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Best Mobile Recruitment Solution 2016 Company: Loop Name: Megan Colins Email: Web Address: Address: Brighton Office: Office 5, 3rd Floor, Vantage Point, New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4GW Chicago Office: 660 W Lake Street, Suite 350, Chicago, IL 60661 Telephone: United Kingdom: 0800 808 5516 United States: 888-848-9002 Australia: 03 8400 4459

Loop Megan Colins, Global Head of Operations of Loop, the company responsible for creating the leading mobile recruitment platform, chats to us about how they have adapted to industry changes in a fast paced environment. Loop is the leading mobile recruitment and employee engagement platform allowing for companies to engage with their candidates and employees direct to their mobile device of choice. Megan Colins gives us an insight into how Loop operates, starting with an outline of their company and leading to their ongoing business strategy. “We made the strategic business decision to develop a full suite of mobile products that can be configured to support all aspects of mobile recruiting and related candidate processes to replace online recruiting processes; this includes: careers sites, Talent Community registration, mobile application and pre-screen processes, employee referral and event pages. “In conjunction with the platform’s ability to recognise the device type and render the mobile experience, it fully leverages the immediacy of mobile to drive your recruiting efficiency. Organisations leverage our platform to drive recruiter productivity to support their own initiatives in mobilising candidate marketing, ongoing candidate communication, associate redeployment, candidate availability and status management, assignment updates, interview feedback, pre-screening and referral programs.” The core element to the Loop platform is the establishment of candidate preferences and associating the candidate record with their mobile number. The Loop team is focused on building cost efficient, highly saleable tools to “opt-in” and engage candidates via the mobile channel, supporting both smart phone and feature phone users. The platform is designed to give clients a single vendor to support operational goals across multiple business lines and to optimise the candidates experience on mobile phones

and tablets. This approach is designed to allow clients to interact and engage the candidate directly on their primary device of choice. “We work with a wide breadth of clients across multiple industry verticals. These include franchise, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, staffing and RPO. Our approach focuses a large amount of effort in developing toolsets to drive recruiter productivity and connect candidates to the brand using text and mobile web. When undertaking new clients, we consult with the organisation to understand their overall objectives. Having an understanding of what they hope to achieve, gives our team a clear view as to how the Loop platform can be leveraged to alleviate the issues. In a rapidly moving industry, the cycle time for software products and services is much quicker, with innovation happening at a faster rate with Loop’s vendors than larger technology firms. “After a long period of discussing how to engage candidates and employees more effectively, we are seeing firms releasing budgets and actively investing in our type of mobile based technology to actually make it happen. Nowadays, the cycle time to effect change is far faster now, we can add features and services that operate globally in weeks rather than months which can sometimes be a challenge.” According to Megan, Loop has learnt to use feedback from clients to improve their customer experience. “Turning feedback into action. Putting customer and employee/candidate input into every stage of product development or release cycle is the most important part of your business if you want to scale.

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“Other significant aspects of business that Loop has followed is to learn from your mistakes, closely follow adoption rates and ensure you have open lines of communication for blue sky discussions with client and tech partners.” Loop provides a dynamic, two-way SMS messaging tool to initiate dialogue and to gather candidate data and preferences. This messaging service can support a wide variety of candidate engagement and recruiter productivity tools, including job alerts, Talent Community registration, automatic status management and shift availability and reminders. “Our SMS capability makes our mobile apply processes unique by delivering messages to candidates if they need to ‘save [an application] for later’ or if they drop off the process for any reason. These SMS messages serve a unique link to the candidate to bring them back into the process, where they left off. We are currently integrated with over 900 mobile carriers, worldwide, with client services in over 180 countries – allowing organisations to reach candidates virtually anywhere, anytime.” In the near future, Megan explains how Loop plans to shift their focus to more on developing their platform. These solutions will be taken directly to the market in the coming months. “We have spent years in the industry offering customised solutions to our clients. Loop has invested significant time and resources into taking elements of these solutions, and consolidated them into what we believe to be a turn-key solution to ensuring organisations can build and maintain talent by engaging candidates with relevant content, direct to their mobile device of choice.”

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  
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