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Best Safety Information Management System – Xilo Company: EARA Technologies Inc. Name: Grenville B. H. Lock Email: Web Address: Address: Grenville B. H. Lock Telephone: 403.398.8615 x401

EARA Technologies was founded in 2002 as a software development company specializing in health and safety supporting effective return to work programmes. We caught up with Grenville Lock to learn more about this creative firm and the solutions it offers. EARA Technologies launched its signature, award winning product Xilo in 2004. Grenville provides us with an overview of the product and how it is revolutionising the health and safety market. “Xilo is a SaaS Health Safety Information Management solution that allows organizations to achieve excellence in a wide range of areas including building a health and safety culture within the organization; document and content management; return to work and incident investigation. “Our mission is to spread the word and have Xilo make a difference in as many ways, places and organizations around the globe.” This innovative solution, according to Grenville, is what sets the firm apart from its competitors. “It is not our vast expertise in software development (platforms, frameworks, languages, etc.) that differentiates EARA Technologies and our flagship Xilo. It is how we seek to understand the challenges of people, business and industry and how we then apply our expertise to help solve or minimize issues holistically. It is our understanding of the value of information within an organization, it’s value across organizational silos and how ensuring it is simple and easy to create, input or upload information; delegate management (maintenance thereof) of information both within and across organizational siloes; reference and or relate this information both within and across organizational silos and conveniently provide appropriate access to stakeholders (both internal and external).

“We believe that you enable better decisions and outcomes with timely and appropriate access to pertinent information. Decision makers can only make decisions based on the information they have available (Business Operations, Production, Human Resources, Executives, Team Leads / Supervisors, Workers Compensation Adjudicators / Case Managers, Non-Occ Insurers, etc.) and having the right information available not only reduces the human and financial costs of injury and illness but enhances overall productivity (and thus the bottom line). “Fundamentally, technology can be a very powerful enabler. Xilo makes it simple and easy to create, maintain, and share information from any device anywhere you are connected and the sky is the limit on enablement.” Looking to the future, Grenville emphasises that the company’s focus is firmly set on continuing to offer the very highest quality services through a collaborative approach. “Moving forward, we are keen to undertake more collaborations and work closely with our clients and industry peers to ensure that we continue to offer the highest possible quality service and solutions. Listening is the key to adapting to the ever changing marketplace and we will continue with this approach in the future.”

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016