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Best Energy Conservation Technology: ‘MeWatt Corporation’ Company: MeWatt Corporation Address: 100 Enterprise Way Suite C240, Scotts Valley, Ca 95066 Phone: 831-462-0457 Fax: 831-480-4902 Email: Website:

MeWatt™ is a revolutionary ‘appliance to mobile’ device that provides near real-time energy monitoring and analysis of home appliances’ energy usage. We profile the firm and explore the services it offers. MeWatt™ is simple and fast to install, simply plug the device into your wall outlet, plug in your appliance, and connect the device to your home WiFi and the firm will integrate it, allowing the device to continuously collect and analyze the energy usage of appliances, providing clients with actionable recommendations and alerts so that they can take control of their home’s energy consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, and save ultimately money. Actionable alerts and messages give the information clients need to make smart decisions about how and when to use their appliances so that they can reduce your carbon footprint. Clients can install MeWatt™ on one appliance, or a group of appliances in their home – bringing them closer to their goal of establishing a greener home. We even help keep clients informed about their phantom energy usage which can account for up to 20% of their home’s total energy usage.

In addition, the firm’s smart software is constantly analyzing the data and making smart recommendations to help clients save money. Clients can turn appliances on and off from anywhere and even pre-set appliance schedules, and the firm even make recommendations on when it is time to upgrade to a new appliance, allowing clients to make the most of this innovative technology. Ultimately what sets the technology apart is that the MeWatt™ is simple to install, ensuring that clients can have it ready to use in less than five minutes. This speed of installation, ease of use and superior client service is what sets the firm apart and will be its continued focus going forward.

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016