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Most Innovative Cancer Research Organisation - Canada Company: Translational Research In Oncology (TRIO) Name: Launa Aspeslet, CEO Email: launa.aspeslet@ Web: Address: 1100-9925 109 St Edmonton, AB T5K 2J8 Telephone: 780.702.0200

Translational Research In Oncology (TRIO) is a not-forprofit academic clinical research organization. Launa Aspeslet, the firm’s CEO, talks us through the company and its vital service offering.

Best Energy Management System Provider 2016 Company: Utilitywise Plc, Energy Services Division Name: Lisa Gingell Email: Web Address: and Address: Utilitywise Plc, Stand Park, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 8JT Telephone: 01246233632

Utilitywise Plc is the UK’s leading independent utility cost management consultancy. We invited Lisa Gingell to tell us more.

TRIO’s specific expertise is in conducting clinical trials testing a wide range of innovative anticancer agents in many types of cancers, as Launa explains. “Here at TRIO our translational research model allows us to assist our clients in developing innovative and biologically sound protocols. By using science to bring more targeted therapeutics into the clinic, we can find the shortest path to saving lives.

Utilitywise is a leading cost management consultancy firm specialising in supporting clients with the reduction of their energy usage.

“TRIO brings together basic and translational scientists, a committed global network of investigators and a powerful operational unit capable of conducting all phases of oncology drug trials. Through our corporate head office in Edmonton, Canada, our regional offices in Paris, France and Montevideo, Uruguay, and our global network of partners, we conduct our clinical research across the globe. Our global reach allows us to efficiently source patients, which helps us move our trials forward quickly.

Since its acquisition of t-mac Technologies in April 2015 and the recent partnership deal with Dell and Intel in April 2016, the Energy Services Division within the business has been embracing BeMS (Building Energy Management Systems) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. We are providing customers with the ability to connect energy-intensive devices across multiple businesses and sites to ‘control’ how and when they use energy.

“Our services cover the entire clinical research spectrum from study conception to design, execution, data analysis and dissemination of results. The broad expertise of our staff and our global network of investigational sites ensure that we are leaders in the design and execution of clinical trials. These trials include all phases of drug development from preclinical screening leading through Phase I, II and III registration studies. Through our staff’s breadth of experience, our clients are able to work closely with the same company for the entire life cycle of the product.”

Our consultancy and bureau teams work closely with clients to understand how, why and where their businesses use energy. Our engineering teams implement IoT enabled BeMS systems, solutions and behavioural change programs to reduce consumption, carbon and cost to the business.

TRIO’s core values are integrity, teamwork and passion, which, as Launa highlights, prevail throughout the company. “We believe our core values are integral to the work that TRIO performs and the success of the organization. Our staff are experienced and dedicated professionals committed to delivering high quality clinical trials to our sponsors. “Our clinical trials are designed so that as much new data as possible is being collected. We ensure our sites provide high-quality tissue and blood samples needed for protocol specified biomarker and correlative science. Every step that TRIO takes provides new information which assists in the further development and design of new translational studies. Because of our strong academic focus, TRIO and its investigators contribute to the concept, protocol design, analysis, interpretation, presentation and publication of a study, and work closely with the trial sponsor. This academic involvement ensures that our studies continue to be based on sound pre-clinical and clinical insights.” Ultimately, TRIO’s mission to find cures for the multiple diseases which constitute cancer is not over, and therefore, as Launa emphasises, neither is their work.

Ultimately we are now operating in a world that will have an ever increasing focus on energy reduction, driven by need and cost as well as a desire to be more sustainable (corporate social responsibility). Buildings and systems, peoples’ lifestyles and the impact we all have on our earth can only be changed through ‘efficiency’; identifying what we are doing wrong, and subsequently putting it right to reduce wastage. Technology is undoubtedly a key driver to energy efficiency as it is used to eradicate inefficient building and equipment performance and influence behavioural change. Efficiency and an ability to control consumption from our buildings is key to meeting the Government’s carbon reduction targets and assisting with the requirements of the National Grid to shift energy consumption from peak demand times. As such we aim to ensure that Utilitywise becomes an integral partner for every business that we work with, allowing every organisation to save energy, boost their reputation and make substantial financial savings. Looking ahead, we have ambitious growth plans which involve the deployment of our IoT enabled BeMS platform across commercial properties throughout the UK and Europe. We aim to become the partner of choice, assisting businesses to achieve their target of cutting utilities costs, carbon emissions and conforming to energy legislation.

“Moving forward, we will continue to expand our research platform and capacities in order to identify the best treatments.” CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016 l 113

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016  

CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016