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November 2017


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World Class Products Joseph Pacini: A CEO on top of his Game - Xio Group

Sun Mark is an international marketing and distribution business in the fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG). Rami Ranger provides us with an overview of the firm and tells us the secrets behind its success.

Welcome to the November edition of CEO Monthly Magazine, bringing you the latest news and updates from across the globe, spanning every major industry and sector. Gracing the cover of this month’s issue, is international marketing and distribution business in the fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG), Sun Mark. Rami Ranger provides us with an overview of the firm and tells us the secrets behind its success. In this edition, we discover more about Seoul, Korea based full-service real estate fund management company, ARA Korea Limited (ARA Korea). Taking time to tell us more about the business is Anthony Kang, who provides us with a breakdown of the firm’s products and services, as well as outlining the company’s overall mission and walking us through his path to success as CEO. Staying with this theme of success, Novus is a market research and analysis company providing relevant knowledge and an understanding of why it is the way it is. We spoke to Torbjörn Sjöström as we aim to find out about the success of the company. Lastly, we learn more about OnTrac - who specialise in creating bespoke software for the rail industry. Established in 2008, the company have spent almost a decade creating bespoke software that streamlines and digitises paper-based processes across the industry. Spokesperson and public relations manager, Vicki Hayward, reveals more about the company’s success over the years. Here at CEO Monthly, we hope that you enjoy reading this fascinating edition and look forward to hearing from you soon. Jessie Daykin - Editor AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.



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World Class Products Uniquely and Exceptionally Experienced Real Estate Fund Manager in Asia Joseph Pacini: A CEO on top of his Game Right OnTrac to the Digital Revolution Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Your Business Overcoming the Challenges Driven to Success DeVere Group Limited: A Global Business Offering Local Support Coaching Clients to Success HR Gaining C-Suite Influence by Building Tech Capabilities Customers First, Services Foremost Investing in the Growth Engine of America Torbjรถrn Sjรถstrรถm




World Class Products Sun Mark is an international marketing and distribution business in the fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG). Rami Ranger provides us with an overview of the firm and tells us the secrets behind its success. Sun Mark is engaged by large multinational companies, such as Unilever, Mondelez, Nestle, Suntory and many others to help them develop market share and branding for their products in markets that are not core regions for them. The firm also possesses a range of food and beverage products that the team have developed to sell alongside other famous items. In some cases, the company has taken market leading positions. An example is its success with its Royalty Ginger Beer drink, which is made in Scotland and is a runaway success in the Yemen and Libya, and is gaining traction throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore, Sun Mark provides a service for the brand owners and also looks to grow its own brands too. Another example of what the company does is that it sells the world-famous brand of deodorants, Rexona, into Nigeria and Ghana and develops the market for Unilever. The principals already have a business there that caters to the mass market but Sun Mark works on niche pockets of business which can become sizeable for all. The team at Sun Mark has done this successfully in many markets with many different products for many companies, and is sometimes thought of as the go to company for developing sales in emerging markets. Rami starts off by talking us through his previous roles and

how these positions led to him achieving his position as CEO. He describes how he draws on his past experiences in his current role. “Essentially, my role as CEO means that I am busy from early in the morning as our business zones extend across the globe. When you wake up, it is the end of the day in places such as Australia or Japan and vice versa for our customers on the West coast of the USA and Canada. Also, I have a successful freight forwarding business called Sea, Air and Land Forwarding Ltd and in the last few years we have built a portfolio of hotels in the UK. I have a busy diary because I like to work with charities and my engagement in the political fabric of Britain, something which I have always wanted to be involved in closely. I believe it is important to make sure that all people have a voice in government. “Importantly, I have always tried to get the Asian community involved so that they can assimilate better into Britain and contribute in all aspects of British life and society. I like to work with charities to contribute towards building a better society and two of those are Combat Stress and the Prince’s Trust; Combat Stress in recognition of the great sacrifices some of our people are prepared to and do make in defence of our great country, and the Prince’s Trust to help our demotivated youth and those from disadvantaged backgrounds


to have better opportunities in life.” Following on from describing his role as CEO, Rami informs us of his leadership style, explaining how he ensures everyone in his organisation understands his vision and works towards it. He alludes to the fact that it is a family business and this is how he wants the company culture to feel, like a family. Significantly, I believe in staff engagement and in empowering those around me. This is a family business where me, my wife, Renu, my daughter, Sabina and my son in law Sunny all work and the company culture is that of a family. I do not believe in rapid hiring and firing, but instead in growing and developing a team that looks to the long term. We have a low rate of staff turnover as a result and it is something we want to maintain as we continue our development as an organisation.” Detailing his approach when undertaking a new client or project, Rami and the rest of his staff need to be confident right from the start that the result of the project will meet the needs and requirements of all sides, including clients. “When people ask me questions about my approach to business, I always ask them the question, if you have two medical students, both of whom go to the same school and get the same education, then why should

one end up in the top hospitals whereas the other ends up in a third-class environment doing backstreet operations? It is because the excellent doctor takes the time to listen and understand the needs of the client. Once you have done that then you can do the job right or at least to the best of your ability, because you know what is needed to succeed at the project in hand. This is what I tell people and it hugely increases your chances of success, and I suppose our record speaks for itself.” Referring to the business of Sun Mark and the ongoing strategy, Rami explains what techniques he employs in order to ensure that he and his staff are able to reach the goals that the company sets itself. “Here at Sun Mark, our business is going through an exciting phase of growth and development. We are concentrating on getting closer to our customers and to our markets so that we have a better foundation for our future growth strategy. Also, we are working on a new strategy via social media and through the use of smart phones on how to get better engagement with our customers, give them a better service and make our relationship a truly collaborative one. I always say that when we work with people closely we double our strength and share our headaches and it makes us all stronger in the process. This collaborative


approach was important in the growth of Sun Mark and we are looking to strengthen that going forward as well.” Operating in an ever changing industry, with new developments all the time, Rami gives us his thoughts on the state of the industry currently, and what particular issues are affecting it. “Within the UK, the food industry is one of our unsung heroes. It is a strong sector and one of the largest employers in the UK. I believe it is in good shape with world famous products with an enviable reputation. The countries which we work in often face challenging economic and political and even social environments so the business landscape is always changing for us. However, it is something we have grown used to and we have learned to adapt to it. The emerging markets are only getting stronger over time, so we remain confident for the future. The elephant in the room, being a UK headquartered business,

is what will happen in the run up to and after Brexit. However, I am not worried about this, as our company is doing business in so many of the countries we will need to focus on as new markets and I know that many of them look forward to doing more with us as an unencumbered nation. For all the EU offers us, there is a big world out there and I believe there are innumerable opportunities for us as a country and we must focus on that quickly.” After discussing what challenges and issues have arisen within the industry, Rami then talks about what challenges and opportunities the firm has faced during his time as CEO, and how they have affected the way he does his job. “In reality, I founded the business so I have been here the whole time. In that period, I have seen a whole raft of events and incidents which many might find nerve-racking but go with the territory for us as emerging

markets, our expertise and many of those markets do not operate like those in Europe or in North America. I have seen our key markets wracked by coup d’états, currency devaluations, civil war, famine, piracy, terrorism and some can happen very quickly so you have to be pretty nimble in how you react but at the same time not panic and plan for long-term gain. One of the key approaches we have always taken, is that we have stood by our distribution partners in these markets and that loyalty has held us in good stead. In fact, I have always told our team that we only succeed if our customers succeed, and we must look after them at all times. This has helped us to see through the good times and the bad and as we have been loyal to them they have been loyal to us. It makes for a very firm foundation for our business.” Ultimately, as we move towards the future, Rami sees good times ahead for Sun Mark. He signs off by discussing his future

World Class Products

aspirations for the business and his own future regarding his own career, as he looks to build on his already sterling reputation. “Moving forward, we have our plans for ongoing growth and development but whatever we do it is always keeping in mind the analogy of a farmer and sowing today so that over time we can reap a good harvest. That approach is as relevant now as it ever was and will continue. I am the founder of the business and this is my career. I thoroughly enjoy my involvement with charity and the political development of this great country and will continue my engagement in all environments.”

Company: Sun Mark Ltd Contact: Dr Rami Ranger CBE Contact Email: Address: Sun House, 428 Long Drive, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 4UH, UK Phone: 0208 575 3700 Website:




Uniquely and Exceptionally Experienced Real Estate Fund Manager in Asia ARA Korea Limited (ARA Korea) is a full-service real estate fund management company based in Seoul, Korea. Anthony Kang, CEO of the Year 2017, provides us with a breakdown of the firm’s products and services, as well as outlining the company’s overall mission and walking us through his path to success as CEO. Established in 2002 by Macquarie Group of Australia, the company led by Anthony was acquired by ARA Group and was renamed as ARA Korea in 2014. Headquartered in Singapore with offices across 19 cities in seven countries, ARA Group is currently managing multiple private funds and REITs across the Asia Pacific Region, with close to 100 assets and AUM totalling over SG$35 billion (approximately US$25 billion). Since Anthony took leadership in 2010, ARA Korea has more than tripled its AUM in Korea alone to over KRW1.35 trillion (approximately US$1.2 billion) and is firmly poised for further growth. Already having launched two new REITs in Korea and closed one of the largest commercial real estate transactions in Korea this year, Anthony is still thirsty for more and has set his eyes on

the blue ocean sectors in Korea, namely the residential-for-rent sector and outbound investment market, to help him achieve the vision of ARA Korea to become the best-in-class real estate fund management company in Korea. ARA Korea is licensed by the Korean government as a qualified external REITs manager in Korea, and Anthony is currently in the process of also obtaining the Real Estate Fund (REF) management license from the Korean government for the company, in order to secure a stronger and broader foothold in both the private and public real estate markets in Korea. Anthony walks us through his career milestones, touching base on education, and detailing how his career has progressed and led to him becoming CEO. “Only having had lived in South Korea my entire life, I first moved to the US with my family at the beginning of my teenage years.


I went on to study Economics at Columbia University in New York and then moved straight on to get a Juris Doctor degree from Boston College Law School.” After working as an associate attorney with a prestigious law firm in Boston for a few years, wanting to gain more international exposure, Anthony later joined a more global law firm and moved to Hong Kong, where he continued to focus on corporate and finance matters but with more cross-border flavours. Anthony recalls “It is there where I first worked on a real estate deal and my interest in the sector sparked. Over the following several years, I started focusing almost exclusively on real estate deals and clients. Gradually, I became more immersed and intrigued by the industry and eventually decided to quit law and pursue a new career on the business side.”


Uniquely and Exceptionally Experienced Real Estate Fund Manager in Asia

Company: ARA Korea Limited Contact: Anthony Kang Email: Address: 20F Two IFC, 10, Gukjegeymyungro, Yeongdeunpogu, Seoul, 7326, Republic of Korea Phone: +82 2 6137 3700



Moving into further education with a high level of ambition, Anthony paused his successful legal career and pursued a Master’s degree in Real Estate and Urban Development at Harvard University. It was there where he gained more invaluable insights and networks within the real estate industry. Anthony explains what he went on to do after Harvard, detailing how he became CEO of ARA Korea. “Upon graduating from Harvard, I kicked off my new career on the business side with Lehman Brothers in the Global Real Estate Group in Tokyo and later moved to Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong to work in their Global Principal Investment Division.” “It was in 2008 when I moved back to Korea to join the platform which I lead today. Back then it was a subsidiary of Macquarie Group, which was later acquired by ARA Group in 2014 and evolved into the current form it is in today. I was named CEO of the company in 2010 and I continue to lead the company today.” Being the head of a successful business, Anthony carries a lot of responsibilities. He explains his leadership style, mentioning how he has to set out a clear vision for the company, as well as explaining how a CEO and his firm can only be as good as the team behind him. “As the CEO, I think of myself as the captain on a ship. First, I must set a clear vision for the voyage and the crew. Second, I must carefully plot the chartered course and navigate. Third, I must look out for any unexpected obstacles during the voyage and always be ready to alter the course, speed, and plan, as required to achieve the vision.”

is all about people and a fund management firm can only be as good as its people.” Recognizing the importance and value of people within the real estate industry and relevant local markets is a key factor in Anthony’s success. He sees the power that can be derived from employing staff from diverse backgrounds, ideas and strengths, doing his best to guide and support each person to perform at his or her peak. “As the CEO, I must optimally allocate and coordinate all resources within the firm as effectively and efficiently as possible, to achieve peak performance as one powerful team.” “When it comes to any given specified job within the company, I encourage and expect each of my crew members to become a specialist and an unparalleled expert in the specified area or job for which he or she is responsible for. Once I have set a prudent high-level risk management and control framework in place, sometimes I just need to get out of everyone’s ways to let them perform at their peak while I focus on leading and orchestrating the team at a holistic level, with due respect and trust.” “Essentially, my relationship with my staff is not necessarily a hierarchical relationship, but rather an inseparable and integral relationship of interdependency, necessity, and harmony, built upon common

“Another big part of my job is to continue to build the best team to achieve the vision in the ever-changing market we operate in today, leading them to remain focused and motivated to achieve their individual goals, as well as the collective vision of the company. I believe that the fund management business


inspiration to achieve the collective vision of the company.” Overall, Anthony is keen to highlight the key attributes which make him an award-winning business leader, alongside building that ‘A’ team and always placing the clients’ interests first. Anthony found his passion in Real Estate and this is a key factor as his passion is ingrained in the ethos of the company. He signs off by explaining what advice he would give to anyone else seeking a successful career, again highlighting how important it is. “Chance of leading a successful career and more importantly a happy life will be much higher if you can first find what makes your heart beat in the morning and simply pursue it. Because you will be doing what you love, joy and determination will follow only naturally.” “Ultimately, I would tell them to figure out what they really want to do with their lives and once figured out, pursue with uncompromised determination and persistence and never give up. If you are like me and most of the people in this world, you will certainly have downfalls and failures along the way. However, I have learned that often what differentiates the last man standing from the rest of the crowd is not all about how smart or capable you are but simply about how determined and persistent you were. In sum, never give up (and don’t forget to enjoy the journey and celebrate success along the way).”

Left: Anthony Kang receiving an honory award from the Minister of Land, Instructure and Transport of Korea with citation for contribution to Korean REITs industry in November 2017


Uniquely and Exceptionally Experienced Real Estate Fund Manager in Asia




Joseph Pacini: A CEO on top of his Game XIO Group is a global multi-billion dollar alternative investments firm headquartered in London, with operations in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Joseph Pacini provides us with an overview of the company and discusses his own success of being CEO of the Year 2017 as Most Outstanding in Financial Services. XIO Group’s strategy is to identify and invest in marketleading and high-performing businesses located across Europe and North America and to help these companies in capitalizing on untapped opportunities in fast growing markets, particularly those in Asia. Joseph outlines his own role as CEO of the firm, and what he wants to achieve in his role. “Throughout the firm, I am responsible for the overall strategy and management for XIO Group. My goal is to set foundational principles, ensure the company hires exceptional talent and let them govern themselves.” Joseph was told early in his career that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. He attributes this as one of the keys his to success, alongside hard work, and the ability to prepare and look for opportunities everywhere and in a variety of avenues. From a young age, Joseph’s career has been on an upwards trajectory, as is clear when he talks us through his career milestones. He touches on his education, his first role and how his career has progressed to this level. “From Brigham Young University, I graduated with University

Honors and am attending the Harvard Business School OPM program. I have worked as an Analyst for Bain Capital, in a variety of capacities including Head of Alternative Investments for Asia for J.P. Morgan, Head of Alternative Investments for Asia Pacific for BlackRock and now CEO and Founder of XIO Group.” A common theme of being a successful company is a good internal culture, and Joseph ensures that his motivation, ambition and ability to maintain a happy working environment is understood by all staff. Joseph lives and leads by example, with the belief being that if his staff watch the way he works and acts, then they will follow, thus resulting in the success of the company. Winning awards and being successful is always a rewarding aspect of working hard and providing quality service and products. He acknowledges that the honour of CEO of the Year 2017 as the Most Outstanding in Financial Services, is a team effort, and he talks about how proud he is of his team. “This is truly a team honour as it takes everyone together for the firm to be successful. I am immensely proud of my team and all that they have done and continue to do.”


Discussing the key attributes he possesses which make him an award winning business leader, Joseph points us towards his ability of employing the best talent through his appropriate hiring structure, and working with his team in order to fulfil the company’s ambition. “Throughout my career, a major factor in my success has been hiring great people and working with them to achieve common goals. I am able to work with them and give them advice which they may require in order to achieve similar success of their own. Also, I am of the opinion that people should work hard

and take chances in order to succeed.” Ultimately, there looks to be a lot of positivity currently buzzing around XIO Group as the company designs its upcoming projects and solutions. Joseph and the rest of the team at XIO Group are looking forward to the next areas of growth for the firm in the coming years.

Company: XIO Group Contact: Joseph Pacini Address: XIO (UK) LLP, The Shard, London, SE1 9SG, UK Phone: 020 3608 1331 Website:


Joseph Pacini: A CEO on top of his Game




Right OnTrac to the Digital Revolution OnTrac specialise in creating bespoke software for the rail industry. Established in 2008, the company have spent almost a decade creating bespoke software that streamlines and digitises paper-based processes across the industry. Spokesperson and public relations manager, Vicki Hayward, reveals more about the company’s success over the years. The UK’s rail industry has access to an abundance of disparate data that has been, historically, largely underutilised. OnTrac create products that enable the collection and analysis of rail industry data, enabling our customer base to understand and utilise data more effectively. As a result, OnTrac have been successful in using big data to help automate processes and visualise assets for 30,000 customers, across 1200 organisations, enabling them to more accurately predict potential risks in the planning and delivery of work across the sector. RailHub, our flagship product, facilitates the further digital engagement of the rail industry, by making previously paperbased processes accessible via handheld devices. Smartphone technology holds great promise for the future of rail, and is a natural stepping stone in its digital evolution. Martyn Cuthbert, OnTrac’s CEO explains: “We understand the challenges faced by our user community, and over the years, have learned that app-based platforms and smart technologies are key in truly supporting the rail industry’s digital engagement.”

Supporting the rail industry’s digital engagement by enabling our userbase to drive better business decisions using data, contributes to the rail industry’s ability to collaborate more successfully on major infrastructure works across the country. What’s more, RailHub streamlines and digitises the industry’s processes, in line with the rail industry’s long-term future goals of a Digital Railway. Having a single digital platform that boosts the efficiency and productivity of an entire industry, while supporting continued efforts to work more safely, allows rail to meet their digital goals sooner. A recent case study, provided by one of Network Rail’s largest suppliers, show that, in the period between May and October 2017, over 75,000 packs have been created within our RailHub platform. These have been rigorously tested in line with the rail industry’s process testing standards, with ‘zero shifts lost’. As a direct result of automating their processes, and removing paper from their procedures, the company saved over £225,000 in printing costs alone. This provided an overall return of investment – including the issue of over 1,000 smart devices – within 10 weeks. RailHub has since been awarded a Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4), and


we couldn’t be happier with the results this customer has had, since adopting the platform earlier this year. OnTrac’s steadfast – and continued – dedication to the rail industry has resulted in great success over the years. Alongside immense growth, leading to the opening of London offices, as well as a plethora of local and national awards, recently, we have been listed as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. What’s more, in the latter parts of 2015, we came together with transport provider, Tracsis. This was, not only one of Martyn’s own career goals, but a milestone in OnTrac’s wider company goals too; and a union that everyone at the company warmly welcomed. Over the past two years, we have continued to work and grow alongside Tracsis, working on the successful delivery of major railway projects throughout the group and the country. As a result, the relationship between both companies has been able to flourish, leading to some fantastic opportunities to explore together. We have learned that strong relationships in the exciting arena of disruptive technology is vital. Also, we have excellent connections to other innovative software companies in the

north-east of England and beyond, such as: Nutshell Apps, Geek Talent and Synergi, to name a few. We champion and applaud their successes with ease, because we appreciate that technology is a platform that facilitates positive change in the world – something we feel strongly about here at OnTrac. However, the relationships we champion most, are those we have developed with our customers in rail. The UK’s rail industry has an incredibly rich and longstanding legacy, and to play a part in the fundamental and transformative digital shift in its evolution, is particularly special for us to be a part of. Therefore, our relationship with Tracsis, coupled with customers, including: Network Rail, Siemens Auto Rail, Babcock Rail and many other very well-respected and successful train operators, freight operators and companies throughout the industry’s supply chain, play an integral role in who we are as a company, and the products we create. “The relationships we’ve forged is a vital milestone in the company’s history, and an important reminder of what can be achieved in rail when communication and collaboration are at the forefront of progress.” – Martyn Cuthbert.


This is an ethos we endorse in-house too. Martyn attests a large part of the company’s continued success to the people he chooses to work with. Firmly believing that innovation isn’t restricted to a single area of the business, Martyn has facilitated a culture of collaboration throughout the company. As a result, each area of the business, from front of house, to director level, are encouraged to bring forward ideas that are welcomed and explored in regular companywide communication sessions. Martyn truly understands and appreciates that good people – namely those who think outside of the box and truly want to make a significant impact on the world – are ultimately the foundation of a truly successful business. “As most will tell you, it’s very much about the timing in business. But, the right ingredients have to be there if we’re going to create a ‘perfect storm’ in both business and disruptive technology. This starts with finding the best people; those with lots of passion and drive. Everything else can be taught.” – Martyn Cuthbert. All goals achieved at OnTrac are as a result of a genuine team effort. This has made the pursuit of great ideas over the past few years an easy process. The entire OnTrac team consist of truly dedicated professionals; experts in their field, who share similar values, principles and aspirations that help drive – not just company-wide motivation – but continued success for OnTrac. “OnTrac staff are able to flourish in their roles, knowing that their individual talents aren’t just being nurtured, but are also truly valued. This inspires people to go that extra mile.” – Chris Johnson, head of product design (rail). OnTrac’s reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the country, is further bolstered by the people who are genuinely enthusiastic about coming into work each day, knowing they are making a positive contribution

and difference to the people who use our products on the frontline of the United Kingdom’s most historic industry. “I certainly don’t demand excellence, but I feel very lucky to receive it in droves from the team. Collaboration is the cornerstone of everything we do here, and the company culture we’ve curated makes it easier to understand our customer’s needs, and that by harnessing the true potential that lies within collaboration, supports the acceleration of rail’s digital journey.” – Martyn Cuthbert. Indeed, OnTrac’s company culture is fuelled by collaboration, deeply rooted within our core ethos. Regardless of department or responsibility, each member of the OnTrac family are driven by working together, by supporting and challenging each other to achieve company goals and better benefit the industry we serve. “The dedication that Martyn shows us is rarely seen in CEOs, and this treatment certainly inspires the whole team to truly embrace the company’s culture more willingly, leading to the excellent results we have come to expect from each other.” – David Smith, Project Manager. OnTrac’s product suite focuses on the benefits that smartphone and tablet technology can bring to the end user. Business automation, specifically with

Right OnTrac to the Digital Revolution

regards to data driven decision making enables our customers to become more digitally engaged and collect/analyse datasets more accurately. This enables the rail industry to operate more efficiently and paves the way for greater industry innovation moving forward. As 2017 draws to a close, we have our eyes fixed firmly on the future of rail, and our role in keeping it moving towards its digital future. This year has seen our software development team focus on the application of emerging technologies, namely virtual reality, to enable us to continue innovating and providing value to our customer base. Virtual reality complements what we are achieving with big data, which is why our software development team are adapting our products to incorporate the wider application of user generated data within a virtual reality. Currently, our smartphone accessible apps and software help our customers work more safely, and the application of virtual reality will enable a fully predictable service to support the planning of works deliver in a more integrated way. Scenario building within a virtual platform – underpinned by big data – will further transform rail safety and accelerate rail’s digital advancement even further. When asked how he felt about being selected as CEO of

the Year, Most Innovative in Technology 2017, Martyn said: “I’m very proud to have been selected for this award, but the real stars are the team of dedicated people who work tirelessly behind the scenes, to make OnTrac such a great company. I know that most people would say this: but good businesses only become great, by employing great people.” He added: “We are incredibly lucky to have some amazing customers that have shared our passion for making a difference, and encouraged us to keep going when we had our doubts. After the first couple of years, we were pretty certain that we had found something special with OnTrac. Working with amazing, like-minded people, incredibly loyal customers and a few great products has been a truly rewarding experience. But I could have imagined that we would have come as far as we have in such a relatively short time.” OnTrac already have some exciting things panned for 2018, including securing a number of game changing contracts over the next three to six months. As a result, the company will be looking to expand the team and continue our reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the UK. Our passion to make a true difference in rail, will continue to be our main driver in business. Here’s to the future!




Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Your Business Sam Fuller founded The Wellbeing Project in 2007, and has built an expert team of people who focus on designing and delivering bespoke healthy high performance, wellbeing and resilience projects. Sam goes into more detail about the success of The Wellbeing Project, as well as her own, as she features in the Business Excellence Awards as MD of the Year 2017. Being in business for over ten years, The Wellbeing Project now boasts consultants, worldclass coaches, psychologists, trainers and facilitators, dealing with clients throughout Europe, America, Middle East, Far East and Africa. Sam talks about the programmes that the company runs, and how its unique and inventive programmes deliver the utmost customer satisfaction. “Here at The Wellbeing Project, our programmes are grounded in science and draw on evidencebased methodologies, allowing them to be insightful, informative and highly interactive. It is this combination that is valued by our clients, as is our ability to guide individuals, teams and even whole organisations through the key steps to building greater wellbeing and resilience into everything they do. We seek to educate, empower and inspire, not lecture, spoon-feed or judge.” Throughout its years in business, The Wellbeing Project has developed long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients spanning both the public and private sectors. Sam explains further about the team’s

credibility, which has led to the building of trust and fruitful relationships. “In 2014, we developed two validated online assessments, both evidence-based and founded on extensive research. These give us the ability to accurately measure, benchmark and build workplace, team and employee wellbeing and resilience. It is this step that further enhances our credibility in a fairly new area of business focus and enables our clients to see shifts in their employee engagement and performance, and ultimately their return on investment.” Placing an emphasis on client collaboration, Sam discusses the importance of understanding the individual or group’s needs, looking to build on their capabilities to provide and support excellence. “Working in the field of consultancy, coaching and training, we are continually looking to listen, observe and strengthen our understanding of the working contexts in which our clients operate today, building the skills and capabilities which support excellence. Our role is


to help them understand how these pressures and demands are impacting both positively and negatively on the performance of their people, and drive results by maintaining high levels of engagement, commitment and motivation within their workforce. Employee wellbeing builds a strong and robust platform from which we can increase our clients’ competitive advantage to be first in line to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.” Every company must face its own unique challenges, and with mental wellbeing in the workplace being under the spotlight, Sam’s role is becoming more influential in minimising the number of reports of distress in any working environment. Sam encourages people to speak up, so that the team can help the individual in their time of need. “As mental wellbeing is placed under the spotlight at work and increasing incidences of distress recorded, I take our role incredibly seriously. As key individuals bravely come forward and speak more openly about their challenges and experiences, I feel a duty of care to respond with encouragement and respect,

offering highly accessible and practical yet affordable support for everyone. As we bridge this gap, confidence and progress will undoubtedly be built.” Making a difference in a client’s life is the most important aspect of Sam’s work, as well as the rest of the team’s, and it is the overall mission of the company to make it as easy as possible for employers to create a culture of wellness where employees excel, and businesses thrive. In her concluding comments, Sam signs off by telling us what the future holds for The Wellbeing Project. The business and the team are expanding but Sam urges caution in how quickly they will expand, emphasising that the right people must be on board, and their skills utilised appropriately, as they are all integral to the success of The Wellbeing Project. “Moving forward, the focus I have for the business is to always learn from our experiences and never take our success for granted; as a team, we will continue to challenge and stretch one another in a healthy way. As the business grows, customer satisfaction and experience


are always top of the agenda for me; a watchful eye on the needs of our customers and some amazing, practical, fun and experiential learning tools to support that need. Important but careful choices lie ahead on how we expand and support

Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Your Business

this dedicated and highly professional group of people who bring their expertise, new ideas and creativity to our products. They are the core, the absolute nucleus, of The Wellbeing Project.�

Company: The Wellbeing Project Contact: Sam Fuller Contact Email: Address: 2b The Votec Centre, Hambridge Lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5TN, UK Phone: 0800 085 6899 Website:




Overcoming the Challenges Matylda Nowak is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Customer Service, Advertising, Sales, and business Development. Strong professional with a degree focused in Business Growth and Management. a people person with over 10 years’ experience as a Company Director of Kings Accommodation (Sales, Lettings, Property management), a mother and landlady in her midthirties. We spoke to her about her own success of being featured in CEO of the Year 2017 and Most Innovative in Real Estate. Kings prides itself on offering one of the most comprehensive lettings and management service in Brixton’s Property market, dealing with every problem that arises with professionalism and dedication to their clients. The company is full of polite and passionate property specialists, with excellent communication skills and determination to succeed. Matylda cannot speak highly enough of her employees. “Here at Kings, our highly dedicated, experienced and friendly staff are always happy to help, we offer unique individual personal service which is key to our continued success, growth and development.” At first, Kings was established in order to provide accommodation for staff who worked at King’s College Hospital, but its reputation and service has grown extensively and now the agency offers services within the NHS and also within the local community and surrounding areas. A lot of business has come through word of mouth, with clients continuously recommending the business. Customer service is clearly a

key part of Matylda and Kings’ success, as they now work with business cooperates and relocation companies providing professional tenant for long term rentals. Matylda notes that staff are unique in the way they work with clients, and provide them with customer service, evidenced by the recommendations and return business the agency receives. Matylda is keen to highlight that the employees take the hassle away from the client. “Significantly, we have a different work ethic from some of the other agents, we prefer to have more of a personal approach and to have the letting process as smooth for landlords and tenants as possible. With our management service, we make sure landlords have properties let and managed hassle free, we take care of absolutely everything.” Additionally, Kings is involved heavily around the community, contributing its services and helping to create a safer community, something which is highly appreciated by the Metropolitan Police, as well as many other organisations. Kings


supports charities and works closely to support child safety education. Interestingly, Matylda talks to us about her leadership style, as well as the mission of the company and herself. Focusing on one thing, the vision is to make Kings successful. The team is growing along with the company, and there looks to be a bright future ahead for Matylda and Kings. “People who I work with really matter, everyone is a part of a journey but the mission is one; individual success which makes the company successful, this is my vision and way I work. I love helping people achieve their dreams and helping them work through key obstacles, so that they can live life on a whole new level. I speak with pride when I say my team is growing and achieving what they want to. It is with my guidance, but thanks to

their dedication to work, things are being done.” Having been through a variety of personal issues, Matylda has overcome them in order to become a successful Director. Communication and care are vital to her success and that of Kings, and the future looks very bright for the agency going forward. “Ultimately, the key to my success is that I am focused, hardworking and open to new challenges, I always get exceptional results. Thanks to the struggles I had I am a very mindful boss, I take care of my staff, I take care of my clients and thanks to my life experience I am very understandable and people person. It helps me well to communicate with people and not to make judgment of anyone, but to help them as we do not know what the other person may have been going through.”


Overcoming the Challenges




Driven to Success Denver Intermodal Xpress (DIX) is a premiere Intermodal transportation company. Services include Intermodal drayage, bonded warehousing, container freight station, steamship container depot, flatbed and long haul services, hot shot delivery service. Established in 1991 to provide intermodal service in the Denver region, DIX has since blossomed into the largest Rocky Mountain Intermodal service provider and for 25 years has been committed to safe business practices. Over the years the firm has partnered with some of the top safety experts in the nation including SmartDrive, DriveCam, Smith System and it has also been a recent recipient of the Pinnacol Assurance Circle of Safety award. Since inception DIX has expanded by adding a container depot, warehouses, a container freight station (CFS), 3 additional yards for parking/storage, flatbed service, refer service, lift gate straight trucks, a long haul division and air freight service. The firm’s main warehouse has rail siding, dock doors and drive in doors to facilitate the large volume of trans loading it undertakes. When it comes to transportation and warehousing services in this region, one call is all clients need to make. The firm is very proud of its experienced staff and believe in providing a quality work environment and equipping our people with the best tools needed to provide clients with the finest service possible. As such, the firm’s turnover rate is very low, largely due to the care

and support that DIXs gives to its people. Each individual is treated with respect and empowered and trusted to make decisions so they really do have the ability to make a difference. The firm’s approach is always open minded to best service its clients’ needs and solve any problems that arise. Currently, DIX services the 48 contiguous states with ITS over the road trucking division. The firm is fully staffed with experienced professionals in every area of its operation. The firm’s dedicated team is provided with the finest tools, systems and equipment, in a quality work setting to assist them in providing the excellent service that clients expect and deserve. With its vast fleet, impressive facilities and knowledgeable staff, the firm confidently pledge to provide outstanding service that is second to none. Looking to the future, DIX pledges to always be a company that is easy to work with and never become bureaucratic or arbitrary in our ways of doing business.

Company: Denver Intermodal Xpress Contact: Bill Kinney Address: 10700 East 40th Ave, Denver, Colorado, 80239, USA Phone: 001 303 371 1500 Email:


g Driven to Success




deVere Group Limited: A Global Business Offering Local Support As an independent financial consultancy with a truly global presence, deVere Group prides itself in offering clients a world-class and resultsdriven service. We profile the firm and its CEO to find out how he came to be a part of our prestigious Global CEO Top 100. Established in 2002 by Nigel Green, the success story that is deVere Group now has over $10 billion under management with over 80,000 active clients in more than 100 countries. With 500 consultants and 70 offices across the globe, our clients receive indispensable financial advice wherever they are in the world. As more and more people focused on opportunities abroad, Green saw a niche in the financial services market for them. Today, deVere Group has developed to become one of the world’s leading independent international financial consultancy. With well over 80,000 clients in more than 100 different countries - and in excess of $10 billion under advice and administration deVere Group aims to maintain its place at the forefront of the industry. Nigel Green, CEO and founder, is always pushing to be the best in the industry which is why deVere Group has experienced continual expansion since its inception, creating fantastic opportunities for anyone willing to work hard.

More than ten years after he established the firm, deVere Group’s client base, as well as its service portfolio, has grown exponentially. The company now offer an all-inclusive range of financial planning services that is broader than ever, including investment strategies, long-term financial saving schemes, as well as tax-efficient pension plans. Fundamentally, deVere Group’s definitive aim is to support its clients in creating, growing and safeguarding their wealth. What distances the company from its competitors is its dedication to its team. As a powerful network of seasoned professionals, they are the backbone of deVere Group, allowing the company to provide nothing short of the high-quality, and dependable financial advice that it has become renowned for. As part of its client driven approach, each client works with their own financial adviser. Together, they will develop, implement and manage a madeto-measure financial strategy that is fully in-line with the client’s situation, needs and plans for the future. To ensure every client’s needs are met, deVere Group’s broad


spectrum of highly regulated, exclusive financial products has been developed through our powerful alliances with some of the largest international investment houses and insurance companies, giving the firm access to a wide range of exclusive products within the marketplace. Over the years, deVere Group has aspired to grow and ripen hand-in-hand with its clients. As a result, the firm have developed and grown its global presence considerably in order to best serve its clients, wherever they choose to call home in the world. From FATCA, Retirement planning to Education planning and more, deVere Group offer an array of financial solutions to our clients which include international investors, expatriates and other globally-minded individuals, and moving forward the firm will be seeking to continue offering the same level of excellence on which it has come to pride itself.

Company: deVere Group Limited Contact: Nigel Green Address: 26th Floor The H Hotel Office Tower, One Sheik Zayed Road, 62201, UAE Phone: 0207 1220 925


deVere Group Limited: A Global Business Offering Local Support




Coaching Clients to Success Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC) is a leading global provider of employee coaching, support and wellbeing services across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. We profile the firm to learn more and find out how it came to win ‘EAP CEO of the Year 2017 – Australia & Best Specialist Performance Services Provider – Australia’ in our renowned Global CEO Awards. Founded in 1988, DTC has since flourished to become the leading national EAP provider in Australia covering more than 2.2 million employees, and have supported employees and organisations across Australia and internationally since inception. Today, DTC provides services to more than 2,000 organisations across the private, public and not for profit sectors. The firm’s customers range in size from less than a dozen employees in one location to more than 200,000 employees located across several countries. To ensure its meets its clients’ needs, DTC provides an integrated and comprehensive range of services. In addition to its EAP services, DTC provides services that serve to directly address existing or potential organisational issues, increase capability and confidence and increase individual and organisational effectiveness. Additionally, DTC also has a range of physical health services that bring a holistic approach to the care and support of its clients’ workforce. Alongside its vast service offering, DTC cares strongly about its corporate social responsibilities and place significant attention to reducing its environmental

footprint and increasing support to those in the local community facing challenge. The company is also committed to working with customers to create safe and inclusive working environments. DTC is a proud member of Pride in Diversity, Diversity Council Australia, all global EAP associations and are currently completing White Ribbon accreditation. The company’s corporate values are integral to every aspect of its services and organisation. Award winning CEO Michele Grow works with organisations at a strategic level to achieve optimal effectiveness and connectedness in the workplace. Michele is a regular presenter at conferences and workplace forums on key issues such as employee health and wellbeing, leadership, resilience and capability development. She is a Fellow of both the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Human Resources Institute and a member of Chief Executive Women and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Looking ahead, both DTC and Michele have a bright and exciting future ahead as they seek to build upon their current success and continue to provide the exceptional level of service that the firm has come to pride itself on.



Coaching Clients to Success

Company: Davidson Trahaire Corpsych Contact: Michele Grow Address: 3/44 Market St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia Phone: 0061 2 8295 2230 Email: Website:




Consulting Fit for the Queen Buckingham Consulting works with a wide variety of clients in the retail and food and drink markets, providing the very highest level of service and support. We profile the firm to learn more about the firm and how it came to win ‘Best Food & Drink Consulting CEO – UK’ in our prestigious Global CEO Awards. Founded in 1997 in London, UK, Buckingham Consulting has since flourished to become the world’s leading international development agency for Retail and Food & Beverage brands. Since the founding of Buckingham Consulting 20 years ago, we have been assisting the international development of brands from Fashion, Beauty, F&B and Hospitality to secure master franchise / license / JVs in new markets across the globe. Buckingham now maintains offices in Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Bahrain, Madrid, Lisbon, New York, LA, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Mexico City and most recently, South Africa. These offices are all run by exretail and F&B experts who have previously worked for some of the world’s largest brands, or most reputable Franchise Operating companies from each region. Additionally, with 20 employees and 10 affiliates across 11 major commercial centers, Buckingham has the industry’s most extensive global network and reach. Working across fashion, food and beverage, hospitality and accessories, the firm help its clients to succeed in international markets. As a result of the firm’s work in the last financial year,

1,500 outlets will open over the next 5 years for its clients. Currently, food and beverage concepts are in strong demand as malls and shopping districts move to become lifestyle centres. As such, 35-40% of all new leasable space within high streets and malls will be dedicated to food, beverage and entertainment. Growth is expected to exceed 10% annually for the next 10 years. “The Stay Longer, Spend Longer” trend is shaping both domestic and emerging markets with the role being played by F&B in this battle the most significant. Buckingham currently represents clients across all aspects of F&B including: QSR, Fast Casual, Casual and Fine Dining. Within the fashion, accessory and cosmetic space, brands account for over 50% of retail space. Global growth and market development has fueled the demand for new concepts. North American and European concepts remain in strong demand. E-commerce has now reached a 25% share in mature retail markets with growth continuing. Emerging markets are seeing a similar pattern and it is vital that brands partner with the right local providers. Buckingham currently represents clients across multiple Retail categories including: Luxury, Bridge, Formalwear, Fast Fashion, Intimate Apparel,


Childrenswear, Accessories and Cosmetics. Looking to the future, Buckingham Consulting will continue to provide clients with the very highest standards of service and support as it seeks to build upon its current success.

g Consulting Fit for the Queen

Address: Fulford Lodge 1 Heslington Lane, York, YO10 4HW, UK Email: Website:




Customers First, Services Foremost Supreme Components International (SCI) Pte Ltd is a leading distributor of franchised high technology electronic components & LED lighting solutions. Vick Aggarwala gives us an indepth interview, discussing the inner workings of the firm. Established in Singapore since 2001, SCI meets the enormous and endlessly expanding role played by technology by providing a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech electronic components, consisting of semiconductor/active, passive, electromechanical and LED Luminaries total solution. The firm’s customer base of over a thousand customers includes sectors ranging from medical, automotive to energy, with a global reach, serving more than 40 countries from Europe, North America, Oceania and SouthEast Asia. SCI has branch offices in India, Thailand, Canada & Australia. Currently, SCI engages in business with various overseas customers and suppliers across China, ASEAN - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, OCEANIA (Australia & New Zealand), India, South Korea, Europe (Germany, France, Italy), Canada and the United States, serving over 1400 clients including multinational giants like Samsung, Foxconn, Schneider, BEL, Gerard Lighting and more. Vick starts off by telling us how it feels to have been selected as part of the CEO of the Year 2017, and what key attributes he possesses which make him an award-winning business leader. He tells us what advice he would give someone looking to make a success similar to his.

“To win this award, it is a great honour and I humbly accept the recognition. Some of the main attributes which I possess include being focused, numbers driven, humble and honest, along with maintaining high energy levels and setting high bars. With regard to others, they should never give up, be determined, monitor numbers on a daily basis, keep cash flow in line and look to always generate profitable sales.” Describing his responsibilities as CEO, Vick outlines what he has to do keep the company ticking over and ensuring it is successful.

a key factor to the success of the organization. Important aspects of being a CEO in charge of a successful company is the treatment of staff, and guaranteeing that they are all working towards achieving the same goal. He talks about the management strategy of handling staff, implementing management by objectives, and utilising SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timerelated) goals in order to set realistic targets for staff.

“When running the company efficiently, my key responsibilities include formulating mid to long term business strategies and making sure that these strategies are executed in entirety. I am responsible for top line and bottom line services and realigning the business model regularly to ensure continual growth with the market. Lastly, I am a hands-on leader who leads by example.”

“Staff are allocated markets based on their spoken language for ease in monitoring individual performances and sales targets. As sales targets vary with economic factors and consumption patterns, goals are set through a discussion between manager and each individual employee. Adopting a consultative rather than a directive approach ensures realistic and achievable targets, and gives employees a greater sense of ownership.

Essentially, the biggest evidence that a company can have to show, on whether they have successfully communicated their key values, is in their actions. SCI’s acts on their vision, mission and strategic objectives, and constantly upholds them. As a small enterprise, it is important to create value out of every individual in the company; hence managing its human resources is

“On top of their base salary, employees are also rewarded with sales commissions, which motivate employees to exceed expectations. As with regular companies, the base salary increases together with the level of seniority, thus recognising the staff’s loyalty. Furthermore, quarterly bonuses are awarded to employees who meet their KPI targets.”


Having set staff realistic goals in which they need to reach, the team at SCI also has to set the company realistic targets. The company holds a vision to be a global franchised distributor and be physically present throughout all the major continents. Alongside this is SCI’s mission of providing exemplary service to all customers through superior product marketing, field application engineering, and finally, professional sales with differentiated value-added services. The company exists because the team are obsessed about adding value at the speed of though for its customers and suppliers, something Vick comments on, describing the strategy of SCI-QE. “Sales staffs are expected to comply with service excellence standards on every business

g Customers First, Services Foremost

transaction, with superior product marketing, field application engineering and professional sales, to meet their Vision, Mission and Value Proposition, with the company’s acronym of SCI-QE. “Firstly, the company acts with Speed, and has the ability to respond to clients’ requests immediately. SCI is in the franchise distribution of high technology, one of the fastest emerging markets in the world and a highly competitive industry with ever-changing technologies. We pledge to process every customer’s Request for Quotation (RFQ) within 24 hours and provide speedy service for clearance and shipping. “Secondly, there is keen emphasis on Customer Focus, in which we are aiming to exceed clients’ expectations. Building on the principle of “Customers first, Services foremost”, SCI has worked consistently to advance our services to customers, such as multi-language sales support to cater to customers worldwide, and making our website accessible to customer’s on-the-go.”

Moving into international territory, Vick tells us about how the company is buying and selling to partners worldwide, and focuses mainly on quality, an essential part of SCI’s success. He adds that the firm offers free engineering support for new design activities with customised solutions and a unique approach. “Aiming to be a global franchise, SCI engages in collaborations with a diverse range of international brands such as Citizen and Kyocera (Japan), KEC (Korea), Lite-On (Taiwan), Inventronics (China), Gaggione (France), Philips (Holland), Phoenix Contact (Germany), Khatod (Italy), ISOCOM (UK) and CUI Inc., etc. “SCI has a vigorous quality control process before shipment, delivering only quality products and ensuring that no refurbished parts are delivered. We also screen manufacturers before recommending them to our customers. SCI has been certified ISO9001:2015 in 2017, a testament to our quality management system and our ability to consistently attain customer satisfaction and comply

with regulatory requirements. In addition, SCI also provides one-to- one drop-in replacement for our customers. In case of unavailability or price inefficiency, SCI would recommend products of different brands with 100% electrical and mechanical compatibility. We also quote competitive prices compared to our rivals. “Lastly, we also offer numerous technical support services such as Design-in activity. Our staffs have the expertise to provide technical support to our customers, helping them to design component modules and modify existing or new products. We work closely with the OEM or end-users, studying the product being developed. Based on our suite of products and suppliers, we introduce the product to our customers’ R&D engineers for Design-in activity. Standard samples requested for Design-in purposes are shipped within 24 hours to customers.” Additionally, at SCI, monthly staff meetings are held to communicate and reinforce management ideals to the staff and stakeholders, and to review if

actions have been in line with the vision, mission and objectives, by constantly emphasising to staff on certain key factors which the firm values. In his concluding comments, Vick talks about the constant communication which contributes to the success of the firm, and signs off by predicting what the future holds for SCI and whereabouts future growth will come from. “Overall, SCI’s goal is to be one of the TOP 50 globally recognised distributor. The company’s future growth will come by getting in the line of IOT and AI, something we all look forward to.”

Contact: Vick Aggarwala Contact Email: Address: 62 Jalan Eunos, Singapore, 419508, Singapore Phone: +65 68481178 Website:




Investing in the Growth Engine of America Star Mountain Capital is a specialized asset management firm focused exclusively on the lower middle-market by investing debt and equity directly into established operating companies, making strategic investments into fund managers and purchasing secondary fund positions. We invited Jaspal Bajaj to give us more insight into the inner-workings of the company. Founded in 2010, and boasting over $500 million of assets under management, Star Mountain focuses exclusively on investing in established U.S. lower middle market companies across a threechannel approach. This approach includes direct investments in lower middle-market businesses; strategic limited partnership investments in lower middlemarket funds; and purchasing secondary limited partnership interests in lower middle-market funds. Jaspal explains how this approach benefits both the company and the clients. “Through this distinctive platform, we are able to provide investors with diversified, scalable and fee-efficient access to this large and underserved market where we believe superior risk-adjusted returns are available due to the market inefficiencies. A key differentiator is the proven large market expertise and resources that we bring to these smaller businesses. Part of our valueadded platform comes from our strategic investor and advisor relationships who also provide Star Mountain with more than just capital.” Jaspal talks us through his previous roles, and explains what challenges and opportunities he has faced during his time at the company, and how this affected

the role. He talks us through what he learnt from these experiences, and how he came to achieve his position as Compliance Officer. “Currently, my job title is Compliance Officer, and my previous roles include nearly 20 years of international experience within alternative investments across the areas of finance, fund operations, compliance and investor relations. With my previous compliance-related executive experience and after working with our Chief Risk Officer and Chief Financial Officer for several months in a compliance capacity at Star Mountain the opportunity to step into the Chief Compliance officer role presented itself and I was happy to take on this endeavour. “The main challenges we face is typical of a growing business. As we have new investors and new fund structures we need to be able to effectively manage the additional reporting and regulatory requirements that results from this. As with most things in life, success depends on the efforts of not just myself, but an entire team. We work with a highly experienced group of external partners, service providers and internal team members to help accomplish these objectives. “Opportunities that arise from our business also stem from our growth. Due to the different


fund structures and growing investor base we are constantly learning how to do things better and transferring knowledge synergistically between our service providers and ourselves. This ultimately helps to position us well in the market as we continue to gain knowledge and expertise to better help service our clients.” Having been selected as the Compliance Officer of the Year 2017, Jaspal explains how it feels to receive this recognition, and not only what it means for himself, but also what it means to the

company and shows the work and high-quality standards that each member of staff maintains. “Regarding this recognition, I appreciate the acknowledgement and of course, I must say that this is a team effort that includes not just myself, but our entire internal team members and extended team partners. At Star Mountain, we have a culture of continuous improvement so we know that we cannot rest on the laurels of the past and specifically in this area of the business. Continuous change within the regulatory landscape is

g Investing in the Growth Engine of America

a reality and we need to always be adaptable and take action to ensure we remain in line with current regulations and issues as they arise.” Looking ahead, Jaspal tells us what ambitious plans the company has, and what future projects the business might undertake. There looks to be a lot of positivity buzzing around Star Mountain as it moves forward to the next stage in its continuous growth, something Jaspal is keen to comment on.

“It is an exciting time to be at Star Mountain as we are moving through our next stage of growth. I hope to continue to successfully navigate our compliance team through this period and continue to build out scalable processes and procedures to effectively manage our changing regulatory environment.” In his concluding comments, Jaspal signs off by mentioning his future plans in regard to his own career. He talks about not resting on his laurels and

how he is constantly striving for improvement in his own work as well as that of the business. “Never rest on your success of the past. Learning and continuous improvement are key to successfully leading this area of the business or any function for that matter. As we continue to build our business I expect to continue to evolve our compliance function as best in class and to adapt to the new investor and regulatory requirements we face both efficiently and successfully.”

Contact Name: Jaspal Bajaj Contact Email: Jaspal.Bajaj@ Address: 135 East 57th St, 25th Fl, New York, NY 10022 Telephone: 646-787-0278 Web Address: www.




Torbjörn Sjöström Novus is a market research and analysis company providing relevant knowledge and an understanding of why it is the way it is. We spoke to Torbjörn Sjöström as we aim to find out about the success of the company. Novus is one of the best known market research companies in Sweden. The company operates within the Nordics region, with its customers ranging from private corporations to NGO and political parties. A versatile firm, the team provides all sorts of research from traditional qualitative and quantitative research to modern methods. Torbjörn alludes to the success of the company and explains what he believes to be integral. “A key aspect of the firm’s success is that the focus is not on the methodology but on the output, that the research is providing a direct operational value to the client. We give an answer to what the opinion is in a certain question, and have an understanding of why the opinion is the way it is, as well as possessing the ability to give tools to clients on how to change this to create a better value for the customer.” Being head of a successful company, Torbjörn tells us about his leadership style and describes his responsibilities as CEO. He mentions leading by example, hoping that staff will follow, and comments on that the fact that he has an open management style, allowing mistakes from employees. “When being CEO, I try to lead by being a good example, but at the same time I focus on finding good employees and delegate

as much as possible on the day to day work to my management team. The long term strategies are easy to miss when you are busy taking care of the day to day emergencies. In other words, try to minimize the day to day emergencies you have more time to look at the bigger picture. It took a couple of years to get this ball rolling, you have to keep focus on the long run and not give up every time you fail in the smaller things. But when you build a team that is based on trust and the roles are clear you get a bigger chance to not get stuck. You are allowed to do mistakes. “Essentially, I do not follow any management styles, I more keep applying my acquired knowledge about psychology, the drivers, and also try to give the right amount of push to get people to go in the right direction. But it may be a combination of guilt and praise.” Freedom is a common theme within Novus, as Torbjörn keeps referring us back to the freedom that staff have. He is keen to highlight that he takes responsibility for what services the company offers, and also protects his team when he has been criticised. “Freedom under responsibility. You do your best and you get every support from the organization. You are allowed to fail, if you try. The team is everything, you cannot do it best alone. I am protecting my company and team. I take responsibility for the things we do


and I be the one fighting if we are criticised. However, at the same time I expect everyone to do their best. “Moreover, our clients expect us to provide knowledge. Our core business is to provide the correct answer to every question, and an explanation to why that is the answer. We use our tools and skill as professional researchers. In that sense, it is very important to do a good job. But it is also important to know that you are not sacrificed if we get criticised. You cannot do a good job as a researcher if you are afraid to be criticised.” Lastly, in his concluding comments, Torbjörn predicts what the future holds for both himself and Novus. He is excited about the company going forward, and he believes the research that the company does will become vital and integral to not just the success of Novus but also to its clients and partners that it deals with on a constant basis. “Ultimately, we are making knowledge great again. In a fast paced digital world, our research will be even more valuable than ever. You cannot afford to guess. Also in this digital world, the collective knowledge is often the truth, not the hard facts. If people think the housing prices will go down it will go down. Novus core business is providing the collective knowledge. And the winner in any industry is the one understanding the collective knowledge.”


Torbjörn Sjöström

Contact: Torbjörn Sjöström Contact Email: Address: Novus Group International AB, Saltmätargatan 7, Stockholm, 113 59, Sweeden Phone: 046 8535 25820 Website:




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