EnduraCell® is nutrigenomically-active, enhancing the expression of a large number of genes associated with the ways human cells defend themselves. The protective compounds produced by sulforaphane include the cell’s own powerful antioxidant and detoxification enzymes, glutathione and heavy-metal chelators. These essential functions occur simultaneously because sulforaphane is the most potent naturally-occurring compound that activates a gene ‘switch’ within human cells. It is our goal is to bring our unique broccoli sprout ingredient to product formulators globally. Cell-Logic also manufactures a range of EnduraCell-based encapsulated supplements which we market globally to clinicians specialising in Nutritional Medicine. There are a number of challenges inherent is such an ambitious goal. The science of sulforaphane is complex and a major difficulty lies in educating consumers that a 100% whole broccoli sprout ingredient is superior to the inert extracts. A second difficulty lies in changing the mind-set of clinicians and consumers, accustomed to using large doses of synthetic antioxidant vitamins, erroneously thinking that this is what human cells require for their optimal function.

However our greatest challenge lies in educating both clinicians and product formulators in a new paradigm in supplementation. Sulforaphane-generating EnduraCell® is a potent ingredient with superior ability to nutrigenomically-activate cellular defences, a relatively new concept. For 6 decades, we thought that supplemental antioxidant vitamins would protect human cells; the flawed Free Radical-Antioxidant theory has now been replaced by the science of Nutrigenomics. As such, we use bioactive food-derived molecules to ‘switch on’ the protective genes enabling cells to produce their own potent antioxidants, working with Mother Nature, not against her; EnduraCell® leads the way in this new paradigm. Within our firm, our greatest achievement is that Cell-Logic invests heavily in R & D and we are gratified by the knowledge that our flagship ingredient, EnduraCell® as well as finished encapsulated products have significant clinical potential. Name: Christine Houghton Company: Cell-Logic Pty Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: Unit 6/ 132-140 Ross Court, Cleveland. Qld 4163, AUSTRALIA Telephone: +617 3041 4091

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Best Full Service Clinical Research Firm - UK

ClinTec International Ltd ClinTec International Ltd is an innovative clinical research firm with a people centred approach, which ultimately has led to the success of winning this prestigious title. ClinTec International is an innovative medium-sized Contract Research Organisation providing full service support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry. ClinTec International is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland and has a global reach in over 50 countries worldwide. Commenting on winning this award, Dr Rabinder Buttar, CEO & Chairman of ClinTec International stated that “we are delighted and proud to be receiving this award. We have already achieved so much in all our 18 years of operation and this award comes at the top of an exceptional year. This award belongs to all ClinTec International’s employees around the world as recognition of their tremendous effort to provide exceptional services and make our world a healthier place. Led from our Glasgow based HQ, ClinTec International will continue to grow, prosper and thrive and we are extremely happy that we had the opportunity to open 252 new positions in 2015 to date and aim to fill another 200 in the coming months.” ClinTec International has a wealth of expertise in managing clinical trials in all major therapeutic categories including oncology, rare diseases, neurology, autoimmune diseases and diabetes. The company excels in conducting Phase I – IV clinical studies, supported by an experienced world class team and ClinTec International’s fast, flexible and focused approach ensures quick and reliable results tailored to our clients global clinical research needs. Dr Buttar outlines the firm’s working method, highlighting the key aspects that influence their success; “At ClinTec International we believe flexibility is the key to success when working with our clients. Our clients and the trials being conducted come in many shapes and sizes. We endeavour to meet our clients’ needs by being proactive and have created an environment that fosters this approach with our teams. We believe people are our greatest asset and understand that best performances come from individuals who know they are part of a valued team.” As a solution oriented organisation, ClinTec International is committed to providing high quality clinical research to support the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry in their endeavour towards developing innovative products which benefit everyone.

ClinTec International is well known for its pioneering and innovative spirit offering the world’s first Master of Science degree (MSc) in International Clinical Research and Technology. Through collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University, ClinTec International and Napier University have come together to jointly design, deliver and market this much needed education. This degree, which is endorsed by the Asia Training Consortium (ATC), gives the opportunity to clinical professionals from around the world to develop their skills and meet the needs for qualified clinical research talents, especially in the emerging markets. Dr Buttar explained that “our aim is to continue to build a global clinical research talent pool and to ensure that all of our clinical operational employees attain Clinical Research and Technology degree accreditation by the end of 2016”. ClinTec International has a strong presence in the emerging markets of Asia, the Middle East and the North African region. A key step in ClinTec International’s recent African expansion has been the opening of the new office in Johannesburg. This strategic development is allowing ClinTec International to offer enhanced personalised service delivery across Africa. Elaborating further on what makes ClinTec International unique; Dr Buttar stated that “our success lies with our people and their amazing dedication and at ClinTec International we are committed to developing our employees. ClinTec International employees work in several international project teams and contribute towards delivering excellence to our clients, which include 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical and leading biotech companies.” ClinTec International’s exceptional growth continues as the company is on track to deliver its 25% revenue growth target for this year. Dr Buttar described how “ClinTec International is dedicated to everyone working within and alongside the organisation, which is what makes ClinTec International such an innovative and successful UK based company. Having always in mind that the biggest asset of a company is its people, ClinTec International constantly endeavours to provide the best working environment and career progression for its employees. Keeping this balanced view will continue to guide us as ClinTec International continues to deliver fantastic results and sustained future growth”.

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Best Young Physiotherapists 2015 - Bradford & Best for Sports Performance Solutions - Bradford

C-Physio C-Physio is a specialist team of physiotherapists with a dynamic approach to physio in Bradford. We profile this unique firm and explore how they came to win these two highly prized titles. C-Physio have a young, progressive and vibrant collective of physiotherapists operating from two fully equipped clinics in Clayton and Eccleshill. The firm’s new clinic in Eccleshill opened in April 2014 and both clinics have a dedicated rehabilitation suite and separate treatment rooms to provide stateof-the-art sports injury rehabilitation in a professional and welcoming environment. The firm’s mission is comprised of three key aspects: • To provide physiotherapy assessment and treatment with accurate diagnosis to reduce pain, improve function and enable timely return to work and activity in a friendly, professional environment; • To Provide Rehabilitation Services to improve the health and wellbeing of people of all ages and abilities who are dissatisfied with long waiting times; • For all of their staff to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable, providing an excellent, professional service. In order to achieve these aims C-Physio offers a range of therapies, including physio, sports massages, Pilates and sports performance services. In order to ensure each client receives the best possible treatment which is tailored exactly to their needs, the firm welcomes new customers by providing a detailed consultation and assessment of your current physical condition. From this they then create a detailed plan tailored to the client’s individual requirements and explain treatments in detail before they begin. The expert team delivers a complete range of treatments and therapies conversant with today’s progressive physiotherapy sector. C-Physio also provide Pilates classes, as they use the technique to increase flexibility, build muscle strength, develop better core control and build endurance for their clients. From their experience the firm has found that Pilates has many benefits for those recovering from injury or physical ailments but also recommend controlled movement exercises as a great lifestyle choice.

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Healthcare Consultancy of the Year UK & Best Qualitative Research Solution “Lifelines™”

Customer Faithful Ltd is founded on a collective of people who are passionate about patient experience within the healthcare sector. Managing Director Rick Harris talks us through the firm’s customer centred approach which has helped them to win this coveted award. Customer Faithful was established in 2009, with the ambition of offering leading-edge research and consultancy to uncover what matters most in peoples’ lives. From the beginning, we saw healthcare and in particular, patient experience, as being an area to focus on. We felt that the healthcare industry was motivated to develop patient-centred research but lacked the tools and guidance. That’s why we set out to develop Lifelines™ - as a specific methodology for really in-depth research into how patients lived with health conditions, what mattered to them, how they defined successful outcomes and where health providers should focus their efforts. Amongst our pharmaceutical clients, we’ve developed a very strong working relationship with Pfizer in the UK. Since 2010, we’ve worked with them, deploying Lifelines™ projects into patient experience across a wide range of health conditions, including cancer, arthritis, haemophilia and dementia. In so doing, our work has reached out and engaged many other stakeholders, including patient groups, charities, hospices and of course the NHS itself. Strong relationships such as this and others are built around the fact that we see our relationship with clients as a partnership. Clients come to us for our expertise not just in research design and interpretation, but in our professionalism too. Whether we are working with patients, or in a hospital environment, or developing software with providers, we are ambassadors for the client, representing their efforts to develop valuable research. So, we set our standards very high, in terms of the teams that we build, how we train and learn from every project, and a willingness to be open, honest and challenging, for the good of the project. Working in the pharmaceutical industry requires agencies to have high standards in terms of data compliance, ethics and other legal obligations. We take quality management just as seriously. There are a number of competitors in our industry and so we have to work hard to differentiate ourselves. Unlike most agencies working in healthcare, we work across other industry sectors too – in retail, leisure, transport and beyond. We find that this gives us an

edge – we see trends spilling over from one sector to another, perhaps commonplace in one industry but barely begun in another. Consumers see this too, and this helps us tune in our insights not just to people as patients, but in the context of their overall lives – as parents, shoppers, students, holidaymakers. And through the increasing use of digital channels and social media, we are able to interlink trends and ideas across these different roles and environments. Ultimately our firm is unique because we’ve brought our experience from working in highly customer-centric industries like retail and leisure and specifically adapted it for healthcare. For example our capabilities in customer journey mapping have enabled us to develop highly detailed patient journeys, which have huge potential to make traditional patient pathways so much more patient-centric. Our Lifelines™ solution is a great example of this – we have not seen any of our competitors be able to uncover, interpret and visualise patient experience insight in such a flexible and intuitive way. Lifelines™ findings are easy to communicate – to healthcare professionals and pharma clients alike. Most of all, we are able to bring to life the experiences of patients in a format that encourages action. The future holds a number of exciting opportunities for our firm. Customer Faithful has built its reputation on being experts researching customer and patient experience. Yet, we’re conscious that the ultimate success of the research is in making change happen by delivering improvements ‘on the ground’. So we are beginning to develop research techniques for aligning employee experience too – identifying barriers, weakness and opportunities within healthcare providers to enable the service that patients value most to be delivered reliably and compassionately. We expect to conduct a lot more work in this area in the future. Company: Customer Faithful Ltd Name: Rick Harris, Managing Director Email: Web Address: Address: East Grange, 552 Oundle Road, Orton Longueville, Peterborough PE2 7ED Telephone: 07768 022052

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Allergy Clinic of the Year 2015 - Devon & Recognised Leader in Intolerances & Digestive Disorders - UK

The Devon Allergy Clinic The Devon Allergy Clinic provides a unique, client centred approach to allergy treatment. Marlene Hochstrasser, Clinical Director, talks us through her unique approach to her work and how this has contributed to her clinic winning these two prestigious awards. Here at the Devon Allergy Clinic we aim to provide dedicated clinical advice to all patients with allergies and intolerances, ensuring our service is always tailored to suit their individual needs. Most patients who come to me with digestive disorders believe that it is something that they have eaten. In most cases it is not an allergy but another intolerance, which once diagnosed can certainly improve their quality of life. Therefore I have made it my philosophy in business to inform and educate my clients regarding the difference between allergies, hypersensitivity and various other digestive disorders so they can be aware of what treatments to seek in future and how they can avoid the reoccurrence of their symptoms. Guidelines on the treatment allergies and other food intolerances are constantly changing, therefore it is imperative that I maintain my continuous professional development. In order to achieve this and ensure my clients receive the highest possible standard of care, I always endeavour to work within standards of conduct and advocate patients seeing GP or other healthcare professional wherever I feel it is required. However, many of my patients have already been seen by their GPs and are unsatisfied with their treatment. Apart from allergies I also see clients with a diagnosis of IBS, as this is a very complex group of symptoms and once they have had the relevant NHS testing they are often left just managing symptoms. Now there is robust evidence which can be applied to improve the quality of life for suffers, which I provide to them to help them manage their symptoms. Ultimately the reason that my firm is so successful in my region is because the allergy treatment services in the UK are currently very poor. I live in Devon and yet our nearest centre of excellent for allergy is Southampton, which means that patients either have to travel far, or, if unable to do so, could potentially miss out on treatment.

This lack of support for allergy sufferers means the delivery of allergy services is a challenge, but working outside the NHS means I can apply evidence based knowledge to patients who perceive they have allergy. They often have repeatedly visited their GP and have been prescribed with relevant medication to reduce the symptoms but really the answer is to find the potential triggers which when identified and removed will stop the symptoms, which is what we at the clinic endeavour to do for every patient. Additionally, another challenge working in my industry is that the approach by GPs and other healthcare professionals, which often assess the initial individual symptoms without examining the cause. Asthma, eczema and rhinitis are all potential symptoms of allergy, but unfortunately on visiting a GP those suffering from asthma would be referred to the respiratory department whereas Eczema sufferers would be referred to dermatology and rhinitis to ENT. This means that all these symptoms would be treated separately, but from an allergic perspective they need to be treated as one. I was very honoured and pleased to have won these two awards, and it was especially gratifying to know that one of my clients feel that my testing and advice has improved their quality of life so much that they went to the trouble to nominate me for the awards. Although awards aren’t everything I feel they are important in this sector because sometimes innovation is not valued or evidence is not always applied to improve quality of life for patients. The reasons behind my success is that I don’t just look at allergy , which is very specific but also look at hypersensitivities intolerance and digestive disorders. Moving forward, I am eager to continue my practice to educate help and support my clients, as this is a valuable service and we are in a unique position to really make a difference in patient’s lives.

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Recognised Leader in Flow Chemistry 2015 & Skin & Laser Clinic of the Year - UK & Best Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment “eMatrix”

Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic The Dr Joney De Souza Aesthetic Clinic is a specialist skincare clinic dedicated to providing a range of quality aesthetic dermatological procedures. The ethos behind Dr Joney De Souza, the clinic’s founder, is his focus on individuality, his passion for skincare and his belief that natural results are the best options he can offer his patients. Dr Joney De Souza graduated in medicine in Brazil, home to many of the world’s most celebrated plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors. With more than 15 years’ experience in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine he has worked and trained with many of them including the renowned Dr Mauricio Do Maio. On relocating to the UK in 2007, Dr Joney De Souza, a GMC-registered aesthetic doctor and member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM), continues to strive for excellence in aesthetic medicine through constant re-training in industry developments and improved techniques, equipment and products.

through his work as a trainer in aesthetic medicine at Wigmore Medical. The clinic provides a wide range of services including eMatrix, a unique treatment which is the newest resurfacing laser treatment that achieves results one usually gets with more aggressive laser treatments, while avoiding the lengthy downtime associated with those more aggressive ie.”ablative” procedures. In addition, the clinic also provides anti-wrinkle injections, laser hair removal and eight point facelifts alongside a vast array of other innovative skincare services.

Dr Joney works tirelessly to provide his patients with the best anti-ageing treatments and solutions available, using the best products and technologies to provide outstanding natural results with minimal downtime. He works from his clinic in Marylebone, where patients can also have a wide variety of treatments with his team of aestheticians, ranging from laser treatments and hair removal to mesotherapy and dermal filler treatments. He is a GMC registered non-surgical medical aesthetic doctor. Following graduated as a medical doctor in 1992, he has since undertaken many specialist training courses with some of the best medical professionals in anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, chemical skin peels, collagen induction therapy with Dermaroller, mesotherapy and microsclerotherapy. Dr. Joney is particularly interested in non surgical procedures which produce very natural results, whilst significantly improving the skin, correcting the impact and slowing the age process. In addition to this he also gives back into the wider industry

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Speech & Language Therapist of the Year – Yorkshire

Glossa Ltd is a speech and language therapy specialist which assists both patients and their families. We speak to Lucy Lowson about the services the firm provides and their dedication to patient care.

Glossa provides a Speech and Language Therapy service to adults with communication and swallowing difficulties, which they have usually acquired through injury or illness. In addition to this we also support family members and carers providing training when needed.

We felt honoured to have been nominated for this award and I am extremely happy to have won this category. It means a lot to Glossa that it has been recognised that we offer a service to clients which enables them to reach their potential in therapy and that clients can feel empowered to achieve their goals.

At Glossa we think it essential that therapy is functional and relevant to a person’s life and setting meaningful goals with our clients enables us to do this together.

I personally think it is important to offer recognition to those businesses striving to better services and outcomes for their clients. In a world where healthcare is getting some bad press, it is essential to read where people are getting the help they need and be empowered to achieve success.

In order to achieve this we take our work very seriously. Our mission statement is “Re-building confidence for people with communication difficulties through functional, life-relevant therapy, support and education.” We aim to abide by this at all times to ensure our patients receive the best possible support and care to help them on the road to recovery.

Company: Glossa Ltd Name: Lucy Lowson Email: Web Address: Address: Unit 1 Greystones Court, Towthorpe Moor Lane, YORK YO32 9ST Telephone: 07764999873

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Best Patient Care Board - USA

Healthcare Inspirations is the only company in the United States that designs and builds whiteboards exclusively for hospitals. We speak to Don McCormick who explains how passion is what drives the firm to success. The business was established in 1984 and was built by Don from the from the ground up, him listening to his customers and creating a new type of Patient Communication Board, which is engineered for heavy use in a healthcare environment— including regular disinfecting. Don explains how inspiration struck him in 2003. “In 2003 I was in the hospital regularly with two of my family members, my mother and my aunt. As I sat in their rooms I saw that all they had was a small, old whiteboard that couldn’t really be used anymore because it had been ruined by regular cleaning. As I sat there and looked at that board I thought, ‘there has got to be a better way to communicate between the patient, their family and the staff’. This was my inspiration to invent our award winning AlumiLife™ Patient Communication Boards.

“Our AlumiLife frames snap-open to allow the board insert to be easily removed from the frame. This opens up all kinds of wonderful options for secondary languages and shared use rooms. A good example would be Labor & Delivery and Postpartum. The care a pregnant woman needs is very different than the care she will need after the baby is born. With double-sided inserts the patient can stay in the same room, but have a personalized Labor & Delivery design on the front and a Postpartum design on the back. That’s why we’re known for having ‘the whiteboard that flips!” Name: Don McCormick Company: Healthcare Inspirations Web Address: Address: 4225 Northgate Blvd., Suite 4 Sacramento, CA 95834-1233

Our boards are custom designed and printed so they can be personalized according to the type of care the patient requires. The design team includes an information architect, creative director, and a masters prepared RN. This intense focus on design has allowed us to develop and refine Clinical Best Practices for dozens of clinical specialties, such as Trauma Med/Surg, Neuro ICU, Labor & Delivery, etc. This gives us an enormous competitive advantage in the marketplace.” Don is keen to emphasise that his boards are designed for patient centered care, keeping everyone involved, including staff, the patient, and their families. “The board is designed to be both easy to use and easy to read, fostering communication between everyone involved in the patient’s care, including their families. The family is a huge part of the patient’s care team— which is why our boards include a section for ‘Patient and Family Concerns or Questions’. This allows the family to write notes to ask their care team the next time they are in the room.” Healthcare Inspirations has a board that flips. How does that work?

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Best for Private Dental Care in the West Midlands

Hillbrook Dental Health Centre is a dedicated dental practice which offers a range of dental treatments. Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Atthi talks us through the work the work the centre does and how they work tirelessly to ensure their patients are satisfied with their care. Hillbrook Dental Health Center was established by myself in 2004 and has been growing ever since. The practice has developed from being a single surgery to a three surgery dental practice which has facilities to include those with physical disabilities as we have a ground floor surgery, braille signage, disability friendly for patients in wheelchair or have difficultly climbing stairs., treat nervous adults with intravenous sedation and children with inhalation sedation. We have the facilities and expertise to offer all types of cosmetic treatments ranging from dental teeth whitening, orthodontics (braces) and dental implants. We are now expanded our services to include laser hair removal plus other hair and beauty services and have also extended our opening hours into the late evening for our private patients who can’t attend during the day which helps minimizing their time off work. At Hillbrook Dental we invest our time and resources into our staff to be trained in using new technology and current advances in dental science so that our patients can experience having their treatment in a safe and friendly environment. Our ultimate aim is to ensure patients are treated in a caring, professional and safe environment. In order to achieve this we pride ourselves on having the highest level of cleanliness. Our practice is regulated and inspected by external authorities and we have an internal governance program which ensures standards such as cross infection, cleanliness, data protection, life support for adults and children, safe guarding against vulnerable adults and children are regularly updated.

Hillbrook Dental has developed a reputation to be a referral practice for other dentists for their patients to be seen for whole range of treatment. Due to our vast experience we can offer different ranges of cosmetic treatment to include braces using tooth coloured brackets, Invisalign based braces which are self-changed every two weeks and are removable. Same day appointments are available and late evening appointments for those who are working during office hours. We offer in chair led tooth whitening and home teeth whitening kits that do not strip the enamel or make them sensitive Increasing Patient demands for cosmetic dentistry in particular smile makeovers have seen a growing trend within our patient population. We have a lot of returning and referring patients who refer more of their Friends and family to us for correcting their front teeth to improve their smile and increase their motivation for work and for personal life choices. To meet these growing demands, the future of our practice is heading towards the health and beauty sector, to encompass the all in one wedding package to include dental teeth whitening for couples and their bridesmaids/ family, hair and makeup using qualified makeup artists, laser painless hair removal and facial rejuvenation for your perfect day. Company: Hillbrook Dental Health Centre Name: Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Atthi Email: Web Address: Address: 286 Ladypool Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 8JU Telephone: 01214495656

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Innovative Healthcare Technology Provider- Canada

iMD Health is the preeminent digital patient engagement platform from within examination rooms across Canada. Kevin Delano provides us with an overview of the firm and the company’s position in the market. Established five years ago, iMD Health has a simple vision, to change lives, both the lives of our Users (HCP’s) and their patients. We do this through delivering a best in class medical illustration library, unbranded patient materials, branded materials, digital tool box, print and email enabled solutions. iMD Health is a complete digital solution; where we provide touch screen systems “At The Point of Care”™ or our new cloud based solution (used on any device); both platforms contain medical illustrations, treatment resource documents /videos and many digital innovative solutions: digital referral networks, patient benefit programs, enrolment services, digital diagnostic assessments, etc.). The software operates in both doctor exam rooms and pharmacy counselling rooms and we close the loop at home by sending the materials to the patient via our secure patient portal. This product is revolutionary as it is impacting the patients understanding of their condition, and empowering them to manage their own health. iMD Health provides our solution to healthcare professionals on no cost. We generate our revenues by giving brand companies (Rx, OTC, CPG) the opportunity to promote their brands At The Point of Care – when the treatment therapies are being discussed. Our client service / sales team at iMD is called Client Experience. Everything we do for our clients is focused around optimizing the whole experience when dealing with iMD. It is not just a specific group, it is a philosophy throughout the whole company. From inbound phone calls via reception, to the experience in dealing with technical issues. Of course, our sales team leads the charge, but at iMD, it is a company mantra to ‘show our clients love’ at every occasion. Working in a fast moving digital space means that we have to adapt quickly to keep up with emerging trends. In order to achieve this we are constantly watching all trends, not only in Canada, but around the globe. One thing we have learned is that technology is moving much faster than the Doctors adapting to their use. This adoption gap slows development down, which, in the case of changing Doctors behaviours, introducing new systems into their exam room, changing the way they interact with a patient which is a good thing.

Ultimately we see this adoption gap as an opportunity for iMD. We are changing the way a Doctor practices. This doesn’t happen overnight. This environment also provides higher barriers to entry from any competitors. It’s not just about the technology or the next shiny new object….it is about integrating into the workflow of a Doctor / Pharmacist– which takes careful planning and patience. This is because iMD is built for Doctors first, brand manufacturers second. We have learned, that by focusing on the way a Doctor –practices, the functionality they want, will only lead to greater adoption / use. With high use, comes more attractiveness to brands. We utilize a medical board to ensure we are building the best solutions. We utilize a sophisticated QA process to ensure development items are tested before release. We utilize industry leading security measures. We utilize global leaders to ensure our uptime is best in class. Canada, the region we primarily operate in, is known to be one of the most highly regarded healthcare systems in the world, and with that also comes countless regulations and processes. We have learned that if we can be successful in a highly regulated market like Canada, other markets will be a bit easier to implement. There is huge pressure on Doctors and Pharmacists in Canada. With regulators having significant controls over income levels for both, HCP’s are challenged to find new ways of optimizing their practices. Just working longer hours is not the solution. Working differently and optimizing systems, workflow will have a major positive impact. This is where iMD plays. Looking to the future we are keen to expand on our current success. We are about to embark on two major strategic initiatives that will take iMD into our next chapter; firstly, significant launch into chain Pharmacies across Canada. Secondly iMD Cloud, making iMD available on any device. We anticipate massive growth in both of these areas in the next 12 months and beyond. This will set us up perfectly for expansion into the USA and other geographies outside of North America. Company: iMD Health Name: Kevin Delano Email: Web Address: Address: 80 North Queen Street, Ste 301, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 2C9 Telephone: 647-776-2044

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Most Innovative Eye Care Company of the Year – UK & Best for Preservative Free Eye Care Products “Lumecare”

Medicom Healthcare is a fast growing company in the Global Ophthalmic Market. We profile this dynamic and innovative firm, highlighting how they came to win these two coveted awards.

Medicom Healthcare have a reputation of success, developing, manufacturing, and commercialising pharmaceutical and medical device products in a number of therapeutic classes including dry eye; ocular hygiene; blepharitis and glaucoma. This international firm has built up a reputation for excellence around the globe, and is dedicated to providing top quality eye care which is specifically tailored to their patient’s needs. Therefore, the firm sites it core competencies as product development and technology applications for the manufacturing of sterile eye products. Achieving such high standards in Ophthalmic health takes dedication, and the firm has a mission and key strategy to ensure it stays at the top of its sector. “Our mission is to provide high-quality Eyecare products that are designed, manufactured and delivered with excellence and to continuously improve the awareness, accessibility and affordability of Eyecare. “To achieve our mission the starting point is the patient. We plan to achieve our mission through developing a robust pipeline, which will have multiple product platforms, designed to meet the needs of end-2-end users such as patients, healthcare payers and medical practitioners.” Their award winning lumecare® Products are a range of preservative free eye drops, eye wipes and masks designed to sooth their patient’s eyes and ease any discomfort.

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Award for Excellence in Adult Social Care - UK

Olympus Care Services provide a range of care and support services throughout Northamptonshire for adults with disabilities and older people. We spoke to Andrew Woodall, Team Leader of their Crisis Response Team, to speak about how their holistic approach allows them to deliver the best possible service. Across the board, we deliver for people from the age of 18 and upwards and try to be as person-centred as possible with the services we deliver. We try to work very closely with the council as our owners, and also with the local NHS services. The Crisis Response Team I run, this has been a changing force since it started over four years ago. At first, we were purely about hospital admission avoidance, and we worked primarily with the ambulance services to try and reduce conveyance to Accident and Emergency departments. Over the years, we have expanded and soon started to pick up different cases, such as supporting people who were coming to the county council for social care emergencies. After that, we started to look at supporting people who were stuck in hospital and looking at the age old problem of ‘bed blocking’ (for want of a better word). We feel that we are very unique in the way that we try to deliver our services. This involves trying to promote independence, and reabling people as opposed to encouraging reliance on long term care. We believe that we give the best possible care and are genuinely contributing to the prevention of hospital admissions and the facilitation of smoother hospital discharges. We try to use our core skills to meet the needs of the people we work with, as well as our commissioners, who need us to focus on finding solutions quickly so we’re always adapting and adjusting to make sure that we deliver the best possible service we can across the county for a variety of different reasons. In order to provide the best possible service, everybody has a tailor made assessment and is looked at on an individual basis. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ service it’s all about reaching the goals that they want to achieve to help them stay at home. We also try to provide a service that fits around their needs, as opposed to putting them into a box; Furthermore, our staff have gone through a lot of training to ensure that they can deliver the highest standards of care.

As well as the training they do at university, they look at preventative work as well as responsive work to try and to make people better and get them back on their feet. We currently have team members undergoing training to take basic health observations so we can flag an issue with a gp as it arises to prevent future hospital admissions. If we realise that somebody is not presenting as well as they probably could be, we can do a full set of observations and take all of that information back to a health professional. This allows them to respond much more quickly and avoid a situation where the patient may have fallen ill, being able to respond to people much faster, means that patients can be kept at home for longer. Whether it’s just a phone call to make sure that the situation is stabilised and being supported, or actually delivering a service, we always makes sure that we are responding immediately as opposed to waiting for a few days or weeks. This is definitely unique for the area that we work in. I also don’t believe that many others have the same training or the links we have with the health services. We work in both acute hospitals and share very good relationships and with the intermediate care team. On top of this, we also link in with our customers’ GPs. We are very proud of the services we provide and winning this award feels absolutely fantastic. It really is great for the company to be recognised for the work that they are doing to improve their services. Overall, the team’s morale really has been boosted by this achievement.

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Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction - UK

Optimal Physio are a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic with a focus on customer care. Steven McLean talks us through the firm’s philosophy and how they have implemented this, leading to the firm winning this prestigious award.

Optimal Physio offer physiotherapy combined with sport science to make sure our client’s rehabilitation and return to sport is managed in full. We have a sports massage therapist and also a biomechanics specialist podiatrist. This makes sure that all their training and healthcare needs are taken care of in an optimal way.

Company: Optimal Physio Name: Steven McLean Email: Web Address: Address: Mearns Castle Golf Academy, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 5RR Telephone: 0333 301 0205 / 07754522827

In order to ensure our clients always leave us satisfied, we try to make physio more of an enjoyable experience rather than a service. We have introduced systems to make it easier for clients to get an appointment to suit their lifestyle and work/family commitments. We have evening and weekend appointments available, people can book online, or if they phone they’re guaranteed to speak to a person who can help. This way we don’t miss anyone and everyone feels important. We take more time with our clients so they feel valued explaining their pain using interactive iPad apps so they understand what symptoms they have and why. We send them exercise programmes including videos, and give them a free app to track their progress, we also reward them for referring their friends and family and send them reminders so that they don’t forget their appointment. In order to maintain these standards we have created systems so that all Physios do the same thing, that way the experience is consistent. We also listen to the feedback from our clients and make sure we implement the changes. There are a number of exciting projects in the future. We have just opened up our second clinic at Largs Yacht Haven, North Ayrshire. We have been able to replicate the systems and procedures currently in place to make sure we started in a strong position. Winning awards like this will help to strengthen our reputation as we aim to build our customer base in a new location. We plan to develop our sport science services by offering golf profiling, injury prevention classes and body composition assessments as well as developing short videos with proactive tips covering all aspects of sports injury prevention.

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Most Trusted Health Information Site 2015 - UK

Patient Patient is a highly trusted online health resource for patients. We speak to Stella Bolam who talks us through the firm’s dedication to providing accurate, scientifically backed information. Established in 1997 by two Doctors, the site was among the first of its kind, providing evidence based information and clinically reviewed healthcare information, which has now been expanded with over 4000 online articles, which now includes topics on general health and wellbeing. In addition they also offer new mediums, such as slideshows and videos, in order to engage with users not inclined to read a full article.

“There is a lot of false information on the internet, particularly regarding healthcare, but we pride ourselves on providing reliable, scientifically backed advice, which is what makes us such a highly recommended site.”

Stella explains how winning this award recognises the firm’s dedication to its reputation for accuracy and reliability. “We are very proud to have won this accolade as it shows how much the firm has grown and how we have built up a reputation which has bought us in many new users. “All of our information is evidence based and is reviewed regularly and kept up to date with the latest UK and European guidelines. All of our articles are reviewed by our clinical team. “We are accredited by NHS England’s quality standards board Information Standard, so we review our work in accordance to their policies, which assures our users that we all of our information is of the highest possible standard.” The firm has made a lot of changes recently, moving into more international articles and changing their IP address to attract more users from other English speaking countries outside of Europe such as America, Canada and Australia. Moving forward they are keen to start making more content which is relevant to overseas users in order to engage with their expanding global user base. The firm are also looking to move expand their online patient forums, where site users can discuss issues, provide advice and also give feedback on the site. Overall, Stella was keen to emphasise that moving forward, the most important thing for the site was to ensure it maintained its reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, which was essential to ensuring user satisfaction.

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Best Private Ambulance Company 2015 - England & Award for Excellence in Organ Transportation – England

Private Ambulance Service Ltd offers a range of patient transport services with a focus on ensuring patient comfort and care. James Barnes talks us through the firm’s patient centred approach which has led to their winning these two highly coveted awards. Private Ambulance Service Ltd (PAS) offer a number of services that are all focused around patient care including: patient transport services; event medical services; bariatric transportation; transplant services and secure transport.

The most important way of ensuring all of our patients and service users are treated with the upmost dignity and respect, which is our firm’s ultimate aim, is through training. If you invest in your workforce they invest in their role.

We are specialists in complicated transfers and provide services for a range of healthcare bodies including the NHS, local authorities as well as firms in the private sector. On occasion we also work directly for individuals and understand that we can assist them in their hour of need and transport them with a high quality service.

Moving forward, the future is bright for our company. We are working towards some significant contracts and we hope to be offering our services to future procurement processes and commissioning projects.

Our philosophy is ‘treat every patient like they are a family member’. This mantra is the cornerstone of the business and this ethos is important within everything we do. In order to stay at the forefront of developments in our industry our Managing Director devotes some of his time to the Independent Ambulanced Association. As chairman of this prestigious trade association he works with figure heads within the sector and also with likeminded Directors of Ambulance services, who are also passionate about patient care.

We believe the market place is forever changing and we are a dynamic business which changes to meet the demand. It is key however to keep our company ethos and mantra moving forwards. Company: Private Ambulance Service Ltd Name: James Barnes Email: Web Address: Address: Unit 6 & 7 Sovereign Park, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex SS14 3JD Telephone: 0843 227 1660

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Best Stairlift & Mobility Aids Supplier 2015 – UK

Raise Lift Services Ltd Raise Lift Services Ltd is a stair lift supplier that specialises in providing domestic and commercial clients with helpful mobility aids and solutions. Raymond Fern talks us through his business and provides us with a unique insight into how the firm operates. Raise Lift Services Ltd supply various styles of assistive mobility technology. While our most popular aids are stairlifts and home lifts, we also supply mobility scooters of various sizes. Our honest and trustworthy approach is applied to all of our services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. Currently we maintain community council equipment as well as the apparatus installed at a 60-bed hospital unit. We work closely with all of our clients to find their perfect solution at the best price. This approach has led to us attracting a wide range of clients, ranging from independent individuals, manufacturers, through to local councils and we perform service repairs, installations, surveys, servicing and generally all mobility products. The work we do is incredibly important to our customers, so we take it very seriously. In order to constantly maintain our high standards we spend time talking through our client’s requirements and ensure they receive their expected results.

Reputation is paramount so we cannot allow our standards to slide. Our industry is fast changing, and in order to ensure we are always providing our customers with a top quality service which suits their needs we are constantly checking out for new and innovative products that are suitable for our customer. We also endeavour to keep abreast of new regulations within the industry. The industry has been focusing more on the requirements of health and safety recently so it is increasingly important to ensure we stay ahead of the game. Looking to the future, we are keen to expand the business though employing more staff. We are also looking to opening its first mobility shop this year. Company: Raise Lift Services Ltd Name: Raymond Fern Email: Web Address: Telephone: 01225 344347 07875206313

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Sustained Excellence in Healthcare Market Research - UK

Red Leaf is a full service healthcare market research and consulting agency with specific expertise in the pharmaceutical and consumer health sectors. We spoke to Steve Lowery, CoFounder and Director at Red Leaf Research, about how they consistently deliver for their clients. We have a senior team with over 50 years of experience between us and we have worked hard to develop a culture that is both challenging but inclusive. Our goal is always about helping our clients to take the optimal course of action for business success. In this new age of information there is so much data available and it can sometimes be overwhelming, so we place a huge amount of emphasis on the clarity of our outputs. Our goal is to make sure that the insights that we deliver to our clients are long lasting and live on in their business. Our approach towards client service goes beyond standard practice. While there are standards of responsiveness in all businesses of course, what we also do is try and get a really deep understanding of what it is clients are trying to achieve when they commission us. By getting this understanding we are in a better position to work more in partnership with them, which always leads to better results. When adapting to the changes in our industry, we have adopted both formal and informal approaches. On a formal level we have an innovation workstream that looks at what is happening across the industry to see how we can respond to any emerging changes or developments. But we also have a more informal approach to this – one of our core values as a company is inspiration and we encourage everyone to seek inspiration from beyond the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry as a matter of course. We want it to be part of our culture to be inspired by different things, and look to see where we can utilise some of the things we might learn from outside of our immediate industry. There is constant change in the NHS and constant change with our clients in terms of the shape of their organisations. In the healthcare industry, we have noticed the growing appreciation of the voice of the patient and the importance of understanding the patient journey for our clients. Several of the companies that we work with are really focusing on putting the patient at the heart of what they do and

an increasing amount of work that we are doing has some kind of patient element to it. Another trend is the growing importance of those who influence the physicians who prescribe our clients’ products – the payers and policy makers. We are seeing a real shift in emphasis away from just physicians and towards a more holistic picture involving both patients and payers as well. As a relatively small company, we can’t claim to have huge geographical reach and we don’t have big panels or proprietary services that we sell. In this sense, it can be challenging to differentiate in this space. We believe what sets us apart is our approach, which involves a relentless commitment to providing outputs which enable action for our clients, through clarity and business focus. There are a lot of agencies out there, filled with excellent researchers, but at Red Leaf we’re not just passionate about research; we’re passionate about what research can do for our clients’ business. In terms of the award, we are obviously extremely proud to be recognised for sustained excellence, particularly because this has involved being assessed by a group of highly experienced professionals. It is a great honour to win this award and I hope it is one of many more in the future for Red Leaf. Looking forward, we want to continue to grow, but at a sustainable level. We want to expand our client base and continue to be recognised for the great work we are becoming known for and enabling our clients to take action! Company: Red Leaf Research Email: Address: Carroll House 11 Quarry Street Guildford GU1 3UY Telephone: 01372 897097 Fax: 01372 897098

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Sustained Excellence in Quality Care Homes – UK

Rushcliffe Care Group provide high quality care a homely and therapeutic environment with meaningful outcomes for each patient. Karen Watson talks us through the group’s patient centred approach, highlighting the firm’s dedication to quality patient care. Rushcliffe Care Group offer 22 nursing residential homes predominantly in Leicestershire across a variety of services such as head injuries, learning disabilities, nursing, challenging behaviours, residential and dementia care. Person centred with resident care is at the core of our services. We underpin this through excellence in staff training and focus on quality whilst caring. In order to ensure that we are providing this top quality care we work tirelessly to ensure our staff are kept up to date with the latest developments in their area of care. This involves attending forums, reading industry literature and networking, all of which help us keep up to date in legislative changes. We also use trade associations and magazines to provide us with a more general overview of what is happening in the healthcare environment.

We also regularly update and liaise with all locality safeguard leads (LA + CCG’s). We believe that training is paramount to ensure that our staff are vigilant and that they care and enjoy their working environment. In the future we aim to help continually develop and structure valid to achieve excellence in Health & Social Care. A proficient, well trained workforce is our backbone to quality and we will continue to strive to ensure our staff are properly trained and kept aware of industry developments at all times. Company: Rushcliffe Care Group Name: Karen Watson Email: Web Address: Address: Rushcliffe Care Group, Epinal Way Care Centre, Hospital Way, Loughborough, LE11 3GD Telephone: 01509 219 605

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Award for Excellence in Drug Development - Europe & Best for Clinic Trials 2015 – Europe

SanaClis s.r.o. is a clinical trials specialist operating in Central and Eastern Europe. We speak to Alexander Fetkovsky about how the firm’s dedication has propelled them to the success of winning this highly prized accolade. Actually the award reflects Sanaclis’s focus on reliability, quality and flexibility and ability to provide our clients with wide range of services within the timelines and budget.

rating by Bisnode rating agency. Additionally, SanaClis has earned its place on Nice Insight’s survey of Top Ten lists of Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) for 2015, based on customer perceptions of quality.

SanaClis was established in 2000 by seasoned industry experts all of whom have had executive level positions in leading pharma companies and large global CROs. The firm has grown since then to become a full-service CRO offering a comprehensive range of services for clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe.

However, this is the first time a Slovakia-based CRO has finished among the leaders in the CRO industry, reflecting intensive investments and quality assurance measures. In 2015, SanaClis was awarded with the CRO Leadership Award in the category Reliability.

In addition to this, SanaClis is one of the very few CROs offering customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution of clinical trial materials in European Union, Ukraine and Russia. These services are offered in our own premises and by our own professional staff in addition to our clinical monitoring and regulatory services. In order to ensure high quality, usable results we ensure that all of our facilities, depots and processes meet the criteria of the most stringent international standards and local requirements. Our dedication and commitment to high standards has been recognised internationally on numerous occasions, such as in 2012 when SanaClis s.r.o. was rated positively by reputable business agency Creditreform. The following year we were certified with the AA

In addition to these prestigious titles, SanaClis is also the only European CRO with its own local depots for IMP and CTS in Central and Eastern Europe. This unique solution allows us to speed up the communication flow between the client and all involved CRO departments which saves time and costs. As there were shortages of gas/electricity supplies in Ukraine recently, SanaClis implemented a very unique tool for its clients - online access to the ELPRO live monitoring system which differentiates our service from that of our competitors and helps to ensure our place at the top of our industry. Our main goal is to develop long term mutual partnership with our clients based on win-win strategy. To be successful means that we have to offer more than expected… it includes our availability at any time, regular contact with our clients on operational, management and stake holders level.

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Recognised Leader in Flow Chemistry 2015

Syrris is a healthcare technology company who develop the most advanced technology products for R&D Chemists around the world, specialising in revolutionary flow systems. We speak to Mike Hawes about how the firm’s dedication to their client’s needs is what has led them to the success of winning this prestigious award. Syrris designs, develops and sells easy to use automated products for chemists in areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, academia, CROs, petrochemical industry etc. This versatile range of products cover a broad range of applications from synthesis, process optimisation and reaction analysis to crystallisation, calorimetry, scale-up and many more, exposing us to a wide range of markets and clients. We are a world leader in flow chemistry systems, which include our award winning Asia range; a modular, easy-to-use system which offers maximum chemical resistance with an extensive range of temperatures, pressures, and reaction times. Asia enables a wide range of chemical reactions with different level of automation. It was this product range which made flow chemistry accessible to everyone and increased the Syrris global user base. Our industry has gone through a number of changes over recent years, and as such we have had to work hard be at the forefront of the developments. Flow chemistry technology is now a much more widely adopted process than it was 10 years ago thanks to better understanding of the many benefits it offers; safer, cleaner, faster reactions and the ability to perform wider range of chemistries. This means that there are additional competitors in the industry, meaning firms such as ours have to work hard to stay ahead of the competition. We believe that it is very important to listen to flow chemistry thought leaders, customers, follow industry news, trends and competitor activities to stay ahead of the game. It is this approach that has made us the innovator of the industry, with the focus of improving productivity in R&D chemistry for 15 years. As a result of this our flow chemistry products have been mentioned in hundreds of publications and our technologies are being used in many of the industry’s leading pharma companies. This exposure gives us a great advantage of being at the forefront of flow product development. However, despite working in a product based industry, customers are at the heart of our business. From the initial contact to after sales support, Syrris aims to offer customers the highest quality service and support at all times. We believe in thorough training, robust processes, recruiting the best people in the industry and an innovative, dynamic business approach we can ensure

that we can tailor our products and services exactly to what each customer needs. Because flow chemistry systems are a long term investment, with many looking to upgrade their systems or scale up after initial purchase, our customers need assurance that they not only get the best system available, but that it is also right for their application and long term support is available. Our team consists of chemists and highly skilled engineers and our philosophy is simple - create happiness for our customers - always exceed expectations. We also think education for our clients is equally important, so we offer opportunities to take part in free workshops to learn about flow chemistry and gets hands on training of flow products. It is also vitally important to make sure our customers are fully trained to use our products and we arrange training to all new customers of our flow equipment. Also, existing customers have an option to become a member of our exclusive Customer Club, which offers many additional benefits such as exclusive offers, free hospitality at events, free prizes etc. Another key aspect of our business is safety, which links with our client centred approach as we are keen to ensure our clients receive the best possible product from us. We take great care to ensure they are reliable, highly chemically resistant and safety tested to the maximum and our customers fully trained in using our systems. Our customers have a guarantee that all of our products are fully safety tested and they comply with ISO9001 standards. In addition we are in the process of obtaining an NRTL certificate for additional assurance that our products satisfy specific safety requirements in the US. In the future we have a number of exciting projects coming up which will provide us with fresh opportunities for future growth. We are currently developing a larger scale flow chemistry system, due for release in 2016 which will include all the key benefits of our lab scale system, Asia but which will be focussed on the needs of kilo labs, pilot plants and high value manufacturing. This will increase our customer base and our product reach, providing us with further growth. Company: Syrris Name: Mike Hawes Email: Web Address: Address: 27 Jarman Way, Royston, SG8 5HW, UK Telephone: +44 (0) 1763 242 555

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Leading Online Social Healthcare Community of the Year – UK

talkhealth Partnership ltd is one of the leading online health communities in the UK providing FREE information and support to its members and visitors; whilst also offering unique patientcentric services to pharma and healthcare providers. We speak to Director Catriona Williams about the firm’s unique, supportive approach to healthcare. talkhealth is an online community, offering FREE health information and direct support on a wide range of health conditions; whilst also enabling pharma and healthcare providers direct access to engage with patients and carers. talkhealth is trusted platform as all our work is governed by The Information Standard award and those of our industry such as the BHBIA. talkhealth in effect has two clients – firstly our community of members and visitors who we offer the latest news and support in health care. Working closely with the leading charities, professional experts and health care providers we can offer them a unique blend of disease awareness educational material and product information; and a wide range of services that offers direct communication with the medical world. Plus we offer the opportunity to talk with others who are directly affected themselves by specific health conditions. Our second set of clients are those who are generally either in the pharmaceutical or in the healthcare world. Having such a large and engaged patient community we offer access directly to the world of the ‘patient and carer’. talkhealth’s two main services are providing deep-dive insights into the patient journey, allowing you to to

better understand your audience by walking in their shoes. We provide a vital feedback loop on a wide range of criteria such as adherence, usage, brand, product positioning etc. Enabling a better connection with patients in order to sustain or grow market share. Our surveys and trials work for all products – whether OTC or prescription only and we offer a unique ‘Patient Cohort Tracker Programme’ that lasts anything from 3 months to 3 years+. Our second service is focused around the creation of traffic and brand awareness for our clients. Using a wide range of social media tools and targeted activities we jointly run successful campaigns whether it be highlighting products or services, or to help our clients with disease awareness and educational programmes. The future looks very exciting for us and we are continually exploring new ways in which we can offer better connections between those with a health condition and those who can help them manage it. Company: talkhealth partnership ltd Name: Catriona Williams Email: Web Address: Address: Hampshire .UK Telephone: 01252 849074 – direct 07887 911411

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Best for Prosthetic Care 2015 - UK & Most Advanced Prosthetic Limb “The Bebionic Hand”

The London Prosthetic Centre is renowned internationally for upper and lower limb prosthesis. Director Abdo Haidar discusses with us the firm’s important work and how their patient focused approach has led them to win these two prestigious awards. The London Prosthetic Centre (LPC) offers individual care and attention to all our patients, combined with the latest technological advancements for our clients as we are always aiming to improve their quality of life after limb loss. We are specialists in providing upper, lower prosthesis and silicone solutions. I personally have 20 years’ experience having worked in renowned centres in the UK and trained students for the last 15 years. I am dedicated to achieve the best possible prosthetic outcome for my patients. As the Director of the LPC, it is a great achievement for me and my staff to have been named “Best of prosthetic care 2015” Since I established the LPC eight years ago, I have dedicated all my time to ensure that LPC is committed to offering the best and most advanced prosthetics to our clients attending my centre from all over the world. In order to ensure every client receives the best possible service, I treat all my clients as I would expect any clinician to treat my family if they were in the same situation. Passion to improve the quality of life for those who have suffered limb loss combined with constant training and attendance of international exhibitions to which this places us at the forefront of international prosthetic provisions. Moving forward, we want to continue in our journey of improving amputee’s lives in the UK and abroad. In the future we are planning foreign partnerships and UK expansion. Company: The London Prosthetic Centre Name: Abdo Haidar Email: Web Address: Address:Unit 20, Kingsmill Business Park, Chapel Mill road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 3GZ Telephone: 0208 789 6565

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