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Air Care Dr. Péter Túri, General Manager and Partner, established TrustAir Aviation in 2015 with the goal of starting a Hungary based medical air transport service as a private provider. Peter explains how his experience has contributed to the firm’s success.

TrustAir Aviation Ltd. is a new enterprise, established in February 2015 in the field of medical aviation. The company was formed to provide air ambulance service from a CE European home base all across Europe, yet focusing on the CEE market. Dr. Péter Túri tells us more about what the company does. “We are coming from the medical aviation, from its non-profit, national, primary rescue part, the HEMS business. After almost a decade spent in the helicopter emergency medical service, we decided to launch a new medical service in the fixed-wing sector, flying international repatriations, all kind of medical missions from paediatric cases until adult ICU or even transplant flights. Main clients are governmental organisations, like MoH, and forprofit insurance and assistance companies.

“Several years ago, we realised that the aero-medical repatriations that are parts of the everyday life in Western Europe have limited resources in the CEE region. As our special knowledge in the field of medical aviation was already significant and internationally recognised, we decided to enter this niche market. It took several years to further enhance the skills and experience of the medical team, to prepare us for the new start-up, but we believe that all the efforts are paid off. It was hard to find a balance between international benchmarks, best practices and the specialties of the CEE traditions and local practices. “We decided that we don’t want to compete with the big names in the industry, but rather provide a service that means additional resources even for them. Just one example: we chose turboprop aircrafts instead of widely used jets, as all the competitors mainly fly them, however there are several benefits of our aircrafts (e.g. shorter runway requirements, utilisation of smaller regional airports, etc.) that could mean a better chance for us to enter this matured market.” Péter explains how the firm have excelled in client satisfaction. This has been accomplished thanks to a key principle which Peter brought to the company when he became a new CEO. “We are proud of our medical team and our colleagues,” says Peter. “This is the biggest asset we have. We’ve been

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working together for more than ten years. Several thousands of primary helicopter missions, hundreds of secondary fixedwing repatriations give the roots of our success. A motivated and very experienced medical team is hard to find. Everything else is just a matter of commitment, money and hard work. “Our key principles are credibility, competence and visions that keep us moving. There is a sentence I brought when I joined as a new CEO of the Hungarian HEMS company. It was told by an old Austrian helicopter pilot, who came to me and gave this advice: ‘In selection no corruption’. Always try to find the best, the most talented and motivated colleagues. They should be treated well as my colleagues are part of my personal success. Even if they were young, we gave them opportunities, opened the window to the world to something new that was earlier not available in our/their neighbourhood. Without them we could not reach our current position.” To be where he is today, Péter had to study business and economics. He informs us what he had to do to become a successful CEO. “It was really challenging to learn all the aspects of being a responsible CEO. I was only a medical doctor, but I had to study law, read HR strategies, understand economics, go into details of aviation regulations, aircraft maintenance issues, operational questions, later sales and marketing. Today, I can say I have a general overview

and experience in all of these specialties that gives me a chance to ask proper questions to my expert colleagues.” The success of TrustAir Aviation looks bright. Péter outlines the big plans the company has for the future. “We want to become a significant service provider in the CEE region standing on stable feet. We believe that we are only at the beginning of our journey, many more sleepless nights and 18 hour working days wait for us in the near future until we can say, this is where we always wanted to be. We have planned additional aircrafts during the next few years to be added to the fleet, providing extended service.” On a personal level, Péter hopes that the TrustAir name will be an equal partner for all of their competitors, and perhaps, with a strategic partner they can further plan their next steps for the future.

“Our key principles are credibility, competence and visions that keep us moving.

CV January 2017  
CV January 2017