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Most Influential IP Law Firm Director - Ecuador Julio C. Guerrero B, Intellectual Property Law Office is a family law firm specializing in Intellectual Property based in Ecuador. We invited Johana Aguirre Guerrero to talk us through the firm’s values and success, as well as discussing her own achievements. Julio C. Guerrero B. is an Intellectual Property specialized law firm, with its strategies based on satisfying client´s requirements and growing globally in order to offer better services and successful solutions for all clients. Techniques used by the firm to keep up with developments within the industry include the creation of the firm’s own software which helps to manage its client´s trademarks. This software has been updated every year so now the team can offer a comparative process every month for all trademarks, comparing brands that may have conflicts. This software allows clients to log in and find information related to their processes. Johana explains to us how it feels to win this award and what she attributes to her success before going on to discuss what difference she thinks winning the award will do for her and the law firm’s future business. “Firstly, I believe this award was granted to me not only because of my constant effort but also my team’s sacrifices and work ethic. They support all my decisions and strategies so I attribute this success to everyone. As we all feel proud of this award, I consider that winning it will make all workers in Julio C. Guerrero. B, feel part of an important law office and this will also make us work even harder to retain this status.”

Outlining her previous roles, Johana details how she came to achieve her position at the company and whether or not she draws on her past experiences when making decisions in her current role. She comments on how hard she had to work to get where she is now and received no benefits despite her mother being her department chief. “Fundamentally, I began working in this law firm as a junior lawyer and even though my mother was the legal department chief, I had no privileges so I had to work hard in order to climb the ladder. Many years later, I became a senior lawyer in the Intellectual Property department and currently, I am Legal Department Director. I have been working in my current position for around four years. “During my formation as a lawyer I had so many good and bad experiences. I was never alone, so probably the advice I got from my teachers, my colleagues and my family helped me overcome all the difficult circumstances. Every single experience helped me to become a humble leader who takes advices from others and process it in order to make the best decisions.” Since starting her career, Johana mentions the changes that she has seen both in the firm and within the industry it operates, particularly with regard to women. She describes how the firm has had to adapt to different client’s needs, as well

as commenting on her own leadership style and how she has adapted it to suit her employees and clients. “I have seen the leaders of my law firm making good and bad decisions. I learned from them so now I have implemented changes not only in the business but also in the way people work. In this regard, I am always trying to understand my client’s necessary requirements and help them in the best way possible, implementing the best kind of technology and the kindness of my team. “Regarding the role of women in our firm, we are proud to say that over 80% of the employees are women. We believe in them and in their role as professionals in each field we have in the firm. From the person who cleans the office through the accountant, the computer engineers and the lawyers, they are all women. For any woman who has looked for a job in this firm we have made a place available. They feel we are like a family and not only as job partners.” Ultimately, there are some changes that Johana would like to see within the corporate landscape in the future which would make it easier for women to succeed. Regarding the pay gap between men and women, this is something Johana would like to see all companies reduce, especially as women are perfectly capable of performing well in their respective roles.


“In Latin America, I think that legislation must be a little stronger concerning recruiting women, so that the enterprises are forced to hire them. Also, I believe that all the companies should reduce the difference between women and men salaries. Women are perfectly capable of being professionals and mothers without decreasing their effectiveness. We just need to feel confidence and be supported by our social environment.”

Contact: Johana Aguirre Guerrero Contact Email: Address: Mariano Aguilera E7-262 y Av. Diego de Almagro, Edificio Doctorados Flacso Piso 2, Quito, E7-262, Ecuador Phone: +593 2 3238 008 Website:

CEO Monthly- Female CEO Excellence 2017 Awards  
CEO Monthly- Female CEO Excellence 2017 Awards