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H82 Medientechnik Gmbh BE170099

Company: H82 Medientechnik Gmbh Contact: Johann Weck Contact Email: Address: Tech Gate Vienna, Donau-City-Strasse 1, Vienna, 1220, Austria Phone: 0043 01 494 15 44

Best Congress Technology Provider - Austria

H82 Medientechnik H82 Medientechnik Gmbh are an international full-service supplier for technical congress equipment and support. We invited Johann Weck to tell us more. For many years H82 has been an internationally experienced technical partner for congress assistance, with its own appropriate hardwareequipment and accurate individual software solutions. Since 2012 the firm have acted the trusted partner for managing the event-network and the WLAN infrastructure of one of Europa’s leading Congress venues, the Austria Center Vienna. Johann outlines how the firm works to ensure every client receives the very highest standard of service. “Here at H82 we pay highest attention to offering our clients a competent team of consultants and technicians who guarantee the very best results, drawing on their approved international experience, highly developed technical skills, flexibility and last but not least the personal contact that they offer our clients. We are aware that managing a congress or event is a very accurate job, and as such we act accordingly throughout every phase of the project.” Since 2000 H82 has been working in different fields of congress technology and taken advantage of the opportunity to raise its skilland experience-level with each customer. The close collaboration with the Austria Center Vienna has also been a great help for H82 and enabled the company to achieve its aim of being a notable member within the community of technical suppliers for congresses and events. Moving forward the firm is keen to build upon

this success, as Johann explains in his concluding comments. “Moving forward, the Team at H82 will keep all these positive declarations of intension for future projects and will always be aware that success is mostly a consequence of outstanding work in the event-business. As such we will continue to grow our knowledge and work hard to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the latest industry innovations.”

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