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Canadian Business Awards 2017

canadian Business AWARDS 2017 g

Best POS Technology Provider 2017 - Ontario Globe POS is an RSPA Certified Reseller of technology solutions, supporting a wide range of clients from across the corporate landscape. We invited Paul Leduc to enlighten us further on the firm and the solutions it provides.


Best Luxury Countertop Specialists - Ontario Marble Treasure Inc is an award winning offering a range of stunning countertops, fireplaces, vanity tops and more in various materials including marble, quartz, granite, and porcelain slabs. We invited Sales Manager Violetta Ilizirov to tell us more.


Welcome to the Canadian Business Awards 2017 The success of Canadian businesses derives from commitment, determination and the passion to ensure a firm is able to achieve the very best of its ability.


As such, the 2017 Canadian Business Awards acknowledges the accomplishments of business from a wide range of sectors. From Consumer Goods to Financial Services, or Legal to Technology & Science, and so many more. These awards have been designed to celebrate and recognise the achievements by companies.


, K 4. Globe POS Systems Inc. Best POS Technology Provider 2017 - Ontario 5. Marble Treasure Inc. Best Luxury Countertop Specialists - Ontario 6. Aviation And Power Group Most Innovative Aeration Technology Company & Award for Excellence in Turbomachinery Manufacturing 6. Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company - Toronto & Digital Marketing VP of the Year - Toronto 7. Breakthrough Autism ASD-Caregiver Support Service of the Year 2017 7. Integrity Fitness (AKA Paul’s Boot Camp) Fitness Team of the Year 2017 - Greater Toronto Area 8. Kelly Harvey Living Best Interior Design Boutique - Toronto 8. Precise Detailing Inc. Best in Architectural & WStructural Precast Concrete Design - Ontario 9. RoadPacker Group Ltd Best Chemical Soil Stabilisation Company 2017 9. Toronto Auto Brokers Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership - Greater Toronto 10. Acmeko Woodworking Inc. Best Cabinet Designers Manufacturers- Greater Toronto 11. Embassy Flavours Ltd. Best Bakery Flavours & Ingredients Provider - Ontario 12. Iris Blu Ltd. Marketing Company of the Year - Ontario & Best Female Entrepreneur - Ontario 13. Pemeco Consulting Best Manufacturing ERP Consultancy 2017




Best POS Technology Provider 2017 - Ontario Globe POS is an RSPA Certified Reseller of technology solutions, supporting a wide range of clients from across the corporate landscape. We invited Paul Leduc to enlighten us further on the firm and the solutions it provides. Since 1970 Globe POS Systems has been providing system solutions, offering clients a commitment to delivering quality solutions that will provide their business with a competitive edge and help it grow. Paul discusses how this commitment is implements throughout the firm and extends to every client it works with.

Toshiba, HP, NCR. Our solutions might not be the cheapest on the market but each sale is tailormade to individual specifications while still being reasonably priced. Our objective is to offer a solid solution that will still be working in three years’ time with minimal interruptions. Most of our competition believe that being the cheapest is better. Global POS sell quality in hardware, software and service.”

Here at Globe POS, our aim to exceed expectations by offering outstanding products and services. We know and understand that every customer has their own needs and requirements, and as such offering a bespoke service is part of our modus operandi. We give each and every customer’s needs the same amount of importance, however small it may be. We try and find the best method to address all requirements, whether they are hardware or software related and work hard to find the right answer and/or solution. Our sales representatives will never sell something that does not fully meet those requirements.

Retail and Hospitality is the firm’s core market share. Starting from grocery stores to convenience stores to pet shops, all the way to coffee shops and quick service restaurants, Globe POS specialize in easy-to-use and easy-to-manage Point of Sale systems and have partnered up with some of the best brands in the market like IBM/Toshiba, HP, NCR, Datalogic, Logivision Software and many more.

“What truly sets our firm apart from our competitors is the fact that, as a small enterprise, we have more flexibility and will go out of our way to satisfy our customers. We have an exclusive software solution for your point of sale and we also only use hardware from brands we know and trust like IBM/

Operating across such a vast client base means that Globe POS has to remain at the forefront of emerging trends and developments. Paul concludes by discussing the trends he is currently seeing in the market and how his firm remains committed to staying ahead of them and offering clients the services and solutions they need. “Currently there are a number of exciting trends which are changing the way the global point of sales market operates. The first is the software as a service and hardware as a

4 Corporate Vision / Canadian Business Awards 2017

service. That trend is mostly created by the IPAD solutions or tablet solutions where the customers provide their own tablet and rent the software monthly. This has slowed down in Canada currently because the owners have realized that the long-term cost is more than just purchasing, even if there is a market for it. The general retail and grocery market requires a lot more then what those require. “In addition, the card security and data protection is also a big concern for merchants when they process integrated debit and credit cards. We pride ourselves to be QIR certified by the PCI council and follow all the recommended processes and procedures required by the

council. This means that we secure the environment in all possible ways so customers can feel secure. “Ultimately Globe POS remains dedicated to providing the very best solutions which meet the needs of our clients, and as such we will continue to adapt and develop our offering going forward.”

Company: Globe POS Systems Inc. Contact: Paul Leduc Contact Email: paul@ Address: 294 Walker Dr Unit 12, Brampton, Ontario, ON L6T 4Z2, Canada Phone: 4169004050 Website:



Best Luxury Countertop Specialists - Ontario Marble Treasure Inc is an award winning offering a range of stunning countertops, fireplaces, vanity tops and more in various materials including marble, quartz, granite, and porcelain slabs. We invited Sales Manager Violetta Ilizirov to tell us more. Marble Treasure Inc. is a family owned and operated company with a unique showroom conveniently located in the retail plaza at Major Mackenzie and Dufferin. This retail outlet provides customers with extended hours and access to other retailers and services for an enjoyable shopping experience. The company draws on almost 10-years legacy of providing excellent quality natural countertops which combine beauty and functionality. During this time the firm has gained an enviable reputation for high quality work, and the firm has enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing its client’s dreams come true. Violetta’s husband, Founder Oleg, draws on his own vast industry experience and passion to provide clients with the very best service, as Violetta emphasises. “With 15 years of experience behind us, here at Marble Treasure we still try to innovate and improve our business every day, with the aim to be the very best of the best in this industry. We provide marble, quartz, granite and porcelain countertops as well as faucets, sinks and unique hand painted vessel sinks. Our customers are guaranteed to leave the showroom feeling well informed and educated about the products we offer.

“Founder and Owner Oleg started his career in Marble and Granite industry in Canada. His hard work and artistic vision has helped the company to build up a strong reputation for quality work and stunning projects.” The firm uses a number of materials for its countertops and bathroom fittings, including Granite which is one of the hardest materials on earth as well as being highly versatile. Granite is composed primarily of quartz, feldspar and mica. Other minerals may be present in the stone creating its unique colours, textures and patterns. Used as a countertop material, it is resistant to scratches, acids, stains and heat. It is long-lasting, durable and available in a wide variety of colours, textures and unique crystal patterns that create a warm and inviting environment for a kitchen or bathroom. Another key material the firm works with is Marble, which works beautifully especially in the bath where the veining patterns and colours that appear can be used to create exquisite designs. Marbles are made up of mostly of calcite. The material is sensitive to acidic foods such as vinegar, lemon, tomatoes, wine, as well as some tile cleaners, mildew removers and other materials commonly found in the kitchen or bath and will dull a polished finish. Quartz- amazing maintenance free material. Especially best for kitchen countertops. Marble look,

but durability of quartz!

to customer service and support.

Marble Treasure works with new unique material as porcelain slabs as well. Amazing quality and work machine!

“Here at Marble Treasure we are so passionate about our quality and the treatment of our customers that we offer a unique policy that not many natural stone countertop companies provide.

For customers having trouble choosing countertops, sinks and faucets, or are at a loss when it comes to the design they are looking for, Marble Treasure offers complimentary interior design consultation, a service that Violetta says has helped many families choose the look that’s right for their home. “Offering marble, quartz, granite or porcelain countertops as well as faucets, sinks and unique hand painted vessel sinks, customers are guaranteed to leave the showroom feeling well informed and educated about the products Marble Treasure sells. “In order to exceed customer expectations, Marble Treasure has created a list of 10 Commandments they live by. Please add 10 commandments Ultimately, Violetta is eager to emphasise the firm’s commitment

“Alongside this, Marble Treasure runs a strict approval process that guarantees no piece of stone will be cut until the customer has seen the piece, inspected it, and selected exactly which section of stone they would like to see in their home.”

Company: Marble Treasure Inc. Address: Eagle Landing Plaza, North-West corner at Dufferin and Eagles Landing Rd., 1490 Major Mackenzie Drive, Unit D3, Vaughan, Ontario, L6A 4H6 Phone: 905-303-8007 Fax: 1-888-420-7889 Email:welcome@ Website: www.




, Most Innovative Aeration Technology Company & Award for Excellence in Turbomachinery Manufacturing Aviation and Power Group (APG-Neuros) is recognized as the force behind the successful introduction of the high speed turbo blower technology in the wastewater treatment market in the Western World. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind its success. Founded in 2005, APG-Neuros has its foundation in the development of high efficiency aeronautic and power generation technologies. The firm is networked into the Canadian and North American industrial and aeronautic communities with its local strong Engineering, production capability, and repair and customer service capability in Canada and the US. APG-Neuros currently manufactures its production units for the North American and western European market in Blainville, QC and Plattsburg, NY production facility. Since inception APG-Neuros has grown into the market leader, with the highest number high speed turbo blower installations in North America with over 1000 units. APG-Neuros’ largest percent of customers is in the municipal waste-water treatment sector. The company is also fortunate to have customers in other municipal sectors, such as potable water treatment, as well as several industrial sectors, such as food and beverage and medical supplies. As a firm, APG-Neuros offers its customer an all-inclusive service, providing both consulting engineering firms and on-staff facility decision makers assistance in the design of their respective air system equipment upgrades. With APG-Neuros’ two production facilities, Blainville, Quebec, Canada and Plattsburgh, New York, United States, it is able to provide its customers blower systems configured specifically to their needs in market leading delivery

timelines. Finally, with an extensive, North American wide, field service network, APG-Neuros is able to service its customers with very little down time, in turn providing a fleet availability of over 98% of total operation time. Looking ahead, APG-Neuros’ goal for the future is to maintain market leader in the north American turbo blower market, and in order to achieve this the firm are continuously working on product improvement through technology innovation, as well as pushing the scope of work of the turbo blower manufacturer by offering a more services, ie installation work, consulting engineering work, and offering additional project required equipment/material, ie pipe work, filtration systems, automation systems. In addition, APG-Neuros has recently introduced an extension to its popular “Dual-Core” model line to include smaller sized motors, 100 to 200 HP. This will allow the smaller facilities to benefit from this model line, offering performance of two independent units combined into one. Ultimately, APG-Neuros is proud to be recognized by consulting engineering firms, in the water treatment field, as a benchmark equipment manufacturer. Company: Aviation and Power Group Contact: Omar Hammoud Contact Email: Address: 1270 Michèle-Bohec, Blainville, Québec, J7C 5S4, Canada Phone: 001-450-939-0799

6 Corporate Vision / Canadian Business Awards 2017

Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company - Toronto & Digital Marketing VP of the Year - Toronto Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc is an innovative digital marketing firm offering a wide range of services. We caught up with award winning Vice President Adam Green to find out more. Art & Science is a unique digital agency that combines the creative inspiration of the artist with the analytic rigour of the scientist to produce campaigns, products and even new companies. “Here at Art & Science, we work with clients of all sizes from a wide range of industries. Some of the more recognizable brands we have worked with include: The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Starbucks, Hermes, Panasonic, Partners for Mental Health and more. Art & Science is a full-service agency providing discovery and strategy, design and development, analytics and advertising, and our success can be attributed to our incredibly innovative and engaging work that integrates digital interactions into the physical environment.” Within the Canadian digital marketing sector, Adam foresees an increased focus on mobile marketing and ecommerce going forward. “Canada is one of the most connected nations in the world and yet we are lagging behind in areas such as the adoption of ecommerce. Our brands have been slower to fully invest in their e-commerce experience and Canadians are still “webrooming” and then buying in store rather than online. This trend is changing, however, with major players such as Amazon brining in Prime in 2013. “In addition, we are also seeing brands asking for more from their advertising dollars and are seeking partners who understand the whole digital landscape and how they can leverage digital to achieve their objectives. More dollars are being shift-

ed to digital and in particular the mobile space and we are keen to work with clients to ensure that they put their message out there in a way that reaches their target market.” Specifically, with regards to Art & Science Adam is optimistic for the future and believes that his firm will continue to grow and succeed. “Looking ahead, Art & Science positioned well for growth and are focused making 2017 a record-breaking year. We are still learning how to tell our unique story, and are committed to getting better at it this year and beyond. We believe we have a very special story to tell, and that we are great agency that is producing some incredible work for our clients.”

Company: Art & Science Contact: Adam Green Contact Email: Address: 130 Spadina Ave, Suite 502, Toronto, Ontario Canada, Ontario, M5V 2L4 Phone: 416-366-2266 xt 221 Website: twitter/instagram: @artscienceTO




ASD-Caregiver Fitness Team of the Support Service Year 2017 - Greater Toronto Area of the Year 2017 Breakthrough Autism is a Canadian based organisation dedicated to supporting children with Autism and helping them to reach their full potential. We invited Nancy Marchese to tell us more. Established in 1998, the team at Breakthrough Autism is led by Nancy Marchese, who has been working with children with autism and their families for nearly 20 years. Nancy herself has strong experience in the field of Autism care, having worked with some of the top behaviour analysts in the world, and stays current with all the latest and cutting-edge research – all of which are translated into comprehensive and customized programs for children with autism and their families. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Psychological Associate, Nancy completed her Master of Arts in Psychology with a specialization in Behaviour Analysis at the University of Nevada, Reno. Nancy has appeared as a guest on CBC News Toronto, CityTV, CP24, CHCH news, Daytime Toronto, Daytime York, Newstalk 1010, and Hamilton Life as an authority on autism. She is the 2015 recipient of the “Excellence in the Contribution to Behaviour Analysis” award present by the Ontario Association for Behavior Analysis (ONTABA). She discusses how her firm supports the children it cares for and the innovative approach it uses. “At Breakthrough Autism, we believe that every child with autism – is capable of reaching his or her full potential. We also understand that in order to help get them there, they need to be recognized as the unique and wonderful individuals that they are. That means creating a meaningful learning environment

and using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to addresses their specific needs rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach. And it means involving their families along the way, after all, they play the most important role in their child’s growth and development. “In order to offer the very best support to the children we care for, we believe in supporting our staff reach their full potential. To help our staff realize their dreams, we have developed a unique professional coaching system. Our supervisors work closely with each staff to help them identify their vision for their lives, what it would mean for them to reach their vision, break down their vision into achievable steps, and work together with them on a plan to master each step. This professional coaching system has resulted in a cohesive team made up of staff that are excited and inspired to transform the lives of children with autism.” Ultimately, Breakthrough Autism’s goal is to transform the lives of children with autism and their families, and this will remain its ongoing focus as it looks towards the future. Company: Breakthrough Autism Contact: Nancy Marchese Contact Email: Info@ Address: 516 Sixteenth Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 7A7, Canada Phone: 001 416 901 8478 Website: www.

Integrity Fitness provides small group training for women only. We spoke to Paul Walker to tell us more about the services that they are.

Paul Walker INTEGRITY FITNESS LTD Top Fitness Club 2013 ~ 2014 -2015-2016 “Fitness Club In Vaughan” Award 2012 2015 Readers Choice Top Trainer

Integrity Fitness is committed to teaching its clients how to train to the highest possible moral principles whilst providing exceptional service. Their training schedule is very unique and can be personalized to meet each client’s needs and match their abilities, as Paul informs us.

years, living breathing and sweating out fitness.”

“Here at Integrity Fitness, we set world class standards with the company goal of trying to achieve all the benefits of expensive customized private training at a quarter of the cost. Our goal is to provide a one-stop complete fitness program that will encompass every facet of good health and lifestyle.”

“Supporting one another is how we are able to provide the very highest standard of service to our clients. Looking ahead, our plans are to grow every year and the clients demand trends set the tone. We have expanded to two locations and doubled our client base in three years. Multiple locations and groom more leaders.”

In regards to the success the business has had, Paul outlines how they have been able to achieve their goals. “Self-motivation, relentlessness, passionate, and above all committed to achieving two goals: getting better each day and making an impact on the lives of others. Spending 70 hours a week, 51 weeks a year for 20

Based in Toronto, Canada, Integrity Fitness has recently remodelled their program to match the trends that have been occurring across the globe, Paul details how the company have been able to adapt and plans for moving forward.

Company: Integrity Fitness Ltd Name: Paul Walker Email: Web Address: Address: 8000 Hwy #27, unit #1 Telephone: 905-851-7722





Best Interior Design Boutique - Toronto Kelly Harvey Living is an innovative interior design specialist based in Ontario. We profile the firm to learn more about how it has come to achieve the success it enjoys today.

Best in Architectural and Structural Precast Concrete Design - Ontario Precise Detailing Inc. (PDI) is a drafting and engineering company that specialises in architectural and structural precast concrete design and detailing. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind its success.

Established in 1987, PDI has since have earned a strong reputation as a leader in architectural and structural concrete precast design and detailing.

Known for a look that is consistently at the forefront of style and quality, Kelly Harvey Living designs and produces exclusive bespoke collections that lead the industry in luxury furnishings for both residential and contract applications. Founder Kelly Harvey has been lauded for her passionate award-winning work and unique approach to every project she and her team undertake. Thanks to her leadership the firm is well recognized by Profit Magazine and the Toronto building community as one of the most innovative and influential companies in the Canadian new home and condo development industry. Its specialties cover residential development support in the areas of interior design for model homes, condo common element areas,

design studios, sales office and upgrade sales programs. With projects and a furniture line spanning North America, Europe and Asia, Kelly Harvey Living continues to grow, forming longstanding partnerships with luxury retailers, a global roster of preeminent high-rise and low-rise residential developers, world-renowned architects and hospitality brands.

Company: Kelly Harvey Living Contact: Kelly Harvey Contact Email: Address: 145 Romina Drive, Concord, Ontario, L4K 4Z9, Canada Phone: 18004188088 Website:

8 Corporate Vision / Canadian Business Awards 2017

The firm’s dedicated and professional workforce is an experienced group of licensed engineers and certified engineering technologists who are able to adapt to difficult and unique challenges. PDI is authorized to engage in the business of providing services that are within the practice of Professional Engineering in the Province of Ontario and most of the States of America. As such the firm has worked on a number of award winning projects including Fletcher Allen Health Care facility in Vermont, Arab-American National Museum, Fed Ex Building in New York City, United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C. In addition, the firm has also completed St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hospital, New Oakville Hospital, Humber River Hospital in Ontario, Canada, Toronto

PanAm Aquatic Centre (2015 PCI Design Award Winning Project), and a number of others landmark projects in Canada and in the U.S.A. Each of these projects was delivered to the highest possible standard, using totally computerized design and 3D Modelling. Moving forward, PDI remains committed to providing the clients with solution to the most original and unique precast concrete manufacturing designs, and this will remain its ongoing focus as it seeks to build upon its current achievements.

Company: Precise Detailing Inc. Contact: Valery Kats Contact Email: Address: 216 Chrislea Rd., Suite 202, Vaughan, Ontario, L4L 8S5, Canada Phone:19052647533 Website:




Best Chemical Best Pre-Owned Soil Stabilisation Car Dealership Company 2017 Greater Toronto The RoadPacker Group Ltd [RPG] is the world’s fastest growing chemical stabilization company specialising in environmentally safe, water soluble chemicals for soil compaction, stabilization, dust suppression and other soil related products. CEO Michael McDermott talks us through the firm and the innovative services it provides. RPG is one of the world’s fastest growing soil stabilization and bioremediation companies, specialising in environmentally safe, water soluble chemicals for soil stabilization, soil compaction, dust suppression and other soil stabilizing related products. Michael outlines the firm’s unique features and how it works hard to remain at the forefront of market innovation. “RPG are still the only company in the world with a proprietary formulated range of chemical soil stabilisers specifically designed to work with the mineralogy of CLAY and to successfully manufacture this range of environmentally safe, water soluble chemicals for soil compaction, stabilization and dust suppression. Many others have tried but their efforts have invariably ended in failure. Having started our journey over 25 years ago with a market that was then principally mining and timber companies for haul and access roads and property development companies and civil contractors laying roads and parking lots, RPG has evolved to the point where we have now developed the stabiliser to be used when constructing a major Toll Road or Multi-lane Highway. With other products on the drawing board, RPG looks destined to make the road construction world sit up and take notice. “Overall, what sets us apart is that we are full time practitioners in this industry, whereas the majority of our competitors carry their

Toronto Auto Brokers is Canada’s top rated used car dealership, providing buyers with exceptional service throughout the sale process of its wide range of vehicles. We invited Avi Zur to tell us more.

products as second or third lines of their core business. By that we mean that they are invariably machinery manufacturers trying to sell enormously expensive road construction machines. RPG do it full time and take it very seriously. RPG has always maintained a diligent research programme through which we came up with our range of world leading road stabilization products that no competitor has ever come close to either matching or beating.” Moving forward, Michael believes that the firm’s ongoing focus on supporting the global infrastructure market and adapting to meet its needs will help it to grow and prosper over the months and years to come. “Looking ahead, RPG is presently investigating the complicated world of worldwide infrastructure solutions. With natural disasters and the many Earthquakes and Tsunamis happening regularly around the world, there is an urgent need for a solution to these problems and an instant rapid response to such disasters when they occur.” Company: The RoadPacker Group Ltd Name: Michael A. McDermott CEO Email: Web Address: Address: Suite # 209, 105, 150 Crowfoot Cres. NW. Calgary, Alberta, T3G 3T2, Canada Telephone: [+1] 888-280-9044

Toronto Auto Brokers is a family owned and operated company that has in business for over 21 years. Avi outlines the range of services the firm provides and how it works to achieve excellence for clients throughout the car buying process.

service, honesty, as well as our relaxed and non-confrontational sales approach is what differentiates us from our competition.

“Here at Toronto Auto Brokers we provide our customers with the best luxury pre-owned vehicles at very competitive prices. Our customer base is mainly from the Greater Toronto Area, but we also sell nationwide. In addition, we use our wholesale division to export used and new cars worldwide to dealers and consumers across the globe.

“Recently our firm has expanded from a 10,000 square foot showroom facility to over 21,000 square feet. We are now able to provide our clients with an even greater customer experience and a wider selection of pre-owned luxury vehicles and look forward to the opportunities this will bring for us as a company.”

“Fundamentally, our success is due to our strong and consistent commitment to customer service before, during, and after a sale. We know that consumers are weary when coming into a used car dealership and we do our best to make them feel at ease, while providing them with honest information as well as financing options that are personalized to their specific needs. We believe that our customer

Moving forward, Avi believes that the firm’s recent expansion will provide it with many exciting chances to grow and build upon its current success.

Company: Toronto Auto Brokers Name: Avi Zur Email: Web Address: Address: 810 Rowntree Dairy Road, Vaughan, ON. L4L 5V3 Telephone: 905.264.7992




Best Cabinet Designers Manufacturers- Greater Toronto Acmeko Woodworking Inc. is an innovative furniture maker dedicated to the design and creation of bespoke cabinets, kitchens and closets for clients across the commercial, office and residential sectors. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success. Established in 2005, Acmeko Woodworking has grown steadily since inception thanks to its uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service. The firm provides clients with a team of in-house experts and designers who work diligently to deliver high quality products and services, on schedule, at market competitive prices to its valued clients. The company initially began as a small custom mill work shop, but flourished as it customers’ needs expanded. Acmeko developed and grew to satisfy their changing

requirements, and the firm is now the mill work industry’s best kept secret because of its on being as an integral part of its customer’s success. Putting customers first is central to the firm’s offering, and as such Acmeko’s mission is to its put proficiency, talent and resources to work for its clients. Every member of Acmeko’s team prides themselves on developing and maintaining long-standing, mutually beneficial business relationships. Alongside the firm’s dedication to client service, its product offering is also of vital

importance, and Acmeko’s custom cabinetry, architectural mill work and finishing teams thrive on challenges. The firm have ability and capacity to craft and finish quantities of unique, intricate components for major, high-end architectural mill work projects. From its woodworking facility in Concord Acmeko Woodworking utilizes the full spectrum of available solid woods, veneers and laminates, as well as sophisticated finishing techniques to satisfy the needs of even its most selective and discerning customers. As part of its service offering Acmeko Woodworking incorporates wood, glass, fabric, stone, metal, lighting, graphics and laminate to realize any retail demands, from a unique one-off store design to major multi-market store roll outs involving thousands of fixtures and components. Each of the company’s installations is delivered to the highest possible quality, as well as being on time and within budget to ensure that the project, whether a commercial refurbishment or the rejuvenation of a family home, causes as little hassle to the client as possible and meets their exact needs. Every project is motivated by a passion to deliver the utmost in convenience, practicality, and appeal for the space that is being adapted or customized, without compromise or concession in quality or integrity at any stage of the process. Additionally, due to inherent subtleties in the blueprints of any homes or businesses, as well as the specific needs of the

10 Corporate Vision / Canadian Business Awards 2017

respective family or owner, all Acmeko Woodworking projects are unique in nature. Each project is customized to the individual structure and to the personal desires of the residents/ occupants, and the team will never attempt to install any prebuilt or mass-produced cabinetry into a space for the sake of convenience or time. Every installation is created to the very highest possible standard, with the outcome being exactly tailored to the individual wants and needs of the client. Ultimately, it is the combination of aesthetic beauty and function that marks out each of Acmeko Woodworking’s projects and highlights the level of excellence the firm works to each and every time. By creating stunning cabinets that are both exceptionally beautiful and space saving ensures that clients can have the best of both worlds and enjoy a long lasting product that will meet their needs for many years to come. The firm’s ongoing focus is to continue to provide this high level of service to which it has come to pride itself, whilst at the same time continuing to grow and build upon its current success.

Company: Acmeko Woodworking Inc. Contact: Veaceslav Timbaliuc Contact Email: slava@ Address: 8241 Keele St., Unit 8, Concord, Ontario, L4K 1Z5, Canada Phone: 19055975261 Website:



Best Bakery Flavours & Ingredients Provider Ontario Embassy Flavours Ltd. is an Ontario based manufacturers of quality flavours and bakery ingredients. We profile the firm to find out more. Since its inception in 1979, Embassy Flavours has been combining bakery experience with flavour capabilities to deliver the best flavours and bakery ingredients available. Embassy is one of the only flavour companies to specialize in bakery, with an extensive line of customized ingredients, mixes and bases. Their skilled team of experts pride themselves on providing end-to-end solutions for product development and continuous innovation.

very best quality is provided to clients, the firm’s Quality Assurance team ensures that the highest standards are met by bake-testing every batch of bakery ingredients, and all of its flavours are tested through sensory panel and organoleptic evaluation.

Overall, Embassy Flavours has the knowledgeable team of experts and the capabilities to produce the very best products on the market. Moving forward the firm will continue to position themselves as industry leaders, providing their customers the highest standard of flavours and bakery ingredients, with continuous product innovation at its core.

Company: Embassy Flavours Ltd. Contact: Olga Jovnyruk Contact Email: jovnyruko@ Address: 5 Intermodal Drive, Unit #1, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 5V9, Canada Phone: 19057893200 Website:

Embassy works as an extension of their customers’ R&D Team. To ensure quality and expedited product development the firm has an on-site flavour lab and full bakery test kitchen staffed with certified flavourists, food scientists and bakery specialists. Embassy Flavours formulate, test and manufacture a wide range of flavours and bakery ingredients ensuring that taste, quality and performance are built into every product. The firm takes great pride in addressing its clients’ needs quickly so that they can take advantage of changing food trends and market opportunities as they emerge. Based in Ontario, the firm’s versatile manufacturing plant is BRC level A certified, Nut-Free, Kosher, Halal, Gluten-Free, NonGMO and Organic Certified. In order to ensure that only the




Marketing Company of the Year – Ontario & Best Female Entrepreneur - Ontario Iris Blu is a solution-based 360 marketing agency that answers the needs of its clients from a multi-platform perspective. We invited Co-Founder Anissa Holmes to tell us more. Iris Blu works with its clients, who vary from major retailers to start-ups across the education, financial, automotive and health sectors, to provide a solution to their marketing needs. These solutions can come in any form, whether they be through creative content, digital and technology media, experiential marketing, or even events. Anissa outlines how the firm works to ensure that clients receive the very highest standard of service that exactly meets their needs by leveraging its dedicated and skilled team. “Here at Iris Blu, we are boutique but remain impactful

and innovative, drawing on the experience and expertise of our incredible team. We believe it takes a team to create and execute exceptional products and the successes of our clients is proof of our commitment and dedication to them. “With divisions in marketing and events as well as in event staffing, Iris Blu is, at its core, a relationship focused business. Both my Co-Founder Rachel and I have a strong sense of collaboration and commitment to our clients and that has gone a long way towards our successes and exponential growth in the Canadian marketing industry. We are also empowered by other

female entrepreneurs and ensure we can empower others to follow their passions. “What really sets our firm apart is that we have found the perfect balance between digital and the human component, ensuring success for our clients. Almost all of our campaigns now have a digital component, whether this is for data collect, or even just an attraction piece.” Being based in Canada, the firm finds a number of benefits; the region is both multicultural and inclusive, meaning that there is a great deal of inspiration to draw from.

Looking to the future, Anissa and her team are keen to build upon the firm’s current success and grow even further, ensuring that they remain ahead of the latest market developments in order to continue to meet its clients’ ever evolving needs. “Ultimately, as our business has evolved over the years, we have really become the solution provider. Our clients require an agency that is versatile, agile and adaptable to their KPIs, budgets and overall global initiatives.” “As such, in order to provide our clients with cutting edge services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, over the last 8 months Iris Blu has begun offering our clients digital marketing, creative content and has started including technology as a consistent service. Canadian marketing programs have become far more digital over the last few years and our team diligently works to ensure we stay ahead of that trend and to consistently offer our client new and innovative creative solutions, which will remain our ongoing focus over the coming months and years ahead.”

Company: Iris Blu Ltd. Contact: Anissa Holmes Contact Email: Address: 104-20 Leslie Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 3L4, Canada Phone: 16473518495 Website:

12 Corporate Vision / Canadian Business Awards 2017



Best Manufacturing ERP Consultancy 2017 Pemeco Consulting is a vendor-neutral consulting firm that leads ERP and other enterprise technology-related transformation projects. We caught up with Jonathan Gross – Pemeco’s Managing Director – to find out more about the firm and the range of services it offers. For nearly 40 years, Pemeco has been providing IT assessment, vendor evaluation, implementation project management and ongoing optimization services to a vast array of clients ranging from high-growth start-ups to Fortune-500 multinationals. These clients are typically market leaders; they leverage complex, integrated technologies to both protect and expand their dominant market positions. As such, they seek a forward-thinking consulting partner to help them plan and deliver complex digital transformation projects. Pemeco fills the need through its expertise and market knowledge, which is truly what sets it apart from the competition, as Jonathan outlines. “Fundamentally, here at Pemeco, our implementation pedigree and independence makes us unique. For our advisory practice area, we compete against system selection firms that do not have deep, in-the-trenches implementation expertise. This makes is hard for them to offer anything more than a superficial evaluation. “In contrast to our competitors, we have successfully managed more than 700 major projects spanning more than 120 different enterprise technologies. Our clients tell

us that our implementation expertise is invaluable to their selection projects. They benefit from our practical, hands-on advice about the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions they’re considering. “Within our implementation practice area, our independence, expertise and methodology separate us from our competitors. As vendoragnostic consultants, we’re wellpositioned to give our clients un-conflicted advice. Often, our clients’ interests conflict with those of the technology vendors, particularly in areas that relate to solutions architecture, extensions to base functionality, integrations, customizations and infrastructure. We’re in a unique position to help our clients craft solutions that both respond to their needs and respect the boundaries of the technologies.” Pemeco’s overall mission is to become its clients’ long-term trusted partner through service delivery excellence. To achieve this, the firm needs a strong team. Jonathan discusses his team and how the firm’s internal culture ensures that Pemeco’s clients receive the very best service. “At Pemeco, our culture is best characterized as professional, hard-working and passionate in a laid-back kind-of-way. We’re focussed on hitting client targets and we try to minimize internal politics that might otherwise be a distraction. The first step is to recruit the best-and-bright.

Our consultants come to us from successful careers and projects at market leaders such as Boeing and Sony Electronics. Then, we provide them with the toolkits, technologies and methodologies they need to succeed.” Moving forward, Jonathan is keen to lead Pemeco to further success. The firm is reinvesting in itself to assure its ability to continually deliver innovative services that its clients can rely on to help them dominate their markets. “For example, we’re investing in our sales and service operations to build upon our current momentum. “The sales department has recently welcomed Kim Boyd, BSISE to lead our Business Development and Client Relations functions. Kim gained a wealth of experience at IBM and General Motors and is now focussed on enhancing our business development and solution selling methods. “On the service operations side, we continue to roll out best-practices, performance benchmarks and toolkits that improve our consulting capabilities, ultimately to our clients’ benefit. We run a diversified practice on both sides of the Canada-USA border, and are well positioned to continue our strong growth. As a company, we foresee an exciting future for Pemeco.”


Company: Pemeco Consulting Contact: Jonathan Gross Contact Email: Address: Toronto, Canada Phone: (647)499-8161 Web Address:


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CV Canadian Business Awards 2017