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Best for Unified Communications Software Solutions - USA

Mutare creates customized software that makes communication easy, secure and efficient, with solutions for speech to text transcription, smart collaboration, secure mass notification, analytics and more. We caught up with Scott Brown, Vice President Sales and Marketing, to learn more about the firm’s service offering and explore how it came to win this prestigious title. For more than 25 years, Mutare has made information access easier and faster for businesses and partners. No one knows more about unified communication and smart notification technologies that help enterprises improve performance. The company is an independent software developer focused on creating solutions that allow customers to communicate smarter. Through its dedication to innovation and client service, the firm has emerged as the market leader in enterprise-class speech to text deployments and secure communication solutions. In his opening comments, Scott outlines the importance of creating solutions designed to meet the business needs of each of Mutare’s clients. “Here at Mutare we create software and software solutions that are typically tailored for each of our customers. All of our current solutions originated from our response to a specific customer or market need. Our focused discovery and pre-sales process is critical to ensuring that we create solutions that truly solve our customer’s communication challenges and make their organizations more responsive. “Thanks to the success of this approach, we have deployed our solutions to more than 2,000 companies, with two million users worldwide. We have solutions across all industries and verticals with a focus on finance, transportation, legal, manufacturing and healthcare.” Working in such a dynamic and fast-paced market means that Mutare has to have an equally innovative culture, as Scott explains. “Mutare maintains a highly entrepreneurial and high-energy culture. We are constantly driven to think ‘outside the box’ in order to meet the unique needs of our customers, but with the understanding that customer satisfaction is best achieved when you have an environment where everyone supports the needs of the internal team.

“Because of this culture, our firm has operated for two and a half decades with near-zero turnover in its operations/support staff. We typically hire people who have done work with us or those we have served, so they already know and appreciate our culture and our approach. We are always looking for individuals who we feel will add value and thrive in our unique environment.” According to Scott, the greatest impact on the technology market is currently the speed of changes taking place. “The rapid growth of smart phone usage, coupled with the expanded communication capabilities of the Internet, together create an incredibly dynamic market place. This growth has fostered a demand for new ways to approach communication challenges which is something Mutare is keen to cultivate.” Scott continues, “Mutare stays ahead of the curve by constantly listening to the needs of our customers. With a large, world-wide customer base, we hear of their challenges and learn about emerging business trends before they are widely addressed. Our diverse development team is constantly looking for new and different ways to meet the needs of our customers which leads to innovation, and our agile development process allows us to create those innovative solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of larger vendors.” That is what differentiates Mutare from its competition, according to Scott, who is proud of the firm’s achievements, particularly in the area of product development. “Our engineering and support team is unmatched in the market both in terms of experience and ongoing dedication to the customer. Our pre-sales, implementation and ongoing support process is truly unique, backed by a development team that is always available to assist customers before, during, and after solution deployment.”

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016