Consultancy Awards 2015

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Company: AcuteNet Name: Fariba Anderson Email: Web Address: Address: 5915 Airport Road, Suite 600, Mississauga, ON, L4V 1T1 Canada Telephone: 416-625-3127 or 1 (888) 95-ACUTE (1-888-952-2883)

Best Patient Data Consultancy Service - Ontario & Healthcare Software Provider Consultancy of the Year - Canada

AcuteNet Based in Toronto, AcuteNet Inc. delivers robust, secure and user-friendly Software as a Service solution for the Health Care industry, with customers in Canada, US and Asia. Fariba Anderson talks us through the firm and their dedication to client satisfaction.

Since its inception in 2011, AcuteNet has strived to utilize the power of cloud computing to solve some of the wicked problems that Frontline Health Care Providers face every day with filling multitude of forms in order to deliver care to the patients. Through its innovative and robust form digitization capability, over 1,800 Frontline Health Care Providers utilize AcuteNet SaaS capabilities to deliver care to over 60,000 patients in Canada, US and Asia.

Therefore, as we move into 2016 we are keen to ensure that we continue providing the highest possible standard of service to our clients to ensure that they are supported through this tough challenge. Our plan for the New Year is to complete the roll out of AcuteNet across the province of Ontario for the SaaS solution that we are delivering to Ontario Association of Community Care Access Center and affiliated 14 Community Care Access Centres.

In order to ensure client satisfaction every AcuteNet client has effectively their own private cloud AcuteNet SaaS framework utilized for the purpose of patient assessment to deliver the right care at the right time to the right patient. Our overall philosophy at AcuteNet is to utilize the power of cloud computing to enable the Frontline Health Care Providers to be able to determine the right care to the right patients through a set of digitized form that improves the quality of the Frontline Health Care Providers. Currently we are finding that the healthcare industry is struggling as people live longer and require more care in later life. This drive has led both the public and private providers of healthcare to rely on care outside of hospital setting. Simply put hospitals cannot keep up with the demand for care and both government and insurance companies are looking to home care and community care to address the structural challenge that healthcare industry is facing.

8 Corporate Vision Consultancy Awards 2015

This implementation will boost AcuteNet Patient Records from +60,000 to 5 million while number of Frontline Health Care Providers will increase to 8000.