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Best Autodesk Implementation & Support System: Pinnacle Series

Most Trusted CCM Software Company 2016 – USA & Most Innovative BXP SaaS Platform: Tango+

Company: Eagle Point Software Corporation Website:

Company: Elixir Technologies Corporation Address: 1314 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA USA 93023 Phone: 805 641 5900 Fax: 805 648 9151 Email: Website:

Pinnacle Series Eagle Point Software creates innovative solutions which help Autodesk users increase productivity and take full advantage of their Autodesk software. We invited Kent Kraus to provide an overview of the company and its award winning solution. Starting in 1983 with our founders’ roots in engineering and architecture, Eagle Point set out to solve problems for clients in the AEC market and to help them take advantage of ever-changing technology. Through our 33 years of evolution, Eagle Point has moved from providing design tools, to putting our focus on helping our clients to take full advantage of the technology throughout their organization. This is accomplished through our flagship product, the Pinnacle Series. Pinnacle Series is a productivity solution that provides Autodesk users instant access to best practice Workflows, helpful Cheat Sheets, How-to videos, structured Learning Paths and best-in-class live support. Resources are accessed through a single concise interface allows users to overcome the everyday challenges they face using technology. Pinnacle Series differentiates itself from competition in the market by providing a complete solution that addresses three areas that negatively impact productivity with technology. Typical competing solutions are really only aimed at one area: training. Both traditional training and e-learning tools put an emphasis on learning functions of the application. Pinnacle Series ensures corporate best practices are followed by all users through customizable Workflows. Learning Paths are provided to train users on the software allowing them to increase their skill sets making them a more valuable asset to the organization. When users get stuck, they simply type in a search and are returned with How-to and Training Videos, Workflows, Cheat Sheets and Live Support to provide them with immediate answers keeping them productive. All content is customizable allowing for resident knowledge to easily be captured and made available to all users. As Eagle Point thinks longer term into the future, we subscribe to the belief that we should first think about problems that our customers face. Having identified those problems, we consider how we can leverage our strengths, market knowledge and technology advancements as a whole to bring new/better solutions to market. We do not approach our longer-term thinking by first developing innovative technologies and then looking for a problem that it solves. We are oriented toward first identifying problems and then developing innovative solutions. With these thoughts in mind, looking 10 years into the future, we will continue moving our solutions mobile where applicable. We will bring customers more value from the IoT and we will continue our push toward SaaS offerings. Ultimately we are excited and honored to receive this award. We always feel a sense of pride when our product is recognized by an outside publication. It is a credit to the hard work of our entire team, along with valuable input from our clients. This award continues to validate Pinnacle Series as a classleading system to implement, train and support technology.

Elixir Technologies Corporation Elixir provides technology and services that help organizations improve communications to their members and customers by streamlining processes and reducing operational costs. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind the firm’s success.

Founded in 1985, Elixir have consistently provided state-of-the-art technology for creating and delivering correspondence. The importance of timely and accurate customer correspondence is at an all-time high and deploying applications as quickly as they’re needed is becoming more and more of a challenge. On-time delivery of the right content can mean the difference between keeping or losing valuable customers or meeting regulatory requirements. At the same time, the resources needed to make this happen must be carefully managed and allocated to ensure return on investment for clients. As such Elixir has developed the innovative Tango+, a SaaS Business Experience Platform (BXP) that creates variable business correspondence by extending design, management, and publishing capabilities across organization. Clients can access the Tango+ portal framework from any browsercapable mobile or desktop device. Tango+ can be configured for on premise and hosted cloud deployments, providing scalability, reliability, and high performance. The firm are a company of diverse people who value human relationships and are on a mission is to improve people’s lives in the way it does business, delivering value to customers through technology. Beyond implementation and customization, Elixir’s managed service capabilities mean that clients can rely on the firm to host, manage, and even operate their clients’ cloud-based solution in a way that best matches with their own strategies. The firm’s world-class infrastructure and services professionals are available to support clients from implementation through ongoing operation. Ultimately, using Tango as the underlying technology, Elixir configures and customizes the applications that companies need in time for their most important business initiatives. The firm is a global company with offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and headquarters in the United States, and support clients through its innovative solutions, and, going forward, this will be the firm’s continued focus as it seeks to support more clients in more ways, and therefore build upon its current success.

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016