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Most Innovative Television Company 2016 - Ireland

Recognised Leaders in Process Fluid Purification - Ohio

Company: Pi Communications Name: Norah-Anne Barron Email: Web Address: Address: 19 Church Avenue, Dunmurry, Belfast, BT17 9RS Telephone: 02890 600655

Pi Communications

Company: Process Solutions, Inc. Name: Ellen Adamski Email: Web: Address: 7845 Palace Drive; Cincinnati, OH 45249 Telephone: 513-791-3338

Water and Process Fluid Purification

Pi Communications is a broadcasting and production company based in Belfast, with offices in Dublin, and an international client base. We invited Norah-Anne Barron to talk us through the company and its service offering.

Process Solutions Inc. is a full-service provider of total solutions for users of high purity water. We invited Ellen Adamski to provide us with an overview of the company and the work it does in this niche market.

Pi Communications provides a range of services including video production and post-production, live event solutions and streaming, television news and current affairs, and parliamentary broadcasting, and the firm are the broadcasters of both the Northern Ireland Assembly and Houses of the Oireachtas. The company has a wide and varied portfolio of clients, including many government and public sector organisations, as well as private sector clients ranging from small local enterprises to large multinational corporations, working across a huge variety of different sectors. Norah- Anne explains how the firm sets itself apart from other broadcasters and showcases its talent to these clients through innovation and creative thinking.

Process Solutions serve clients across a range of markets including power generation, food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, health care product manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, specialty chemical production, high technology research and development, and municipal drinking water. These clients, who rely upon water purity for the production of their product or service, are provided with services including water purification systems, support products used over the life cycle of the systems, and technical support services, both in place and off site.

“Pi Communications has a passionate commitment to embracing change and encouraging a forward-thinking approach and attitude within our organisation. We believe that our success in this area can be attributed to our continuous pursuit of new opportunities in broadcasting and production – as a company, we are always on the lookout for new technologies, new services to offer our clients, and new and different ways to improve our existing services. We consider innovation in technology as essential to delivering the best services and products possible. “Ultimately, at Pi Communications, we embrace technological innovation whilst at the same time retaining our original dedication to producing quality content which engages and inspires.” The future holds a number of exciting challenges and opportunities for Pi Communications, as Norah- Anne explains. “We have recently been re-awarded a number of our major contracts, so are working with these clients to develop their services to respond to the challenges they face in the coming years. In addition, we have also initiated projects with new clients providing media content for their markets in the Americas and Middle East, enabling us to expand into these new regions, as well as consolidating our business closer to home. “Another key aspect of our future strategy is that we are developing new services to offer our clients, and are hoping to break even more new ground once they are rolled out.”

Ellen explains the firm’s mission and how it aims to achieve this by offering a vast array of services which will meet clients’ every need. “Our mission is to be recognized as experts in high purity water solutions by offering the highest performing equipment, products and services in the industry that exceed the expectations of our clients, and by demonstrating the ability and resources to provide solutions that outshine our competitors’ offerings. “As such we offer a wide variety of premium products and services; and we consider flexibility and responsiveness to be our primary strengths. In addition, we take the time to understand client needs and challenges, then develop customized solutions from design concept through the life of the equipment; whereas most of our competitors offer packaged solutions for only the product(s) they manufacture. Our relationships with strategic partners as well as clients are founded on mutual trust and most are longterm (some 25 years or longer).” Moving forward, Process Solutions has plans to grow and expand into new market, according to Ellen. “Currently we are implementing an aggressive growth strategy to triple the company’s business by 2020. One of the key growth areas is in water conservation, reclamation and reuse. With the increasing cost of water and sewer services, and the diminishing availability of supply, we believe this to be the most lucrative opportunity for our clients’ businesses as well as our own. We are also working to expand our supplier base to offer additional and emerging technologies.”

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