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October 2016

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Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet represents a CEO’s centerpiece role as a hub figure. His leadership has led to technological innovation and global success. Find out why this Pioneer of E-Commerce is CEO of the Year…

18 Steinman & Rodgers LLP The Voice of Anti-Corruption

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Taking the Fight to Cancer

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EDITOR'S NOTE Welcome to the October issue of of Corp America. Over the last 18 months, America has been embroiled in its most contentious Presidential Election in recent memory. Now, with postal votes having been open for months already, and the American people due to take to the booths in less than ten days’ time – at the time of writing this – we have reached a seminal moment in the country’s history. Last month, when we opened the September issue in reflection of the aftermath of the first debate, there was a perceivable insight into the progress of the Presidential race by looking at the performance of the Mexican Peso against the US Dollar; since then, there have been similar perceivable economic fluctuations in tandem with the ebb and flow of the ever-escalating campaign for the White House. In the aftermath, whatever the result, we at Corp America anticipate that the American people will work together to give their country the very best future that they can – collectively, cohesively, calmly. As a demonstration of these chief American virtues, this month’s issue explores the most prominent case examples of industry leaders and professionals providing meaningful leadership. Among the most prominent business leaders dedicated to further strengthening their position in America and beyond are charismatic personalities such as Andy Khawaja, the self-made CEO of Allied Wallet, whose work in the FinTech industry has established him as a major player in this evolving industry. Having achieved significant penetration in local markets worldwide, he is eager to capitalise and demonstrate his company’s productive and supportive work culture. America’s corporations further continue to demonstrate incredible innovative potential, as well as a determined willingness to cooperate with international commercial partners. In particular, there is tremendous buzz among biopharmaceutical circles as new, groundbreaking treatments yield increasingly promising potential. Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc., for instance, is forging ahead on marketing its experimental Ampligen drug, and hopes to transform the way that infectious diseases, immune dysfunctions and cancers are treated; meanwhile, United BioMedical’s work in immunotherapeutics and vaccines establish it as a major player in the effort to tackle chronic and infectious diseases. Continually evolving technologies are providing a catalyst for further exploration and implementation of creative ideas; the sense of spirited competition has not been felt so keenly for several years in America. With the efforts of dedicated teams of employees, effective leaders and a steadily growing sense of optimism among domestic markets, America stands to benefit enormously from the efforts of corporations continually searching for new niches - developing products and delivering services that make America’s corporate element such a vibrant membrane, worthy of deep examination. Please enjoy the contents of this month’s issue of Corp America. Contact the Editor: George Millar 001 212 618 1855
































investment ww


This is a landmark year for Democracy Federal Credit Union (FCU). Having received its charter on May 26 1936, just two years after the passage of the Federal Credit Union Act, the firm is now celebrating 80 years of service, and has come to represent a byword for responsibility. Unlike banks that make profits off their customers to pay their shareholders, Democracy’s profits are returned to its members in the form of no- and low-fee products and services and competitive interest rates in accordance with a credit union, governed by a Board of Directors comprised of members.

Company: Democracy Federal Credit Union (FCU) Name: Kathy Geary Web Address: Address: 400 N. Columbus Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, USA



he 1936 charter was originally issued in the name of Social Security Employees Federal Credit Union. The name was changed to FSA Employees Federal Credit Union in 1946, and again to HEW Employees Federal Credit Union in 1955. In March 1984, ‘Employees’ was deleted and the company’s views on its staff as partners and members became more and more prevalent; the name was changed accordingly to HEW Federal Credit Union. After a further three decades of growth, recognizing its democratic structure and principles, and honouring its commitment to its growing family of members, the firm became Democracy Federal Credit Union on January 1, 2015.


Membership eligibility was initially limited to employees of the Social Security Board in Washington, D.C. and their immediate families. Numerous government reorganizations and subsequent amendments to the company charter over the years have brought the Credit Union to its current position, serving the employees of the Departments of Health and Human Services (formerly Health, Education & Welfare), Department of Education and employees of other agencies and their families. Democracy FCU also serves people in many underserved areas of the Washington metro area.

management options designed to help secure their futures, Democracy FCU offers comprehensive banking services delivered through nationwide credit union service centers, shared branches and surchargefree ATMs. Typically, Credit Unions offer consumers an alternative to stockholder-owned banks and other for profit financial services institutions. Democracy FCU, though, is owned by the devoted members that have deposited funds into the Credit Union. As a not-for-profit financial services cooperative, they remain steadfast in their goal to exist purely as a means of helping their members to succeed financially. This is why its earnings are used to offer lower loan rates to members, as well as competitive investment rates and financial education, and to create a staff that is committed to service. Democracy Federal Credit Union is committed to providing members with the products, services and guidance needed to meet their financial goals. It is considered a vital component to their success that they retain and develop their ability to gain the trust and confidence of their members, which they accomplish by providing competent,

Today, Democracy FCU operates out of four offices – in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Skyline Branch, Virginia, and Maryland – in addition to their Executive Offices in Alexandria, Virginia, which is home to the company’s member services, credit card, lending, accounting and marketing departments.

caring services, and exceeding expectations in demonstrating commitment to members’ financial success. Financial education comes to Democracy FCU’s members, and to members of the community, through one-on-one counselling efforts, seminars and financial education programs geared to youth as well as adults. What really aids them in building this outreach program is the recognition and valuing of demographic diversity in their staff as well as in volunteers; this keeps the company striving to bring people of diverse backgrounds and experiences into leadership and other roles at the credit union. For the last 80 years, Democracy Federal Credit Union has been working to build and strengthen a unique credit union movement by providing financial and in-kind resources to others within the credit union community, and by actively advocating the credit union difference at all levels of the government and in other appropriate public forums. This commitment to the Credit Union Movement and other cooperative activities binds the company intimately in with the communities that it serves.

CEO 100 – Virginia

The steady growth of Democracy FCU over the last 80 years has been highly notable in the corporate tiers of the USA. It is highly interesting to note that it took 36 years for the Credit Union to reach its first $10 million in assets and a membership of 12,000. Just 14 years later, though, when the Credit Union celebrated its 50th birthday 1986, the firm’s assets had jumped to $39 million reflecting an increase of nearly 300% with membership at 26,000. In 2001, Democracy FCU surpassed the $100 million mark in assets. Today, the Virginia-based company’s primary goal is to help our member achieve their financial goals by offering affordable products and services, providing an alternative to Big Banks and protecting our members from predatory lenders. Striving to educate its members on financial


investment w

EQ INSIGHT: WHAT DOES THE US ELECTION MEAN FOR INVESTORS? The US presidential race has already offered plenty of surprises with the remarkable rise of Donald Trump to Republican nominee and Hilary Clinton struck down with pneumonia. With the elections taking place in November, this paper discusses the stated policy intentions of the respective candidates, what it could mean for markets, and ultimately the impact on your financial wealth.

john dory /

US ECONOMY The US economy has seen the strongest recovery in the developed world since the global financial crisis of 2008. In recent years, the services sector has been strong, unemployment has fallen and house prices have risen. But the US economy remains unbalanced. Manufacturing has lagged services, hurt by the strong dollar and weak oil & gas industry and, while there are signs that it may be building, headline inflation remains elusive. Consequently, the Fed has only been able to raise interest rates by 0.25 per cent, leaving little room for manoeuvre if the economy does weaken. CLINTON VS. TRUMP: CONTRASTING VIEWS US Congress, which is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate,

is responsible for passing laws and the budget. Consequently, if the new President does not have the support of Congress, it will be very difficult to make significant changes. Currently, the Republicans have control of both the House and the Senate. However, 34 Senate seats are up for re-election, 20 of which are Republican. The Democrats only need to win five more seats to gain control of the Senate so a Democrat victory is very possible. The outcome of this vote will have a significant impact on how much control in changing policy will be at the disposal of the new President. Despite the possibility of political deadlock, it is useful to look at what could change if either candidate is able to enact their intended policy.


Fiscal Package Clinton: Plans to spend $275bn on infrastructure, fully financed over ten years by increased taxation focused on those with incomes in excess of $1 million and corporates. This is fiscally neutral overall but front loaded so is likely to initially act as a stimulus. Her focuses include internet connectivity, road and bridge repairs and public transport expansion. Trump: Fiscal stimulus through tax cuts, both personal and corporate, and increased infrastructure spending. Corporate tax could be cut to a max of 15% presenting an attractive opportunity for US corporates to repatriate foreign earnings. Infrastructure spending would focus on defense, energy and construction.

investment Our verdict: Both candidates support fiscal stimulus so construction and industrials look to benefit in both cases. Energy Clinton: Move towards green energy and away from fossil fuels. She wants to support the solar industry by increasing current installed capacity of solar panels by $0.5bn, around 700%, by 2020. Trump: Overtly pro-energy. Trump plans to relax rules on carbon emissions and reduce red tape on fracking. This would provide a boost to the oil, gas and coal industries. Our verdict: The outcomes from the Clinton/ Trump election couldn’t be further apart. A Clinton victory would be favorable for green energy and bad for the oil, gas and coal industries, whilst a Trump victory would be the opposite. Healthcare Clinton: Likes Obamacare and wants to expand Medicare and Medicaid. In addition, she plans to reduce drug prices. A Clinton election would be positive for hospitals, who have profited handsomely from Obamacare, but negative for biotech and pharmaceutical firms who may be forced to sell drugs at lower prices. Trump: Plans to repeal Obamacare, which would damage hospital profits. Interestingly, Trump does not take a pro-pharmaceuticals stance. Like Clinton, he supports allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies and also wants to allow cheaper pharmaceuticals manufactured abroad to be sold in the US. Our verdict: Both parties look set to take battle against pharmaceutical companies. However, this goes against the standard Republican Party view so, irrespective of who wins, health legislation may still face challenges if Congress is Republican. Trade Clinton: Has publicly stated that she is opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and would renegotiate parts of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Trump: Also opposes the TPP and would renegotiate NAFTA. He could impose tariffs on Mexico and China (which account for 35% of imported goods). Trade restrictions could have a temporary negative impact on sentiment and increase inflation. Our verdict: This is an unusual election race in that both candidates are at odds with the White House on the subject of globalisation. Clinton and Trump both oppose the TPP. Asian manufacturing countries involved in the deal like Malaysia and Vietnam are the obvious losers if it opposed. However, countries not involved in the deal like South Korea and Thailand alongside US manufacturers are likely to benefit.

LATEST POLLING In the first week of polling, directly after each party’s candidate was officially named, Clinton enjoyed a comfortable lead with momentum on her side. Over recent months, momentum has swung back and forth with Clinton clinging to a narrow lead in recent polls. Following the first TV debate the media consensus is that Clinton prevailed, with Trump looking unprepared and losing his cool. However, it’s also clear that the US electorate aren’t judging him by traditional standards. There has been a rise of populist sentiment and widespread frustration that establishment politicians have over-promised and under-delivered for too long. This makes the debate far less about the detail of policy, and the outcome much more difficult to predict. With less than two months to go, it’s all to play for in the race for the White House. MARKET IMPLICATIONS If there’s one thing markets hate, its uncertainty. US Equities: We favour domestic-focused funds due to probable infrastructure spend and both candidates’ negative views on globalisation. Initially, markets may react more positively to a Clinton administration as it is deemed to be a continuation of the status quo. In the medium term, however, a Trump win could be initially positive for equities due to lower corporate tax and a GDP boost from his proposed stimulus package. We expect that this would likely fade as excessive stimulus creates overcapacity and inflation, requiring fiscal and monetary tightening, and the effects of deportation on the workforce become apparent. Fixed Income: Likely to be negative for government bonds due to increased issuance and widening fiscal deficit. This is contingent on either candidate being able to enact their proposed fiscal plans which is only likely if we have a united President and Congress. High yield could initially benefit from a Trump victory due to the high concentration of energy issuers and Trump’s pro-oil stance. HOW WE ARE POSITIONING PORTFOLIOS While we cannot predict the outcome of the election, we have contingency plans in place: Winner: Hilary Clinton We believe this would result in a continuation of the status quo, so our current long term views will remain unchanged. In addition, the market is unlikely to have a major reaction to this event in the short term, so we do not anticipate an attractive buying opportunity. As a result we do not expect to change our current US equity position.


Winner: Donald Trump We believe markets will react negatively in the immediate aftermath. However, given the structure of the US political system, Trump is likely to find it very difficult to make significant changes even if he is elected President. Consequently, we will take advantage of any market dip to deploy cash. CONCLUSION As the battle for the White House approaches its final few months and the rhetoric is cranked up, some market volatility is to be expected. As ever, the best way to prepared for this is to take a long term view and stay focused on the big picture. In this two horse race, and especially reflecting on the UK’s own recent referendum result, a Trump victory should not be discounted or even considered a huge surprise. Which candidate is better for the markets? A Trump presidency will likely leave financial markets scrambling to separate his campaign catchphrases from his actual policy. As a result, a Clinton presidency may be more palatable to markets – the first time that has been said of a Democrat over a Republican in decades. Please remember that past performance is not a guide to future returns. The value of investments and income derived from them can fall as well as rise, and investors may get back lass than they originally invested. This communication has been drafted solely to keep investors informed. It does not constitute a personal recommendation in any way whatsoever. You should contact EQ Investors Limited (“EQ”) for individual advice to establish the suitability of any subjects mentioned in connection with your own circumstances. This document should not be relied upon: it may contain opinions that represent our assessment and interpretation of information with which we have been provided. No representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is given as to its accuracy or completeness. EQ Investors Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales at 6th Floor, 60 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0HR. Company number 07223330. Conatct: EQ Investors 020 7488 7110 enquiries@eqinvestors. Centennium House, 100 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6DL.



JAYNE JENKINS: THE PERKS OF CLIFTON STRENGTHSFINDERÂŽ Churchill Leadership Group Inc., which has been in existence for five years, is an organization that caters to companies that are based in America but also have offices throughout the world. Jayne Jenkins, a veteran of the corporate world herself, heads up their efforts to serve clients on a global level, as both CEO and an Executive Coach. The Churchill Leadership Group has over 70 coaches, all who have extensive experience in corporate leadership and whose job it is to deliver three solutions to the corporate and government world: leadership development, team effectiveness, and employee engagement.

Company: Churchill Leadership Group Inc. Name: Jayne Jenkins Email: Web Address: Address: 9817 Bay Island, Suite 100, Tampa, Florida 33615, USA Telephone: 001 813-956-3445



ver the course of Jayne’s career, she has observed that new technologies and research allow her and her colleagues to take a more dynamic and effective client approach to their work, in a way that would not have been possible decades ago. One area that Churchill Leadership Group Inc. differentiates itself is to accelerate all developmental programs by leveraging a leader’s (or team’s) natural talent. To do that Churchill Leadership Group Inc. relies on the research and tools of Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder.


For decades, the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment has helped people to excel – from top business executives and government leaders, to sales people, nurses, teachers, students and community leaders. Over fifteen million people have realized the benefits of leading with their strengths; none more so than Jayne Jenkins. Having recently returned from the UK, where she lead multiple Clifton StrengthsFinder®. Discovery sessions, Jayne describes the value of a strengths accelerated approach to professional development as such: “to increase employee engagement, productivity and profitability of a leader, team, business unit or organization.” Jayne recollects how she was introduced to the value of Clifton StrengthsFinder® about 12 years ago by a corporate colleague, and recalls her immediate attraction to its advantages. “I was fascinated by how much everyone loved it, and in particular how leaders and their teams wanted to continue applying it long after the initial workshop I facilitated.” The numbers speak for themselves:

People who use their strengths every day are 6x more likely to be engaged on the job. It comes as no surprise that employees are at their best when they are able to use their talents, abilities and traits at which they naturally excel. Empowering people to discover and develop their strengths is seen as the best way to position them to do what they do best on a daily basis. Additionally, beyond an individual standpoint:

Teams that focus upon strengths every day enjoy, on average, 12.5% greater productivity.

Receiving strength feedback can allow teams to increase profitability by almost 9%.

Jayne goes on to describe the structure of the assessment: “It lays out a participant’s top five talent theme’s in a way that speaks to their values. Each is described as a single-word headline – which we refer to as Themes – such as ‘Futuristic’, ‘Achiever’, or ‘Communication’. The rest of the results details the way in which that Theme is useful to you and to others. The “themes” language provides Churchill Leadership Group Inc. clients a common language that we help them use to increase employee engagement, maximize talent and develop leadership skills according to the unique individual and team(s).” As an example of this in action, Jayne provides her own Clifton StrengthsFinder® Top 5 results: Maximizer, Strategic, Futuristic, Arranger, and Connectedness. In fact, Jayne uses her top 10 every day. In further detail on the Strategic Theme, Jayne’s breakdown of this trait is as follows: “Strategic - People who are especially talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. “Strategic for Jayne means: “It’s very likely that you are known for your ease with language. This ability serves you well when you need to talk with newcomers or outsiders. Your vocabulary probably allows you to tell stories or express your ideas with great clarity. Because of your strengths, you normally find just the right words at the right moment to express whatever you are thinking and feeling. Many people are likely to appreciate your fine speaking abilities. You can present your ideas in a reasonable, sequential, and methodical way…. Perhaps you can identify certain recurring configurations in the behaviour of people, the functioning of processes, or the emergence of potential problems.” The Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment tool has demonstrated its widespread application across corporate markets, a testimony to its usefulness. As Jayne describes, “eBay, PayPal, Vistage, Sodexo, EA Sports, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, Medtronic, AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb and Cardinal Health are just some of Churchill Leadership Group Inc.’s clients who have benefitted from our Clifton StrengthsFinder® programs around the globe.” As the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment


focuses on the untapped potential in leaders and teams, it makes use of this highly popular assessment tool to highlight the traits and skills that a participant possesses. Jayne, as an Executive Coach, works alongside her team of industry experts at Churchill Leadership Group Inc. to help clients “to appreciate what is right with them, as well as peers and team, and to learn how to use this newly discovered talent on a daily basis.”

“People come to Churchill Leadership Group Inc. for different reasons – they all have problems to solve and that is what we help them do! Some are looking for ways to help their team to bond, to be more productive, others want greater employee engagement, some want their leaders to be more effective so that can achieve challenging goals and retain talent.” “Our initial Clifton StrengthsFinder® course is a “Discovery” workshop; before that we often bring the team together for a live webinar a couple of weeks before the actual workshop. During which, we discuss the purpose, we focus on “What’s in it for me” and hear the perspective of the team leader. Then we will take them through the business case for strengths, before moving on to discuss next steps; this is when we will provide details of the assessment, which they do online - it takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. Results are instant and participants can review a number of highly insightful reports with clear action to immediately leverage their talent. We also provide them the StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book.” As Jayne describes, follow-on sessions to the Discovery workshop include: 1. Strengths Accelerated Team Effectiveness 2. Strengths Accelerated Leadership Development 3. Strengths Accelerated Great Coaching – helping leaders become great coaches to develop team talent 4. Strengths Accelerated Sales Performance 5. Investing in Your Talent to Accelerate Your Professional Growth 6. Strengths Accelerated Team Engagement Using Q12 7. Discover and Leverage Your Full 34 talents 8. Strengths Accelerated 1 on 1 or Group Coaching


Jayne goes on to describe the positive impact that Churchill has made through combining their leadership development and Clifton StrengthsFinder expertise. “We emphasize Clifton StrengthsFinder® is a developmental tool and that we grow most in areas where we possess natural talent. We provide simple, effective methodologies of how leaders and teams can use StrengthsFinder® in their personal development strategies and to have an immediate greater impact. We use case studies, experiential exercises and tools to show how our talents can be put to work. We also go beyond our use of them at work, with a focus on how leading a strengths-accelerated life helps us in all areas of our success. This is appealing to all generations on a team, as Jayne describes, and especially to the ‘millennial’ generation”.

professional development or career growth opportunities are very important to them in a job. Millennials want a purposeful life, active community and social ties, and financial stability.” To Jayne, the path to this starts with a firm understanding of what useful talents he or she possess, and what is the best direction for them to move forward.

Millennials are a notably large and diverse group, so it would be a mistake to homogenize them. Yet millennials have common characteristics that can inform a more complete understanding of their behaviours and attitudes. In the course of its research, Gallup has found that four themes collectively describe millennials: unattached, connected, unconstrained and idealistic.

There are still a great many people that will do the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment and take it no further (it is simply a fun moment in time but doesn’t affect performance).

Gallup* has found that “Millennials are a largely optimistic group, and they believe that life and work should be worthwhile and have meaning. They want to learn and grow. A full 87 per cent of millennials say

This aligns well with the core objective of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment – to foster strengths, the “unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. People use these innate traits and abilities in their daily lives to complete their work, to relate with others, and to achieve their goals. But most people don’t know what their strengths are or have the opportunity to use them to their advantage.”

That is where Churchill Leadership Group Inc. comes in. “All of our Churchill workshops are highly engaging, experiential and practical,” Jayne says. “Participants walk away with practical tools and ideas to use their Strengths daily straight away, leading to great quick wins and sustainable positive change.” “Another challenge that we have found is the fact that some people will work with a facilitator


who is not a certified Clifton StrengthsFinder® professional or has little experience.” We are proud of our experience and expertise – we have some of the best Clifton StrengthsFinder® coaches in the world and our calibre of clients I think speaks to that. Jayne refers to eBay, PayPal, Cardinal Health and Coca Cola. Churchill Leadership Group Inc.’s coaches are all certified, and each possesses a wealth of experiences in Clifton StrengthsFinder® and its application to leadership performance, team effectiveness, employee engagement, and even sales. For Jayne, Churchill’s objectives remain the same as ever – to provide meaningful, engaging leadership and team development through assessments, coaching and workshop to an ever-expanding pool of corporate leaders. “More and more people want more meaning from their work – a greater sense of purpose rather than just a job that pays the bills,” Jayne concludes. “The growing millennial population demand an even higher sense of purpose than other generations. When we are able to understand our authentic talent, and can apply it in a way that is more productive and allows us to witness the best of us on a daily basis, then our sense of purpose dramatically increases.” * signifies a reference to a study. millennials-work-life.aspx


Richard Tyler and the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets to Improving Your Health, Wealth and Lifestyle Through Their Explosive Techniques

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THE GUIDING HAND IN ANTICORRUPTION COMPLIANCE Steinman & Rodgers LLP is an internationally-recognized boutique law firm specializing in cross-border anticorruption matters, particularly the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”). With almost five decades of combined experience in anticorruption work, S&R helps leading multinational companies navigate the world’s most challenging markets while steering clear of costly FCPA violations.

Company: Steinman & Rodgers LLP Name: Brooke D. Rodgers Email: Web Address: Address: 5630 Connecticut Ave NW, Second Floor Washington, DC 20015 Telephone: (202)558-9360



CPA compliance has never been more important. In the last year, the U.S. government doubled the number of FCPA prosecutors, and the FBI more than quadrupled the number of agents focused on international corruption. FCPA fines and penalties imposed in 2016 thus far have already surpassed $1 billion, making it a record-setting year. To avoid FCPA violations without jeopardizing commercial operations, multinational companies require seasoned experts to help develop and maintain compliant business development mechanisms, internal procedures, and cross-border relationships. “S&R does not merely dabble in anticorruption – it’s all we do.”


In contrast to most leading anticorruption practices, S&R is dedicated primarily to compliance counselling, helping clients avoid violations altogether. Rather than stepping in to investigate crises or in response to problems on an episodic basis, S&R’s attorneys support our clients on a regular, on-going basis. We are architects of compliance infrastructure, builders of bespoke processes, and preservers of reputation. Clients engage S&R to support, maintain, and improve their compliance operations and efficiency, to conduct risk assessments of their international operations, and to devise legitimate routes to market and contractual mechanisms in risky territories and challenging markets. As a boutique, S&R has a unique capability to be nimble, responsive, creative, efficient, and cost effective. As trusted business advisors, S&R’s lawyers help clients avoid corruptionrelated violations while achieving their business goals. S&R’s focus on compliance, rather than on investigations, allows the firm to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with clients, getting to know their legal and business teams, their products and services, their individual risk tolerances, and their core values. Consequently, neither S&R’s team nor our clients face a learning curve when issues arise. Never treating anticorruption compliance as an academic exercise, we know that companies must balance their compliance obligations with the need to get business done. We don’t believe that compliance means saying “no” to all risks. Rather, we consider ourselves business lawyers – that means helping our clients navigate compliance challenges and develop sound responses to those challenges in order to fulfil their broader business goals.

The Best Boutique Law Firms Washington

S&R’s lawyers were seasoned in some of the significantly larger law firms that dominate its market, but our status as a boutique allows us to provide our expertise at extremely competitive rates and the flexibility to offer alternative billing arrangements, particularly including fixed fees and retainers. These competitive rates and billing mechanisms boost clients’ ability derive value from their legal and compliance budgets and enhance budget predictability. The combination of our expertise, our highvalue service, our focus on understanding both business and compliance needs, and our adaptability to fulfil clients’ unique needs has allowed us to cultivate a client list that would typically be associated with a mega-firm. Our clients include four of the ten largest U.S. defense contractors, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft, the global leading lessor of rail cars, a top five U.K. defense company, the distiller of one of America’s most iconic whiskeys, and one of the largest hedge funds in the United States. In addition to being one of the nation’s leading anticorruption practices, Steinman & Rodgers is dedicated to promoting the success of women in the legal profession. The firm itself was the vision of our managing partner and majority owner, Brooke Rodgers. Ms. Rodgers set out to establish a firm that would not only be


a leading FCPA practice but also a place where female practitioners flourish and enjoy opportunities that they often cannot find elsewhere in the legal profession. Ms. Rodgers’ intention and the core values she shaped at Steinman & Rodgers are conclusive evidence that a firm can be recognized as expert in its field, represent leading clients, and also be committed to promoting the careers of women. “We have demonstrated that a firm does not have to compromise on any of these goals, but instead, can accomplish all three simultaneously. Our commitment to gender equality, and the fact that the majority of our attorneys are women, help our clients satisfy the American Bar Association’s Resolution 113, which encourages companies to consider diversity when engaging outside counsel.” S&R enjoys a number of distinctions, including being recognized in several publications as one of nation’s leading boutique law firms. The firm was named by ACQ as International Anti-Corruption Law Firm of the Year in 2016. Bill Steinman has served as a board member of TRACE International, has been as a delegate to the World Justice Forum, and is a contributing editor to the FCPA Blog. Ms. Rodgers was named in ACQ’s annual Global Awards as Regulatory Lawyer of the Year for both 2015 and 2016, and her work has been recognized by the international organization, Women in Compliance.




Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. is a specialty biotech with unique technology platforms for treatment of seriously debilitating disorders. Hemispherx Biopharma is seeking commercial partners to advance drugs for immuno-oncology, infectious disease and immune dysfunction. Biotech Bounce Back

Company: Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. Name: Thomas K. Equels, CEO Email: Web Address: Address: 1617 JFK Blvd., Suite 500, Philadelphia PA 19103 Telephone: +1 215-988-0080



rug discovery today is based on understanding the power of unique technologies combined with an enhanced understanding of the human response systems. Hemispherx Biopharma (NYSE MKT: HEB) is set for today’s biotech bounce back as the pharma industry aims at effective therapies tailored specifically to the populations who will respond best to them while avoiding unnecessary exposure to other potentially toxic therapies.


Hemispherx’s flagship products include the experimental therapeutics Ampligen® and Alferon® LDO, as well as the commercially approved product, Alferon N Injection®. These drug platforms are designed to modulate the immune system, functioning as activators of the immune response with pluripotent activity. They have the potential to target large unmet medical needs in infectious disease, immune dysfunction and cancer. The Advantages of a Selective TLR The experimental drug Ampligen (rintatolimod) is a synthetic double-stranded ribonucleic acid (dsRNA) that is a selective TLR3 agonist that stimulates adaptive and innate immune response that minimize systemic cytokine responses. Ampligen is a new class of specifically configured dsRNA. TLR3 is a specific intracellular signalling system that responds to dsRNA produced during viral infections. Humans possess ten Toll-like Receptors (TLRs), which provide initial inhibitory responses for invading micro-organisms (innate immunity). TLRs recognize structural patterns within microbes and respond by transiently activating hundreds of genes, producing a variety of biological responses. Over the last decade, toxicities associated with TLR technology have been seen as a barrier in drug development. TLR3, however, has a unique cytoplasmic signalling system that provides it with specific drug development advantages. All other TLRs utilize a pro-inflammatory signalling system that utilizes the MyD88 cytoplasmic signalling mediator. TLR3 uses the TRIF mediated pathway. The TRIF pathway, moreover, has acute toxicity responses that are species specific with primates demonstrating the lowest toxicity. Ampligen (rintatolimod) is a specifically configured TLR3 agonist, which minimizes systemic inflammatory cytokine induction. Crucially, unlike more promiscuous TLR3 agonists, Ampligen is a selective TLR3 agonist, which does not activate the pro-inflammatory cytosolic dsRNA helicases (RIG-l and MDA5).

Ampligen has been generally well-tolerated in controlled human clinical trials believed to be, at least in part, due to the selectivity of TLR3 activation. One of the largest growing arenas in cancer treatment today are PD-1 inhibitors. Although highly effective in a minority of cancer patients, the majority are not benefitted by this new drug class which are associated with significant treatment toxicities. There is a race to find drug combinations to improve the effectiveness of these PD-1 inhibitors. In initial studies, TLR3 activation in combination with checkpoint inhibitors (anti-PD-1 / PDL1), has shown synergy in mouse models. Ampligen has demonstrated synergistic ability to improve reduction in cancer tumor size in mouse models. Pawel Kalinski, MD at the University of Pittsburgh has demonstrated in humans apparent effects of Ampligen to model the tumor microenvironment that favors immune attack, which is currently a focus of scientific attention in immune-oncology. In addition to its apparent remodelling of the tumor microenvironment, Ampligen activates immature dendritic cells essential to an effective immune response and can be considered an “immune driver”. The market growth of checkpoint inhibitors is expected to exceed $16 billion. Early studies in cancer treatment have demonstrated that Ampligen has significant clinical activity against renal cell carcinoma and melanoma. According to CEO Thomas Equels, M.S., J.D., “We believe Ampligen is especially well-positioned for possible use in combination with other drugs in the immunooncology space due to its activity as a driver of the immune response and has been generally well-tolerated, even in long-term human administration. Ampligen has been granted orphan drug status by the FDA in both renal cell carcinoma and melanoma.” Mr. Equels previously served as General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer at Hemispherx Biopharma in addition to serving as a Director since 2008. After becoming President, Mr. Equels was named Chief Executive Officer in February 2016, and brings to the table extensive experience in international business, contracts, intellectual property, trade secrets, sales and distribution of goods, and collaborative counsel. Product Launch with Right Commercial Partner Ampligen is currently being developed for the treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), a serious chronic disease. Hemispherx’s focus is on


the severe and disabling form of ME/CFS. Hemispherx has completed Phase II/III trials with Ampligen and is currently in discussions with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the design of a confirmatory phase III study. Ampligen is the only drug targeted specifically for ME/CFS and Hemispherx believes it is the only late stage drug in the pipeline. Ampligen has been granted orphan drug status for the CFS indication. Equels noted,

“We are very interested in finding a commercial partner who has the expertise to commercialize this product. Because no other drug targeted for CFS has advanced as far as Ampligen, once approved for commercial sales, we believe that there may be no competitive therapies.” Having secured patent protection for Ampligen (rintatolimod) through 2029, Hemispherx announced in August 2016 that it had received approval of its New Drug Application (NDA) from Administracion Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnologia Medica (ANMAT) for commercial sale of the drug in the Argentine Republic, where it is poised to make a significant impact in the treatment of severe CFS. In addition, Hemispherx is working to expand the approval of rintatolimod to additional countries, with a focus on Latin America, with the marketing assistance of their commercial partner in the region, GP Pharm. This approval for commercial sale in Argentina provides Hemispherx with a major platform from which to launch future potential commercial sales in certain countries within the European Union, under regulations that support crossborder pharmaceutical sales of licensed drugs. In Europe, approval in a country with a stringent regulatory process in place, such as Argentina, adds further validation for the product as the Early Access Program (EAP) is launched in Europe. The Company believes that rintatolimod, a new class of macromolecular dsRNA drug, is the first drug to receive approval for this indication anywhere in the world. Tackling Dangerous Infectious Diseases In an experiment using Ampligen, conducted by the independent US Government facility, USAMRID, rodents were challenged with the Ebola virus and showed potential efficacy as an early-onset therapeutic or potential prophylactic. In this experiment, all of the


rodents infected with Ebola virus, but not treated with Ampligen, died. However, in the low dose Ampligen group, there was 100% survival with no Ebola related weight loss. These results indicate a high level of bioactivity in this experimental setting. Similar bioactivity has been seen in a number of other animal model experiments with other viruses that are highly lethal, such as Venezuelan equine encephalitis and the SARS virus. Hemispherx believes that Ampligen may have utility against a variety of emerging viruses with lethal pandemic potential. Another component of the Ampligen portfolio is as an immune driver for viral vaccines, such as influenza. Extensive studies on influenza conducted at the Japanese National Institute of Infectious Diseases by Dr. Hideki Hasegawa on seasonal and highly pathogenic (birds and humans) avian H5N1 influenza virus demonstrated sterilizing immunity in mucosal vaccine models. These studies provided protection against death against viral challenge with H5N1 including animals vaccinated with the routine seasonal influenza vaccine. These studies provided significant evidence for the phenomenon of epitope spreading since the experimental mice had never been exposed to H5N1. More recent experiments in humans using a seasonal influenza vaccine and Ampligen in a mucosal application induced antibodies against H5N1 and H7N9 influenza viruses (both highly pathogenic in humans with pandemic potential) extending apparent Ampligen induced epitope spreading to humans. Based on Professor Hasegawa’s experimental work, Hemispherx has designed a formulation of Ampligen for nasal administration, as a potential immune driver for vaccines. Based on these important results in influenza, Hemispherx believes that similar results might be achievable as a vaccine enhancer for other human viruses in which clade variation may pose universal protection barriers such as Ebola and Zika. Natural Interferon Alferon N is a multi-species, highly purified natural interferon derived from pooled units of human leukocytes. Similar to recombinant interferons, it has potent immunomodulatory, as well as direct antiviral effects, enhancing various components of the immune response and activating cytotoxic cells. Unlike recombinant interferon, natural interferon does not generate neutralizing antibodies, and has greater specific activity (potency) and fewer adverse events. The recombinant interferons (r-IFN) are limited in their clinical activity by the occurrence of neutralizing antibodies during treatment that inactivate their pharmaceutical activity in a

large variety of approved indications. In a recent review of the field, natural interferon (n-IFN) was not associated with the generation of neutralizing IFN antibodies. The Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research reported that patients who became refractory to r-IFN, when switched to a natural interferon were restored to approximately 82% clinical effectiveness. Re-examining the efficacy of natural interferon in recombinant IFN treatment failures opens a wide range of therapeutic targets. Alferon N is approved in Argentina for patients failing r-IFN. Hemispherx’s product Alferon N is an approved FDA product for adults with reoccurring/ refractory HPV (genital warts), which is the most common sexually transmitted disease. The pivotal study showed that 54% of Alferon N treated patients had a complete response of all treated warts. Genital warts are a source of physical discomfort, including pain, bleeding and itching, and a source of psychosocial distress. The high recurrence rate contributes to higher medical costs. Hemispherx is seeking a manufacturing partner for this $92 million opportunity. Hemispherx owns and operates a 43,000-square-foot GMP facility in New Brunswick, New Jersey, which was recently enhanced with an $8 million upgrade, including installation of a state-of-the-art bioreactor process. Having recently been completed, the facility is in its final stages to start validation, and is being readied for an FDA Pre-Approval Inspection. For strategic objectives for 2016, what do you mean by looking for licensing opportunities, and can you talk about any changes to your business model? Mr. Equels: “Hemispherx’s new management team is seeking partners to help commercialize its assets. We believe the best way for Hemispherx to bring these technologies to market is to create partnerships and collaborations accessing value added science, regulatory and commercial experience. Already, Hemispherx has entered into an agreement with Avrio Biopharmaceuticals as an additional CMO for the manufacture of Ampligen.” What do you want a potential investor in Hemispherx Biopharma to know as it makes a Biotech Bounce Back? Mr. Equels: “Our products range from late stage in the pipeline, to the growing immuneoncology space and addressing global threats. Both of our products are unique drug platforms that augment the body’s natural defenses used to protect us against cancers and viral diseases. We are going to accelerate the process, in part, by acquiring partners to accomplish these goals.”



Thomas K. Equels, Hemispherx Biopharma CEO, and Dr. William M. Mitchell, independent member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board, discuss the company’s achievements at the New York Stock Exchange.



DR CHANG YI WANG: AHEAD OF THE CURVE ON IMMUNOLOGY United BioMedical (UBI) is a privately-held multinational biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of immunotherapeutics and vaccines for chronic and infectious diseases. We profile Co-Founder and CEO of the firm’s Asian company Dr Chang Yi Wang, exploring how she has helped lead the firm to the success it is today.

CEO 100: New York

Company: United BioMedical Address: United Biomedical, Inc., 25 Davids Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788 Phone: 631.273.2828 Fax: 631.273.1717 Email:



BI’s product pipeline is filled with a new line of synthetic peptide-based biologicals for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, AIDS, and Allergy, along with a portfolio of animal health diseases, highlighting the firm’s dedication to supporting patients. These products are based on our proprietary designer peptides, vaccine formulation systems, and methods to manufacture therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. The firm’s platform technologies are also being used to develop a line of biosimilar versions of widely used protein and antibody drugs whose patents are about to expire.


UBI’s proprietary designer peptide technology has been used to produce a line of blood screening diagnostics and the first successfully commercialized synthetic peptide vaccine. Additional revenue streams are generated from pharmaceutical contract manufacturing by the firm’s subsidiary UBI-Asia and various sponsorships in product development. UBI-Asia’s CEO Dr Chang Yi Wang has been a Chairperson on the firm’s Board of Directors since 1998, and is now the Chairperson and CEO of UBI-Asia. Dr. Wang is the principal inventor of over 80 of UBI’s issued patents and patent applications. Under her direction, the UBITh platform technology was developed. She has published more than 120 peer reviewed scientific papers and has been invited to give plenary lectures in the areas of immunology, vaccination, immunotherapeutics and infectious diseases. She also serves on the US NIH scientific review committee for the “Cooperative Research Partnerships for BioDefense” funding program and the SBIR Immunobiology and Allergy funding program. In 2007 Dr. Wang received the Inventor of the Year Award from the New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYPLA). From 1981 to 1985, Dr. Wang was a principal investigator and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and a faculty member of the Department of Immunology, Sloan-Kettering Division, Cornell University Medical School. Dr. Wang received her B.S. degree in Chemistry from National Taiwan University and her Ph.D.

degree in Immunology and Biochemistry from The Rockefeller University, New York. Dr. Wang has been a pioneer in following a path with the concept of “Immunology as a secret weapon of medicine,” combined with a powerful motivation to develop medical interventions through the application of basic biomedical sciences. Her first applications and inventions in the field of immunological applications of Synthetic peptide were antibody screening immunoassays employing highly optimized synthetic viral peptide antigens. First was the development of a synthetic peptide based HIV 1 test and later an HIV 1,2 diagnostic test for blood screening, which received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approvals in 1989 and 1996, respectively. These tests were subsequently approved by WHO as suitable for worldwide use. Her other inventions in this area include synthetic peptide-based blood screening diagnostics for HTLV I/II, HCV Hepatitis C virus, which has CE certification and has been sold in the global market through Organon Teknika /Biomerieux since 1991,


and the SARS Coronavirus, as well as diagnostic tests for the differentiation of infected vs. vaccinated animals for Foot and mouth disease. Since 1992, she has been encouraged by the support and guidance of Dr. James D. Watson, the codiscoverer of the double-helix structure of DNA Double helix structure in the courageous pursuit of many challenging vaccine and immunotherapeutic programs employing designer synthetic peptides Synthetic peptide. Dr. Wang’s United Biomedical, Inc. also received Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations grant for a new approach to an AIDS vaccine. Currently, UBI’s proprietary designer peptide technology has been used to produce a line of blood screening diagnostics and the first successfully commercialized synthetic peptide vaccine. A second designer peptdie vaccine for immunocastration has gained product regulatory approvals as first class new biologics in Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil with many more to follow moving forward.


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THE PIONEER OF E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS With a presence felt across a wide range of industries, from customer support, to product development, to IT, Doctor Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet represents a centrepiece role as a hub figure; indeed, as a top CEO of the Year, he is fixated on delivering the highest quality services to his clients, and on achieving a market-leading status within the field of e-commerce. Having already achieved major market penetration in local economies around the globe, from China to Germany, Dr. Khawaja now sets his sights upon newer opportunities.

Company: Allied Wallet Ltd Website:


Support services & tech

octor Khawaja is a very handson leader. Being responsible as the CEO for a company like Allied Wallet certainly demands a certain level of tenacity and devotion, and Andy delivers these attributes through his willingness and determination to know every single thing that goes on in every sector of the company. He stresses that this is an easy task for him, in no small part, due to the free and open nature of the workplace that he oversees.


“Most days are like a walk in the park,” Dr. Khawaja describes. “I can come to work knowing that my team will be getting on, and given the way that we are expanding currently, they will be rewarded for doing so. It is essential for them to feel that they have the freedom to be innovative, because in my experience that is what breeds innovation to begin with. That will give them the hope and the credibility to feel that the product is really something tangible, and not just something that they are selling on behalf of someone else.” Having been in this position for 14 years since 2002, Dr. Khawaja has seen his fair share of challenges when building up the company to having worked with and feature in a number of prominent American institutions, including TIME Magazine, CNN, Forbes’, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. These institutions, representing the media, are among the most flexible, and therefore more willing and able to make the transfer to e-commerce. The construction industry, meanwhile, as stated above, is a significantly harder nut to crack. Rather than focussing on those potential hurdles, however, Dr. Khawaja always finds himself focussing his efforts on the light at the end of the tunnel.

to highlight the most cutting-edge aspects of the technology that’s out there, and then handing it over to my developers and coders and working closely with them on taking Allied Wallet’s services to the next level.” Allied Wallet, under Dr. Khawaja’s mentorship, has grown to foster an educational work culture, which is a particular source of pride for the CEO. “It’s a culture of respect and friendship, where we understand that working as a part of a team means to take care of one another. We are a creative lot – we are friendly and supportive to everyone that we work alongside here, across all levels of the organisation, but the same time we expect our people to get the job done. Of course, we do have our company rules and regulations in place, but so long as our team members respect and do not abuse them, they find life here at Allied Wallet to be a walk in the park.

“By working smart, and by participating actively in moving the company forward, you are ahead of the game, and you have the opportunity to share in that. For instance, our people benefit from awards schemes that we have set in place: from awards cards and free lunches to cash bonuses and trips away.”

This leads Dr. Khawaja to reflect upon his own qualities as a business leader and CEO. Citing his own career milestones as evidence for the importance of adopting such a tenacious pursuit of technology. From his relatively humble background, he has come to define his success as the result of a combination of hard work, dedication and understanding. Citing his travels across the world, from the USA to Japan, he draws influence and aspiration from the wider fintech industry, and applies its best practices to Allied Wallet. “I have a global reach as far as financial technology is concerned,” he states outright. “I gain pleasure from being able


Channelling this passion and belief in his company’s many virtues towards future goals and aspirations, Dr. Khawaja uncovers a single-minded tract down which to take Allied Wallet as it continues its expansive growth across the fintech industry. “We want to make the future easier for the next generation to make the most of, and that starts with e-commerce. All of this has had a remarkable effect on Dr. Khawaja’s outlook on not just his work as an entrepreneur, but also on his life ethos. “Life isn’t going to be easy on you,” he states, “so you need to be able to get back up when it knocks you down. The harder you work, the more obstacles you are going to encounter, but if you stick to your goals and keep forging on, you can be assured that things are going to be a lot easier further down the line. “Just look at my history – when founding Allied Wallet, I was roundly dismissed by a lot of industry professionals that looked at my business ideas and scoffed – there’s no future in e-commerce, they would say; it’s not a profession that’s going to be conducive to an honest, worthwhile living. But looking at us now, we have a global presence, we are helping thousands upon thousands of clients make their digital payment solutions easier than ever before, and it all started from such small origins. Allied Wallet certainly did make an effort to hit the ground running. Dr. Khawaja differentiates his company’s origins from that of other fintech services – PayPal, for


instance, began as an alternative form of payment over Dr. Khawaja, when founding Allied Wallet and tapping into the challenging world of B2B, chose to cast a wider net. “We went in hard,” he recollects.

“We wanted to establish ourselves globally, taking advantage of just how easy technology at the time had allowed that to happen; within our first 12 months, we had serviced clients in 58 countries around the world, after eight years this grew to about 67 countries. We had the means of communication, and we had the drive to go out there and seek our customers; furthermore, we had the relationships established in international industries. The rest writes itself.” While the company today maintains a cutting-edge discipline when it comes to making use of the most modern technology, their approach to dealing with customers, as Dr. Khawaja describes, is distinctly old-school. “Rather than relying on voicemails to take messages from clients with a promise to get back to them at the earliest convenient moment, we will take the time that is needed to answer the call, listen to the clients directly and answer their queries, whatever they may be. This is something that Allied Wallet pay especially close attention to that others in the industry do not do. “We are, ultimately, in the business of caring for people, as well as their businesses. It is their support and their custom that contributes to the growth and continuous movement of Allied Wallet, so we take it

very personally when we get involved with the customer and assist them to the best of our abilities; I would even go so far as to say that we treat their business as our own. “This works on a number of levels, not least of all because the newer generation tends to communicate more through electronic means – emails, instant messaging and online chat services. That is all well and good, and it clearly shows the direction in which communication is moving nowadays, but we believe that communication needs to have a voice to it – especially when you are talking with a member of a large company. Allied Wallet prefers a much more down-to-earth, personal touch with its customers. Allied Wallet’s company values remain strongly devoted to its customers, and to further extending its personal client communication services to a broadening spectrum of professional industries across the globe. Remaining so robust in these principles, believes Dr. Khawaja, is what has put Allied Wallet way ahead of the curve, setting the example for those that follow in the company’s wake. “This is why I, as CEO, have been called ‘The Messiah of E-Commerce,” he says. “Don’t be mistaken – success can take years, and it certainly won’t happen overnight. If you plant a seed one night, you’re not going to wake up the following morning to find that it has grown into a tree coming into fruit.” Dr. Khawaja believes that this philosophy is also true of the construction industry. “It’s same principle when you start a business – especially in such a competitive market as construction: you have to stick with it, have patience, take care of it, and not lose sight of the endgame.”

“Don’t give up. Be yourself, work hard, be persistent, and above all have hope.”



CEO of the Year, California


Support services & tech Company: The Silk Companies Address: 1000 Germantown Pike, Suite J-4, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania 19462. Phone: 610.994.8600 Fax: 610.994.8700 Email: Website:


The Silk Companies LLC is a family of companies providing products and services to the residential and commercial real estate markets. We profile Chief Executive Officer Lance Silver and explore how he has driven the firm to the success it enjoys today.

Company: The Silk Companies Address: 1000 Germantown Pike, Suite J-4, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania 19462. Phone: 610.994.8600 Fax: 610.994.8700 Email: Website:


Support services & tech

stablished in 2002, the Silk Companies is one of the nation’s largest, privately held real estate and insurance services companies. Silk Title & Escrow LLC provides title insurance, search and settlement services all over the Nation to institutional lenders, mortgage brokers, developers, REO sellers, realtors and foreclosure attorneys. With a New York attorney on staff (Ron Wilk, President), Silk Abstract Company is expert in all facets of CEMA and COOP transactions.


Wilk Silver LLC, a law firm affiliated with The Silk Companies LLC, boasts attorneys licensed in DC, GA, NJ, NY and PA. The firm is primarily engaged in lender services, such as loan documentation defect repair in connection with sale of mortgage pools; all facets of CEMA and COOP transactions, such as CEMA reinstatement, COOP lost certificate affidavits and document escrow service; and lender/bank representation. Affiliated with Wilk Silver LLC is Silk®, one of the nation’s premier title insurance agencies, providing title insurance, search and settlement services to the residential and commercial markets nationwide. The firm’s experienced staff works hard to make sure that its clients receive rapid title insurance, search and settlement services fulfilment from start to finish. The company is attorney-owned and operated, so its clients know they will only receive the highest-quality, most compliant title services. In this era of increased focus on settlement services and compliance, clients can rest assured knowing that Silk® is prepared to meet these new challenges. Silk Insurance Services LLC provides homeowners, auto, umbrella, professional liability, business, life and health insurance to clients in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and North Carolina. In addition, Silk Realty LLC is a Pennsylvania real estate brokerage firm.

he practiced in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, securities, capital markets and general corporate law.

revenues in excess of $50 million. Marc has led these companies through turnaround and growth.

With a world class education which includes graduating magna cum laude from the Temple University School of Law, where he was a member of the Law Review, Lance is clearly among the leading business minds of his generation. His undergraduate studies were at the Pennsylvania State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from the Smeal College of Business.

A high-energy leader, Marc brings a positive spirit and great communication skills to every client and employee interaction. His responsibility is for overall strategic growth and new client acquisition, as well as implementing strategic operational, technological, and business processes.

Lance’s Co-Founder Ronald G. Wilk, Esquire, serves as President of the group, and also serves as the managing partner of the group’s law firm, Wilk Silver LLC. Ronald is a graduate of the Temple University School of Law and received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University. He is a member of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Georgia and Illinois Bars and has also received the AV MartindaleHubbell Peer Review Rating. The AV Rating is the highest Peer Review Rating attainable and shows that a lawyer has reached the height of professional excellence and is recognized for the highest levels of skill and integrity, highlighting the level of excellence which Ronald operates at. The two Co-Founders are joined in the group’s senior team by Marc Trachtenberg, Chief Operating Officer, who has more than 13 years of experience directing as many as 400 employees in companies with

CEO 100 Pennsylvania

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Silk® Companies LLC, Lance Silver, Esquire, served as General Counsel of Global Technologies, Ltd., a technology incubator that was publicly traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market from September 1999 through to December 2002. Prior to this, from 1994 to 1999, Lance was an associate with the law firm of Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen LLP, where


With 13 years of experience in the industry, he has led several teams to success. His proudest accomplishment is his oversight of a national title company’s growth from a couple hundred closings to thousands of closings monthly. Marc also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University. Combined with Lance’s strong experience in real estate development, mortgage lending, due diligence and title insurance the three make a formidable team, and exercise strong leadership to ensure that the Silk Companies maintains its market leading position. In order to share its strong industry knowledge, which it acquires through a combination of experienced staff and immersion in the real estate market, the group provides regular blog posts and social media comments in order to support both clients and the wider industry, providing thoughtful and current information and advice.

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PROPRIETARY, PATENTED AND TRUSTED TECHNOLOGY “It’s time to rethink risk mitigation and privacy from inside out. We know. We have.” These words can be found not only on the landing page of their website, but also at the heart of everything goes on within Ghost Systems Inc. With proprietary, patented and trusted technologies at the network core, plus enhanced privacy technologies at the network edge, this privately-held company, based out of Reno, Nevada, is funded by the founders, private investors, as well as leading Silicon Valley companies, provides a wide array of specialized advisory and strategic services for their clients.

Company: Ghost Systems, Inc. Name: Donald Ritzman Email: Web Address: Address: 200 S. Virginia St., Suite 500, Reno, Nevada 89501


Support services & tech

acking up their assertion, Ghost Systems, Inc. strives to maintain a complete future-proof cyber security infrastructure, built to the very highest modern standards by a team of highly experienced specialists, using the best-in-class patented technologies. This is something that, to turn a phrase, they refer to as the Internet of Trust™. This infrastructure is made available to government, businesses and consumers on a supply contract basis, tailored to the requirements of that organization or individual, and Ghost Systems prides itself on being the only company offering fully integrated end-toend holistic cyber security as a service.


This mission, combined with an exceptional forward-thinking mentality and sharp competitive edge, has ld Ghost Systems, to works in partnership with technology companies, security industry groups, valueadded resellers (VARs), service providers, systems integrators, data center operators and consultants across the world, so as to ensure that their products and services are continuously evolving to meet the needs of our customers. A mere few of the companies around the world that have felt the impact of Ghost Systems’ robust strategic services include high-profile names in financial services, healthcare & pharma, government and enterprise markets; Ghost Systems achieves this presence via satellite offices across the US and the UK. These days, protecting an organization’s data requires more than a strong perimeter defense. Cyber-criminals are having little trouble knocking down perimeter walls. And the walls behind them. Perimeter and multilayered defenses can help with malware and other concerns, but with insider invasions commonplace and more applications directly accessible to remote users and systems, the concept of the network perimeter as the core data defense strategy is becoming increasingly challenging. It’s just far too easy to bypass perimeter controls. Once an intruder penetrates the perimeter defenses, there’s nothing else to protect company assets. It is something of a worry how easy for hackers to get files out, according to this excerpt about the RSA breach: “The attacker then used FTP to transfer many password-protected RAR files from the RSA file server to an outside staging server at an external, compromised machine at a hosting provider. The files were subsequently pulled by the attacker and removed from the external compromised host to remove any

CEO 100 – Nevada

traces of the attack.” Ghost Systems’ SafePlace Ecosystem™, based on proprietary, patented and trusted technology, is a hardware agnostic computing environment with a zero-footprint. It’s the only solution that protects data on the network from the inside out, making the data self-defending and undetectable. The data becomes invisible. Picture a thief looking through all of the windows of a house. The house appears empty, yet the all the household furnishings are there. Ghost Systems also understand that the prevalence of fraud, as well as credit card and identity theft, is undermining customer confidence in online banking services and jeopardizing opportunities for more profitable revenue generation. The institutions that are successful in persuading customers to enroll in online banking, and take advantage of features such as online bill pay, can halve the average cost of servicing those customers. In addition, since financial institutions compete in global markets requiring 24×7 processes, they are dependent on dynamic information access. To overcome these new realities, Ghost Systems offer the industrial and technical expertise to provide the most secure ways to protect data, when its ever-increasing volume and constant motion is what makes it so vulnerable to begin with. Today, there are more technologically savvy, highly mobile Internet users than once imaginable. With the proliferation of tablets and other mobile devices, those numbers will skyrocket yet further. As a result, the ability to instantly communicate anytime, anyplace, with anyone, over a worldwide, heterogeneous technological environment, is no longer novel. Bandwidth and network advances have enabled more data to be transmitted in shorter periods of time. During any 48-hour period in 2010, more data was created than had been


created by all of humanity in the past 30,000 years. By the year 2020, that same amount of data will be created in a single hour and then as more and more smart devices become inter-connected through the Internet of Things, that same amount of data will be created every minute and then every second. Volume of data aside, the Internet remains an extremely under-protected network and storage environment. But regardless of the fact that very little of the information that traverses the Internet is either safe or secure, individuals, enterprises and government agencies all routinely transmit their highly sensitive information, providing easy pickings for cyber-thieves. That’s why Ghost Systems has committed over three decades to working on solutions to privacy and security. Our dedicated team has combined powerful, proprietary technologies, from many different disciplines, to design highly secure and reliable solutions that are unsurpassed in the market today. We have created a totally private, trusted and unified ecosystem including secure storage, data-inflight and data-at-rest protection, as well as secure edge access and control. SafePlace™ was designed and developed from inside out to meet the highest levels of privacy, security and trust. Every solution contains a fully integrated and highly secure operating environment that dramatically enhances the ability to protect users against cyber-thieves. It incorporates proprietary and standard application software that provides one of the most secure ecosystems ever constructed – the ultimate in private and trusted communications along with information privacy and security. By overlaying this trusted ecosystem onto the Internet, Ghost provides an affordable, highly reliable and scalable operating environment.

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TIME-TESTED TRANSPORT EXCELLENCE Headed by President and CEO Wesley Wyatt IV, DF Young is a customer-driven, full-service international freight forwarder and customs house broker with a global presence. Though its first founding took place over a century ago, in 1903, the company has provided logistics services to a wide selection of the most notable corporate names in North America, South America, Europe, Japan and Australia, for over 85 years. The company’s services include – but are not limited to – air services, ocean services, ground transportation, customs brokerage, order management, security management, documentation, and e-Logistics.

Software & Technology Awards

Company: Daniel F. Young, Inc Name: Wes Wyatt Web Address: Address: 1235 Westlakes Drive, Suite 255, Berwyn, PA 19312-2413, USA Telephone: 001 610 725 4000


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F Young has five dedicated business units that offer integrated logistics services in the following areas:

Automotive For over 85 years, DF Young has provided logistics services to the top automotive manufacturers in North America, South America, Europe, Japan and Australia. The company maintains close relationships with the world’s largest Ro/Ro carriers in support of its international automotive clientele. DF Young regularly handles personalized, complex logistics requests, as well as prototype and exhibition vehicle shipments, completely knocked down and semi-knocked down shipments and built-up vehicle shipments. Commercial Working with a host of multi-national corporations, DF Young has earned a reputation for its skilled handling of commercial logistics requirements, from specific needs to full supply chain management. DF Young provides a full array of front and back end services specifically designed to support multinational manufacturing firms, international distributors, retailers and wholesalers, as well as small and medium-sized firms just entering the global arena. Petrochemical DF Young has provided a full array of logistics services to the petrochemical industries for many years. The company routinely takes care of import and export needs for multinational oil and gas companies as well as works with petrochemical manufacturing companies, handling the distribution of oil well supplies and project cargoes that are purchased and shipped to customers worldwide. DF Young operates a full service warehouse located in Houston, Texas, offering item level material checking, consolidation, container loading, skidding and palletizing, packing and crating, reel lagging and recouping.

Main Battle Tanks, Patriot Air Defense Systems and more. Humanitarian Cargo DF Young was one of the world’s first companies providing humanitarian cargo and food/relief aid on a global scale. Working closely with international relief groups and U.S. government agencies, DF Young handles accurate computer record-keeping, complete documentation and logistics problem solving. The company tenders and procures food aid cargoes, freight number estimates and commodity pricing, booking and contracting with carriers (U.S. and Foreign Flag), customs clearances, warehousing, and small commercial contracts and liner parcel shipments. As an innovator in value-added, customized logistics solutions, DF Young gives its customers access to leading edge technologies for complete awareness. With e-Logistics, visibility solutions provide a real time view of customers’ entire global supply chains, accessible from the Internet. DF Young’s unique visibility solutions are fully integrated with their tracking technology to provide a drill down effect when viewing the global supply chain. With total real time technology solutions, supply chain events are immediately visible in DF Young’s e-Logistics solutions. DF Young’s commitment to customer solutions is also supported by the company’s key performance indicator measurement and reporting tools. These tools enable real time quality performance snapshots, as well as detailed quality performance exception reports. Another innovative technology DF Young offers is the Document Management System, which enables the rapid distribution of all documentation, ensuring their timely flow throughout the supply chain. High quality documentation can be referenced, distributed, printed or researched on demand

Foreign Military Sales DF Young has been handling the logistics and shipping requirements for foreign military sales since the inception of the U.S. Government Security Assistance Program. Working with participating foreign countries, DF Young offers full service support for all of their material handling and shipping requirements. The company serves as liaison between foreign governments and the U.S. military. Once an order is placed and the U.S. Government issues a notice of availability, DF Young secures all required licenses, prepares documentation and arranges the necessary land, sea or air transport. DF Young services logistics of Apache Helicopters, M-60, M1-A1 and M1-A2


from anywhere in the world. DF Young’s time tested security procedures and practices have enabled the company to obtain prompt US Customs approval for participation in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Program. As a participant in this important initiative, DF Young has strengthened its position as a leading supply chain logistics provider and now offers its clients this additional assurance of having a strong and secure entity involved in their shipping and distribution process. Recognized as experts in Customs procedures and requirements, DF Young has partnered with U.S. government agencies since its inception in 1903 to progress and enhance logistics processes and technologies. Its high security standards, clearances and performance metrics work together as a shield of protection for today’s global supply chains. “You won’t hear us describing our work as business-to-business,” says Wesley Wyatt. “It’s pure person-to-person. Looking at the world through fresh eyes means seeing each customer individually, each challenge as unique. That sums up our corporate culture for you. A culture reinforced by people trained to scrutinize and study every angle, to create solutions that solve the problem by being perfectly suited to it. Customers have been known to raise an eyebrow. They soon raise their expectations. It’s reassuring once you find out there’s no place we can’t go, nothing we can’t move, no situation that can thwart us. “Relationships like that mean everything to us. We have earned more than our fair share of them. Which should mean a lot to you. Many DF Young customers have been with us for decades. Several for more than half a century. They have good reason.”

Support services & tech asting his views on Davra’s performance in the wider market highlights Joe’s passion for his work, and lends substance to his credentials as an industry-leading CTO. “Davra are part of an amazing ecosystem; we partner with start-ups, with large multinationals such as Cisco, Intel and IBM, with academia, and with industry analysts.



Davra Networks is an award winning Global IOT Software AEP Platform with Offices in USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Its vision to provide a complete IoT Software platform allows customers to define, build and bring to market IoT applications in verticals such as Transportation, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, Utilities, Healthcare and Precision Farming. Providing an instrumental role in that is CTO Joe Quinn, who ably manages the innovation process, project delivery and the alignment of technical and commercial strategy.

The Most Outstanding CTO in California – Joe Quinn, Davra Networks

“We have ideas about new technology coming at us from many sources and we leverage that as much as we can, building a solid innovation pipeline with many inputs is critical as no one company can have all the ideas. We do have plenty of great ideas, and that’s what we contribute back to the ecosystem but our immense absorptive capacity is one of our key competitive advantages. Davra’s channel is indeed incredibly strong – Joe cites that no matter the region or country, a client can find an incentivised and capable system integrator, to assist in the selling and supporting of their platform. Despite being a ‘start-up’, then, Davra has a global sales and support structure that adds a lot of muscle to the organisation and a lot of value to its clients. “Through this channel,” Joe continues, we deliver the world’s most advanced IOT AEP (Application Enablement Platform). Whereas many other IoT platforms offer a thinner layer of the stack, this can complicate things when it comes to a production rollout. Customers then have to deal with multiple third parties to piece a full solution together. This can be troublesome in an emerging industry like IoT where the boundaries between products sometimes are not clear, you could have a solution stack which consists of competitors who are looking to envelop each other. Davra don’t let this creep into our deployments, we offer an end to end solution and are very clear on where we compete and do not compete. The IoT market is certainly a disruptive influence on many existing industries in which Joe and Davra are looking at better ways to solve existing problems, improving operational efficiencies or enable new business models that were previously not feasible. “You need to walk the customer through the process at a pace where they can verify and validate some assumptions before asking for big commitment from them,” he comments. “We typically start off with a proof of concept, before moving to a pilot, where we will deploy the solution on a selection of the customer’s assets, and finally to a production rollout. “The key thing throughout this process,” Joe surmises, “is close communication with the customer – including them at every step and reacting to their feedback. We also find it important to immerse ourselves in the problem to fully understand the issues, sometimes this means getting on site and watching them do their job.

Company: Davra Networks Name: Joe Quinn Email: Web Address:

“Henry Ford once said ‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.’ Our disruptive innovation competencies combined with our approach of empirical observation of a problem and our ability to efficiently execute leads the customer to the best possible outcome.”


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astergate works as a representative and an international importer facilitating innovative market development. Their services are focused on best practices in business and economic development for emerging companies.


Mastergate is currently an established food importer in The Southeastern U.S. with expertise in Brazilian Food Products. Based centrally in Miami, Florida, their core business involves working with Brazilian exporters, vendors and manufacturers in helping such companies expand their products to the North America Food Markets.

Mastergate’s process is based on a full understanding of the unique market potential that exists in the North America Food Business and an unconventional approach to product introduction, pricing, positioning, marketing and distribution that is required to tap into this market. Mastergate take it as a personal mission to provide immediate access to the complex North America Food Market and access to the leading business and trade contacts best suited for the client’s product. As such, Mastergate has developed its robust consultant services to be able to help companies with label preparation and standards of identity for their product. Whether the product is a food specialty to be marketed for retail or a volume packed product designed for food service, Mastergate has the expertise to help companies get their labels and product right for the North America Food Market. Preparing a product’s labels from scratch, and reviewing the labels that have been developed, Mastergate are well poised to capitalize on its unique business relationships, expertise and business knowledge to formulate an economic development in emerging companies by providing innovative business solutions through the use of processes that will remove the barriers to sustainable growth in our customers. Entrusting Mastergate with this task has reaped a number of observable benefits as observed by the company’s clients: • • • •

Ensure product acceptability prior to shipment Minimize chances of rejection at U.S. ports Reduce time-intensive dockside product evaluation Remove uncertainty and risk of product noncompliance with U.S. government regulations

Altogether, food producers across Brazil have gains increased exposure and exportability across the North American Food Market, with product sourcing, business information, research of vendors, distributors, and agents in both food service and retail markets put right at their fingertips. Mastergate provides a crucial link in providing this link between the producer and the retailer, from their strategic base in Florida, and this wide range of professional and competitively priced services are considered essential aspects for the rapid growth of companies in The North America, especially for food producers based outside of the country.

Company: MasterGate, Inc. Name: Paulo Leoni Email: Web Address: Address: 2 South Biscayne Blvd, Suite 3200, Miami, Florida 33131, USA Telephone: 001 305 599 0707


Support services & tech eorgia Power is the largest subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO), America’s premier energy company. Value, Reliability, Customer Service and Stewardship are the cornerstones of the company’s promise to 2.5 million customers in all but four ofGeorgia’s 159 counties. Committed to delivering clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy at rates below the national average, Georgia Power maintains a diverse, innovative generation mix that includes nuclear, 21st-Century coal and natural gas, as well as renewables such as solar, hydroelectric and wind. Georgia Power focuses on delivering world-class service to its customers every day and the company is consistently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as an industry leader in customer satisfaction.


HURRICANE MATTHEW RESTORATION EFFORTS TO CONTINUE Nearly 5,000 personnel from Georgia Power and assisting utilities made substantial progress Saturday following Hurricane Matthew, restoring power to more than 110,000 customers impacted during the storm. Teams worked safely throughout the night as conditions allowed and will continue Sunday to work deeper into hard-hit areas of the Georgia coast. Restoration crews continue to repair extensive damage to electrical infrastructure, impeded by flooding and roads blocked by downed trees and debris. Restoration for all customers could take days, especially in remote areas and on the coast.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew threatening the Florida coast before subsiding and sparing the coastal communities the brunt of the onslaught, Georgia Power has undertaken massive restoration efforts, and power has been restored to more than 110,000 customers following the hurricane. As of 8:30 a.m. Sunday, there were more than 203,565 customers without power in Georgia and more than 1,919 cases of damage (including broken poles and lines) the company is working to repair. Damage and power outages are concentrated in Coastal Georgia, including Chatham, Glynn, Effingham, Bulloch andLiberty Counties. As a part of Southern Company, as well as a national mutual assistance network, Georgia Power is able to receive assistance from other utilities not impacted by the storm to aid in restoration efforts. Utilities from other states, including Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, are currently in Georgia working alongside Georgia Power crews to restore service for customers. Georgia Power reminds customers that dangerous conditions exist following a storm. Never touch any downed or low-hanging wire, including telephone or cable wires that touch a power line. Never pull tree limbs off power lines yourself or enter areas with debris, downed trees or standing water as downed power lines may be buried in wreckage. If using a generator, follow all manufacturers’ connection and safety instructions and shut the generator down before reconnecting to Georgia Power service. The company also offers the following tools you can use to stay informed during restoration efforts: Outage Alerts: Subscribe to the free Georgia Power Outage Alert service to receive personalized notifications and updates via text message. Outage & Storm Center: Available at www.georgiapower. com/storm, customers can visit this site to sign up for Outage Alerts, report and check the status of outages, and access useful safety tips and information. Customers can report and check the status of an outage 24 hours a day by contacting Georgia Power at 888-891-0938. Housed within the Outage & Storm Center, Georgia Power’s interactive Outage Map provides near real-time information, allowing users to see where outages are occurring across the state and track estimated restoration times.


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Regional Dispute Distinction Awards Company name: Doppler and Newton Contact: Donald R. Smith Address: 1047 Rudolph Court, Spring Hill, FL 34609 Email: Telephone: 001 352 397 4955 Website:

Company: Royston, Rayzor, Vickery & Williams Name: Leah Clemons Email: Web Address: Address: The Hunter Building, 306 22nd Street, Suite 301, Galveston, Texas 77550, USA Telephone: 001 409 763 1623

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CHURCHILL LEADERSHIP GROUP is a global provider of leadership development solutions to accelerate the performance and engagement of individuals and teams. CHURCHILL’s experts all have senior corporate leadership success and specialize in HURCHILL LEADERSHIP GROUP is aforglobal provider Strength-based leadership solutions sustainable results.of adership development solutions to accelerate the performance That means they understand your world, which translates into a nd engagement of individuals and teams. experts trusted partnership and faster resultsCHURCHILL’s for you. 813.956.3445


l have senior corporate leadership success and specialize in rength-based leadership solutions for sustainable results. hat means they understand your world, which translates into a usted partnership and faster results for you.

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO 17%WHAT of people use their Strengths WHY Since WEonlyDO WE DO each day at work,

OUR CURRENT CLIENTS CHURCHILL works across industries, which allows our experts to bring you a broader perspective to leadership challenges. At Churchill we use:

CHURCHILL’s mission is to maximize this untapped talent to

nce onlyaccelerate 17% of people use their Strengths each day at work, professional growth. When employees are using HURCHILL’s mission is to maximize this untapped talent to their Strengths every day, companies see better engagement. ccelerateBusiness professional growth. When employees are using units where employees strongly agree they have an eir Strengths every day, companies see better engagement. opportunity to do what they do best every day at work are: usiness • units where employees strongly agreeturnover* they have an 50% more likely to have low employee pportunity to do what they do best every day at work • 38% more likely to have higher productivity* are: •

44% more likely to have higher customer satisfaction scores*

50% more likely to have low employee turnover* *Gallup & TMBC

38% more likely to have higher productivity* 44% more likely to have higher customer satisfaction scores*


WHERE CHURCHILL HELPS WHERE CHURCHILL HELPS YOUYOU Our services help companies develop leaders and teams who will

ur services helpgreater companies develop leaders and teams who will at achieve results and increase employee engagement chieve greater results and increase engagement at your organization. When clients employee see inconsistent performance, our organization. Whenorclients low engagement simply see needinconsistent to grow their performance, leaders for w engagement or simply to grow their leaders greater results, they callneed on CHURCHILL. We help you to for eater results, they call on CHURCHILL. We help you to crease leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness and mployee engagement in many areas of your organization.


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ayne [Founder and CEO of Churchill Leadership Group] shows uncommon insight and is gifted in seeing the Strengths

n individuals. Jayne has a thorough knowledge of business and its processes as well as business leaders and their abilities. “Jayne [Founder and CEO of Churchill Leadership Group] shows uncommon insight and is gifted in seeing the Strengths in individuals.

he will facilitate individual’s a formidable presence.” Jayne has a the thorough knowledgematuration of business andinto its processes as well as business leaders and their abilities. She will facilitate the individual’s maturation into a formidable presence.” Fred Chamness, Quality Director, GTE (Engineering)

Fred Chamness, Quality Director, GTE (Engineering)

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