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Best Heating Engineer 2016 - Fife Company: Crossgates Gas Service and Maintenance Ltd Phone: 07711 261247 Website:

Crossgates Gas Service and Maintenance Ltd Crossgates Gas Service and Maintenance are a Fife based gas boiler repairs and central heating specialist. We invited Pedro Tang to tell us more.

Crossgates Gas Service and Maintenance are able to quickly resolve any hot water and central heating problems, repair gas boilers, prevent gas leaks or fix any other plumbing problem client may have. Pedro outlines how the firm sets itself apart from its competitors. “We offer a fast, reliable and cost efficient service, which has lead us into green energy as there is such a big saving on energy bills when you take certain measures. Customers are amazed by just how much will be saved in utility bills per week when installing a new energy efficient boiler, and we are able to explain these savings in an accessible way which ensures they always feel supported.” Looking ahead, Pedro outlines the growth strategies which will help the firm to expand and better serve its clients.


“Moving forward we are keen to expand into more commercial work in the future, and will continue with training initiatives to ensure clients receive the very highest quality service.”

A North American Life Insurance company eliminates a legacy insurance system and increases product speed to market by 75% with Concentrix GIAS technology.

Solving Client Problems Our client, a major North American life insurance company, had multi-country, languages and currency new business. Its strategy was upgrading its technology in pursuit of efficiency and growth. The old system couldn’t cope. Everyone was nervous about making a switch, but how else could the company handle all of the different Caribbean countries without an upgraded system? Collaboration, Innovation and Immediate Impact Our client made the right choice when it partnered with Concentrix. Using the Concentrix proprietary GIAS technology platform, the client was able to automate its processes and improve its customer experience. The client waited for a phone call about the new system’s inevitable glitch. Every part of the business, every country, every product had a different type of customization. Weeks went by, but the client still hadn’t gotten that phone call. The GIAS system had handled the upgrade smoothly.

“It is a great honor to be recognized at the Technology Innovation Awards for Best Insurance Administration Solutions Provider. We owe our portfolio of insurance client’s success to our Concentrix GIAS technology and services.” - Chris Caldwell, President, Concentrix

Driving Outcomes In addition to a seamless migration, the new system dramatically reduced time to market. Rolling out a new product used to take several months, but the GIAS platform reduced this time to a few days. The client rolled out a new product, and again, waited for the phone call to let them know something wasn’t working. Once again, the call never came. The GIAS technology platform removed the growth limitations, immediately increased product speed to market and improved our client’s revenue. Whether it’s the customer who isn’t calling because a seamless online system provides everything they need or the IT specialist who doesn’t call to say the system is down, the best phone call is the one that doesn’t come.

Concentrix is a top 10 global services company with a presence in 25 countries, 40 languages, 90 locations and 70k+ staff.

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