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e utilize a number of products in our industry to operate effectively within our market. Our PGS high speed machines, with high efficiencies and low waste, our ControlSmart™ technology for watching the process whilst away from the plant, and PLUM, in the plant, for troubleshooting and production. My son, Stuart Murray, is the President of PGS Machinery and the other divisions. Rob Libera, my nephew, is the Sales Director.

very interesting companies; Penta5 is the only company of its type in the world!

“We also have a range of Redi-2-DrinQ Group beverages in pouches, which don’t leave a carbon footprint behind, and an FPL program with WTE (waste-to-energy) plants, and pouches that are made from USA gas, converted into films to make the pouch. My daughter, Sandra Murray-Christensen is Marketing VP and is handling the Redi-2DrinQ Group division expansion into liquor distribution.

“The biggest challenge I have faced throughout my career has been in retaining and developing staff beyond what they thought they could achieve in life. They are an important part of operations, and I am proud of the retention and development rate of this company.”


“Penta5 USA, the wellness company where the ‘package is the product’. Our MosquitoPaQ™ no-bite outdoor ZONE attractants use a pouch that provides a secure, no-bite ZONE around your home. The no-bite ANYTIME™ Lotion unique VialPaQ repellent allows you to carry protection with you at all times, so if you are outside and you encounter mosquitoes, you have an instant solution. We also offer HTWOHydrogen water with an additional hydrogen atom, which increases energy in the body before and after exercise, and is packed in a side-gusset StandUp pouch. Another of my nephews, Jason Smith, is responsible for the Penta5 USA division. “As Chief Executive Officer, I am responsible for the PPi Technologies Group on the whole. I have been in this position for 20 years now, and had always aspired to have a company with several technologies and market segments.”

“In my experience, I have found that management by objective is a very efficient tool for managing staff. This means that my staff are given the task to do, and full trust is given to them to complete it; I do not use monthly reports. However, the moment that something goes wrong, we meet to discuss possible resolutions.

Mr. Murray is very proud of PPi Technologies Group, and of the industry leading innovations that they have developed. “Our innovation based strategy has led to a portfolio of 175+ patents, meaning we lead our category as innovators. We provide our clients with these solutions so that they too can lead their market segments. It is incredibly important in today’s environment to keep up to date technologically, because if you do not, you are almost planning the demise of your company. “We passionately follow the 28 market segments that we trade in, and ensure that we are part of new trends whenever possible. New technology releases from others ensures that our team is always thinking ahead, to what we can next develop to remain industry leaders.

We asked Mr. Murray more about his educational background and found out that he completed high school at the age of 17, before going to college on a part time basis to finish his degree as a Bachelor of Science. “My first job was with AECI, the world’s largest manufacturer of dynamite, as a chemical technician. After an explosion at the factory, however, I decided that I needed a change. I spent 15 years with SAB as Packaging Manager, and left there to join BarlowRand Nampak Division as Marketing Director at their new glass works. In the interim, my visa was approved for entry into the USA, and this lead to my present career, running three


“I believe that to be a successful business leader, one needs to instill a trust and a vision for your staff and family to believe in; without this culture and without this vision, you cannot be successful. I am a very handson manager, and walk through the plant daily. I am also involved in all R&D, and meet customers that visit as often as possible.” Thinking about the future, Mr. Murray plans to ensure that the PGS Machine division remains the industry leader and continues to innovate, and to develop 1,000 per minute plus pouch filling and sealing machines in a total system with end-of-line machinery. “In the other part of our Group, we have two other divisions, each one with a different focus. Our Redi-2-DrinQ Group liquor distribution mission is to increase sales of low alcohol and redi-2-drinq alcohol products, whilst under the clear culture of providing a safe, secure, sustainable pouch and product experience. “The new Penta5 USA LLC Wellness Division, which works closely with the PGS machine group, also contract packs for the Redi-2DrinQ Group, offers products that will have a profound effect on human health and well-being. The customers of Penta5 USA LLC operate in five market segments, and are offered 20 unique patented products from us, focused on the wellbeing of humans and pets. This company will be a dynamo, RTO, and will go public in the next eight weeks.”

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