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Best Remote Monitoring and Management Software: PIPS

Best Data Solutions Provider - UK

Company: Data Direct (Thames Valley) Ltd. Name: Sheila Daisy I. Larsen Web Address: Address: 11 Ivanhoe Road, Finchampstead Berkshire. RG40 4QQ Telephone:+44 (0)1189734564

Company: Data8 Limited Phone: 0151 355 4555 Name: Emmy Lippold Email: Website:

Data Direct is the UK’s leading distributor of consumables and hardware to printer resellers and copier dealers. We spoke to Sheila Larsen to find out more. Founded in 1992, Data Direct is the leading UK distributor for consumables and hardware always focusing on ways to improve and add value to its customers. Shelia provides a detailed overview of the firm’s solutions. “Our portfolio includes solutions to reduce stock, cut costs and man hours as well as present business opportunities to increase revenue. “Along with these industry leading solutions, Data Direct stocks over £2.5 million worth of both OEM and Remanufactured products alone in the UK. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, our expertise ensures that we source the best products from the world’s best manufacturers and develop our own industry leading warranties, with unmatched standards and quality.” The firm’s mission is to deliver products and services that increase productivity, gross margins and reduce waste to the industry. To achieve this, Data Direct developed the PIPS system, an innovative new approach to meter reading. Shelia explains the software’s core uses and the added value features that make it unique. “Developed to enhance the monitoring and collection of meter readings from a printer fleet, PIPS has evolved to become more than just a meter reading software. As a remote monitoring and management software PIPS has real-time live updates and visual interface showing the exact issue for house-keeping for your MIF base. Unlike other remote monitoring systems on the market PIPS has first-hand UK support and developers, which means issues are attended to and resolved in the UK within the shortest possible time.” Looking to the future, Shelia emphasises the firm’s dedication to continued innovation and how this will enable it to better support clients. “Going forward, we see the company and our innovative solutions evolving with the industry and thus resulting in cutting edge technological solutions that do not only cut costs and increase efficiency for our customers, but also provide new business opportunities, due to their ability to provide a single-source solution for their end-users.”

Data8 are a data specialist that leads the way in data quality management. Emmy Lippold talks us through the firm and its dedication to providing quality data services.

Data8 provide real time data validation, comprehensive data cleansing, data management, analytics, and visualisation enabling a single customer view; the powerhouse of strategic decisions. The firm also offers industry leading data supply services, offering clients B2B and B2C data sources which have unrivalled data volumes for creating tailored data lists, for extending reach and expanding business. Emmy explains the firm’s mission and how everyone at Data8 works to ensure that clients receive the very highest standard of service. “Data8’s overall mission is to optimise customer’s sales, marketing and overall efficiency and professionalism through data solutions. We provide a complete approach to data, offering solutions for every aspect of data; its collection and management and analysing and using it to increase ROI and business growth. “Our four main divisions of services, to Validate, Cleanse, Manage, Supply are delivered with a highly consultative approach so customers understand the data solutions in the context of their wider data strategy. Through the consultation our Account Managers provide clients are able to make informed decisions which continually strengthen their data quality lifecycle process, and their wider data strategy.” Data8 is dedicated to innovation and developing the latest technologies for optimising the power of data. Its technology team are passionate about delivering advanced solutions which make a real difference to clients. Emmy talks us through how this is what truly sets the firm apart. “We provide complete coverage of all data solutions. Rather than specialising in one aspect of data, we have developed expertise in every area. This simplifies managing data for our clients, as they can receive all the data solutions needed in one place. Our approach is highly consultative, which is delivered by data experts who understand all aspects of data. All services are tailored to the precise requirements of our customers as our advanced technology allows a high level of flexibility. Our advanced in house technology underpins all our services and the smooth deployment of the services and solutions to our clients.” As a result of its quality service offering and dedication to client support, Data8 has seen phenomenal growth in the past two years. Looking ahead, Emmy believes that this will only increase and states that the firm is keen to capitalise on this success. “Moving forward we have plans to grow both in the UK and internationally, while continuing to invest in our products and services to become one of the leading data solutions providers worldwide.”

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