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European Enterprise Awards 2017

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Best Pharmaceutical Company - Switzerland g


Protecting brands in

Welcome to the Worldwide Business Review European Enterprise Awards 2017. Europe is home to some of the most influential organisations and businesses in the world. With the pressure to deliver results within a market that at times is filled with uncertainty, these remarkable individuals and firms are striving ahead, working tirelessly to ensure that they are achieving great success. Therefore, the 2017 European Enterprise Awards have been designed to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments made by those over the past 12-months. Casting a light on the firms and individuals whose dedicated work ethic, innovative thinking and motivation has seen them achieve some incredible results.

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2 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017

, Contents 4.

Sintetica Sa: Best Pharmaceutical Company Switzerland


Markmonitor Inc: Best Brand Protection Company 2017


StĂślzle: Best Packaging Glass Provider - Central Europe


10. Laurini Officine Meccaniche Srl: Best Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Company 2017 12. Riga Technical University:

Best for Interior Architecture Education & Research 2017 & Best Thermal Engineering Education Department - Latvia

13. The Orthodontic Clinic:

Best Orthodontic Clinic 2017 - Aberdeen

13. Channel Mechanics Limited: Best Enterprise SaaS Company 2017 & Award for Excellence in Channel Management 2017 14. Edinburgh Larder: Best CafĂŠ & Takeaway 2017 & Award for Excellence Outdoor Catering - Edinburgh 15. Bulgaria Air: Balkan Airline of the Year 2017 & Airline Purchasing Manager of the Year 2017 Bulgaria 16. International Telematic University Uninettuno: Best Mediterranean Post-Graduate Academic Institution

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Best Pharmaceutical Company - Switzerland

4 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017



Best Pharmaceutical Company Switzerland Sintetica Sa is a pharmaceutical company delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide, through innovative science and excellence in development, production and marketing. We caught up with Corporate CEO Augusto Mitidieri to learn more and gain a fascinating insight into the secrets behind the firm’s success. Established 1921 in Switzerland, Sintetica Sa focuses on strategic partnering and business development are key factors to achieve leadership by innovation in the context of global growth, as Augusto is eager to emphasise. “Here at Sintetica, we are fully committed to innovate therapies and drugs in local anaesthesia, pain management and neuromodulation. We move forward with passion and competence in the full respect of people and environment. All our efforts and resources are focused to become leader in these fields by developing novel medicine and better treatment options for physicians and patients worldwide. Already we operate in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom, highlighting our global reach, and we are always looking to expand this.

the robust national growth and the rapid global expansion and we have adopted two different business models accordingly. In Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland our specialized sales teams directly promote and market our products. Worldwide the Global Division delivers our top medicines throughout strategic international partners.” Staff are central to the success of any firm, particularly one in such a vital market as pharmaceuticals. As such,

Augusto is keen to outline his firm’s focus on creating a supportive and collaborative working environment for the 230 employees it has working around the world, and how this extends beyond its employees and through to its clients, in order to ensure that everyone who works with Sintetica has the best possible experience. “The corporate culture of Sintetica is firmly based on respect. Respect is, therefore, the core value of the company and it permeates across each

and every employee. The concept of respect is divided into three well-defined directions. It is expressed in relation to its employees, enhancing the different characteristics of each one, whether for work or as an individual, through activities which create a pleasant environment in which to work and express themselves, making this a truly great place to work.” “This same concept is also expressed towards the patients using Sintetica drugs worldwide, providing them with the highest

“To achieve this leadership by innovation in the context of global growth, we consider strategic partnering and business development the key factors. We have built an agile and multicultural high-performing organization to support both

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017 5

Best Pharmaceutical Company - Switzerland


Company: Sintetica Sa Contact: Augusto Mitidieri Corporate CEO Contact Email: Address: Via Penate 5, Mendrisio, 6850, Switzerland Phone: 0041 91 640 42 50 Web Address:

6 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017

quality products and investing in innovation to imagine the best care solutions for the future. Consequently, it materialises towards its local and global partners, showing them loyalty, absolute ethics and both operational and development support of advanced go to market strategies.” “The convergence of these three well-defined areas make up the Sintetica Value Proposition. It goes beyond corporate boundaries and is a distinctive and strategic element of its own identity in the wide world panorama of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, Sintetica does not only export drugs of the highest quality throughout the world, but also the complex of their own values.” The latter, shared by its network of global business partners, gives the company unique characteristics in their approach to markets and profound value in the in-depth strategic positioning of the company. Moving forward, within the European healthcare market, novel therapies and treatments require more and more the redevelopment of existing drugs. As such, Sintetica enhance drug formulation assuring the fitting of its “Premix” medicines to the current standard of care. This innovation is just one example of the firm’s focus on providing creative solutions, which is something the firm is keen to continue as it looks ahead, as Augusto proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, the strategic plan “Strategia 2021” has been recently approved by the board. This plan calls for the international commercial diffusion of the innovation as the key leverage for our firm to grow over the coming months and years. Our Global Division is focused on high speed robust partner selection and affiliation in each and every country of the world offering a dynamic portfolio of selected branded medicines, developed to answer unmet clinical needs, to build sustainable and long lasting alliances. Executive projects to improve the industrial sites manufacturing capacity and pharmaceutical and clinical pipeline development are major pillars to sustain the midterm strong growth.”

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Protecting brands in the digital world

Best Brand Protection Company 2017 MarkMonitorŽ is the global leader in enterprise brand protection, providing advanced technology and expertise that protects the revenues and reputations of the world’s leading brands. We invited Chrissie Jamieson to tell us more about the firm and the services it offers.

8 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017

, In the digital world, brands face new risks due to the web’s anonymity, global reach and shifting consumption patterns for digital content, goods and services. To support them in ensuring that they protect their intellectual property, MarkMonitor serves more than half of the Fortune 100 list to protect their brands online. Chrissie explains how the firm works to achieve this and explores the secrets behind its success. “At MarkMonitor, we believe that success hinges on having a wellthought out brand protection strategy that addresses the specific risks faced by a particular brand and use of best practices, and many businesses call in a brand protection expert to craft the strategy and guide implementation and enforcement. “Our unique selling point is that we take a strategic approach to brand protection across digital channels, including social media, B2B and consumer marketplaces, e-commerce and auction sites as well as paid search and email. Our expert teams and our approach to brand protection strategies to suit the brand means businesses are able to expedite implementation, cut costs and experience benefits to their bottom lines sooner. We also work closely with numerous industry leaders, strategic partners and associations to protect brands and the interests of brand holders.”

Looking ahead, Chrissie foresees even greater need for MarkMonitor’s services as clients face even bigger threats. “Globally, the counterfeiting trend does not seem to be lessening and consumers continue to be duped by unscrupulous sellers. According to research conducted last year by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the global counterfeit goods market is worth around $461 billion. With millions of dollars invested in brand development, companies cannot afford to stand by when those brands come under attack. Yet they face a rapidly growing number of online threats which severely undermine marketing investments, putting brand reputation, customer trust and revenue at risk. “Customers choose MarkMonitor to preserve their marketing investments, revenues and customer trust based on our unique combination of industry-leading expertise, unrivalled methodologies and experience in developing and implementing brand protection strategies for global corporations as well as our extensive industry relationships, and moving forward we hope that they continue to work with us as we seek to build upon our current success and support them even further.”

Company: MarkMonitor, a brand of Clarivate Analytics Contact: Chrissie Jamieson Contact Email: Address: Friars House, 160 Blackfriars Road, London, United Kingdom Phone: 0207 433 4000 Web Address:

Best Packaging Glass Provider Central Europe The Stölzle Glass Group is one of the leading glass manufacturers worldwide, with its headquarters situated in Austria. We profile the group to explore the secrets behind its success. The Stölzle Glass Group comprises of six European production sites, which follow their strategic focus to manufacture high-end glass packaging for the international perfumery and cosmetics, spirits as well as the pharma and consumer markets. International sales offices in the USA and Russia enable Stölzle to provide first class customer service. The group is continually challenging technical production and design limits to be recognized as the custom mould design and glass production expert. Within the market, design and decoration have become increasingly important to allow products gain individuality and improve shelf appeal. Most customers today rely on standard glass containers in combination with sophisticated and innovative decoration techniques to enhance and improve the branding of their products. The increasing trend towards standards, which are available in great shapes and brilliant glass at very convenient expenses upon short notice. Such standard bottles can easily be upgraded to become distinct and unique by sophisticated decoration. On the other hand, there is still a huge demand of customized super premium glass containers what regard the luxury segment of the spirits and the perfumery and cosmetics markets. Stölzle sets steps in terms developing and producing highly complex bottle shapes combined with a sophisticated finish when sup-

porting major brands in the premium, prestige and luxury sector. All items are manufactured in brilliant white flint glass, with an additional option of fire polishing already in the production process. The very highest standard of glass quality is complimented by high levels of flexibility throughout all processes of product development and production. As such, Stölzle specialises in low production runs and is well known as one of the European leaders in feeder colour production. This innovative, dynamic approach has helped lead the group to the success it enjoys today. Stölzle has in-house decoration facilities in three of its plants, which help customers save supply chain costs and make Stölzle more flexible in fulfilling the customers’ demands. Stölzle’s key decoration disciplines can make standard products look very different. Techniques like partial spraying, or selective removal of spray on the bottle, as well as fluorescent and textured sprays make bottles look exciting. Accessories like a branded logo, a shoulder piece, an aluminium plate or leather and even cotton sleeves make bottles look unique, and moving forward the group will continue to offer this superior quality and range to ensure its continued success.

Company: Stölzle Glass Group Contact Email: Web: Address: Fabrikstraße 11, Köflach, 8580, Austria Phone: 0043 3144 706 0

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017 9

Best Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Company 2017

10 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017



Best Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Company 2017 Laurini Officine Meccaniche Srl specialises in the design and construction of pipeline for national and international projects. We profile the firm to find out more. Founded in 1955 by Lodovico Laurini, Laurini Officine starting its life as a small business focused on the maintenance and repair of farm machinery, evolved into a modern company specialized in design and construction of earth moving machinery and equipment for pipelines, exporting its products on national and international projects. In the early Eighties, after completing his studies of mechanical and engineering qualification, Lodovico’s son Marco took over the management and soon added his own personal creativity and innovative research to his father’s meticulous attention to quality. Back in the Nineties, Marco Laurini had already designed and built the first prototypes of his own inventions, including padding machines, for which he obtained international patents. Today, the Laurini trademark is known all over the world in the oil and gas markets and is proud to include in its customer list many of the major contractors from all over the world. The firm now operates across five continents in an array of very challenging pipeline projects such as TANAP in Turkey, TAP in Greece and Albania, OPAL in Germany, GLNG and APLNG in Australia, PNG LNG in Papua New Guinea, GK3 in Algeria, and Los Ramones II in Mexico.

In order to offer the highest standards of service, Laurini makes use of advanced equipment with a high degree of computerized technology and robotics able to decrease the margin of error, guaranteeing quality and safety. Providing an effective response to the customer’s needs is the focus of the company’s know-how, which aims to elevate the general standards of its products more and more. Through this approach the firm way is at the cutting edge in its operation field and often a step over its competitors. Its strategical position has certainly contributed to its success. Italy has always been a trade and travel key point for Europe and for the whole world. In addition, to be based in the Parma region, strictly connected to important business centre of Milan and projected to Central Europe, is sure an additional value, which enriches the traditional known factors making Emilia Romagna a worldwide appreciated region: professional training, innovation and welfare, jointed with high potentiality, industrial vocation and a strong background. No less important, the proximity with the four most important Italian pipeline companies, founded in the Sixties like Laurini, – Saipem, Bonatti, Sicim, Ghizzoni – innovative companies with vast international connections. Overall, from a small artisan business, Laurini became a fullfledge industry and is nowadays

a highly structured and organized company, divided into executive office, sales office, technical office, purchasing office, administration, spare parts office and warehouse, carpentry and painting department, machine tool department and assembly department; each one composed by a team of high level professionals with the same values and the ability to optimize production processes. Supported by high-tech instruments, guaranteeing quality and safety, and specific training courses, Laurini’s people are always projected to innovation and aim to raise their business standard and increase personal knowledge. All efforts and hard work of Laurini, father and sons, and their team have been awarded not only by the market, but also by International Pipeline Association through significant international awards: four BP Awards, in Vancouver in 2005, in Sidney in 2007, in Beijing in 2011 and in Washington in 2013. In addition, Laurini is official partner of the main associations of the sector: IPLOCA, APGA, PLCAC and is use to attend to the most import events organised by them. One more step ahead has been done when the company got in possession of ISO9001:2008 TUV certification, recognized worldwide and guaranteeing the effective system of quality management. Laurini also obtained CE certification for all its machines, which comply with EU regulations,

thus ensuring that the products conform with the requisites detailed in the applicable directives. Last but not least, the attention of the company in HSE norms and procedures to self-guard first of all its staff, but also customs’ operators in charge of using Laurini padding machines in very challenging situations; a special care has also been taking in protection of natural environment and people well-being: focusing on the green impact, the company produces 200 KW which covers 80% of its needs, creating renewable energy and engineering intelligent use of resources in this way. Moreover, Laurini get often involved in donation to local noprofit associations operating in healthcare or cultural fields. Looking ahead, the firm is keen to strengthen its global position and make Laurini Officine Meccaniche a byword for excellence.

Contact: Marco Laurini Contact Email: Company: Laurini Officine Meccaniche Srl Address: Località Spigarolo, snc, 43011 Busseto (PR), Italy Phone number: 0039 0524 91844 Fax number: 0039 0524 91428 Web Address:

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017 11

Best for Interior Architecture Education & Research 2017 & Best Thermal Engineering Education Department Latvia Riga Technical University (RTU) offers a wide range of courses designed to offer students the very best start to their careers. We profile the organisation to learn more and explore the secrets behind its success. Company: Riga Technical University Contact: Ainars Auzis Contact Email: Address: Kalku iela 1, Centra rajons, Riga, LV1658, Latvia Phone: 00371 67 089 333

Established in 1862 as a multi-discipline polytechnic higher educational establishment, RTU has since grown into the largest technological university in the Baltic States with rich history and clear future vision aimed at promoting excellence in student academic results, research, and global issues in cooperation with the industry and foreign partners. Through its work, RTU has sustained its role in the education system of Latvia. Nowadays, RTU is accredited, internationally recognised European university that implements academic and professional study programmes of advanced quality. RTU has been highly evaluated by the international experts within the Institutional Evaluation Programme carried out by the European University Association (EUA), who recognised in their report that strategically RTU is moving in the right direction on the way to becoming a modern university of the third generation. Alongside supporting its students, RTU carries out research in the fields that are essential for the national economy of Latvia and educates and trains highly qualified specialists that are in great demand and competitive in the international labour market. To provide the studies that meet contemporary quality requirements and ensure advanced research, at present RTU has been implementing construction of the joint territorial complex in Äśipsala, where modern academic and research premises are being gradually equipped and effective cross-disciplinary cooperation is being promoted. In order to facilitate accumulation of progressive ideas and development of creatively restless international environment, RTU attracts the best members of academic personnel and industry representatives from Latvia, as well as foreign specialists and students, in the implementation of the study process and research work. Overall, RTU is committed to creating a better future for its students, and moving forward it will continue to strive towards this goal by offering excellence across every aspect of its work.

12 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017


Best Orthodontic Best Enterprise SaaS Company Clinic 2017 2017 & Award Aberdeen The Orthodontic Clinic is a modern, friendly orthodontic practice in Aberdeen city centre dedicated to straightening teeth. We invited Clinical Director Dr Lisa Currie to tell us more. Originally established in 2006, the clinic was bought over and redesigned by Directors Dr Lisa Currie and Ivin Tan in 2014. Together they renovated the ground floor suite of an office building and created a light, modern clinic with the installation of 4 dental surgeries, separate LDU room, x-ray room, dental laboratory, office and dedicated staff room. Lisa, who also holds an honorary appointment as Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University or Aberdeen (School of Medicine) and ensures the standard of patient care is of the highest standard, discusses how the clinic has now reached a level which all the team are incredibly proud of. “Since the new ownership, the clinic has been elevated to a new standard that we are extremely proud of, particularly in the past year. We are the only specialist practice in Aberdeen to have a specialist orthodontist, myself, that has undergone further higher training to qualify as a Consultant Orthodontist working full time in the clinic. The renowned clinical expertise of our specialists, especially together with my University teaching links and Consultant background, have raised the profile of our clinic so it is now the recognised clinic choice in Aberdeen for excellence in orthodontics. “Overall, we believe in a team approach to patient care and that is why we invest in our staff by funding all courses that are of benefit to our team and the clinic.

We attend orthodontic conferences and study events and courses as a team. Several of our nurses have been trained to take X-rays, impressions and provide oral hygiene instruction. We have integrated orthodontic therapists into our clinic to more efficiently deliver patient care and we firmly believe that this clinical model is the future of a successful modern orthodontic practice in the U.K. And Europe.” Looking ahead, Lisa and her team are excited for what the future will bring as they seek to build upon the clinic’s current success and go even further over the coming years. “Ultimately, the future is bright and we are looking forward to what it holds with further growth of our business and reputation for clinical excellence.”

Contact: Lisa Currie Contact Email: Address: 9 Golden Square, Aberdeen, AB10 1RB, UK Phone: 01224 611633 Website:

for Excellence in Channel Management 2017

Channel Mechanics accelerates revenue and creates competitive advantages for companies leveraging the channel as their go-to-market model. We profile the firm to learn more about the innovative solutions it provides. Established in 2011, Channel Mechanics is an Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) provider that has developed a suite of Channel Incentive Program Management Solutions (CIPM) to help vendors manage and maximize sales through their channel. Through its offering Channel Mechanics accelerates revenue and creates competitive advantages for companies leveraging the channel as their go to market model. The firm’s cloud-based channel enablement platform, channelIT, gives customers the tools, data and insights to execute great sales ideas. Companies can now rapidly deploy programs with precision targeting and have real-time visibility into ROI. The platform helps clients to translate great sales ideas into easily executable market promotions and sales programs that can be targeted to the right partner, at the right time, in the right place with channelIT. It gives the agility and flexibility to successfully design, launch and manage pricing, market promotions, and sales programs which are normally very complex and costly to bring to market.

The firm’s expertise and technology give vendors the ability to shape their channel the way they want, for the customers they want, with the offers they want. Manufacturers can now move away from pure “point” product offers to bundles, solutions and multi-vendor solutions (including hardware, software and services). For the first time the channel can be equipped with complete solutions that solve the customer needs. Overall, the success of the Channel Mechanics platform has resulted in the opening of offices in the UK, USA and Australia, in addition to its headquarters in Galway, Ireland to facilitate the firm’s growth and this will be Channel Mechanics’ ongoing focus as it looks towards an exciting future.

Company: Channel Mechanics Contact: Brenda O’Sullivan, Marketing Executive Contact Email: brenda.osullivan@ Address: No. 2 Deerpark Industrial Estate, Oranmore, Galway, H91 D72H, Ireland Phone: 00 353 913 4488 Website:

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017 13


Best Café & Takeaway 2017 & Award for Excellence Outdoor Catering - Edinburgh The Edinburgh Larder is a well-known cafe and catering business in Edinburgh with a focus on offering seasonal, quality food and great service. We invited Eleanor Cunningham to tell us more. With two locations both in the heart of Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Larder has gained a significant foothold in the dining industry in the region, offering quality food which is both seasonal and local, as Eleanor is eager to emphasise. “Here at the Edinburgh Larder, the seasons and our producers are at the heart of everything we do. Honest ingredients, delicious food and great service are what we aim to deliver to every customer. We’re best known for our use of great local ingredients and for our legendary brunches and chocolate brownies. Our café has won many awards and is known as one of the best places of its kind in Edinburgh. Being tucked away just off the Royal Mile, we’re regularly referred to as a ‘hidden gem’. “In addition, we also deliver outside catering so you can enjoy our food for a special occasion at home or a function in the office. We have hosted a large number of weddings and birthday parties all over Scotland and we take pride in offering the best food and service to our customers.” To achieve its overall mission, to represent and showcase the

incredible food and producers we have in Scotland by using their best ingredients throughout the year, the firm works hard and support local businesses, working closely with them to support their work, as Eleanor explains. “Our mission is at the heart of everything we do. We regularly visit our suppliers as a team to ensure everyone has first hand knowledge of how they create their products and how they taste. Last year we took over the cafe at one of our supplier’s farms (Whitmuir Farm in West Linton just outside of Edinburgh). We did this on a short term basis for one year to get to know the challenges they face on a monthly basis and have access to fantastic ingredients on our doorstep every day. It was a challenging process but it taught our whole team a huge amount about how hard it is to survive as a small scale farmer in Scotland and we really enjoyed it. “As such, we work incredibly hard to ensure we know what is happening on the food scene in Scotland and keep up to date with new producers. We have set up a monthly food and craft market in the Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh which brings together a great mix of craft and food producers in an old biscuit

“Recently we have set up a social enterprise called Edinburgh Food Social to teach people how to cook and make good food more accessible...” factory. It is a great event with live music and it’s been visited by around 2,000 people each month since we started it last year. We receive daily applications from new food vendors which allows us to keep on top of what’s new in the industry. If we really like the products they sell at the market then we make sure to source them for our cafe and takeaway in the centre of town.” Moving forward, this focus on the

14 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017

social aspect of food will continue thanks to the Edinburgh Larder’s latest projects, as Eleanor concludes. “Looking ahead, we have many exciting developments on the horizon. Recently we have set up a social enterprise called Edinburgh Food Social to teach people how to cook and make good food more accessible in the city and across other areas of Scotland. We are working with a number of schools to teach kids about seasonal foods and we have just re-branded a food truck so we can take it out on the road to do more of this type of work.”

Contact: Eleanor Cunningham Contact Email: Address: 15 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1NB, UK Phone: 0131 556 6922 Website:


Balkan Airline of the Year 2017 & Airline Purchasing Manager of the Year 2017 - Bulgaria Bulgaria Air is the national air carrier of the Republic of Bulgaria. We profile the firm to find out more about the ranges of services it provides. Bulgaria Air’s main objective is to offer its customers services of the highest quality on board its new, safe and comfortable aircraft, and to constantly improve its product. The aviation company operates regular flights from Sofia to 22 major cities in Europe and the Middle East, as well as offering regular domestic flights to Varna and Bourgas. In addtion, the firm offers charter flights by request to more than 100 destinations.

“...the firm will be keen to build upon this success and grow even further as it seeks to provide clients with the most cutting edge support and solutions...�

Together with its partners, Bulgaria Air offers its customers opportunities for traveling to more than 400 cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. This dynamic and innovative airline strives to be the preferred air company for flights from and to Bulgaria. Alongside it various airline services, the firm also offers associated solutions including car rental, its sky shop, which provides a vast array of duty free items such as cigarettes, perfume and jewellery, as well as charter and leasing.

In this area, the company serves over 60 leading tour operators, air transportation brokers, other airlines and other companies of the aviation and tourist industries. Charter flights are performed to over 80 destinations in Europe and Africa, and more than 200 000 passengers are carried annually under charter programmes. Thanks to the superior level of service it offers Bulgaria Air enjoys the reputation of a reliable partner in organizing and performing ad-hoc charter flights, charter chains and providing wet lease (ACMI) and dry lease in many countries all

over the world. Looking ahead, the firm will be keen to build upon this success and grow even further as it seeks to provide clients with the most cutting edge support and solutions on the market.

Company: Bulgaria Air Contact: Galia Mihailova Contact Email: Address: 1 Brussels Blvd, 1540 Sofia Airport, Sofia, 9840 292, Bulgaria Phone: 35929840292 Website:

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017 15


Best Mediterranean Post-Graduate Academic Institution The International Telematic University Uninettuno is a dynamic and forward thinking university based in Rome. We profile this dedicated learning provider to find out more about the vital services it provides. Established by the decree of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, in 2005, The International Telematic University Uninettuno delivers academic titles having a legal value in Italy, Europe and in the Mediterranean Countries, for first-cycle (bachelor) degrees, specialisation degrees (master), doctor’s degrees and master’s degrees. At the International Telematic University Uninettuno, distinguished lecturers of important universities worldwide deliver their courses in the Internet-based real and virtual spaces in Italian, Arabic, English and French. Internally Uninettuno’s organisational structure appears as network: a Coordination Centre and Technological Poles and Production Centres, located on the national and international territories, interconnected by computer-based networks and also through transmitting and receiving satellite dishes. At present the university can rely on the Technological Poles already set up in Italy as well as on the facilities and technologies of 31 Technological Poles and 9 Production centres, set up at the universities’ campuses and vocational training centres of the Med Net’U Project partners and

based in 11 countries of the EuroMediterranean area. As an innovative learning provider committed to supporting students at all times, the university’s entire teaching and learning process takes place on the Internet. In the portal www.uninettunouniversity. net there is a dedicated area: the Didactic Cyberspace, where teaching and learning take place in five languages: Italian, Arabic, English, French and Greek. The Internet-based learning environment transfers directly to the student’s desk: lessons, multimedia products, databases, exercises, evaluation and self-evaluation systems, online tutoring, forums, chats, thematic wikis. The digitised video-lessons are the starting-point of the learning process. Each digitised videolesson is structured into several issues and is indexed in order to enable the student to follow the whole video-lesson or to select the issue he wants to study more depth. Each subject is linked in an hypertextual and multimedia way to essays, books, exercise texts, virtual libraries, lists of websites (links to websites related to the subject that were selected by the professors and tutors). Additionally, the university’s research activities are aimed at developing studies on technology

“Uninettuno Faculties to have at their disposal advanced laboratories to carry on research work in specific field of interest.” applied to learning process. They involve international-level scientists, expert in different disciplines (technologists, computer scientists, experts in various languages). This research work is based on a strong interaction among theoretical and experimental, pure and applied activities. The results of these research activities allowed identifying new modes for realizing teachinglearning processes and by now have affected in significant way the theories concerning

16 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / European Enterprise 2017

learning processes, teaching methodologies, distance interaction relations. In economic terms, these results have been a starting-point for developing new models for managing distance universities and new models of e-learning. The research activities at the Faculty level are researches related to topics which are peculiar of each given Faculty. The Faculties have created special structures, also jointly with research departments of traditional universities, with Italian or foreign, public or private research centres. This allows Uninettuno Faculties to have at their disposal advanced laboratories to carry on research work in specific field of interest. Looking ahead, this focus on providing world class research and technologically advanced methods of study with remain.

Company: International Telematic University Uninettuno Contact: Maria Amata Garito Contact Email: Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 39, Rome, 186, Italy Phone: 390669207627


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