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Best for Cyber Security Awareness Training 2017 BeOne Development helps companies and governments to minimise human error by reinforcing risk-aware behaviour among their people. Matthijs Waldhober gives us a breakdown of the services the company offers. BeOne develops relevant cybersecurity awareness campaigns tailored to client’s needs. Well-known companies, active in various industries make use of its cybersecurity awareness training solutions. Matthijs details some of the services that the firm provides. “Here at BeOne, we help security professionals get through to their organisation by tuning cybersecurity education to the specific needs, roles and competences of their people. By frequently providing digital learning experiences that are short and set in the context of everyday work, we make sure everyone becomes actively involved in protecting information.” Matthijs outlines how BeOne helps clients protect themselves, with its BeOne Hosting platform and BePhished phishing simulation platform enabling clients to manage, deliver, monitor and report on their organisation’s learning development. “Customisation levels vary from readily available prepacked generic material to completely new bespoke programs, all of which have a custom feel about them. In addition to e-learning in various formats, our portfolio contains cybersecurity

awareness videos, a mobile learning application and a phishing simulation platform that is available both as a managed service and as a Software as a Service solution. “Taking a different approach, we make use of a contextual, storyline-based approach with professional styling. Using real actors in videos, concise messages and short exercises, interactivity and engagement are guaranteed. In addition, we are developing a VR training solution for a more immersive experience that will result in even more positive behavioural change on the long term.” Lastly, Matthijs comments on how clients are confident that the company’s products will be able to help them. BeOne is constantly developing its services, as there is always something to learn, and can adapt to the different needs of each individual client. All clients have a dedicated account manager and a dedicated project manager. “Fundamentally, our customers look to us for comprehensive cybersecurity awareness campaigns, including various short learning interventions that can be offered year-round. Clients that subscribe to the Security Awareness Library have unlimited access to all our courses. Currently, over 30 topics are available that are kept

up-to-date regularly. In addition, new topics that will be included in the ever-expanding library will be made available as well. “Whatever questions our clients have, they always know exactly who to turn to. The other way around, the account manager and project manager know exactly what the specific needs,

roles and competences of the client’s organisation are.” Contact: Matthijs Waldhober Contact Email: Address: Bergweg 44, 1217 SC Hilversum, The Netherlands Phone: 0031 35 20 30 216 Website:

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GDS Cybersecurity Awards 2017  
GDS Cybersecurity Awards 2017