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Most Innovative Portfolio Management Solution: Sentry PM™

Best 3rd Party EMC Support Provider & Recognised Leader in OEM Quality Services

Company: ClearStructure Financial Technology Name: Monica Pepe Email: Web Address: Address: 83 Wooster Heights, Danbury, CT 06810 Telephone: (203) 205-2701

Company: Computer Data Source Inc. Website:

Established in 1999, ClearStructure Financial Technology offers an innovative portfolio management system, Sentry PM™. We invited Monica Pepe to talk us through both the firm and unique solution for the financial industry.

Computer Data Source (CDS) is a global leader in delivering data center storage and support services. Dave Grimshaw provides us with a fascinating overview of the company and the solutions it offers.

ClearStructure Financial Technology provides a cloud based, frontto-back office portfolio management platform used by hedge funds, asset managers, CLO managers, direct lenders and loan trading desks throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. With offices in Connecticut, Texas, California, and England, we continue to utilize over 15 years of direct experience serving financial professionals by delivering solutions which emphasize flexibility, integration and automation. Our unique and innovative solution is designed with the flexibility to adjust to our clients’ workflows, adapt to market innovations and give them full, secure access to their data. Sentry PM, our all-inclusive system, delivers value by offering advanced technology, modular scalability and decision support. A one-of-a-kind system with immense functionality, Sentry PM can be modified to meet our clients’ needs and ever-growing businesses, without the lengthy process of custom buildouts. Financial technology, like technology in general, tends to evolve in ways which are difficult to anticipate. However, at ClearStructure we have been early adopters of new technology in the past and continue this approach today, as we are currently on the forefront of bringing mobile solutions to the portfolio management market. It is this pioneering approach that we believe will define our future and bring ClearStructure even greater success. Over the next ten years, we expect ClearStructure and our Sentry PM platform to be the dominant players in the portfolio management space, as managers continue to replace outdated disparate technology with new solutions which are webbased and flexible. As we launch into the future, we will continue to grow and evolve with our clients, partners and the financial industry.

CDS are the world’s largest provider of third party EMC support, with a 25-year pedigree providing infrastructure and support services on behalf of the world’s leading technology and service providers. Our primary expertise is in support of enterprise level storage products from vendors including EMC and NetApp. The firm’s core service is the provision of OEM quality services on a worldwide basis, supporting enterprise level storage products. Using our flagship product, the propriety RAYTRIX diagnostic suite, CDS engineers maintain products from industry leading vendors, such as EMCs flagship VMAX and Symmetrix product families. As well as supporting users that are responsible for managing and maintaining their hardware infrastructure, we also support OEMs themselves, including IBM, HPE, EMC and HDS who utilize our expertise in support of their own multi-vendor service business. Our logistics teams are constantly looking at ways to shorten the time it takes to deliver parts to our customers and reducing the cost of doing so. These savings are shared with our clients who see direct benefits from our pricing strategy. Looking to the future, with the ever changing and evolving industry we continue to see a massive demand for storage. Our everyday lives are being shaped and transformed with this desire to leverage as much of the data that is being collected to understand user behaviour. This behaviour is being used to drive innovations in products and services which are being brought to market faster than ever before. We see it as our job to stay abreast and informed of the latest technologies, and how they can be used by our customers to meet their strategic goals now, and long into the future. The challenge of this increased demand for storage has led to the development of a wide range of different technology platforms. The result of which is current technology needs to be cascaded down through the customer’s infrastructure to make room for the latest technology while managing costs. Our position over the next 10 years will be at the forefront of the services industry. To achieve this, we will continue to expand our global reach and, unlike many of today’s competitors, we will continue to invest in our tools and capabilities to service technologies that have a viable use within a client’s environment.

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