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Achieving Outstanding Results It’s an honour to be recognized for Corporate Vision’s CEO of the Month – USA Construction award, especially because the award comes from an elite magazine that reaches more than 130,000 top-tier professionals around the globe. Learning that Corporate Vision is read by a worldwide network of CEOs, directors, and other top-level professionals as well as investment professionals, spanning an array of industries and sectors, it feels tremendous to be able to share, learn and collaborate with other likeminded, high achieving business leaders. About me I’m a retired Army Officer, graduated from West Point in 1981, and for 10 years, served in various combat Armor Unit leadership and staff positions. The next decade, I served in uniformed acquisition assignments such as, contracting officer, R&D domestic and international acquisitions, generals aide-de-camp and Director, Army Science Board when I retired in the Pentagon in 2001. I am proud to say, a few of my West Point classmates are still on active duty and, they’ve reached the highest levels of the Army to include Army Vice Chief of Staff. The following 10 years I was employed at Pfizer, Inc. as a site General Manager. There, I was tasked a facility lead for 5 different M&A integrations, companies that Pfizer Animal Health, a $4B division, purchased.

My wife and I started AEONRG LLC, 5 years ago. The company provides facility services and data facility solutions to the government. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, start my own business. My value proposition is building teams and then managing complex projects. AEONRG has a culture of and laser focus on providing high quality services, delivered on time, within budget and, with exceptional customer satisfaction. In 2014, AEONRG was the recipient of the Chester County SCORE small business award with citations from US Senators, Representatives, and local officials. Within the last 4 years, AEONRG has been awarded over 50 government contracts. A substantial portion of our business is with the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers within the eastern portion of the United States. Our relationship with our VAMC customers is professional, respectful and focused on getting the job done to meet mutually agreed expectations. Our relationships with teaming partners are developed after extensive vetting to ensure outstanding fit among these high performing teams. Our principles are such that our projects are always completed to a high degree of quality, on-time and,

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with our extensive, mandatory safety program, always zero safety incidents. One of my leadership philosophies is based on General Patton’s leadership style. Provide the team with the mission/project goals, provide them required resources and let them determine best manner of successfully completing their portion of the project. I’m always amazed at the creativity of individuals and teams in achieving outstanding results. I am often asked, “How do you keep myself motivated and positive to be successful?” My employees and I have a passion for executing high quality facility maintenance, repair and service contracts. We enjoy the challenges of each project as every one of them is different. There are different customers, effects on operations, regulatory requirements that must be adhered. We stay motivated by continuous training and learning so that we can implement the latest, most technologically efficient solution for our customer. The other important component of staying motivated is balancing my business with family, exercise, and church activities. As with any endeavour, I’ve had to overcome challenges to be

a successful CEO. In a word, I would say it is balance. Fast growth is important but it must be accomplished in a disciplined, managed manner in order that AEONRG continues to provide quality, on-time projects to its customers and, above all, meet and exceed customer expectations. I have several key attributes that I possess that I believe facilitated me to become an award-winning CEO. First, is a passion for setting and achieving stretchgoals and, pursuing the “harder right”. Second is living a life where the glass is “half full” and always searching for the ‘Art of the Possible.’ Since graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, I’ve learned the virtues of persistence, grit and a “never quit” attitude toward accomplishing personal and organizational goals. I recognize my personal strengths and weaknesses and don’t hesitate to obtain assistance or advice to overcome my weaknesses. My thoughts on the state of my industry are very positive. The demand for AEONRG’s products and services is increasing significantly, customers are pursuing us like never before. New business opportunities are emerging with my primary customer and other government agencies. AEONRG’s partnership

CV March 2017  
CV March 2017