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Most Innovative Hybrid IT Device: UBook Company: NAJMTEK Email: Web Address: Address: 410 Pierce Street – Suite 310 – HOUSTON, TX 77002 Telephone: 713-357-9523

NAJMTEK has created a powerfully dynamic hardware and software tool that surpasses today’s devices to deliver a more advanced set of functionalities and experiences. We invited Sophie Ennadi to talk us through this revolutionary solution. NAJMTEK has created the UBook, a Universal noteBOOK, YOUR notebook. With UBook, a collaborative and intuitive interaction is created between and among users and devices. This unique suite includes highly functional and adaptive hardware, an operating system, an SDK (Software Development Kit) for programs / apps, and a dedicated online store. Sophie talks us through the firm’s process in creating this revolutionary technology. “With versatility of the hardware, the operating system and the SDK, the UBook can be transformed from one virtual machine to another with a simple touch of a button. It can be turned into an ultrasound machine, an EKG machine, a diagramming or designing tool, a notepad or most any other business or personal tool imaginable. The only limitation is the user’s imagination. This is exactly what Sophie Ennadi, CEO of Najmtek, had in mind when she and her husband developed the Ubook, which is perhaps the most innovative and diverse laptop of the future. “Our process involved first analysing the real need of our customer, and then we try to find the best solution. In our case, as told, UBook is a Universal NoteBook. No more keyboard, but a multi-touch input screen, that make everything possible. It is all about software.

touch screen keyboard into one of the 140 language keyboards the Ubook offers, free of cost, with the simple touch of a button. Even if we are a software company also, we are not able to develop for everyone as many areas are too specific. So to make sure we can address all our client’s need, we’ll provide them with a free Software Development Kit (SDK). So in case they cannot find the right application on our store, they can develop it by themselves, and then share it or not, for free or not, on the store. The possibilities for what the user can do with the Ubook are thus definitely endless!” Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2020, the average person will own 4.3 internet-connected devices. Users are spending increasing amounts of money on multiple technology devices because there is no product that offers everything they need. In addition, society is becoming more and more fast-paced, with people constantly multitasking. Sophie explains where the UBook fits into this. “Our mission is to change the way users interact with their technology as they will participate in, and

The replacement of the traditional keyboard with a multi-touch, multi-functional screen on the Ubook increases user’s potential: one can view stock options on the top screen while simultaneously buying or selling shares on the bottom screen, view two Internet screens at once without the need to purchase an additional monitor, and even view videos on the top screen while typing notes on the bottom screen. In addition, the UBook is also a multi-language device, and users can convert the

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contribute to the world while being custodians of the planet. As such, when creating the UBook, we wanted to build a technology that worked well with these changing lifestyles by providing a device that meets all user’s needs, without the necessity of purchasing additional devices or having to go back and forth between their phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc. “The Ubook saves time, money, and raw materials in a world where technology is only continuing to rise. The UBook’s features bring clients more flexibility and optimal mobility in only one single device.” Looking ahead, Sophie explains the firm’s future plans. “Our future includes obtaining the funding to bring this device on the market. It included also to implement specific apps and fonts for dyslexic, and to work with school district in the framework of one device per child. However, as it is a Universal Notebook, it can be used by anybody, and we will not have this issue of language barrier anymore. Finally, we will set our online store and free SDK, and make it available before the launch of the device so people can start to develop what they need.

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016