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Invaluable Knowledge Ash Business Consultants is the re-emergence of a company founded over 20 years ago. Taking time to profile the firm is Senior Consultant, Andy Green who discusses the innovative firm his father discovered many years ago. Ash Business Consultants is the re-emergence of a company founded by my father over 20 years ago. It was named when the Yellow Pages was the Google of the day. It was chosen to exploit the ranking rules of the time and because of his love of trees. It’s these two elements that encapsulate what Ash Business Consultants offers. An insight into operating a business reflecting the prevailing environment, whilst listening to our client’s goals and the passions that drive them. Ash Business Consultants revival began in earnest five years ago, and therefore it is quite satisfying that this is the third award we have received in this time. Recognition that our services are valued by our clients and something we definitely intend to build on. As with all small businesses one of the most difficult tasks is exposure and building customer awareness. This award is invaluable in this respect, not only in pure visibility but also because it provides reassurance to potential clients that we are a serious business, with the ability to provide the services and support we advertise. Our primary aim is bringing knowledge gained from working at high level within the large corporate world to SMEs. Knowledge that is not readily available to those that have never worked in this domain, but is invaluable to any business

whatever its size. A typical day can include; negotiating with HMRC on behalf of a client, advising about the use of EIS to invest in a company, critically appraising someone’s plans to start a business, preparing and submitting corporation tax returns, installing and training on the use of accounting packages, building an e-commerce site and anything in between. Our clients range from self - employed taxi drivers/ hairdressers to small limited companies buying and selling second hand pharmaceutical machinery globally. Of course, with a history of working within large corporates covering system design and implementations to accounting for £200m+ cost bases across multiple countries, we are available for similar consulting projects for larger clients. As a small flexible consultancy we’ve embraced the shift from the conventional to the digital. We possess an office but it is rarely used except for printing, our real office now 10.1-inch notebooks, encrypted WiFi devices, e-mails, mobile phones, cloud based computing and anywhere with a suitable seat. We are practically digital nomads, which is in sharp contrast to the glass towers of our corporate past. This revolution in IT is creating a paradigm shift in working practices, it is the most liberating opportunity for anyone and everyone with the right idea and

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determination to succeed to be their own boss. You can now reach a global market from your kitchen table with very little start – up capital. Where large cities have thrived since the industrial revolution because their critical mass allowed the exchange of ideas and knowledge, now that we are all connected digitally this exchange of ideas is no longer limited to location but only in a willingness and ability to engage. It is a revolution in its infancy, but one Ash Business Consultants hopes to bring as many individuals and SME’s on board as possible, and support them in operating in such a daunting, fluid, yet potentially beneficial environment. It’s an exciting prospect where no two days are the same. Here at Ash Business Consultants, we offer our clients the right blend of small business practicality, living and breathing the SME experience ourselves daily, with the breadth of knowledge gained working for large blue-chip organisations. We keep our communication style down to earth and jargon free because the administrative and operational burdens placed on running any enterprise can be confusing, and complaints about professionals not taking the time to explain things in easily understood terms a common complaint. We are a family team, my mother with 40+ years of bookkeeping and payroll expertise, and myself with over 20 years running/ administrating businesses large and small. On top of this, we

have close associations with a network of other industry professionals and services to call upon when necessary, including; graphic designers, marketers, finance providers, IT specialist, etc. For the remainder of 2017 and beyond the only real challenges we face are to remain relevant, specifically in terms of regulatory, taxation and information technology changes and of course to continue to enjoy what we do. One of the most important aspects of running any business is you must enjoy it because it is invariably more than just a 9-to-5 job. You live it almost 24/7, if you don’t enjoy it you will not be able to make the commitment required to succeed, nor will you be able to enthuse potential clients to give you their custom over someone that can, or to a more recognised brand. Ultimately working for yourself is not an easy path to tread, but it can be very rewarding and offer more freedom for those that choose to do so. If you are thinking of starting a business, no matter how small, but don’t know where to begin, feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to set you off in the right direction with some of the tools, knowledge and skills necessary, and act as your guide from time to time to keep you from getting lost and away from common pitfalls.

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