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Best for Life Science Verification Services & Most Innovative Enterprise Validation & Quality Management System: ValidationMaster™ Company: OnShore Technology Group, Inc. Name: Valarie King-Bailey, CEO Email: Web Address: Address: 505 N. Lake Shore Drive, Suite 220 Chicago, Illinois 60611 Telephone: 312.321.6400

OnShore Technology Group, Inc OnShore Technology Group is a global independent validation and verification services and solutions company. We spoke to CEO Valarie King-Bailey to gain an insight into the company and how its quest for excellence has led the firm to its current success. Established in 2004, OnShore Technology Group is dedicated to the development and delivery of innovative IV&V products and professional services for life sciences, government, and other highly regulated industries. These products and services support equipment and process, and site/ facility validation although the firm’s key focus is on enterprise computer systems validation. Valarie outlines the firm’s mission and the techniques employed by the firm to achieve this. “Our mission and vision is to become the global leader of innovative, intelligent, and high performance IV&V solutions that ensure sustained software quality and compliance. To achieve this mission, we will continue drive our services and solutions beyond the basic rudiments of regulatory compliance to a higher level of mastery. Our tagline is ‘Mastering Regulatory Compliance’. A key step we are taking currently is to establish a working group that examines current technical and regulatory challenges and target our services towards innovative market solutions. “We strongly believe that in today’s global competitive environment, innovation is essential for survival, and as such we have been working tirelessly to produce the products and services that our clients need. We developed the first Enterprise Validation Management and Quality system known as ValidationMaster™. In addition, we recognized the void in the market for a solution that automated the validation testing process and provided a 360-degree solution to support the validation process. ValidationMaster™ addresses these challenges and delivers a comprehensive market offering to help companies ensure efficiency and sustained compliance.” Working in a highly competitive environment, offering unique and creative products such as ValidationMaster™ is crucial, according to Valarie.

“OnShore Technology Group’s unique approach to IV&V leveraging ValidationMaster™ is a key differentiator. There is no product on the market that delivers a comprehensive feature set like ValidationMaster™. It is a highly competitive solution that is a key differentiator for us. “When I ask clients why they select OnShore, the most frequent response is experience. Our team members have an average of 18 years of experience in IV&V. We are experts in compliance and understand how to ensure software quality in enterprise technology. Although many companies site experience as a key differentiator, what makes us unique is our ability to apply our experience to deliver an innovative solution for IV&V that solves a problem for validation engineers that has lingered for decades.” Looking ahead, Valarie outlines the firm’s exciting growth plans and how these will impact on both the group’s clients and the group itself. “OnShore Technology Group is currently in a growth phase, and we are pleased with the market acceptance and momentum of ValidationMaster™. Our plans for the future are to take the ValidationMaster™ to the next level. Our focus will be to enhance our cloud and mobile offerings to help clients deliver greater efficiencies. We are also working with regulators and industry forums to keep our finger on the pulse of compliance. “Alongside this, we are keen to create key partnerships to accentuate our offerings. We are looking to strengthen existing partnerships as well as forge new ones that are compatible with our offerings. We are the developers of the FDA Validation Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and are also working with BatchMaster to develop a Toolkit for their solution as well as others. Overall these developments will provide us with exciting opportunities which we look forward to taking advantage of these.”

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