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Best Managed Support Service Provider & Recognised Leaders in Financial Technology Company: CJC Ltd Name: Peter Williams Email: Web Address: Address: 31-41 Worship Street London, EC2A 2DX Telephone: 0203 328 7600

Established in 1999, CJC are a capital markets focused technical and commercial managed services and consultancy provider. Their 24/7, 365 days a year services are delivered from offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore by industry leading experts and experienced practitioners. Senior Technical Director, Peter Williams at CJC discusses the company’s objectives and culture which has been key to their success. CJC provides a variety of services include 24/7 remote monitoring and management of real time market data platforms, commercial vendor management, audit support, data analytics SaaS, PC over IP managed desktops and bespoke consultancy for both technical and commercial requirements. The company works with a global client base as well as market data vendors, exchanges and technology providers.

ability for our technical and commercial practices to work in tandem gives us a unique offering as most of our competitors do one or other.”

Peter, and the rest of the CJC staff guarantee that clients receive the best possible outcome through an organised process and they speak to other experts in the industry to see what CJC can do to improve their own services.

“The ramifications of Brexit are not yet fully understood and in time, this could have a number of wide ranging effects. Beyond that, the increasing role regulators are playing in the industry represents the number one challenge. How will firms cope with the additional demands being put upon them from regulators?”

“We take a structured approach and set up a delivery team formed of the relevant SME’s to ensure optimal results. The delivery team strike a balance between bringing our experience to the table and listening to a client’s individual requirements. By doing this we are able to provide solutions that are tailored to clients whilst still benefiting from our expertise.” “It’s our goal to be the number one provider of managed services in capital markets IT. To achieve this, we are constantly looking at ways to improve what we do but more importantly we regularly speak to people in our industry to see what their issues are so that we can develop solutions. It’s a never ending, iterative process but absolutely necessary. Ideally, we end up in a position where we are ready with a solution almost before the client realises they have a problem.”

Like in any other industry, there are challenges in the technology sector which are making business difficult for companies. Peter tells us that the impact of Brexit and pressure from regulators are a test for CJC.

Another challenge for technology companies is staying on top of new and emerging trends in the industry. However, some of CJC’s top engineers and developers have set up their own, dedicated ‘Innovations Lab’ to make sure the firm are working well in a fast moving area. Peter tells us, “their role is to investigate new technologies and techniques and look at the viability of adopting them in our work. We challenge them to push our services and technology stack forward and deliver technical and operational benefits both internally

CJC are focused on capital markets technology and commercial management. This is the core reason why CJC stands out from their competitors, as Peter explains. “We do not dilute our services and prefer to work with strategic partners who are the best crop of SME’s when asked to provide services outside of our scope. We believe in doing what we do better than anyone else and to do that we must maintain this focus. CJC also believes the

32 l CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016

and most importantly for clients.” According to Peter, the key tenets of CJC culture are cooperation and knowledge sharing, support of individuals by the group and support of the group by the individual, and also not being afraid to challenge the status quo. CJC ensure their staff understand the work culture of the company. “Our global engineering team is among the best in the world with literally hundreds of man-years experience across a wide variety of technologies. One of the main roles that this team performs is escalation support and cross training for our global operations team. Beyond individual training, we operate clear processes and procedures to ensure that staff perform tasks in a consistent way. All staff feed into the creation and evolution of these processes as any efficiencies we gain can be fed back into improving service.” CJC have grown to over 120 staff worldwide, and they are currently looking at further expansion to new offices and territories next year. In addition, they are launching a private cloud service where they can deliver a number of capital markets focused SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and ITaaS products backed by their global managed services team.

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016