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Best International Smart Cities Consultants 2016

Sales & Management Solution of the Year 2016

Company: Urban Foresight Name: David Beeton Email: Web Address: Address: Urban Foresight, The Core, Science Central, Bath Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5TF, United Kingdom Telephone: +44 191 495 7350

Urban Foresight is a strategy and innovation consultancy, shaping the smart cities of the future, where transport, energy, environmental and healthcare systems are much more interconnected.

Urban Foresight shapes the smart cities of the future, where transport, energy, environmental and healthcare systems are much more interconnected. This reduces costs, provides new services, and drives efficiencies, all for the benefit of the citizen. These developments are underpinned by intelligent use of data and technology. They also require improvements in how cities engage society, offer leadership, work across disciplines and city systems, and deploy innovative business models and financing mechanisms. Urban Foresight offers expertise in all of these areas, enabling cities to realise new opportunities to make cities more sustainable, resilient and intelligently responsive to the needs of citizens. David explains the firm’s mission, which revolves around creating better cities for people across the globe. “Urban Foresight is a mission driven business, working to shape a brighter future for cities and communities around the world. We are demonstrating that it is possible to grow a profitable business that accelerates the global transition to a more secure, citizen-focused, low carbon economy. Creating a brighter future means that we need to do things differently. In carving out this new and exciting niche we have an opportunity to create our own rules. We take inspiration from lean and agile technology start-ups and the potential for world changing ideas to come from a small company. Each project that we undertake is always unique and we always strive for it to be better than the last. We are building a corporate culture that fuses creative thinking with practical insights to deliver innovative solutions that will bring about real and lasting change.” As his final comment David outlines the firm’s overall ambition. “Our ultimate ambition is to scale up the number and size of projects that we undertake and to become the global go-to agency for smart city strategies.”

Company: Vecta Sales Solutions Ltd Phone: 0114 262 2033 Website:

Vecta Sales Solutions Ltd offers a pioneering solution designed to help distributors sell more effectively. Jayne Hill discusses the firm’s pride at winning the prestigious ‘Sales & Management Solution of the Year 2016’ and provides a fascinating overview of this innovative solution. Vecta is a unique integrated sales Analytics & CRM tool providing personalised ‘actionable’ sales and contact information; it spotlights buying gaps and drives increased sales and improved margins. The company works with B2B Distribution companies of all shapes and sizes, with the common aim of improving efficiencies, customer relations, sales results and profitability. Vecta’s Jayne Hill talks us through the firm’s mission and the steps it takes to achieve it. “Our mission is to deliver an invaluable business solution and service that makes a measurable difference with a tool that sales people and management actively choose to use to enhance their effectiveness, efficiency and sales outcomes. Through regular contact with our customers Vecta has an inclusive approach enabling us to incorporate ideas and changes in our business planning quickly . It is important that we remain flexible in reacting to trends and advances in technology whilst ensuring our core plans are achieved and delivered and our niche market position optimised. Customers talk of their confidence in Vecta’s reliability, the Vecta teams expertise and our focus on innovation and customer care. With over 50 years’ experience within the technology sector, the firm’s credibility and financial strength is also vitally important to customers when considering the longevity of a key software implementation to facilitate sustainable long term business growth for them. The advent of mobile technologies has resulted in fast moving changes to platforms and devices, requiring an agile and reactive development and support team. Jayne explains how the firm aims to ensure that it always offers the most innovative and up-to-the-minute solutions. “Innovative in our early delivery of mobile solutions, we continue to enrich our offering through the latest available technologies so that Vecta users benefit from a fully hosted robust and intuitive service. It is important to constantly introduce relevant enhancements so the Vecta team continually evaluate bestpractices, new technology and techniques. Advancements are progressed to ensure a sustainable product development lifecycle, as well as usability and functionality benefits for both the application and users.” Overall, Jayne expressed her pride at the firm’s inclusive culture and progressive development, which she believes is the secret to the firm’s success: “We are proud of the open, inclusive Vecta culture where colleague input and ideas are embraced alongside those of Customers and industry experts. This has resulted in thousands of sales people and managers achieving exceptional results and the subsequent reward that brings. Undoubtedly this additional award is another affirmation of that success”.

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016