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Best for Call Retrieval & Replay Technology - UK & Recognised Leaders in Workforce Optimisation Solutions - UK Company Name: Business Systems (UK) Ltd Email: Website: Telephone: +44 (0)20 8326 8200 Address: 462 London Road, Isleworth, TW7 4ED Twitter: @BSLHQ LinkedIn: /company/business-systems-uk-ltd

Business Systems specialises in providing call recording and workforce optimisation solutions, and today ranks as one of the most experienced independent providers with expertise covering systems design, project management, implementation and ongoing service delivery and support. We invited Managing Director Richard Mill to provide us with an absorbing overview of the firm and the unique solutions it offers. Incorporated in 1988 Business Systems is the UK’s largest and most established independent call recording specialist. Founded to service the City’s financial institutions, the company has built an impressive reputation for implementing complex projects on time and counts amongst its clients, institutions such as The Bank of England and Standard Life. With contact centres demanding increased sophistication in their voice and data applications, Business Systems has since established itself as a leading systems integrator and workforce optimisation specialist for major in-house and outsourced contact centres across UK. Its solutions range from basic call recording (on premise, hosted and mobile) and legacy data retrieval through to quality monitoring, speech analytics, workforce management, business intelligence and process automation tools. The company ensures high quality and fit-forpurpose implementations with a range of value added services including consultancy, project management, integration, training, and technical support. Richard explains the process the firm undergoes whenever it starts working with a new client, and provides fascinating insight into the factors that set the firm apart from its competition. “At the start of every project we actively work to ensure that the client’s needs will be fulfilled with the overall outcome. From assessing what the desired outcomes should be, to designing the solution that best meets our clients’ requirements, budgets and existing infrastructures, we work to provide real value for their investment. Our Professional Services ensure that each stage of the technology “life cycle” is addressed with this premise

in mind, covering consultancy; equipment and technology planning; selection and procurement; implementation; management and support; and end of life management. “Drawing on our 28 years of specialisation in call recording and workforce optimisation, what differentiates us and makes us the partner of choice for our customers is our position as a truly independent technology integrator. We work with all major manufacturers in our industry so we can always put forward the best solution for our clients’ specific needs. “Moreover, with extensive sector-specific experience, including trading floors, emergency services, NATS and call centres, our firm has the internal knowledge, resource and innovation for effective implementation, deployment and support of 3rd party solutions, as well as the development of own complementary solutions to address unmet needs.” Specifically in the financial market, since the subprime crisis, financial institutions have been experiencing a tightening regulatory framework that aims, among other things, to establish transparency in market conduct. One of the channels that is most scrutinised (and most susceptible to non-compliance) is the telephone, and, as expected, many regulations concern this critical communication channel. Richard explains how his firm is working to take advantage of the opportunities this challenge presents. “Our compliance portfolio addresses all the issues associated with testing, recording, storing and retrieving 100% of critical interactions, with solutions like call recording, speech analytics, legacy call retrieval and replay and automated testing and extraction.

30 l CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016

“Wordwatch, our own product that granted us a place in the Technology Innovation Awards 2016, was developed with the financial institutions’ compliance needs in mind, to enable them to manage their audio files in a highly secure and efficient way, from a single point of access.” As his concluding comment, Richard outlines his predictions for the future of the technology market and how his firm will be working to ensure it stays ahead of these developments. “In the future, we believe that major technological developments will be directed towards the need for increased security, compliance, process optimisation and improved business insight. “With the increasing need to keep historical records of communications for compliance purposes, issues related to integrity, compatibility, end-of-support and end-of-life are ranking high on the agendas of our customers who look to manage their audio files and related systems in a simpler yet more secure and efficient manner. Wordwatch has been developed to meet this need and we continue to invest in additional functionalities to ensure we can accommodate our customers’ demands. “Finally, Robotic Process Automation is also starting to find its place in the market, with Automated Testing and Monitoring of voice technologies gaining traction as organisations look into how they can ensure their infrastructure is fully functioning, whilst containing costs and eliminating error.”

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016