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Best International Social Robotics Company 2016

Best for Sports Card System Design Solutions

Company: Robokind Name: Liz Ralston Email: Web Address: and Address: 211 N. Ervay, Ste 1100, Dallas, TX 75201 Telephone: 740-627-1719 or 972-331-7050 X123

Company: TeamCard Name: Randal McLister Email: randal@ Web: Address: Technology Centre, North Haugh, St Andrews, KY16 9SR, United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1334 476504

Robokind RoboKind provide advanced humanoid robots that transform the teaching of content, deliver innovative intervention, and provide new and exciting engagement for children with autism. We invited Liz Ralston to tell us more.

Scotcomms Technology Group, trading under the brand TeamCard, provide smart venue access management that brings added value. We invited Randal McLister to tell us more.

RoboKind is based in Dallas, Texas, and provides innovative robot based curriculum and technology to support children with autism. Liz explains the firm’s Robots4Autism project and how it supports children with autism and helps them interact.

Established in 1996, STG introduced our flagship TeamCard solution to the sports venue market. We have listened carefully to our clients such as Chelsea, Stoke City, Gloucester Rugby, Goodwood and MCC to understand their aspirations for venue access control, customer engagement and membership. Using our innovation and experience we have constantly improved our TeamCard solution to tick the boxes on our clients’ wish lists. Continuing innovation, using and creating leading edge technologies to provide an ever-improving solution is TeamCard’s aim.

“Robots4Autism is a comprehensive researched based curriculum with embedded scientifically evidence based practices, a web portal for automated student data collection and extensive teacher support materials all delivered on the extremely engaging platform of our robot, Milo. “Milo is highly effective at reaching and motivating students with autism who have difficulty interacting with humans or who are uncomfortable practicing and using social skills with people. Recent research has shown that children working with a therapist and Milo are engaged 84% of the time compared to just 3-10% of the time with traditional approaches. Students want to engage with the technology of Milo increasing their opportunities to learn. “Our overall mission with Robots4Autism is to touch as many students with autism to help develop their social and emotional behaviour skills. We have developed a comprehensive program that is continually being reviewed and enhanced with updates and new materials as well as a continual effort to improve the technology of the robot and the delivery platform.” Milo is different to other robots thanks to his human features, which make him ideal for supporting children with autism, as Liz highlights. “The humanoid face of our robot is unique from any other with the ability of demonstrating at least 15 facial expressions and emotions. In addition, our comprehensive research based curriculum with 8 scientifically evidence based practices specifically for students with autism as identified by the National Professional Development Center study done in 2014 and our automated individual student data collection accessible through a web portal.”

Currently, the technology industry is growing quickly to service the needs of an ever-demanding society. Innovation and creativity are key attributes for those driving technology forward, but they must be matched with experience, reliability and service. The challenge is to deliver innovative technology whilst maintaining the trust of those who use it. As such, here at TeamCard we have worked hard to create a solution which meets the needs of our clients and adapts to changes within the market. We believe our unique solution leads the way because it has been specifically created and developed for the industry it serves, unlike others who adapt systems used in other sectors and attempt to make them fit. Ultimately the TeamCard solution never stands still, as we always aim to be one step ahead. In recent years TeamCard has moved into new sports sectors and branched out into non-stadium based events. The opportunities to expand into new areas excites us and we look forward to an exciting future. To compliment that we are working on a new technology platform which will help us add even greater innovation and enhancements to our TeamCard solution.

Looking to the future, Liz explains that the firm has ambitious plans to grow and support a wider range of children. “RoboKind plans to bring high quality content and curriculum to a broader group of students. We plan to release Robot4STEM, a STEM and Computer Science curriculum very soon. We will continue to create new, and innovative robots which are more expressive and more interactive to help students engage more deeply and be more connected to their learning.”

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CV Technology Innovator Awards 2016